Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 328

To Jiang Sheng’s surprise, Li Wentao not at all shouted, and did not pursue his identity. Instead, he asked calmly:

“How much did she give you?”

On the other side, the rejuvenated Arbor monster forced Strength/Machamp to retreat.

But Strength/Machamp has also learned to be smart, and will not give the Arbor a chance to hold it, so the battle continues.

I have to praise [Perseverance] for the power of this Characteristic Trait. The power increase it brings to Strength/Machamp is only one aspect.

From the battle, Jiang Sheng speculated that it even brought enough toxin resistance to Strength/Machamp.

Otherwise, I changed other Pokemon to come over, in Toxic state, and fighting for so long, it would be dead long ago.

But it only extends the countdown to life. The Arbor monster is now like a cat playing with a mouse, and it is estimated that the battle will be over soon.

Therefore, facing a dying person, Jiang Sheng did not hide and tuck him, and prepared to let him be a ghost.

After searching Li Wentao and confirming that there is no electronic device like a voice recorder, Jiang Sheng said:

“Give me 10% and Wang Lin 5%, Later, if I take out Old Master Li’s method of ripening Berry, she will give me more shares.

Don’t worry, the’Berry King’ will exist and will still be dominated by Li Family. I just want to get some growth supplies from the’Berry King’.”

Li Wentao bowed his head in silence, paused for a while before requesting:

“I can save Li Ronghua’s life. Even if he is disabled, he can only lie on the bed forever.”

Jiang Sheng took a dagger in his hand and shook his head and said:

“I’m afraid No, I don’t like to leave the tail of my hand when doing things.”

Rejected, Li Wentao stopped talking and stepped into the beach with his face, like an ostrich.

Jiang Sheng didn’t have any unbearable expressions on his face. He lifted his dagger upwards, drawing a long scar on Li Wentao’s neck, and immediately blood was flowing from the wound.

Wait a moment, when the blood stains the Beach, Gengar releases his restraint on Li Wentao.

Li Wentao sobbed twice, his body twitched a few times, and his eyes glared to death.

“A formidable person, but unfortunately dragged down by his son, it is a price to be born instead of raising.”

After a sigh, Jiang Sheng got up and looked towards the battlefield not far away .

Seeing Li Wentao’s death, Chu Zheng, with a cold expression, was finally moved.

See Jiang Sheng, his body trembling slightly, finally clenched the teeth made up his mind. He reached his waist and threw all the Poké Balls.

bang! bang! bang!

Three muffled sounds in succession, red light flashed, and three strong Pokemon appeared on the beach.

Poliwrath, Level 46, Characteristic Trait [Youyou can travel freely]!

Primeape, Level 44, Characteristic Trait [Anger Point]!

Breloom, Level 43, Characteristic Trait [Technician]!

In addition to the previously released Level 55 Strength/Machamp and 3Level 8 Blastoise, Chu Zheng brought a total of five Pokemon.

The bodyguards of East Asia Alliance like to use Fighting Type Pokemon. When Chu Zheng was in the youth training camp, he mainly cultivated Fighting Type Pokemon.

Because of this Innate condition, he later transformed into a bodyguard.

Except for Strength/Machamp, the remaining four Pokemon Levels are not high.

Resources are limited, and all are provided to Strength/Machamp. Naturally, other Pokemon’s promotion limits will not be too high.

“You stop his Pokemon and cover me to leave, Poliwrath, let’s go!”

Primeape and Bloom obeyed the order, clenched their fists towards Jiang Sheng and Gengar, and rushed towards Blastoise. Beedrill spit out a torrent.

Even if they know they will be considered abandoned, they are all trying their best to stop the enemy for their Trainer.

Poliwrath’s Characteristic Trait is [Youyou Ziru], this Characteristic Trait is not only triggered in the rain World Society, even in rivers, lakes, and seas, it can also give Poliwrath a ghost-like movement speed.

The meaning of Chu Zheng is obvious, he wants Poliwrath to take it to the yacht, and Assist the yacht to escape from Departing Dragon Island.

As long as you go back to the land and drill into the law enforcement agency, “Giovanni” has nothing to do with him no matter how powerful it is.

“With these few pro-level Pokemons, can you go?”

Jiang Sheng took out the keystone from his pocket and held it in his palm.

“Beedrill, mega evolution!”

The evolution stone and the key stone echo each other, and the dazzling white light lights up.

When the rays of light dissipated, colorful spiral stripes appeared in the sky, and Mega Beedrill, armed with a sharp lance, appeared on Dragon Island!

A shot came out, and the torrent of Blastoise Spit Up was lightly Slashed.

Blastoise was almost crying when facing the Mega’s Beedrill, who was far superior to his own strength. He turned his head and glanced at the Trainer who turned around and could only face it tenaciously.

