Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 324

Mo Li and Li Lan noticed Jiang Sheng’s situation and leaned over.

Li Lan saw Jiang Sheng facial expression grave and did not dare to ask what happened.

Instead, Mo Li walked twice around the Struggle Arbor, who was rolling on the ground, and suddenly proposed:

“It should have developed its Characteristic Trait in depth. Take it to the cave with Fist Gem and stir its body memory with familiar energy fluctuations. Maybe there will be a turning point.”

Jiang Sheng has some intentions, but now he can only give medicine to a Dead horse, there is plenty of time, you can give it a try!

He put away the arbor monster and Beedrill, and asked Fat Gengar to wait for him to follow, and release Kadabra from the Poké Ball.

“Go to the Cave of Fighting Type!”

Kadabra locates the Psychic mark left by him before, raises his hand on Jiang Sheng’s shoulder, white light flashed, and brings Jiang Sheng Moved to the destination.

In the gloomy Cave, Jiang Sheng didn’t have time to create the light, so he immediately pressed the Poké Ball switch to release the Arbor monster.

It is still twisting in Struggle, roaring in pain, and suffering from the impact of massive Poison Type energy.

But after sensing the familiar environment, it seemed to grab the life-saving straw, twist the snake body and fall into the dirt pit, encircling the unburied miniature stone chamber.

The familiar Fighting Type energy aroused the instinct of the Arbor monster, and it remembered that it had a unique skill.

It no longer restrains and guides the tyrannical poisonous energy within the body, allowing them to wash over their body.

At the same time, it activates the [molding] Characteristic Trait, which spontaneously absorbs the surrounding energy and stores it, accumulating for the fading of Shen Ke.

Whether it is the poisonous energy in the body or the fighting energy in the stone chamber, it is all used to stimulate one’s own cells and promote metabolism.

It not only consumes the excessive poisonous energy in the body, but also takes this opportunity to strengthen the incarnation body.

With sufficient energy supply, the Arbor monster quickly completed accumulation.

It keeps twisting its body and rubbing around on the stone chamber, relying on the edges and corners of the stone chamber to complete the molting.

Under the monitoring of the bracelet, the situation on the Arbor monster began to stabilize, and the time of exploding and death previously calculated was also continuously lengthening.

Jiang Sheng sighed in relief, only then will I have time to check the medical report given by the bracelet when I saw the Aber Monster before.

At that time, he only saw half of it, not at all.

The latter part of the report shows that the lifespan of the Arbor monster is only six years and seven months.

Although there have been speculations about its age, Jiang Sheng couldn’t help but admire it.

Without the help of humans, it only relies on devouring fish and birds Pokemon and absorbing the energy in the oversized Fist Gem to reach the professional level.

It is truly a genius snake!

Be aware that it takes a long time for many Pokemons to receive human breeding training to pass the threshold of professional level.

Apart from this, Jiang Sheng also read the speculation about the abnormal size of the Arbor monster by the bracelet.

The bracelet suspects that the Arbor monster can have such a large size, which should be related to the [molding] Characteristic Trait.

It is very likely that it relied on continuous molting and strengthening the body’s strength to achieve a body shape far beyond the same.

From the current situation, the bracelet speculation is completely correct!

Because, right in front of him, the Arbor monster has completed a molting!

The Characteristic Trait of Aberguai is [Molting]. It has also developed this Characteristic Trait in depth. Perhaps molting is very painful and difficult for other snakes.

But for it is very simple, like eating and drinking water, it is completely instinct.

After a short time, the molting was completed, and a new and tender arbor monster with snake scales emerged from the worn-out purple skin.

Jiang Sheng took a flashlight, hit the light on the Abo monster, and carefully looked at the Abo monster who had gained a new life.

He can clearly see that the Arbor monster has “grew up”. Its body is thicker and its body length changes more obviously, which is more than half a meter longer than before.

Aboguai climbed up from the dirt pit, bowed his head a little ashamed, and did not dare to look at Jiang Sheng.

It overestimated its own strength and appeared to cause disaster.

“Okay, it’s okay, I’m not greedy enough to swallow the elephant, and I’m talking about snakes like you.”

Seeing that the Aber blames his calm back, Jiang Sheng once again uses the bracelet Check the status of the Arbor monster.

The report shows that the Arbor within the body still has a large amount of energy remaining, but it has been dormant everywhere in the body, no longer turbulent, and will not affect daily life.

At the end of the report, the bracelet still made suggestions to deal with this situation as before.

Usually, you can let the Aberguai eat more Lum Berry. The unique effect of Lum Berry can not only promote the digestion of the remaining energy in the Aberguai’s body, but also regulate the body and smooth the remaining in the battle over the years. Under the internal injury.

After knowing the details of the Aber Monster, Jiang Sheng asked:

“Do you want to molt again?”

The Aber Monster is nodded, spit With his tongue and Jiang Sheng explained.

Kadabra helped translate:

“One more time, but after a while, I will shed my skin after I have adapted to my current physical condition.

