Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 331

“Ha, if there were two big heretic organizations, I would have asked my father to come over and take over Bincheng City.

The large heretic organization has a complete organizational structure, and its sphere of influence spans across the Alliance. Being strong is far from what we can match now.”

Jiang Sheng brows frowned, was he cheated by Sun Youdao?

Wang Lin continued:

“However, after careful investigation, I did find some clues.

I only found traces of a large heretic organization. They do have plans to send someone closer to Bincheng.

As for whether they are here to do the transaction?

Who do the transaction with?

I don’t know.

But I don’t plan to bring the investigation team against them. If the other party does land, as long as you don’t do excessive things, you will be ready to turn a blind eye.

Yourself It depends on the situation, but I advise you not to provoke them.”

At the warning from Wang Lin, Jiang Sheng solemnly nodded, but he was not timid.

If the legendary medicine pill does exist, his only purpose is to get it, nothing more, no one can stop it!

Houndour is his initial Pokemon, it is eager to evolve in the most perfect posture, he gave Houndour this opportunity!

After making a decision in his heart, Jiang Sheng naturally wanted to know more about what kind of power it was that made Wang Lin so wary.

“Landing? From the sea? Is it an Alliance powerhouse?”

Wang Lin shook the head and denied Jiang Sheng’s guess, explaining:

“It’s not from the outside Alliance. The backbone of the large heretic organizations are basically wanted criminals. They either hide in the sea or squat in the mountains and forests. It is actually very troublesome for them to enter the city.”

” This time, the heretic organization of our Lock On is the [Siyuan Sea] organization. Its headquarters is in the Pacific Ocean. It may be on an unnamed island or in the depths of the Sea Territory. No one knows it.

Their activity areas are all over the big and small Alliances around the Pacific Ocean, and most of the members are Asian.”

Jiang Sheng raised his brows and looked quite surprised.

The sea of ​​origin?

Isn’t this the Characteristic Trait of that flying silly fish?

After this guy’s eyes opened, he only knew that it was raining, flooding, expanding Zhang Dahai, and the big man who turned the ground veins, spewed lava, and expanded the land, and Catterpie, who was monitoring Ground and capturing Meteorite in the air. Collectively referred to as the “three fools”.

“They believe in the ultra-ancient Pokemon Kyogre? The purpose of the organization is to awaken Kyogre?”

“Well, their members are all BT guys who are obsessed with the ocean, Mingming Ocean Already occupying more than 70% of the planet’s area, one by one still wants to expand the ocean a bit larger.”

Wang Lin feels a headache for these peculiar heretic brain circuits, but he has nothing to do with them. Continuing angrily:

“The one I found this time was a leader of [Siyuan Sea]. My Uncle has gone to the sea to hunt him down. It should affect his journey.”

Wang Lin said casually, it’s like doing good deeds without fame and fortune, but Jiang Sheng’s eyebrows twitched.

If the other party did come to deal, wouldn’t Wang Lin drive his “guest” away.

At that time, the two-party transaction fails, and the legendary medicine pill, who is about to smell it, is just like this?

Jiang Sheng’s heart seems to have been running with 10,000 Arceus.

But at any rate, there is news. Regardless of whether the two heretic organizations in Sun Youdaokou have [Siyuan Zhihai], you will not suffer from getting more information about them.

Bencheng is a coastal city, and it is also within the scope of activities organized by [Siyuanzhihai], and there will be intersections in the future.

Jiang Sheng asked in succession:

“What level of strength is the so-called leader? What is the overall strength of the large heretic organization? [Faceless Association] Can mention on them equal terms?”

When Jiang Sheng mentioned [Faceless Association], Wang Lin sneered, with a mocking look on his face.

“Don’t mention [Faceless Association]. They don’t have a mature leadership structure. The members below only use Ditto, not even Trainer.

One city, one province, and the region are making a lot of noise.

They are a large heretic organization, mainly for the face of Elite Ditto and putting gold on their faces.”

“[Siyuan Sea] is different. It is one of the large heretic organizations.

These large heretic organizations have established’industry standards’, which are in line with the leadership structure of Alliance and can achieve mutual understanding. Align horizontally.

Each organization has a unique system of talent training, rights promotion, and welfare distribution, which can ensure that the organization continues to exist and endure for a long time.”

Simply give Jiang Sheng After analyzing the definition of “large heretic organization”, Wang Lin talked about the true strength of [Siyuan Zhihai].

Under Wang Lin’s narration, Jiang Sheng’s expression is strange and jealous.

[Siyuan Sea] also calls itself the “Justice Navy”, and the organization’s leadership structure is more biased towards the military.

A total of four levels.

The lowest level is the 4th floor level, which belongs to the bottom personnel of the organization. Although there are still detailed divisions under it, it is trivial.

The specific identity is equivalent to all the members of Bencheng Sub-rudder except “Giovanni”.

The 3rd floor level is the commander Wang Lin just said.

There is a saying that the strength of the leader should be far beyond the current “Giovanni”.

