Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 327

Jiang Sheng rearranged his wording and said:

“If you win the Pokemon 1VS1 battle, let you go, you don’t need to be buried with Li Wentao.”

Chu Zheng glanced at Zheng and Strength.

Although he has always demanded himself by the bodyguard’s criteria, but in this situation, there is no need to smash the criteria and do mortal things.

Faced with the encirclement and suppression of the three professional Pokemon, no matter what he does, he is unable to recover. It is better to find a glimmer of survival and escape alone.

“Well, you have to do what you say!”

“Of course, I am also a person with status, how can I lie to you!”

Chu Zheng Turned his head and looked towards the battle between the Aber monster and Strength/Machamp, with sharp eyesight, looking for a way to break the game, Help Strength/Machamp defeated the Aber monster.

On the beach not far away, Strength/Machamp fell to the ground, only one head remained outside, from the ankle to the neck, it was tightly wrapped by the arbor monster.

Only two arms reacted in time, protruding from the gap in the snake’s body and able to move freely.

Fortunately, Strength/Machamp has two pairs of arms. One pair of arms is attached to the sides of the waist. Help’s fragile chest and abdomen support the tightened snake body.

The other pair of arms stayed outside and hit the Arbor monster’s snake body, trying to make the Arbor monster relax the snake’s body.

If you change to another Pokemon, unless it is a special attacker, you can only wait and die.

At this time, Strength/Machamp was distorted by the strangling power exerted by the snake’s body, but still relied on perseverance to wield the Fire Punch to beat the snake body of the Arbor monster.

Impact full boxing. The body of the Aber monster trembling with every punch.

Under the flames, its beautiful purple scales turned black, and the snake’s face showed pain.

One or two punches are okay, but there are more Fire Punch strikes, and they all hit one position, and the Arbor monster can’t bear it.

In order to quickly end the battle, the Arbor slightly adjusted the snake body, exposing the Strength/Machamp neck.

A purple halo appeared on Senbai’s fangs, and he bit down at the neck of Strength/Machamp.

Poison Fang!

“Pay attention to the neck!”

Chu Zheng recognized the tricks of Aboguai, and the complexion was greatly changed, so he reminded me quickly.

Strength/Machamp reacted immediately. At the crucial moment, an arm was inserted into the Arbor monster’s mouth to block it, and it was not allowed to bite the critical position of the neck.

Aboguai twisted his head, wanting to change his angle and continue speaking.

But Strength/Machamp’s arm is stuck in its mouth, like marble Normal muscles hooking its teeth, clinging to its upper and lower jaws, making it unable to remove the snake head for a short time.

At the same time, the other free arm of Strength/Machamp gave up hitting the snake’s body, with flames swirling around its fist, and smashed at the confined snake head of the Arbor monster.

Smashing the snake’s head is naturally the most effective method, but before the Arbor monster was a chicken thief, so Strength/Machamp touched its head.

But it’s different now. The Aberguai delivered it to the door by himself.

Jiang Sheng touched his chin, and wanted to remind him, but he wanted to say something and stopped, quietly watching Aboguai’s reaction.

Judging from the information given on the bracelet, it is a mistake that Arbor Guai chose to use Poison Fang.

Not only Poison Fang, but Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, and Ice Fang should not be used.

But this is a battle belonging to the Arbor Monster. Jiang Sheng wants to see what step it can do, and doesn’t want to intervene too much.

The burning fist magnified in front of his eyes, and the Arbor’s expression congeals immediately made a decision.

Since I can’t bite my neck, my arm is the same!

The arbor monster ignored the fist that came. With the force of his upper and lower jaws, his sharp fangs pierced the skin of Strength/Machamp tenacious and injected purple venom into it.

The blood flows out along the blood vessels.

In the blink of an eye, the entire arm of Strength/Machamp turned purple and black, and then the chest, abdomen, waist, head… everywhere under the skin was purple.

