Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 332

The morning meeting started, and I learned that my boss has solved Li Family, and Berry’s supply will return to normal soon.

The Small Captain and the reserve team were very excited and more convinced of Jiang Sheng.

Followed by the daily morning meeting summary.

According to various reports, Jiang Sheng learned that the black market and Stadium are all operating in an orderly manner, and now they have passed the right handover period smoothly.

If no one deliberately makes trouble in the future, there will be no more troubles.

So he made a decision at the meeting.

In the future, Li Lan will replace him in the morning meeting and preside over the usual management work. He is only responsible for the daily training and task execution of the members of the villain group.

Although there have been such signs for a long time, this scene still came too soon.

Everyone is not clear about the relationship between Jiang Sheng and Mo Li, and believes that doing so will bring the risk of splitting Bencheng Sub-rudder.

How can a manager just take office for a few days, and he is eager to disperse his power and make his choice clean.

It’s really a weird flower!

Although I feel a little uncomfortable, I cannot speak.

This is an offensive job.

Negating this resolution is not only not giving face to the boss, but also not giving face to the Third Young Lady. You can only accept this resolution with your head down.

During the day, in the Stadium.

The 10-19 level competition is still going on. Although Jiang Sheng is sitting on the stage watching, his mind is not in the battle, and he is thinking about other things.

But the members below don’t care about it.

Seeing the boss sitting on the podium again to watch the battle, one by one, like a chicken blood, the battle is more intense than the previous two days, and everyone is playing supernormally.

Fortunately, there are regulations in advance. In order to prevent True Fire from being played, the game is only False Swipe, otherwise the Pokemon doctors who are hired from outside may be busy.

In the afternoon, after the game was over, Jiang Sheng began to organize the harvest this time and allocate resources to the group of Pokemon under his team.

In this trip to Dragon Island, although I have seen a lot of good things, only a bucket of “poisonous tree sap” can be converted into combat power.

Four [pillars], five large Attribute gems, and five large and small different spaces, seem to be very greedy, but none of them can be used.

They all belong to the foundation of a large alien space. If one of them is removed, the large alien space is at risk of collapse.

This bucket of “poisonous sap” is not something anyone can use.

Although it is useful for Beedrill, it is just a taste.

Compared to poisonous sap, it prefers to eat special Pokéblock which has a bonus to power growth.

In this regard, Jiang Sheng came up with a way to use poisonous tree sap instead of water as a raw material to make Pokéblock.

This is a good method. Jiang Sheng used Raichu’s bone-strengthening powder to make Pokéblock in the same way. The effect is very good.

But afterwards, Jiang Sheng thought about it, the more things went wrong, fortunately he didn’t have an immediate experiment.

Although the “poison tree sap” contains the essence of grass to neutralize it, and its toxicity is greatly reduced, it still has a strong toxicity. Non-Poison Type Pokemon will suffer from consumption.

Once it is baked in a Pokéblock machine at a high temperature, the machine within the body will remain toxic.

Other Pokemon will be poisoned if they eat the Pokéblock made by this Pokéblock maker.

Since then, this machine will be dedicated to the four of them.

He will also buy another Pokéblock maker in the [Replacement] function for other Pokemon to use.

Now Jiang Sheng is short of ancient energy, not yet so extravagant.

Even the large-scale Pokéblock manufacturing machine that I wanted to prepare for Bincheng’s rudder was temporarily put on hold due to the ancient energy shortage.

The plan to make Poison Type Pokemon exclusive Pokéblock with “poisonous tree sap” was temporarily put down, and the plan can only be activated after ancient energy is credited.

The small Pokéblock maker only needs 500 ancient energy points, which is not too expensive and Jiang Sheng can afford it.

Fat Gengar does not like to drink “poisonous tree sap” directly, but has a soft spot for the pure essence of grass.

The food of the Gengar family is Life Essence Qi. Fat Gengar will like the vigorous essence of grass in Jiang Sheng’s expectation.

So Jiang Sheng divided the small amount of grass essence that he brought back into half and mixed them into the Pokéblock production process to make a batch of emerald green Pokéblock for Fat Gengar.

Fat Gengar cherishes these vibrant Pokéblocks very much, and puts them on the same level as Gym-grade genetic potions, one by one into the abdominal space.

Um… just put them one by one…

I had a flare-up, and I sat on the ground for an afternoon and expressed his love for the new Pokéblock to Jiang Sheng.

The remaining half of the essence of the grass was collected by Jiang Sheng, which is reserved for Lamb and Houndour. How to use it will be decided by them.

When Nidorino and Aber blame here, Jiang Sheng sighed in relief, finally there are two normal Pokemon.

They are not picky eaters at all, they choose to drink the “poisonous tree sap” directly to absorb the energy.

Jiang Sheng hasn’t paid attention to Nidorino’s situation for a long time. After checking its condition with his hand ring, he was surprised.

Only by improving physical fitness, its strength rating has risen to Level 47.

The ability to obtain the current strength is not only relying on the Help of Pokéblock and Macho Brace, but also relying on its own perseverance.

