Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 330

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up, as if thinking of something, he muttered to himself:

“Beedrill, Nidorino, Gengar, and Abel, you actually have four Poison Type Pokemon Pokemon, You go to be the Poison Type Gym Leader!”

Jiang Sheng:? ? ?

Ignoring Jiang Sheng’s question mark, Wang Lin continued:

“After obtaining the Gym Leader qualification, you can choose to build Gym anywhere in the Alliance. You can divide Longdao under your own jurisdiction.”

Jiang Sheng rubbed his face, a little speechless.

If I have Gym-level strength and it is enough to occupy Dragon Island, no one has to sell me face?

“You are not talking about a world-level Gym Leader, right?”

The only eighteen trainers of each Attribute Peak Gym-level in the world, Jiang Sheng thinks that his future achievements are not Weaker than them.

But it takes a long time for him to develop. It doesn’t take a slap on his head. He can fight if he can.

At least he doesn’t have a Gym Pokemon in his hands now.

“Of course not. If you get the position of a world-class Gym Leader, no matter which Alliance, as long as you agree to establish a Gym in the territory of the Alliance, you can get a territory that belongs to you.

Dragon Island belongs to the East Asian Alliance. If you want to obtain the right to belong to the East Asian Alliance, it is enough to have the position of East Asian Alliance Level 2 Gym Leader.”

Jiang Sheng said with a bitter smile:

“Are you a little misunderstood about my strength?

According to your method, it will take at least several years for me to have Gym-level strength, but I think I will include Longdao recently. Under my own control.

Senior Brother, do you have any other way?”

Wang Lin was shrugged and put on a helpless posture.

“Really not. Alliance is very strict in land control. Dragon Island is too big and is not for sale.

In addition, Dragon Island is already a nature reserve and is not allowed. Destructive commercial development.

You can only hold Dragon Island in your hands by establishing Gym.”

Jiang Sheng shook the head, it’s too long. Too much trouble.

“Forget it, let’s talk about it, it depends on the situation later.”

Now I can only secretly guard Dragon Island like Li Family and block news about Dragon Island.

Especially, it cannot be known by official institutions such as the ancient administration and forest rangers, otherwise the different space will change hands.

The same sentence, Alliance does not have a “whoever finds it” rule, living in Alliance must follow the rules.

Jiang Sheng didn’t want to say it anymore, but Wang Lin didn’t stop talking, and continued to arch Fire Dao:

“Don’t say it depends on the situation in the future, you want to have Dragon Island in a decent way. , There is only one way to become a Gym Leader. If you really make up your mind, then you have to prepare now.”

“Also, let me remind you that because of your identity problem (villain group), above Will always pay attention to your team composition.

When you are strong enough, even if you don’t want to become a Gym Leader, Alliance will come to your door.

It’s not forcing you to be elected Alliance.

Gym Leader of Level 2 Gym.

It prepares you to compete for the position of World Class Gym Leader. The latter is mandatory, even if you go to the water, you will be forced to go.”

“Rather than being driven off the shelves by a duck, it is better to fight for your rights yourself.

The fake identity I gave you has high authority. Only some bigwigs can call up your real files. Others People can only think of Giovanni as Giovanni!

The big guys are far-sighted. They prefer your existence as a double-faced person. You should make good use of this identity.”

Jiang Sheng’s eyes lit up. It was the first time he heard Wang Lin talk about the identity of “Giovanni”.

Didn’t expect that when he created this false identity, Wang Lin really took the blood and made this identity stand the test.

Giovanni =Gym Leader?

This looks a bit messy.

Unfortunately, even in the end, according to the composition of your team, it should be the Poison Type Gym Leader. If it is the Ground Type Gym, it will be interesting.

Jiang Sheng came to be interested, and asked:

“Senior Brother, tell me in detail, why do you want to prepare now? Do you train and prepare strictly all day?”

When Wang Lin saw Jiang Sheng’s interest, his smile became stronger.

The same qi, connected branch of their senior and junior brothers, the more power Jiang Sheng has, the more help he gets.

He definitely hopes Jiang Sheng will become the Gym Leader in this world.

Even if Jiang Sheng had the opportunity to be captured to compete for the position of the world-class Gym Leader, he could wake up from his sleep.

“The preparation I said does not mean strict training. You listen to me explain the challenge rules in detail.

Even if all members of the Pokemon team of’Giovanni’ are Gym-level, and there are four With the same Attribute, he cannot challenge the position of Gym Leader.

He lacks a qualification!”

Jiang Sheng’s eyes flashed with doubt.

Besides strength, is there anything else that can prove qualifications?

