Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 329

After a while, Lapras’ silhouette appeared on the sea, with a young man on the hard carapace on his back, but the distance was too far, and his face was not real.

A shadow came ashore from the Sea Territory, wandered close to the land, and came behind Jiang Sheng.

“Is it him?”

Fat Gengar appeared, nodded.

“Have you done your hands and feet in the car?”

jié jié ……

The fat Gengar patted chest, let Jiang Sheng rest assured.

“Well, I’ll leave it to you!”

Jiang Sheng released Kadabra, no longer said anything, and turned around and entered the forest.

Previously, he was full of nasty fun and wanted to see Li Ronghua’s reaction when he saw him, but when he got to the dock, he was a little bit distracted and just wanted to solve the matter earlier.

The strength of the two sides is not equal, and defeating the other can no longer bring him pleasure.

Just let the fat Gengar and Kadabra deal with it, and he no longer intervenes.

Fat Gengar and Kadabra looked at each other, floated in the air, and followed the luxury car that had just driven Li Ronghua off the shore.

When the car was halfway down the road, Fat Gengar suddenly appeared in front of the car window with a gloomy face, which scared the driver.

The driver’s eyes were round and his face was horrified. His body was about to react subconsciously, but he found that the steering wheel in his hands was completely out of control, and the accelerator under his feet was pressed to the end.

He shouted: “Young Master, be careful!”

At this time, the reminder was too late. The car crashed into the guardrail and rushed into the green belt. The front of the car was imposing very fiercely. The manner hits a landscape tree, and the front of the car is sunken into the tree.

The airbag popped out to protect the driver, but the violent Tackle still made him stunned into a coma.

The moment the car lost control, Li Ronghua was still sitting in the back row playing with his mobile phone. He was too late to react. His body was thrown off by inertia, his head hit the glass heavily, and he passed out in a coma.

White light flashed, Kadabra abruptly appeared in the deformed carriage. After a short trial, it was found that the driver and Li Ronghua were very fatal and still breathing.

It first completely locked the Poké Ball around Li Ronghua’s waist, so that the Pokemon inside could not come out to help.

After that, Kadabra put one hand on the driver’s shoulder, and the other hand grabbed the dash cam, then launched Teleport again to bring them out of the car.

The driver was thrown into the grass far away.

This is a poor hitman. There is no need to let him be buried with Li Ronghua. This is Jiang Sheng’s original words, and Kadabra meticulously executes it.

The driving recorder recorded everything just now and threw it directly to Fat Gengar.

Fat Gengar stuffed the driving recorder into the space under his abdomen, and added a Blaze to the seriously damaged and slowly burning car, making the fire more vigorous.

The flames raged up and wrapped the entire car inside. After a while, an explosion occurred, blowing the car into the air at an altitude of five or six meters.

Unless Li Ronghua also Teleport, otherwise there is absolutely no possibility of survival.

Gengar and Kadabra observed the scene for more than ten minutes to ensure that Li Ronghua had been burned in the car until they found a vehicle coming from a distance before turning and leaving.

Jiang Sheng has been waiting near the pier. After Kadabra and Gengar rushed back, the corners of his mouth cocked and his heart settled.

Li Wentao’s wife passed away a few years ago, and now Li Ronghua is also dead. In Li Wentao’s eyes, those illegal children are tools, and they are not to worry about.

Now, It shouldn’t be someone knows the details of the different space again.

He doesn’t believe that Li Wentao will say that he has a different space when he meets people, and he will hand out the keys casually.

Sent a message to Li Rongyu, telling the other party that he has completed the agreed tasks.

The other party may have been waiting for Jiang Sheng’s response. After the message was sent, Li Rongyu responded almost instantly.

She said that when the company stabilizes, she will quickly draft a contract and sign a share transfer contract with Jiang Sheng and Wang Lin to discuss the secrets of increasing production and income, so Jiang Sheng must remain patient.

Jiang Sheng is certainly not in a hurry, nor is he afraid of any discrepancies.

Wang Lin had already left a hand long ago, focusing on monitoring Li Wentao’s illegal children. Once Li Rongyu had to play tricks, they wouldn’t mind changing partners.

After all, they have big fists, and the initiative is on their side.

Jiang Sheng wanted to go directly back to the villain group, but after a glance at the time, he sent a message to Wang Lin. After getting the reply, he changed his way to the location of the investigation team.

Wang Lin said that he was going to be busy lately, and he hadn’t had a good meal, so he asked Jiang Sheng to meet in the cafeteria of their investigation team.

When Jiang Sheng arrived at the small cafeteria, Wang Lin had already prepared everything, and the soup in the mandarin duck pot had begun to boil.

Seeing Jiang Sheng’s arrival, Wang Lin directly put the meat into the pot.

“Come on, Celebrate, you return triumphantly. Seeing this look is very rewarding on Dragon Island.”

