Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 326

Li Wentao’s gnashing teeth’s said solemnly:

“Bingcheng sub-rudder, Giovanni!”

Li Wentao is not bad, not quite supercilious, able to recognize his identity .

After the joke, Jiang Sheng put away his laughter, his face became cold and severe.

“It’s me, I’m Giovanni. Many upper-class people in Bencheng see the yellow mouth child who is indifferent but helpless!

I heard that Mr. Li wants to re-make the rules? I don’t seem to have asked my opinion, right?

A month ago, I started to quietly reduce the rudder of our villain group Bencheng. Do you really think you have a winning ticket and you can take us? Bincheng Sub-rudder?”

Li Wentao’s face was solemn, not at all, when he answered Jiang Sheng’s words, his eyes drifted from side to side, looking for something.

Jiang Sheng coldly smiled, telling Li Wentao’s meaning in his heart:

“Don’t look for it, Elite Bronzong has left.

But it’s the one who shot you Li Family’s baby big snake killed it. The corpse is right in front of you. I didn’t randomly find an Arbor to shake you.

The pattern on each Arbor’s chest is very unique, don’t Tell me you can’t recognize it.”

Li Wentao is naturally very familiar with the ancient arbor monster. At first, he recognized the identity of the big snake enclosed in the ice.

But he couldn’t accept this fact, he didn’t believe that the ancient Arbor monster could be killed so easily.

Especially from the mouth of “Giovanni”, the ancient arbor monster has successfully promoted to Gym level.

With such strength, can’t escape?

Li Wentao stared angrily and asked Jiang Sheng:

“How can you enter a different space without the’key’?

Furthermore, even if Bronzong is Elite It is also impossible to kill the ancient arbor monster so easily!”

As a successful person, Li Wentao is very rational and will not paralyze himself or deceive himself.

Even if the plan fell short, and there was a mortal danger in himself, his mind was still very clear.

After calming down, he frankly accepted the fact that the ancient Arbor was dead, and questioned Jiang Sheng’s process, to figure out which part of his plan went wrong.

Jiang Sheng shrugged, sarcastically said:

“Is it difficult? Doesn’t no one know that I am a tomb raider, right? It’s for me to break the alien space It’s a piece of cake!

Also, Mr. Li, don’t question the professional ability of a professional.

I have been dealing with ancient Pokemon since I debuted. For people who are not up to the trend of the times, they are “civilization destroyers”.

But now it’s 0202, and the times are advancing. I have seen more than one Elite Pokemon. The ancient Pokemon I have, it is not the first!” Li Wentao recalled the previous incident about Ditto. Afterwards, it was heard from the participants that Giovanni of Bencheng Sub-rudder had accomplished the tomb robbery. How high, how to open a different space between waves.

At the time, he only thought it was a joke, not at all seriously. As a result, he saw the other’s superb business ability today.

He took a few deep breaths, suppressing the resentment and helplessness in his heart.

Then adjust the facial expressions to show a mature smile, like normal business negotiations in the past.

“Mr. Giovanni meant to teach me a lesson this time? That’s really unforgettable!”

Li Wentao laughed at himself, as if it was not in the death of the ancient monster, Just as an insignificant little thing.

“First of all, I deeply reflect on my stupid behavior, and apologize for the trouble caused by the division of the rudder of the villain group Bincheng this month.

Secondly, Mr. Giovanni, We should talk carefully about how to better resolve this conflict and how to give you satisfactory compensation.”

On the surface, it is calm, but Li Wentao is a little flustered.

In the wilderness, the biggest hole card in his hand is gone, and the opponent also has a professional-grade serpent glare like a tiger watching his prey, and he can’t compete with it at all.

No matter what price he paid today, Li Wentao just wanted to live.

“Compensation? This is easy to say.”

Jiang Sheng let go, making Li Wentao’s expression slightly relaxed.

He felt a little self-satisfied in his heart, as if he was back at the negotiating table, everything was under control.

“Give me the pendant hanging around your neck!”

Li Wentao’s eyes shrank, he felt a little thump in his heart, and was held down by the gate.

As soon as his mind turned, he knew that there might be something wrong with Wei Hongyan, but he still didn’t give up, trying to get through:

“Huh? Pendant? Mr. Giovanni said. Isn’t it this?”

Li Wentao pulled out the jade pillar pendant hanging around his neck, and explained:

“This is the material I brought back from Southeast Asia. I will find it in Alliance It’s carved by the jade master of China, and the engraved on it is the “Dragonair Traveling Clouds and Rain”, which is not a very precious thing…

If you like it, I will ask the jade master to make it for you Ten pieces…no, one hundred pieces. I have worn this for a long time. Do you really want this from me?”

“Li Wentao, don’t pretend to be a fool with me, Wei Hongyan’s body is still there. In the mountains and forests, I don’t know if it is complete. Do you want me to find out and show it to you?

Also, can you see what this is?”

Jiang Sheng is playing A piece of jade rattan is made of the same material as Li Wentao’s pendant.

But his is a crude embryo, not polished and carved.

But both were intercepted on Vine Whip in Venusaur, and should be the relics left by the previous Old Master Li.


Li Wentao had no choice but to take the pendant off and threw it to Jiang Sheng.

