Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 325

The caller ID is Wang Lin. I am afraid it is related to Longdao or Li Family. Jiang Sheng answered the call immediately.

“Senior Brother, what’s the matter?”

“Is it over there?”

“It’s over, one has just been promoted to Gym level ancient Monster Arbor, was killed by Bronzong.”

On the other side of the phone, Wang Lin held breath cold air.

He immediately wanted to understand the entire process of development, and Li Wentao was so reckless during this period of time, it should be because the ancient Abel was going to be promoted to Gym level.

Unfortunately, he had just been promoted successfully and he was killed on the spot before he showed his strength.

The death insignificant of Gym-level Pokemon, but that is an ancient Pokemon.

After “ancientization”, he has a huge body and is a good player in siege of cities and strong strategic significance.

My Little Junior Brother is really very ruthless, and it’s all right.

The thought flashed past, and Wang Lin continued to ask:

“Where are you now?”

“I’m still on Dragon Island, what’s wrong? Li Wentao did something unusual?”

“Well, our guards at the pier found him out to sea, and the speedboat was sailing in the direction to Dragon Island.

I doubt him It should be because of the notice we issued to the fishermen. I knew that there was a mutation on the sea and worried about the situation on Long Island, so I decided to go out to see the situation in person. Of course, it is also possible to just go and see the situation of the ancient Abokai.”

After the ancient Arbor monster was killed, Li Family became insignificant in Jiang Sheng’s eyes.

even more how, now he has a professional high-level Arbor to join him, and he is completely free to use Li Family.

“Senior Brother, how many people did Li Wentao bring to sea?”

“There is only one, the Trainer named Chu Zheng who was eliminated by the youth training camp.”

When I heard the name, Jiang Sheng knew in his heart.

He has read the opponent’s information. Like Wei Hongyan, he was eliminated in the professional league youth training camp.

Wei Hongyan is good at cultivating Grass Type Pokemon, even if The youth academy was eliminated and did not give up his dream.

He puts all his income into Pokemon, and wants his team to reach the full professional level and be eligible to compete in the professional league.

But Chu Zheng is different. He chose to change his career and devote himself to the bodyguard industry, doing his best to cultivate a Pokemon as his signature.

Therefore, he has only one Pokemon breakthrough that has reached the professional level, but he is quite strong and works well with Chu Zheng.

Learning that Li Wentao was going to sea with only one bodyguard, Jiang Sheng immediately made a decision in his heart:

“Senior Brother, I want to let Li Wentao come back and forth, you inform me Li Rongyu is ready.”

Wang Lin was a little surprised, and asked quickly:

“What happened? Why did you suddenly change your mind?

As a result, Li Rongyu’s pressure will be very high,’Berry King’ will have a lot of turmoil, and we will not be able to get the shares smoothly.”

Jiang Sheng briefly explained two sentences:

“From a humanitarian level, Li Wentao must die. He feeds more than 50 lives to the Aberkai every year. This behavior is no different from heretic.

Of course, I am not What a serious person.

I want to kill him out of selfishness. Longdao has a secret here. I don’t want him to expose it.”

The other side of the phone fell silent and learned the news. Later, Wang Lin had no objections, said solemnly:

“I understand, Li Wentao must die! You kill him, I will deal with the rest.”

“Well, That’s it. By the way, Senior Brother, let your subordinates help me monitor the situation around Long Island in the future. If there is a stranger wandering around the island, remember to remind me, it’s troublesome!”

“This Simply, in order to prevent Illegal immigrants, we have been monitoring the Sea Territory situation, just pay more attention to the situation of Longdao, it does not increase their workload.”

Wang Lin did not ask Longdao in the end. If there is something special, just agree to it. This is the tacit understanding and trust formed between the two for a long time.

After hanging up, Jiang Sheng was on Long Island, waiting for Li Wentao’s arrival.


In the evening, a speedboat moved towards Longdao galloped over, and finally stopped on the distant sea.

A person stood up in the driver’s seat, threw a Poké Ball, and put a Blastoise into the sea.

After that, the two silhouettes in the cabin jumped onto Blastoise’s back and directed Blastoise to approach the shore.

Even in the evening, there are still many snakes lying on the beach squinting and resting.

Seeing the two go ashore, the Arbor Snake and Arbor monsters opened their wistful eyes, as if they were awakened by cold water, and became energetic.

They spit out scarlet forked tongues, twist their bodies restlessly, begin to stir.

They either eat fish or eat birds all day long, they also want to change their tastes.

Blastoise’s strength is not strong, and suddenly being stared at by so many snakes, I can’t help but feel a little flustered.

Among the two visitors to the island, a middle-aged man with a thin body and a cold temperament glanced around the big snakes glare like a tiger watching his prey, with a contemptuous look, not at all. Keep it in the eye.