“Qualification? I still need a qualification to challenge the Gym level? When I joined the Psychic Academy, why didn’t I hear Li Yuan talk to me?”

“I really need a qualification.

But outstanding graduates of training high schools are naturally qualified to challenge, as long as they have enough strength, they can participate in the Gym Leader Challenge.

Others cannot, they need to prove their potential, willfulness, and character !”

Jiang Sheng narrowed his eyes, he remembered the basic information Wang Lin had fabricated for the identity of “Giovanni”.

“Giovanni”, born in poverty, started with Pokemon Furrret, did not enter Trainer High School, and completed higher education in a normal school.

In a sense, “Giovanni” is not a direct line of Alliance.

His tuba, Jiang Sheng, is the direct talent of Alliance, and the future Psychic Type prepares candidates for Gym Leader and Gym Leader.

Thinking of this, Jiang Sheng raised his brow and said to himself:

“I seem to know how to obtain this so-called’qualification’.”

Wang Lin has a smile on his face.

“Let’s talk together and see if we are talking about one?”

Jiang Sheng: “Professional League!”

Wang Lin: “It’s a professional league !”

Jiang Sheng put out a long breath, he knew the specific steps of “Giovanni” competing for the position of Level 2 Gym Leader.

He is going to play in the Pokemon Professional League, and only after he has achieved certain results in the professional league can he qualify for the Gym Leader Challenge.

After retiring, you can challenge to participate in the Gym Leader Challenge when your six Pokemon have all breakthrough Gym levels.

As long as you defeat the corresponding Gym Leader at the end, you can become the new Gym Leader.

To be honest, it’s a bit troublesome!

But as long as you succeed, you will not only be noticed and valued by the Alliance’s senior management, endorsing the identity of “Giovanni”, you can also hold Dragon Island in your own hands, and you can safely guard the immobile space.

However, it is too early to consider these. According to Wang Lin, what I can do is to prepare in advance.

After all, even if Wang Lin helps him omit the troublesome steps such as the youth training camp, he does not have six professional-level Pokemon in his team, and it is impossible to go to the professional league immediately.

Furthermore, Fat Gengar does not have Poké Ball. For the fairness of the game, such irregular players are not allowed to participate in professional leagues.

So Jiang Sheng needs to find a substitute for Fat Gengar.

After waiting for the professional league, there is no such restriction when participating in the Gym Challenge. Fat Gengar can play freely.

“I’ll talk about it later, I will prepare for the battle carefully, and wait for all the Pokemon under my professional level, and we will plan in detail.”

Wang Lin is nodded and didn’t say anything.

The purchase of the island is only one of them. Jiang Sheng has other things to do with Wang Lin.

He immediately asked:

“Senior Brother, did you finish processing the photo I gave you last time?”

Wang Lin immediately He informed the assistant who was waiting at the door and told him to bring the things Jiang Sheng wanted.

After a while, the assistant who came back from the office handed two photos and a stack of information to Jiang Sheng.

Jiang Sheng looked through it and found that one photo is the original and the other is the restored photo.

He briefly glanced at the restored photo, shook the head.

On it is a brief Terrain Map. If the location is not known in advance, it is difficult for Jiang Sheng to think of the place marked on the map.

He estimated that Zong Yunze’s entire group should rely on the letters behind the original map to verify the historical data through a few clues provided by him, and only then did the blind cat encounter the dead mouse Normal and locate the specific location of the tomb.

He turned over the extra data and found that they were all ancient maps and modern maps.

The area depicted on the map is at the junction of the two provinces, where he learned of the tomb location from Zong Yunze.

Wang Lin explained to the side:

“Knowing that you are going to the tomb, I compared the big data, Lock On the target location, it should save you a lot of things “

“Thank you Senior Brother, it really reduced my workload.”

Wang Lin waved his hand indifferently and reminded:

“I give you a suggestion. If you want to go to this tomb, it is best to go there after it snows in winter.”

Jiang Sheng moved in his heart and asked: “Is there anything Senior Brother found ?”

“I found it hard to talk about it. It is the Wild Nature Reserve. In order to maintain the ecological balance, the forest rangers often feed food, which makes the Pokemon in the mountains super powerful.

Near the target location is a group of Pinsir territories, their average strength rating is above 30, professional level is not rare, and Gym-level Pinsir haunt.

If winter passes, Pinsirs are sleeping underground. , It will cause you a lot less trouble.”

Jiang Sheng nodded, pass the information and two photos to his shadow, and let Gengar inside take care of it.

“Junior Brother, the last time you got the news from Sun Youdaokou is eye-catching.”

Jiang Sheng’s eyes lit up, which is related to the evolution of Houndour.

“Have you found out which two heretic organizations are ready to trade on the black market?”

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