Those who can be elected are all true professional trainers with six professional Pokemon in their hands.

No one knows how many leaders there are in [Siyuan Sea].

I only know that every leader is super strong. If he participates in the Pokemon Professional League, he will definitely achieve very good results.

Second Layer is a general, and the exact number is unclear.

It is equivalent to the East Asian Alliance Level 2 Gym Leader, and the rigid criterion for election is to have six Gym-level Pokemon.

The 1st floor level is a marshal, and there is only one, Helmsman of [The Sea of ​​Origin], a real Elite-level Trainer.

All Alliances stay away. As long as the other party does not put the idea of ​​destroying the world into practice, each Alliance does not want to overlap.

It is speculated that if you want to completely eliminate this marshal, it will cause two to three Elite Trainer teams to suffer heavy losses. The effort will far outweigh the gain, and the gain will outweigh the gain.

Jiang Sheng’s face is weird because the leadership is full of second-degree aura, and the fear is because of their demonstrated strength.

He almost heard his scalp numb, and suddenly felt that the legendary medicine pill was an unattainable dream for him.

This powerful organization, ask yourself, can he really provoke it?

Even if Uncle Yan is at the peak period, the counterpart is only the generals in [Sea of ​​Origin]. If you want to fight against the marshal, you are completely unqualified.

Like the marshal, every large heretic organization has a terrifying Trainer, and the large heretic organization really deserves its reputation.

At the end of the conversation, before Jiang Sheng leaves, Wang Lin once again warned Jiang Sheng, if not necessary, don’t smash with the heretic leader.

This force is not something he can provoke.

Jiang Sheng agreed, saying that he would judge the situation and would not do stupid things.

On the way, Jiang Sheng sighed helplessly.

If [Siyuan Zhihai] is really one of the two parties in the transaction, he really needs to think carefully about whether he should be driven by greed and take Snatch.

It’s already late in the night to return to the small town of Big Black Mountain, and there will be some time before the black market will close.

Waiting for the meeting, there is still a morning meeting that needs to be attended by himself. After Jiang Sheng bought a batch of ordinary Berry at the Berry booth, he went directly to the monitoring room for waiting.

Qian Yilong is guarding the monitoring room today. Seeing Jiang Sheng’s return, he immediately reported the situation of the black market last night and the game during the day.

not at all What special circumstances happen, everything is proceeding in an orderly manner.

After patting Qian Yilong’s shoulder for some encouragement, Jiang Sheng took Berry into the cubicle of the monitoring room.

Release Kadabra from Poké Ball, and let Kadabra make all these berries into a basic Pokéblock.

Then tell Fat Gengar to return the Pokéblock made to Psychic Island to see how they are doing with Houndour.

By the way, help him bring the Pokemon egg that Raichu takes care of. He hasn’t brought the Pokemon egg with Calm Mind for a long time.

But recently, I have to observe the actions of the heretic organization to obtain the legendary Dark Type medicine pill mentioned by Sun Youdao. He can’t spare time to return to campus temporarily.

You can only bring Pokemon eggs, and Calm Mind with them, speed up the incubation process.

Kadabra is conscientiously making Pokéblock. Fat Gengar sits on the ground and looks bored, passing the washed and chopped ingredients from time to time.

Jiang Sheng is studying the pile of ancient map data given by Wang Lin.

On the way, he called Zong Yunze and asked if they entered the tomb in winter?

Zong Yunze replied in the deep winter.

At that time, it happened after a heavy snowfall, which made their positioning work very difficult, which he remembered deeply.

Jiang Sheng asked again whether it was the time to enter the mountain that was determined through careful consideration before, or was it a mistake to enter the mountain in winter?

Zong Yunze was not stupid either, he realized that he was wrong only after combining with the situation at that time.

After they checked the information and determined the location of the tomb, they went straight into the mountain and went straight to the target location without thinking too much, without considering anything else.

Looking back now, I know how lucky I was then.

What’s even more funny is that they once dug up a Pinsir which is very good for Aptitude and subdued it by the weather.

In the end, only he escaped, sold Pinsir in the city, and got a large sum of money for the brothers’ pension.

At the time, they didn’t consider whether there were massive Pinsir under their feet, they just stepped on a bomb.

After hanging up, Jiang Sheng wore a helpless smile at the corner of his mouth.

Maybe Zong Yunze and the others used their luck in finding the tomb, so they were so bad luck when they entered the tomb. They suffered a bloody disaster, and in the end only Zong Yunze survived.

The burial site is an insect forest, but not only the Pinsir clan.

There are many fierce insect races nearby, such as the Beedrill clan, the Scyther clan, and the Combe clan led by Vespiquen…

If you enter the forest in the middle of summer, you can have fun It’s big, maybe it will be blocked by hordes of professional Pokemon.

Affected by this factor, even if the location of the tomb has been determined, it is necessary to wait for a suitable time to pass.

It is still autumn recently, and it is not suitable for tombs in the mountains and forests.

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