It roared, covered with turbulent water, and rushed towards Mega Beedrill in a fierce and unafraid of death imposing manner.

Liquidation, a remarkable move among Water Type moves!

On this half of Jiang Sheng, the fat Gengar smiled wildly at the corner of his mouth, straddling a step, blocking Jiang Sheng’s face.

Fighting Type?

Our Ghost Type likes targeting you the most!

With arms spread out, there is Ghost energy concentration on both hands, and two deep purple Shadow Balls with a diameter of about half a meter are formed in the palms.

Jiang Sheng behind Gengar was stunned for a while, staring at its back in shock.


Is that you? Dark heads!

But how did you come out of the meat costume?

Faced with Bloom and Primeape, who came from clenched fists, the fat Gengar threw away the two Shadow Balls directly, smashing them out.

The level difference is too big, and Gengar also uses the best Ghost Type moves, and the two are unable to resist.

On the other hand, Mega Beedrill played Blastoise more easily.

A pair of sharp lances Rapid Spin, with a yellow halo lingering on it, specifically moved towards Blastoise’s neck, limbs, and other exposed joints.

Just a few back and forth, Blastoise, known for his defense, fell under Mega Beedrill’s gun.

The worm’s wings flicked and Mega Beedrill caught up with Poliwrath and Chu Zheng who had fled to the beach.

It didn’t attack Trainer. Drill Run came out, pierced between Poliwrath and Chu Zheng, and forced the two to separate. Only Poliwrath was stopped. Try it.

Chu Zheng clenched the teeth, so he had to drop Poliwrath, jump into the sea by himself, and swim towards the speedboat in the distance.

Strength/Machamp is bruised, and the blood vessels on his body are swollen to the extreme, like normal angry dragons hidden under the skin.

It glared its eyes, extremely unwilling, but it was already powerless.

From the moment Toxic is injected into the body, the end is doomed.

But seeing that my Trainer has swam into the sea, Strength/Machamp sighed slightly in relief, pupil light dim, and fighting intent no longer!

I can only help you here.

The thought flashed by, Strength/Machamp fell to the ground on his back, vomiting black blood in his mouth, soaking the Beach.

If there is a dispute, there will be deaths and injuries. Jiang Sheng doesn’t have any pity, he said indifferently:

“Aboriginal, trouble you, go and bring the people back in the sea.”

Abo moved when the strange sound heard the sound, twisting his body like a sharp arrow off the string, plunged into the sea, and chased Chu Zheng.

Strength/Machamp The four-arm Struggle tried to prop up himself, but after two attempts, the range of movements became smaller and smaller, and finally he lay on his back on the ground without any movement.

The high-speed and high-attack “Dark Master” Gengar is fighting two low-level “warriors”, just like beating a baby.

It hovered in the air, the Shadow Ball kept throwing it out, and the Ghost energy tilted down. Primeape and Breloom soon could not bear the energy erosion and fainted.

Mega Beedrill is still competing with Poliwrath, but it is more of Laser Focus’s own battle awareness than eager to win.

Based on the sea, Poliwrath, who has activated the Characteristic Trait, can barely keep up with the speed of Mega Beedrill.

It quickly fought against the Beedrill with a lance. Fighting skills are frequent, and it can always block Mega Beedrill’s attacks by surprise.

I have a deeper understanding of the knack of unloading power, even if the Mega Beedrill’s power is far beyond it, it will not lose the wind in a short time.

Beedrill seeing others do what one loves to do, one is inspired to try it again, in order for Poliwrath to be able to withstand its own outbreak, it deliberately suppresses its strength and only uses power equivalent to Poliwrath.

I picked up the sword technique that was previously abandoned for the ten sessions of single force subduing, and recalled the power course that Jiang Sheng bought for it, drawing a tiger using a cat as a model Simulate it and compete with Poliwrath.

Jiang Sheng who is watching the battle can’t stay nodded, secretly sighed is worthy of the seedlings from the youth academy.

Not to mention its strength rating and move development for the time being. These two items are completely unobtrusive, but it is directly full of strength emission skills, which deserves Beedrill’s careful study.

The Aberdeen who swims into the sea has already caught Chu Zheng, but Jiang Sheng stopped him with his eyes when he was about to swim back to the beach.

It had to stay in the sea and quietly observe the powerful and beautiful match in the shallow sea.

Poor Poliwrath still naively thought that he was delaying Trainer, and concentrated attention completely taking over every ferocious attack by Mega Beedrill.

Four or five minutes later, Poliwrath finally realized that the situation was not right. He tilted his head and saw the Snakehead in the distant sea.

After knowing that his Trainer had been captured, Poliwrath went crazy. He spared no effort in every attack, and there was no more skill in the offensive. It was purely a madman style of injury for injury.

