Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 333

At night, the black market opens.

Jiang Sheng sat in the rest area of ​​the Stadium, looking at the pro-level battle roster in hand tonight, could not help shook the head.

The news sent out in the morning really attracted some people.

But the quality is not high, most of the professional Pokemon they bring are just after the breakthrough.

Jiang Sheng, none of the veteran professional trainers who are eager to play against each other have come.

It should be that it is not attractive enough. Those busy breakthrough Gym-level cultivators of painstaking cultivation are too lazy to take care of themselves.

However, it is estimated that the quality of people coming to the black market when the black market opens next time will be much better after the news of their appearance in Stadium today.

The helm of the villain group Bincheng has a very heavy right to speak in Bincheng, but he is just an outsider, equivalent to airborne.

When I just took over the villain group, I asked Mo Li to cooperate with Fat Gengar to stand in the way.

Others can’t find their own tracks, and Mo Li and Fat Gengar’s partner have shown strong enough strength, they can only give up.

Now they take the initiative to appear in Stadium, these local tyrants are eager to defeat themselves on the front battlefield, fiercely lose their face.

Looking at the people on the list again, Jiang Sheng has made a decision in his mind.

The protagonist tonight is about to change!

Professional-level high-end Arbor monsters are completely hanging on the field. Absorb does not have useful combat experience in the battle, so it is better to give it to Beedrill.

He has already planned. In tonight’s match, Beedrill will not use Mega Evolution, but will only rely on the most basic strength and newly understood strength emission skills to compete, so that Laser Focus itself Fighting skills.

In order to maintain the popularity of Stadium, the professional level battle was scheduled to midnight. Now the black market has just opened and there is still not a short time before midnight.

Simply, Jiang Sheng is sitting In the rest area, watch Beedrill repeatedly practice the strength emission skill of the basic sword pose.

These basic sword styles are the most comprehensive tutorials Jiang Sheng found for Beedrill when he first entered Trainer High School. They are much more comprehensive than those previously found on the Internet.

There are a total of 13 sword style strength emission skills: pumping, belting, lifting, grid, punching, stab, point, collapse, stirring, pressing, splitting, cutting, and washing.

After learning these thirteen techniques, it’s not that Beedrill will be like the Divine Art secret Normal, advanced by leaps and bounds.

This is just a strength emission skill, not so mysterious.

Even some of these techniques are very tasteless for Beedrill.

These skills are not difficult to learn, but the important thing is to turn these thirteen skills into instincts, and you can use this strength emission skill to play drill run, Poison Jab moves without thinking.

After proficient application, the battle method will be more skillful, the force will be more rounded, and it can have a miraculous effect in some special times.

Beedrill learned that there is no special effect before. It advocates the single force subduing ten sessions after Mega Evolution, so it is thrown aside and ignored.

But in the battle with Poliwrath yesterday, Beedrill realized the importance of strength emission skill.

Obviously Poliwrath is far weaker than it, but with its unique unloading force and strength emission skill, it can actually block its offensive for a short time.

This makes it very interested in these thirteen basic sword style strength emission skills, picking it up again and practicing hard, and combining it with drill run, Poison Jab and other striking moves.

Soon, it was midnight, Jiang Sheng took Beedrill on the court.

When Jiang Sheng came on the court, many people recognized his identity and couldn’t help cheering loudly, all wanting to see the strength of the black market Helmsman.

One night, Jiang Sheng took Beedrill to face six professional Pokemons without stopping.

Among them, three opponent sent Pokemon to the satisfaction of Jiang Sheng.

These three are all material attackers. Although they are new to the professional level and their strength is not refined, but with Beedrill’s suppressing power, they played three heartily with Beedrill, allowing Beedrill to hone its strength emission skills. .

There are also two special attackers, who were defeated by Beedrill by opening the downwind field with extreme speed.

The last one is Blastoise, 5Level 4 [Rain Pan] (absorb water vapor to restore its own state) Characteristic Trait, especially good at guarding.

First, Rain Dance changes the weather and activates its own Characteristic Trait;

Then put the Aqua Ring around the body, always milking yourself;

Finally, Iron Defense blesses the turtle The shell constitutes an absolute defense;

Unreasonably difficult!

Beedrill, the strongest spear, has encountered a thick shield here!

The karma cycle is unhappy. It was still bullying the weak Blastoise yesterday. Today, it was found back by the big Blastoise.

This game lasted more than 20 minutes, and the Beedrill attack for a long time without any success caused severe physical loss.

Especially when the weather is changed, the rainy weather suppresses the use of Moonlight moves, which greatly reduces the battery life of Beedrill.

So back and forth, attack for a long time without any success, Beedrill gradually loses its spirit.

On the other hand, Blastoise, under the support of his [Rain Pan] Characteristic Trait and the Aqua Ring around his body, he is still full of energy, with little physical exertion.

Jiang Sheng is really helpless, unless Attribute restrains it, otherwise it is really difficult to hit the shield with spear.

