Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 323

Twenty garlic heads are king of eight, all of which are Genetic, Sludge and Magical Leaf. The report on the bracelet shows that their quality is fair.

The middle is above the middle. If you train well in the future, all are expected to be professional.

After all, the professional level is nicknamed by outstanding Trainers as having hands. As long as the supply of resources is sufficient, most Pokemon can reach it.

If these guys hadn’t been bred since the sub-period of Old Master Li, then Li Wentao would have spent a lot of money to breed to the current scale.

However, it is cheaper now.

These Little Darlings will be the source of troops for the high-level personnel of the sub-rudder in Bincheng from now on.

After you find a breeding home, let the Garlic King Bayi clan breed better, and you can also open up quotas to the offspring of the senior members of the villain group.

Let their heirs have the treatment of the offspring of public officials, and strengthen the core cohesion of Bencheng Sub-rudder.

Now, Jiang Sheng has no time to manage them, and temporarily restock them in a different space.

Jiang Sheng walked around in the different space, throwing the corpses of two homeless men into the different space, clearing the area around the tent, returning the different space to nature, and no human life trace.

After returning to the bluestone altar, I asked Ah Da to protect him and cut some sap from the monsters and Nidorino with large mineral water bottles.

The large bottles of mineral water were all drunk by Jiang Sheng when they were packed in the [backpack] when they were sleeping outdoors. This time it came in handy. Pour out the mineral water in it and use it for sap.

Each bottle has a capacity of two liters, and there are a total of ten bottles here.

Looking at the ten bottles of sap in front of him, Jiang Sheng was suddenly taken aback, remembering something that had been ignored before.

Looking at it this way, these ten bottles of sap always have a sense of an utterly inadequate measure, and I feel that I should bring a few large barrels next time.

I just don’t know if the old tree can bear it, don’t be squeezed out.

Just now, Jiang Sheng realized a very important thing.

The members of “Giovanni” squad all need the resources produced in this different space!

Just after conquering the Arbor, the team composition of “Giovanni” changed into Heaven and Earth turning upside down.

He didn’t become a Ground Type Trainer, instead he became a Poison Type Trainer. In Trainer High School, he can apply to become a member of the Poison Institute.

Of course, his strength should be to be a Teacher…

Beedrill, Nidorino, Gengar, Abergua, these four guys all have Poison Type!

Although Beedrill and Gengar not at all develop their own Poison Type in depth.

But they can eat sap, perfectly absorb the essence of poison, accelerate their own energy accumulation, and shorten the development time.

In this way, the sap must be effectively distributed to prevent the essence of the two pools of Attribute from bottoming out one day.

After carefully sorting out the current situation, Jiang Sheng found that he needed to make fine adjustments to the overall allocation of resources, but now is not the time to think about it.

He put ten bottles of sap into the [backpack], leaving only enough Pokéblock for Ah Da and No. 5 Elementary School, and decided to wait for Ah Da to complete the “ancientization” before picking them up and collecting the poison. Ancient energy left in the pond.

After that, Jiang Sheng took out the previous silver jewelry and jade vine, opened the door to the outside world, and left the different space with Mo Li.

Above the main peak, a daoist sect suddenly opened from in midair, and two silhouettes fell out of the door.

The two are Jiang Sheng and Mo Li who came out of a different space. Fat Gengar flew out of the shadow and took the two of Sky Drop onto his back.

After looking around for a week, Fat Gengar saw someone beckoning to them on the empty beach in the distance. After asking Jiang Sheng’s opinion, he flew towards the beach.

Close to the beach, Jiang Sheng first saw a purple snake body over four meters long.

Although the snake body is still twisting from time to time, according to the results given by the bracelet, it has been completely dead.

Sure enough, Bronzong was still superior, and he didn’t give the ancient Arbor monster a chance to escape. He killed him and won the final victory.

After seeing that Jiang Sheng and Mo Li were all okay, Li Lan sighed in relief, and immediately there was excitement on his face.

I just saw a great battle in the world, and she was still a little excited at this time. After controlling her emotions a little, she asked:

“Brother Sheng, is it over?”

“Almost, Li Family is just such a hole card. It has been killed here. After taking care of Li Wentao, the’Berry King’ incident can be considered to be completely over.”

Jiang Sheng casually said something, as if he had no idea what he just said.

That is an ancient Gym-class arbor monster. At this level of strength, it is so special that the entire Alliance is rare, and it died here?

To give a very vivid example, the ancient Pokemon possessed by “Netherworld Earth Dragon” in Xuan’s hands is only at a professional level!

“Where is Bronzong?”

“Fly away, the direction should be back, it doesn’t want to communicate with me.”

Jiang Sheng nodded, Didn’t care much.

Bronzong has such a personality that he does not want to communicate with other people except himself.

I was anxious to go back before, and urged myself to attack quickly. After killing the Aber Monster, it should be immediately returned to the villain group to sleep.

Jiang Sheng walked to the ancient Abo monster, even though it was dead, Jiang Sheng also stayed away from its snake head and kept a safe distance from it.

The black lines on the snake’s body have faded, and the ancient energy has almost dissipated. There is only a small amount of residue now, but Jiang Sheng does not intend to squeeze it completely.