At the same time, the flame slammed the Arbor’s snake head with a heavy fist, and the Arbor also experienced the feeling of the ancient Arbor being hit by Bronzong.

The “Bzz Bzz” in his head seems to have been formatted as Normal, with blank consciousness, slow thinking, and a snake face.

As soon as the teeth became loose, Strength/Machamp broke his arm out of Arbor’s mouth.

Toxic has taken effect, Strength/Machamp is being tortured all the time, cells are being dissolved, life force is like snow under the sun, slowly melting.

Pokemon are a group of highly resistant guys, unless the level of strength is too large, otherwise at the same level, no one’s venom can be so violent that it can die and see blood in the throat.

The liquid in the pond of poison was not Venusaur’s venom either.

It is a tyrannical strength, which combines ancient energy and poison energy after death, just like the spiritual crystallization Normal left by Psychic Type Pokemon.

The Poison Fang this move is the same as “Toxic”, which can bring a powerful blessing effect to toxins.

It can impose the most terrifying poisoning state on opponent, which is far more terrifying than Poison Sting, Poison Jab, [Poison Hand]… these poisoning effects.

The latter all continuously affect Pokemon’s physical functions and reduce Pokemon’s physical state.

But Pokemon can rely on physique for a long time, waiting for Antidote or some healing moves to rescue.

The first two are different. The poisoning caused by them is not at all serious in Early-Stage, but as time goes by, the poisoning effect will intensify.

Maybe the poisoned person was still active at the last moment, but at the next moment it may fall to the ground and die suddenly.

Chu Zheng’s face was as sinking as water, and he drank cursed in a low voice: “Damn it, I made it succeed!”

Although Aber’s monster is temporarily fragmented, But the snake’s body still retains muscle memory, tightly restraining Strength/Machamp without any relaxation.

But for Chu Zheng, it is not that absolutely does not have opportunity.

Toxic takes effect, not only has a negative impact on Strength/Machamp, but also activates its instinct in bloodline.

Strength/Machamp suffered from the double pain within the body and outside of the body. With a low growl, the imposing manner on his body suddenly swelled up, and the muscles on both arms expanded in a circle.

Strength/Machamp, Level 55, Characteristic Trait [Perseverance] (When encountering Status Condition, strength X 1.5 times, and immune to the suppressing power effect brought by burns).

This is the information Jiang Sheng got about Strength/Machamp before the war.

[Perseverance] This Characteristic Trait is very tricky. In order to develop this Characteristic Trait, some Trainers even bring their own Pokemon with Fire Orbs, which are extremely harmful Items.

The moves mentioned earlier are all opportunities to help Strength/Machamp trigger this Characteristic Trait move, so Jiang Sheng does not recommend using them.

At this time, 【Perseverance】Characteristic Trait was activated, and the strength of Strength/Machamp skyrocketed out of thin air. For a while, there was a faint sign of breaking the bondage of the Arbor monster.

Chu Zheng looked happy and immediately commanded:

“Strength/Machamp, use Submission!”

While the Abel is still shaking the snake head , I want to regain my consciousness.

Strength/Machamp’s free hands tightly hugged the Arbor monster’s snake body, and his feet pressed against a reef, suddenly burst of strength, struggling to kick, and actually took the Arbor monster to volley Splash.

In the air, Strength/Machamp and the Arbor are still entangled, and the two rotate like a sphere that rolls at high speed.

After landing, hit the Beach out of a big hole, and then roll out more than ten meters away, until it hits a reef.

Because the Arbor monster wrapped the Strength/Machamp tightly, whether it was a landing or hitting a rock, the Arbor monster had to bear most of the impact.

After two heavy blows, the Arbor Guai couldn’t stand it, and the tight snake body was slightly loose.

Submission also caused Strength/Machamp to withstand a great reaction force, and even with the toxin erosion, Strength/Machamp’s head was a little groggy.