What is even more irritating is that Beedrill Endeavor has a good set of skills, can not learn some tricks to break the shield, can only use Drill Run, Poison Jab to drill the horns.

Jiang Sheng was very helpless, so he had to take back what he had said before the war and let Beedrill perform Mega Evolution.

After the tip of the gun was polished, Mega Beedrill launched a fierce attack, fully performing Drill Run moves, and attacked the vital points of Blastoise.

After several rapid consecutive attacks, the Blastoise recovery speed gradually failed to keep up with the destruction speed of Mega Beedrill.

Finally, he fell to the ground by a Drill Run and passed out.

So far, Jiang Sheng has retired and no more battles.

After Jiang Sheng stepped back, the warm atmosphere on the scene did not cool down.

As the audience saw the long-standing Mega Evolution, the Stadium atmosphere instantly exploded, cheering excitedly for Mega Beedrill’s victory, and it lasted for a long time.

Zong Yunze also came over afterwards, hoping that Jiang Sheng would have time to play with Beedrill for a few more games.

Especially making Mega Beedrill appear more often, which will greatly increase the popularity of Stadium.

The purpose of the villain group and even the major sub-rudders is to collect money. For things that are beneficial to business, Zong Yunze, a veteran, will naturally guide a lot.

Jiang Sheng also readily agreed, saying that as long as there is a suitable opponent, he will definitely make a move, and then let the staff below pay attention to the odds setting.

Money is naturally the more the better.

In the daytime, Jiang Sheng asked Zheng Zhi to do a major event for him, and he needed a lot of money.

He desperately needs ancient energy now, but recently he has to stare at the heretic organization, and he can’t go away.

And there is no suitable tomb news, quite some heroes are useless.

Although there is a huge amount of ancient energy in the alien space just discovered, it was used by Ah Da to complete the “ancientization”.

He was afraid that he would take too much in advance, resulting in Ah Da’s lack of ancient energy and unable to complete “ancientization”.

Therefore, he has to wait for Ah Da to leave the barrier before he collects the remaining ancient energy.

Fortunately, although antiquities are rare, they can be purchased at a high price.

Many tomb raiders do not have the ancient Pokemon to support them. They just auction off the artifacts found underground to make money.

In the ancient association, a batch of antiquities will be auctioned every time.

Jiang Sheng asked Zheng Zhi to squat over and help him purchase antiquities, so as to accumulate ancient energy.


2nd day, there is good news during the day.

Under the teaching of Kadabra, the two Metangs have learned the key move of the Eye of Miracle and are now learning Psycho Cut.

Psycho Cut, quantifies the powerful Mental Force as a substantive heart blade Slash opponent, which is easy to focus on.

Compared with Psychic and Psyshock’s two major Psychic Type core special attack moves, Psycho Cut, a side-by-side object attack move, is obviously more suitable for two Metangs.


The 11-Level 19 battle is still going on, Jiang Sheng looked drowsy.

If it hadn’t been for the thoughts of the underground members, Jiang Sheng would have fallen into Calm Mind on the podium holding the Pokemon egg.

But in order to win the hearts of the people, he can only sit on the podium and watch the rookies peck at each other.

In the afternoon, I was still looking for the electric dragon to come and accompany Nidorino.

However, Zong Yunze is not there, he still has work to do, find Zhu Xing to command the electric dragon and train for Nidorino.

At night, today’s Stadium is extremely hot.

More than a dozen veteran Trainers with professional Pokemon came to join in the fun.

After retiring, there are not a few professional Trainers who take Pokemon and devote themselves to attacking the Gym level.

There are even two professional players who are competing in the professional league.

Without Li Wentao from behind, the trainers who came this time are not at all Malice.

Many people just want to learn from each other and see the elegance of Mega Evolution.

There are some people who want to fight for the face of the local forces in Bincheng and suppress the arrogance of Giovanni, the outsider.

Jiang Sheng didn’t care, and sent the Aber monsters to play against these one after another.

The arbor monster, who is extremely large and strong in the professional level, makes everyone a facial expression grave.

Everyone understands that Giovanni is not just relying on Elite Bronzong and Mega Beedrill to support the market, it has real materials.

One after another, they set their minds right, and the battle is mainly based on exchanges.

Because it is a False Swipe, it is not fighting hard. The Arbor monster maintained a good physical strength. He fought many battles in one night, winning more and losing less, playing heartily.

After three consecutive nights, fewer professional trainers came, the competitions in Stadium returned to normal, and the professional battles were greatly reduced.

Furthermore, most of the matches that Jiang Sheng later participated in were Beedrill shots. There was no strong opponent suitable for the strength of the Arbor monster, which annoyed Jiang Sheng very much.


In the evening, Jiang Sheng was sitting in the compartment of Calm Mind in the monitoring room. Zong Yunze hurriedly rushed in and took Jiang Sheng from Calm Mind. Wake up.

“Boss, Erye stretched out his hand!”

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