Leaving bits and pieces of ancient energy can make it more valuable.

The corpses of Gym-class ancient Pokemon, especially such fresh corpses, the blood in the snake’s body is still warm, this is an inexorable treasure!

Feeders and researchers can break their heads in order to fight for its ownership!

Looking at the snake body still twitching on the Beach, Jiang Sheng has already planned to make a name for himself.

However, although keeping the snake body intact can sell for a better price, but with the Treasure Gathering Pot of Bincheng sub-rudder in his hand, Jiang Sheng is not bad for money.

In his opinion, giving his Pokemon a taste of oral soup is the last word.

He released the monster Abo, and called the fat Gengar who was being taught by Mo Li.

“Help me hold down this restless dead snake, I’m looking for something.”

Aber was taken aback, thinking of a possibility, the snake’s eyes were full of Excited.

It has long wanted to speak to its own kind, but now it is a snake with a master. It has to consider the feelings of its Trainer, and only then has the idea of ​​reluctantly giving up this “spicy meal”.

After Jiang Sheng revealed his intention to manipulate the corpse, he was overjoyed and immediately rushed forward to suppress the convulsing snake corpse.

Fat Gengar took a look at the size of the Arbor Monster, then looked down at his short hands, he couldn’t help but feel a little proud.

Although these arms are short, they are better than nothing!

The Arbor suppressed the twisting snake body, and it went around to the front, firmly pressing the ancient Arbor’s snake head on the beach.

Notice the movements of Fat Gengar, Jiang Sheng suddenly said:

“Wait, save the position behind his eyes, I will perform surgery on him.”


Fat Gengar nodded, his palm moved down two inches, leaving the position Jiang Sheng said.

Jiang Sheng rummaged in the [Backpack] for a long time, but only found a pair of iron chopsticks, a small scissors, and a long dagger, which may be useful in the next “surgery”.

Holding the prepared tool, Jiang Sheng walked to the right of the snake’s head, and the dagger made two gestures behind its eyes, as if he was measuring something.

After finding the correct position, Jiang Sheng decisively inserted the dagger into the slit of the snake scales, and said forcefully, peeling off the hard snake scales.

After several repetitions, all the snake scales behind the eyes of the ancient arbor monster were removed.

Jiang Sheng used a dagger to cut through the flesh and blood, stuffed two chopsticks to prop up the wound, and the small scissors went deep into Aboguai’s head, looking back and forth.

After searching for it for a while, Jiang Sheng used small scissors to pull out a slightly atrophied sac-like organ, only slightly sighed in relief, and a smile appeared on his face.

“Abo strange, you have a good food, the rescue is timely, the poison glands have not shrunk, it just happens to be cheaper for you.”

si si …si si …

The Aberguai put his tongue to Jiang Sheng’s side, and stuck his tongue restlessly, the corner of his mouth was drooling.

“Do you want to eat now?”

Aber is nodded.

Jiang Sheng is frowned, this is not a good choice.

This ancient arbor monster has been drinking sap for many years. The venom gland is one of the most essential parts of its body as a storage place for venom.

Taking advantage of the freshness at this time, Swallow will definitely benefit a lot.

But it is hard to say whether the Arbor monster can withstand the intense toxicity and huge energy within.

Jiang Sheng originally wanted to take it back and soak it with the essence of the grass, dilute the toxicity and energy, and let the Aberguai step by step take it.

Of course, this will cause some losses, but it is the safest way to take it.

“Are you sure you can?”

The Aber is nodded, and the snake’s eyes are staring at Jiang Sheng, hoping Jiang Sheng can believe it.

Jiang Sheng had no choice but to use scissors to cut the connecting tissue next to the venom gland, and the Vice Grip venom gland was handed to Aboguai’s mouth.

The Arbor monster rolled his tongue and swallowed the poison gland in his mouth.

The poison gland fell into the abdomen, and the Arbor blame did not at all react at first.

But after two or three minutes, Arbor’s face became more purple, as if he was drunk.

After that, it can no longer be described as being drunk. Its face is very hideous, with its fangs clenched, and it seems that it is painful.

At this time, it has been unable to suppress the body of the ancient arbor monster, frantically twisting the snake body, rolling back and forth on the Beach, wishing to tie a knot to its body.

After the venom glands fall into the abdomen, they are eroded by Gastro Acid and begin to gradually exert their effects.

The toxicity is still within its tolerance range, far from the essence of poison in the pond overbearing.

But a huge amount of poisonous energy gushes from the poison sac, washing its body.

If it can’t properly handle the spewing poisonous energy, it will be alive and explode.

Jiang Sheng is always observing the state of the Abo monster with his hand ring. He has a facial expression grave and is very clear about the situation of the Abo monster.

If the Arbor monster can’t figure out a way to crack it, the bracelet has even calculated the time for the Arbor monster to explode and die.

Only 3 minutes!

Jiang Sheng called Beedrill and Gengar to get them ready.

He can only give Arbor two minutes and forty seconds. If the situation does not get better, he will perform “surgery” on Arbor.

The so-called “surgery” is to open its belly, let Gengar and Beedrill Help share the pressure, absorb the massive poisonous energy accumulated in its body!

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