Jiang Sheng is not polite, sits directly opposite Wang Lin and picks up the table Fragrance took a sip of the juice from the pot, and then took a big mouthful of the hot pot Fragrance, with a satisfied expression on his face.

He spent two days and two nights in the open air meal, and now he is stomach rumbling with hunger, eager to eat a warm meal, this time the hot pot is simply dozing off and giving pillows.

“It’s okay, there is a special arbor monster of the professional level joined under his command, and he has mastered the ownership of a large alien space. There is no benefit in a short time, but in the long run, there will be something Human rewards.”

Jiang Sheng chewed on the slices of meat in his mouth, and spoke vaguely about his own harvest.

Heard that Jiang Sheng had directly subdued a professional Pokemon, Wang Lin frowned slightly, and said with some worry: “Is it reliable? Is there any potential for further development?


If you want the’Giovanni’ team to take shape quickly, you can ask me for help. I can find you some mediocre and docile professional-grade Pokemon, just perfect for transition.

No need To conquer Wild Pokémon, who doesn’t know the basics.”

The first two questions are that all Trainers will carefully consider when choosing a partner.

No one wants to be stabbed in the back by his trusted partner at a critical moment.

Just like on Dragon Island, even if Chu Zheng meant it was obvious, they were willing to die for Chu Zheng even if they wanted to sacrifice Pokemon.

After hearing the second half sentence, Jiang Sheng corner of mouth twitching.

Well, he still underestimates the strength of the world-class Gym.

This big dog can even come up with a professional Pokemon with a meek personality that can be driven at will.

Jiang Sheng waved his hand to let Wang Lin not worry. He picked up the Icirrus beef on the side and placed a few slices in each pot before saying:

“Don’t worry. , You see these Pokemon in my hand, besides the yellow-skinned mouse, which Aptitude is mediocre?

I have a good set of Pokemon Aptitude. If you need it in the future, you can ask me for help.”

Wang Lin was shocked, and suddenly realized.

He then remembered that Jiang Sheng picked out a Scorbunny of Shiny and Implicit Characteristic when he picked Pokemon eggs from the eight generations of Yusanjia in his house.

It turned out that it wasn’t because of good luck at that time, but there was another secret.

Is this the Psychic person?

Sour! It’s sour!

Suddenly, Wang Lin rolled his eyes, touched his chin, and thought.

“You have to say so, take you with you next time’National Hunt’.”

Jiang Sheng stared.

I just said casually, should I take it seriously?

However, it seems quite interesting.

“Go to another Alliance?”

“Otherwise, how can it be called’National Hunting’, it is very interesting, and it can also compete with the foreign Alliance powerhouse.”

“You are going to those countries with a lot of tombs. Please take me.”

“No problem.”

While eating, Jiang Sheng handed over all the Poké Balls he had previously seized. Give it to Wang Lin, and ask Wang Lin not to just go in and out, spit out some money, and call Wei Hongyan and Chu Zheng’s house anonymously.

Wang Lin has no objection. A small amount of money is nothing to him. Instead, these Pokemon are used for breeding, which brings him more benefits.

If it weren’t for Jiang Sheng, he couldn’t find a reliable manpower to hold these professional fierce guys, and there was no supporting breeding team.

Otherwise, he can dispose of these Pokemon himself and let them breed outstanding next generations and become a reliable source of troops for the villain group.

But after Uncle Yan established the villain group, he didn’t set up a similar functional department just like there was no information collection department.

Because the villain group faces heretic mainly, their Pokemon are all evil, there is no prisoner to say, only cut weeds and eliminate the roots.

This is just a small episode, these Pokemon can’t be used for their own use, Jiang Sheng doesn’t care.

He suddenly remembered an important thing and wanted to find Wang Lin to make his decision.

“Senior Brother, there are many islands for sale along the coast of the province. Can you help me lease Longdao, it is best to sign an agreement for seven to eighty years.”

All the land of the East Asia Alliance is owned by the Alliance, which was determined when the first Alliance was established.

The so-called sale of islands is only the sale of contracting rights, not ownership. Therefore, Jiang Sheng wants to fully control Longdao is unreliable and can only lease the right to use it.

But this is enough, he just wants a legitimate reason to guard Dragon Island.

Wang Lin’s eyes looked like he was looking at the mentally retarded, and he said angrily:

“Junior Brother, are you dreaming? Longdao is a famous island in the province. Although there is no development potential, it is not within the scope of leasing.”

Jiang Sheng doesn’t care: “The rules are all set by people. There must be opportunities to drill. Senior Brother, just say if there is any Let’s do it.”

Wang Lin squeezed his chin, frowned and fell into thinking, looking for the memory in his mind, to help Jiang Sheng find a solution to the problem.

For a long while, he tapped the edge of the hot pot with his chopsticks, and said hesitantly:

“There are indeed ways, but it is not suitable for you…Huh? You want to use Giovanni To obtain the right to use the island with his identity?”

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