Mega Beedrill was very helpless. After a glance at the peeping Abel, he had to explode with all his strength and keep up with Poliwrath’s fighting rhythm.

Finally, at the right time, Poliwrath was stunned, and the Arbor was dragged back to the shore.

Poor Chu Zheng had drowned during the period of Aber blame Dive, Jiang Sheng had nothing to ask him, and didn’t care about his life or death.

After removing the Poké Ball from Chu Zheng’s waist, he and Li Wentao’s body were thrown together.

It can be seen from the conversation between the two people when they landed on the island that he also knew that Li Wentao used blood to feed the ancient arbor monsters, but in the end he chose to protect Li Wentao. He is not a good person, just pitiful. These loyal Pokemon under him.

Holding Chu Zheng’s Poké Ball, Jiang Sheng put the fainted Primeape, Bloom, and Poliwrath into the Poké Ball and locked it.

Go back and send it to Wang Lin, hoping that they can live happily with Wang Lin in the future. I have to get some money from the cheap Senior Brother and call them anonymously to their families.

Although it is a redundant behavior, it only increases the risk, but it can’t make the family that lack the backbone of the family destroyed.

These two people are not good people. The behavior of protecting Li Wentao and knowing the existence of different space, Jiang Sheng can’t think of a reason to let them go.

But misfortune does not happen to the family, everything will cease after death.

When I walked to Strength/Machamp, I found that Strength/Machamp still had a breath. Jiang Sheng fed it some Antidote before receiving it in Poké Ball. Whether it can survive or not depends on God’s will.

Take another photo of the bodies of the two of them, and sent them to Li Rongyu from the trumpet, and then asked Kadabra to throw the bodies of the two into the sea, destroying the corpse and evidence.

For a moment, the phone rang and it was Li Rongyu.

After the call was connected, the other person spoke urgently and asked in a deep voice:

“Didn’t you say to keep him alive? How did you kill him? How can I take over the business?”

Jiang Sheng’s attitude is very tough, and he replied:

“Li Wentao must die. This is not what I meant by myself. My Senior Brother and Wang Lin also know that this is the two of us together. Decision made!”

“But…oh, well, I’ll go talk to him.”

Maybe he realized that his attitude was wrong, Li Rongyu’s tone was relieved and asked again Said:

“Have you all solved it? Have you found the secret of Old Master’s ripening of Berry?”

“Both priests and your father are dead, and their bodies are sinking into the ocean. It won’t be long before there’s not even scum left, no one can find it.

The secret to increasing Berry Tree’s production and income has also been found, relying on an extremely precious Grass Type resource. I’m in control. When you exchange shares, I will provide you with it.

It’s still our younger brother Li Ronghua, but he seems to be in Trainer High School now.

I don’t want to provoke Trainer High School, so I can’t find a chance to start for the time being.

If you can’t wait, for fear of unexpected changes, find a reason to help me ask Li Ronghua out, I Do it now.

If you can’t do anything, then I’ll have to wait for a while and get a good time before doing it.”

The other side of the phone fell silent, Jiang Sheng gave the choice. Hand it over to Li Rong’s jade hand.

Li Rongyu cannot afford to wait, nor can he wait.

Now that Li Wentao is dead, she must speed up the plan. Li Ronghua is the last stumbling block for her to take over “Berry King” and must be removed immediately.

In such a situation, just like the ancient prince seizing the concubine, when I reached this step, there was no bloodline affection at all, and I stepped back into the land of eternal damnation!

“I will find a way, I will send you the time address if it succeeds.”

“Well, wait for your message.”


According to Wei Hongyan, there are only two “keys” in the different space, and they are both in their hands now.

But not always.

However, the clue has been broken, and what we can do now is to eliminate the last possible insider-Li Ronghua.

To calculate the old and new accounts together, Jiang Sheng looks forward to Li Ronghua’s expression when he sees him.

The things on Dragon Island are temporarily over. Jiang Sheng sat on Fat Gengar’s back and returned to the mainland. Just halfway through the journey, Li Rongyu sent a message.

“At eleven o’clock tonight, Li Ronghua will arrive at the paradise club in the city, and he can be intercepted on the road ahead of time!”

Under the night, Jiang Sheng glanced at the handwriting on the screen Later, he slapped his lips.

“Went to the club at such a young age? Li Family has something to do.”

He patted the fat Gengar under him: “Gengar, go full speed towards the mainland, we have to work overtime tonight That’s it!”

Under the moonlight, the dock.

Looking at the luxury car parked not far away, Jiang Sheng knew that his time was just right, just blocking Li Ronghua who had just left school.

Now, Li Ronghua should be sitting on Lapras’ back, approaching the dock.

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