This unique molting method developed is different from the normal [molding] that only molts the Status Condition.

This molting method must be used every time, otherwise it will be very harmful to the body. “

“Well, I see. It’s fine if you have your own regulations. Don’t be the same again.”


Wait back to After the Beach, it was okay to see the strange Abo, Li Lan and Mo Li sighed in relief.

After Jiang Sheng talked to them about the general situation, he turned his head and continued to use his sword on the ancient arbor monster’s corpse.

First of all, the wounds caused by taking the poison glands from the back of the ancient arbor monsters must be coarsely sutured.

After all, it is to be sold, and a good look must be preserved.

At this time, the snake’s body is a little bit rigid, unlike the previous ghost animal twitching.

Turn the snake body of the ancient arbor monster on its side, with its abdomen facing upward.

Jiang Sheng touched the snake body twice in the second half, and after finding a raised position, the dagger fell and dug out a dark green gallbladder.

This is snake gall, and like the poison sac, it is also one of the most essential parts of the ancient Abel!

Aboguai approached again, a pair of snake eyes stared at the snake gall in Jiang Sheng’s hand, with water flowing from the corner of his mouth.

It’s not that the Arbor monster has no memory. The energy in the snake gall is calm and not bursting like a poison gland. After swallow, it is easier to be absorbed by the body.

Jiang Sheng pushed Aboguai’s snake head away, ignoring its longing small eyes.

“The previous venom gland was swallowed by you. This snake gall is everyone’s own, and you can’t eat it alone.”

Compared with the venom gland, the value of snake gall is lower. The only outstanding effect is to improve eyesight.

The only people who can make full use of this snake gall are Beedrill, Ada and Kadabra.

Beedrill has a [Snipe Shot hand] Characteristic Trait, which has a high requirement for eyesight. It is necessary to keep an eye on the key points of the opponent at all times. It is just a bit of courage to supplement the eyes.

Ada has a [Perception] Characteristic Trait, and it also has a higher requirement for eyesight. Although it seems that this Characteristic Trait is rarely used in normal times, it has sharp eyes and can predict the enemy’s opportunities every time. All are affected by this Characteristic Trait.

As for Kadabra, this is a bit metaphysical, dare to ask if the eyesight improvement effect of snake gall is useful for the illusory eye of miracle?

While Mo Li and Li Lan did not notice here, Jiang Sheng turned his back to them, put the snake gall into the box and received it in the [backpack].

After suturing the incision under the snake’s abdomen, all the small items just used for the operation were buried on the spot.

Although there are still valuable parts in the remaining snake body, such as snake eyes, snake bones, snake skin… but there is nothing to make Jiang Sheng tempted.

Just keep the relatively intact snake body directly, and it can also increase the reputation of Bincheng Sub-rudder and sell it at a good price.

Jiang Sheng called Li Lan, asked her to release Walrein, and use Poweder Snow to freeze the body of the ancient arbor monster.

After that, he asked Li Lan and Mo Li to leave Longdao first.

But the two women said they could not go. They were brought by Bronzong. Now Bronzong has gone by themselves, they can’t return to the land.

Jiang Sheng had to ask Fat Gengar to send them to the land, and when he got a taxi, he returned to find himself.

When Fat Gengar took them away, after Jiang Sheng was left on the island, he didn’t need to cover up, and directly put the snake corpse frozen in the ice into the [backpack].

Go back to five caves again, and bury the stone chamber and stone slabs.

Jiang Sheng also wants to make the traces of the excavation old so that people can’t tell where the soil has been moved.

But after tossing for a long time, he found that he was completely wishful thinking. He had nothing to do with these brightly colored new soils, and he could only kill the traces by time.

There is no other good way, but Wang Lin can help him pay more attention to Dragon Island.

Also, pray more when you are fine.

Pray that no one will land on the island, pray that the four professional-level serpents will be strong enough, pray that entering the cave is not a tomb robber…

These ten nodes are the foundation of different spaces, Jiang Sheng I’m afraid that the ignorant will ruin them, and the knowledgeable person will break through the different spaces according to his methods.

Unfortunately, he still couldn’t find a reliable person to help him stay guarded here. Besides, even if someone guarded him, it was not justified.

Fortunately, the private forces touched the island, and the one with the most real thing.

What did the official people say?

The East Asia Alliance does not have the saying that “who picks it up will own it”.

All kinds of troubles make people have a headache!

At this time, Jiang Sheng’s only idea is to get Long Dao under his own name as soon as possible, so as to avoid long nights and dreams.

After Gengar came back, Jiang Sheng went to the sea and the forest to retrieve the four professional arbor monsters and told them that they could return to their cave.

Another Level 47 [Intimidation] Arbor monster was found and asked it to take over the Fighting Cave that was vacated.

With their five guardian energy nodes, I asked Wang Lin to help pay attention to the situation near Dragon Island. It shouldn’t be a problem in a short time.

After everything was arranged, Jiang Sheng wanted to leave Longdao but received a call.

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