Under Jiang Sheng, when it comes to the usual training intensity, it and Raboot are definitely the number one deserved.

Nowadays, it is getting closer and closer to evolution.

With the valuable Poison Type resource like “Poison Sap” again, Nidorino’s growth rate will accelerate again.

In order to maintain Nidorino’s vigorous fighting spirit, Jiang Sheng clearly told Nidorino that as long as its strength rating reaches Level 49, it is enough to carry the power of the large Moon Stone.

By then, it will not only complete the final evolution, but also in a spurt of energy breakthrough to professional level!

Jiang Sheng’s newly cooked chicken soup, after Nidorino drank all of it, ruddy complexion, with excited eyes, wanted to go into training with ambition.

But Jiang Sheng suddenly stopped Nidorino.

Next, although it has a training plan, it is not to hone its strength as usual, but to train in battle, and he has already found an opponent for Nidorino.

Now that the other party is still busy, it is estimated that it will take a while to come over for training.

Finally looked towards Aboguai, whose strength is already quite strong, and Jiang Sheng can not help it much.

The first thing to face is the hidden danger in the body of the Arbor monster.

Previously, it overestimated itself and swallowed the poison sac of the ancient arbor monster, almost bursting by the massive ancient energy.

Although it consumes a lot of energy after molting, there is still a small part of poisonous energy dormant in the body.

In addition, more than six years of wild life, countless fierce and unusual battles, and many near deaths have caused the Arbor monster to accumulate a lot of internal injuries in his body.

This also needs to be handled by Jiang Sheng.

Now it’s in the prime of life, and it may not feel like a big problem.

However, these internal injuries will explode when they hit Gym, Elite, or old age in the future.

Fortunately, Lum Berry can perfectly solve these two thorny troubles.

Lum Berry is made into Pokéblock alone, which can increase the effect and facilitate absorption.

Early this morning, Jiang Sheng asked Zhu Yang to ask Li Lan to pay a sum of money and go to “Berry King” to order him a batch of Lum Berry.

That is to say, the situation is undecided now, Jiang Sheng needs to spend money to buy Berry in “Berry King”.

In the future, when Li Rongyu takes over the company, the shares that belong to him are transferred, what Berry he wants, he can directly ask the other party to transfer the goods as quickly as possible and then send them to the door.

After eating Lum Berry for a while, the Arbor monster completes the second molting, whether it is the dormant poisonous energy or the internal injury accumulated over the years, it will all dissipate.

After solving this problem, Jiang Sheng has to consider how to train the Arbor monster.

It stands to reason that a Macho Brace should be customized for Arbor.

But Jiang Sheng’s ancient energy balance now has “3274” points of ancient energy left, so buying a Macho Brace will not have much surplus.

Not only that, I originally wanted the Arbor to learn, and the Earthquake moves used to adapt to Groundium-Z have to be temporarily put on hold.

Learning Aqua Tail has to wait for Ah Da to leave.

In order to prevent sudden occurrence, the remaining 3000 points of ancient energy must not be moved.

You can only wait for the ancient energy to be accounted for before you can equip the Arbor with a set of training resources.

The training resources could not keep up, Jiang Sheng decided to take the Arbor monster to the professional level battle first.

It is not only to exercise the tacit understanding between Pokemon and Trainer, but also to increase the experience of fighting with other Pokemon.

The opponent it faces on Dragon Island is mostly Pokemon of the same race or in the sea. In human society, the previous combat experience appears narrow, and it is urgent to increase experience, familiar with many unfamiliar Pokemon battle methods .

The black market Stadium at night is the best training place for Arboguai.

Jiang Sheng has asked Zong Yunze to speak out and spread it in Trainer’s circle in Bincheng City.

Tonight, there will be a professional Pokemon on the Stadium. I hope that a group of professional trainers will come to join us and learn from each other to confirm what they have learned.

In the past, there were professional trainers who wanted to find someone to discuss, and they would also report to Stadium in advance to attract trainers of the same strength.

Jiang Sheng just didn’t say in the announcement that he was going to play, otherwise Bincheng would explode again tonight, recreating the scene when he took over on the first day.

Zong Yunze came over after handling the matter, and Jiang Sheng asked Aboguai to study the move development by himself.

Zong Yunze is the sparring partner Jiang Sheng found for Nidorino. At this stage, only his Pokemon and Nidorino are equally powerful.

Until the black market opened in the evening, Jiang Sheng fought a total of three battles with Zong Yunze.

The first stage and the last game were played against his signature Pokemon Dragon. The middle two games were against Exploud and Crawdaunt.

The strength of the electric dragon is at Level 47, which is equivalent to Nidorino.

But because it is the final evolution, the physical fitness is much stronger than Nidorino, and Nidorino has gained a lot from playing against it.

Especially Denon’s development of Thunderbolt has opened up Nidorino’s vision and learned a lot.

Although the remaining two Pokemon are all around Level 45, they are not very inspiring for Nidorino.

So Jiang Sheng directly decided that Zong Yunze’s electric dragon will be the “Prince Accompanied Reading” in the future. Please trouble him to often fight his Nidorino several times.

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