Jiang Sheng glanced briefly and smashed his mouth.

“Li Wentao, you are not honest, this is not “Dragonair Traveling Clouds and Raining Map”, it is clearly “Abo Monster Overturning the River and Down the Sea”!”

“haha …”

Li Wentao chuckled, without sophistry.

“Okay, this is the first compensation, the second compensation, I want you to kill your son-Li Ronghua!”

Li Wentao’s complexion instantly became gloomy, low Yelled:

“Mr. Giovanni, are you sure you are not cracking a joke?”

“Don’t ask me why I want him to die, just look at him not pleasing to your eyes, you that many An illegitimate child, an illegitimate daughter, it’s nothing to die at the worst. Do you agree to this matter?”

In Jiang Sheng’s view, they are all sons anyway, so the difference should not be big.

But Li Wentao doesn’t think so.

Of all the children, he most valued Li Ronghua. He has always regarded Li Ronghua as his heir and the future of “Berry King”.

As for the other heirs, their appearance was deliberately controlled by Li Wentao and used as a tool to guard the family business.

After all, how can bodyguards hired from outside have their own bloodline to use them intimately?

He is not a romantic person in the bones, but he still did that when he was young. He used all the women he met as a tool for birth and nurturing, so that they could give birth to their own Offspring.

Select the outstanding ones and let them become researchers, breeders, trainers…In the future, Help Li Ronghua will guard the “Berry King” and open up the business territory.

Li Wentao’s family management idea is very similar to the ancient Feudal System, but he ignores its drawbacks.

Or he is very aware of the drawbacks, but thinks he can subdue everything, so he doesn’t care.

Obviously, he was wrong, his eldest daughter Li Rongyu has the ambition to kill his brother and force his father to control the power!

“What you said is true?”

Li Wentao glared his eyes, bloodshot, and questioned Jiang Sheng.

“It’s true, let Li Ronghua die. We both let go of our previous modesty and re-formulate the cooperation plan.”

Jiang Sheng replied very seriously.

For a long while, Li Wentao did not respond, still staring at Jiang Sheng.

Suddenly, he laughed wildly with hatred in his eyes, and roared loudly:

“Giovanni, stop pretending, you just miss me dead! You are too young, You can’t hide your thoughts in your eyes.

You said, did one of my unfilial sons and daughters write you a blank check and offer you shares in’Berry King’, thinking Want you to kill me?”

Jiang Sheng’s eyebrows twitched, is it so obvious?

Li Wentao pointed at Jiang Sheng to question, but his other hand was sneaking into the pocket of his jacket.


jié jié …

A weird laugh appeared behind Li Wentao, Li Wentao looked nervous, speeded up his hand movements, and wanted to grab it in his pocket Objects.

But Gengar’s speed is faster, extending the hand from the shadow, firmly holding Li Wentao’s arm.

At this moment, Li Wentao only had time to reach halfway into his pocket, unable to reach the objects inside.

“Strength/Machamp, Fire Punch!”

“Abo, go and try this opponent!”

si si …his…

The fighting intent in the eyes of the monster is strong. After receiving Jiang Sheng’s command, the snake body resembles a spring stockpile, violently popping out, and hitting the Strength/Machamp that the fist smashed towards Gengar.

The Arbor monster, who has just shed its skin and is more than six meters long, is already called a huge monster, and this impact is extremely fierce.

But Strength/Machamp is also not to be trifled with. Its body is full of muscles, and its own weight is not light. It forcibly withstood the impact of the monster’s meat bomb.

When the Aber blame Take Down came, it only backed up a few steps, not at all, it appeared to be knocked out.

The body collides and feels the strength of the opponent, the Arbor monster seeing others do what one loves to do, one is inspired to try it again.

Taking advantage of the close contact, the snake was immediately on the stick, twisting the snake’s body to enclose the Strength/Machamp, tightening the snake’s body like normal hunting in the past.

In a hurry, Strength/Machamp only had time to draw out two arms, and the remaining two arms were coiled in the snake’s body by Abel.

Snake body tightens, gravity squeezes, Strength/Machamp looks hideous.

It vacated the hands in a Fire Punch posture, madly hitting the snake body of the Aber monster, wanting the Aber monster to suffer pain, relax the snake body, and let it out.

Snake like Pokemon, Normal will not let go unless the prey suffocates to death.

Even if it is killed in the middle, the snake’s body is still strangled and will not relax.

Chu Zheng ugly complexion, it was like this as soon as he fought, he was entangled by the arbor monster and almost defeated.

He put his hand on the belt around his waist and wanted to release other Pokemon to change the unfavorable situation.

Jiang Sheng’s eyes are fast and his hands are quick, threw away a Poké Ball and smashed it into Chu Zheng’s hand to hinder his movements.

The Poké Ball threw away burst open, the red light flashed, and a ferocious tiger wasp appeared beside Chu Zheng.

Its Ruby-like eyes are exceptionally indifferent, a pair of needles in his hands flash with cold light, insect wings vibrate, and the rapid “Bzz Bzz” sound is intriguing.

“A real man 1VS1 fights, don’t interfere with other Pokemon.”

“But…but my Strength/Machamp is a mother…”

Jiang Sheng:……

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