But it knows what it should do best, relying on its instinct to break the snake body that entangles itself, staggering and crawling out from under the monster.

Strength/Machamp gasped violently, and it finally breathed freely, feeling the air so sweet for the first time.

It Struggle tried to stand up straight, but his legs kept trembling, and the toxins had spread all over his body, leaving him with little moment.

While Strength/Machamp adjusted its own state, the Arbor gradually regained consciousness. It shook its head, enduring the pain and twisted the snake’s body.

It lowered its body slightly, accumulated the amount of Stockpile quietly, and then swallowed it in its abdomen.

The swelling of the head, the burns on the body, the bruises caused by Tackle… and other injuries are slowly healing.

Stockpile —Swallow!

Participating in a Pokemon fight like this kind of move, you must be highly focused, otherwise they will seize every opportunity to recover.

Strength/Machamp has Toxic in him, and every action is a fight for his life.

The Arbor monster has quietly recovered and simply treated the injuries on his body.

There is no suspense in this battle.

Hold it-inject Toxic-win!

The battle of the Arbor monster is that simple. From the moment Strength/Machamp is caught, the end is doomed.

“Abo, do whatever you want, and end the battle as soon as possible.”

[Perseverance] has been triggered, and you don’t have to be afraid of it anymore. No matter what moves you use, end it as soon as possible. Just fight.

(See what this chapter says!)

si si …

Aboguai responded to Jiang Sheng, and then slammed out, with flames emerging from his fangs, Bite to Strength/Machamp who is standing hard.

Jiang Sheng no longer pays attention to the battlefield, turned his head and looked towards Li Wentao who was restrained by Gengar.

Since the beginning of the battle, Li Wentao knew that the general situation was over. After being tied by Gengar and pressed his hands on the ground, he was not uproar.

Jiang Sheng leaned over and knelt down to pick out the things in Li Wentao’s pocket.

It’s a mobile phone, a brand you haven’t seen before. It should be a private order.

Jiang Sheng just wanted to press the power button to see if it was powered on with a password or with a fingerprint, but after seeing Li Wentao’s eyes, he kept an eye on it.

“I’m afraid there is a problem with this phone, right? Otherwise, you can’t touch the phone at the last minute. There is not enough time left for you to call for help.”


Li Wentao is sneaked, unwilling to say a word with Jiang Sheng.

Jiang Sheng didn’t have the thought of interrogation, so just hand over the phone to Wang Lin, his staff and professionals.

He is only responsible for cutting people, and Wang Lin is in charge of the aftermath.

When receiving the mobile phone in [Backpack], Jiang Sheng showed a dagger in his hand, and the cold blade touched Li Wentao’s neck.

“I am not a righteous policeman. The matter of you feeding the monster with blood has nothing to do with me. If it weren’t for chance, I wouldn’t bother to take care of it.

The friction with’Berry King’ is not to the point of life and death. You can sit at the negotiating table and discuss it.”

Listening to Jiang Sheng’s account, Li Wentao’s eyes were shocked.

Since it is not these two reasons, why are you killing me?

A madman?

“Unfortunately, your son is spoiled by you. He has to grab everything he sees.

He has always wanted to grab my Quasi-Legendary, just a while ago. Shiny Beldum, who made a lot of noise, caused me a lot of trouble.

He even invited members of the Asuka group to intercept me at sea, and wanted me to be buried in the Sea Territory.

In this way, the courtesy exchanges, I have to ask him to die.

Unfortunately, it also involves the conflict between Bencheng Sub-rudder and the’Berry King’, in order to trouble will completely vanish, in order to make you My son is not alone here. In order to let the hatred disappear, I can only ask you to die together.”

Speaking of this, Jiang Sheng patted his head with an annoyed expression.

“Oh, yes, I almost forgot to tell you.

Your daughter is very beautiful and very ruthless, just a thorny rose.

Also Yes, she gave a lot of money!”

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