He took a Poké Ball from his belt and threw it casually into the air.

Red light flashed, a monster with gray skin and two pairs of arms appeared in front of all the snakes.

Strength/Machamp, Chu Zheng’s signature Pokemon!

The fierce professional-grade aura exudes from Strength/Machamp, and the Arbor snake and Arbor monster immediately remembered their encounter in the morning.

Look of dreading flashed in the eyes of a series of big snakes, twisting their bodies and retreating, not daring to think about the “blood food” in front of them.

“Leave them alone, hurry up to the main peak. I heard that a mutation has occurred on the sea. It should have succeeded. I can’t wait to see it!”

The other middle-aged man who landed on the island was slightly excited.

This person’s face is very recognizable, with a full beard on his face, but he is very well maintained and shaved cleanly, leaving only a faint stubble, which adds a calmness to him A sense of reliability.

He is smartly dressed, his tone is calm, and his voice is uniquely magnetic, full of the demeanor of a mature man.

This person is Li Wentao, the current chairman of “Berry King”, and the sole controlling shareholder, a very capable Entrepreneur, who is highly sought after by the people of Bincheng.

But knowing people knowing their faces and not knowing their hearts, this person looks like a gentle gentleman on the surface, but secretly he is a crazy executioner who feeds Pokemon with blood from his family!

Chu Zheng’s hard face moved slightly, some words hesitated to say, but after a moment of indulgence, he still said it.

“Boss, if that guy is really successfully promoted, we may not be able to suppress it, and your safety will not be guaranteed.”

Li Wentao waved his hand disapprovingly.

“Don’t worry, it’s my father’s Pokemon. Don’t look so fierce as usual, it’s impossible to hurt me.

Furthermore, I have given it enough blood every year for these years. Shi, in its heart, I should be in the same position as my dull father.”

Chu Zheng, nodded, did not speak any more.

He is just a wage earner, and he gives the Boss enough advice. How the Boss decides is up to the Boss.

“Your father’s Pokemon? Are you talking about it?”

In the jungle not far away, a question suddenly came out.

Next, a large chunk of ice flew out of the forest and hit the soft beach under the watchful eyes of the two.

Suddenly provoked, Strength/Machamp looked like Rage, and he used a knife to break the ice.


Li Wentao stopped him.

Chu Zheng immediately signaled Strength/Machamp to stop and don’t act rashly.

After that, like Li Wentao, he looked at the large ice cubes suddenly flying out of the forest.

The ice cube is a vertical cuboid with a height of more than two meters. The base occupies about Ippei meters of Ground.

The most shocking thing is the thing sealed in the ice, it is a purple snake that stands up.

The lower body Coil of the Arbor in the ice cube, the wide chest and abdomen of the upper body bowed slightly, the mouth of the snake was slightly opened, revealing a few fangs, and half of the scarlet snake head, pupil light, fierce, as if always ready Attack.

Such familiar appearance made Li Wentao feel bad.

But knowing its power, Li Wentao does not believe that it is really in the ice. Even if it died, it could only be a miserable defeat, and the corpse would not be so well preserved!

Li Wentao turned his head abruptly and looked towards jungle, trying to see who was hiding inside.

Because it is approaching the evening, the light is extremely poor, and the branches of the trees in the forest are dense, which strictly shields the light.

I can only see a young and upright youth standing in a dim environment, but his face is not real.

“Impossible, you are alarmist, who are you?”

Li Wentao questioned loudly.

oh la la …oh la la …

The bushes slide, and the silhouette walks out of the woods. Behind him, there is a scary snake shadow.

It is clearly an Arbor monster, but it is stronger than the Arbor monster enclosed in the ice block, and its tyrannical professional-grade aura makes Strength/Machamp an enemy.

“High-level professional level, I am afraid that it is not far from Gym level!”

Chu Zheng quickly judged the opponent’s strength, browsed tightly knit, and told Li Wentao in a deep voice.

Li Wentao’s face is solemn, and the feeling of evil in his heart is even more intense.

“Who are you? What is your intention to stop me?”

Jiang Sheng didn’t reply, and when he stood in the light, he said to Li Wentao with a smile:

“Li Boss, it’s nice to meet you, take the liberty to ask, do you know me?”

Before Li Wentao’s reply, Jiang Sheng didn’t care about his thoughts, each minding their own Business said:

“Don’t say you don’t know me, don’t you eat the inferior Berry that my brothers eat every day for nothing?

This is the first time I met. Younger generation, I will prepare a meager gift here.

The big snake in this ice sculpture is my meeting gift for you. This is an ancient Pokemon at the Gym level. You must cherish it!

Previously it was a dead snake lying soft and lying down. I put it in its present posture and it took a lot of effort. I wonder if you feel (dare) move?”

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