Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 334

After waking up from Calm Mind, Jiang Sheng touched the Pokemon egg in his hand, frowns, wondering if Zong Yunze made a mistake.

There is Elite Bronzong on the sub-rudder of Bencheng. He has brightened his muscles a few days ago.

Mega Beedrill and Arbor Monster are both powerful in professional Pokemon, and there was Gengar great divine prestige before.

I didn’t do anything to Feng Quan, and Feng Quan burned the incense. How dare you come over and stroke the tiger’s beard?

But such a timing coincides with the intentional landing of the commander of [Siyuan Sea], which cannot tolerate Jiang Sheng not thinking too much.

At this time, what Jiang Sheng wants to think about is not that legendary medicine pill that seems right but actually isn’t, but about his own life.

Maybe Feng Quan was too oppressed by himself, so he invited foreign aid and wanted to die in Bencheng?

In the past, I killed myself, so I killed myself all day long!


Jiang Sheng raised his brows, feeling that he had just fallen into a misunderstanding.

He can be protected by Elite Bronzong, unless the commander invites multiple Elite Pokemon from their marshal, otherwise Bronzong can fly away with himself without worrying about his life.

Jiang Sheng frowned for a moment, and asked:

“Are you sure Feng Quan reached out? Tell me in detail.”

“Not sure, but sneaked into the black market It’s a Vice Captain from Anshan Iron and Steel Sub-rudder. If he is here to inquire about the news, how could he send a Vice Captain. There should be another plan.”

Jiang Sheng’s face is self-deprecating, and it is not no way.

Ansteel is divided into rudder families and big business, plus Wen Yuchu who has just taken refuge in the past, there are barely three Vice Captains, and one is sent to inquire about the news. There is nothing surprising.

“Are you still there now?”

“I haven’t left yet. In the Stadium’s auditorium, although he did something simple and easy to read, I recognized it at a glance through monitoring Come out.

When I came over, I asked Zhu Yang to help and stare at me. I won’t lose sight of it.”

Jiang Sheng nodded, indicating that I know it.

After pondering for a moment, he asked:

“Is Gengar in Stadium’s underground training room?”

“Yes, Ms. Ali is training It.”

Jiang Sheng pulled the backpack on the side, pretending to turn over things, but actually took out the small objects of [backpack] under cover.

He took out a palm-size Black square box and handed it to Zong Yunze,

“This is a recording device, give it to Gengar, and then you give it to It points out the target, and the rest it knows how to do it.”

This is the little thing that Wang Lin gave him before. After following Sun Youdao that time, Jiang Sheng saw that these little things were easy to use, so he kept it. Down.

However, he did not use the objects that need to be used in conjunction with software programs.

To use software programs, you need to ask for software permissions from Wang Lin. Although the two have a close relationship, Wang Lin is not an idle person. Who knows if he can listen or watch.

If you want to do something secret, you will be restrained.

Therefore, he only needs a few stand-alone objects that can run independently, and this recording device is one of them.

After Zong Yunze replied, he took the recording equipment and left in a hurry.

For Anshan Iron and Steel Sub-rudder, Jiang Sheng is worried, but he will not over-correct.

For a while, he faced the wall in a daze. After thinking about some possibilities, he continued to hold the Pokemon egg and fell into Calm Mind.

There is still no movement in the egg, I don’t know when it will hatch.

Now I have a lot of talents, and each Pokemon grows as fast as a Rocket Normal.

Trainer High School’s big girl, his Pokemon is the same generation as Pokemon.

The trumpet in the Big Black Mountain, with three professional Pokemons and two main battle strengths remaining, is also working hard towards the professional level, and has a small reputation in the circle of the professional trainer in Bincheng City.

After a while, even if the last hatched out of this egg is indeed the magical Pokemon.

If it weren’t for those who have special abilities, there is very little Help for them, and they can only be used as pets.

In this way, it might as well not incubate and just serve as a cultivation accelerator for itself.

It may be that Jiang Sheng’s thoughts were sensed, and the Pokemon egg finally responded. It shook in Jiang Sheng’s hand, which caused Jiang Sheng to be surprised.

Jiang Sheng wanted to use Mental Force to communicate with him, but it didn’t respond.

After the black market was dispersed, Li Lan hosted the morning meeting in the monitoring room, and Jiang Sheng talked with the returning Gengar in the cubicle.

As always, a yellow-skinned fox translator is next to him. Jiang Sheng’s in-depth nonsense cannot be understood temporarily.

Gengar took out the recording device from the space under his abdomen and handed it out. Jiang Sheng did not at all immediately listen to the contents after receiving it.

Putting the recording equipment aside, he asked:

“Find his footing?”

Fat Gengar nodded, and then from the abdominal space A chess piece was pulled out and shook in front of Jiang Sheng.

It wanted to say that he not only found his foothold, but also left the Psychic mark of Kadabra.

Jiang Sheng smiled, these guys are getting smarter and smarter, and he and them are getting more and more tacit understanding, commanding it feels like an arm.

Especially Gengar in front of me.

If there is a Gengarite now, I don’t know if they can complete Mega Evolution with their current bonds.

However, a Gengarite requires 20,000 ancient energy!

It’s too much ancient energy. If you rely on cheat, I don’t know when you can get these guys’ evolution stones.

With a turn of his mind, he temporarily set aside the issue of the evolution stone, Jiang Sheng asked again:

“Have you found any accomplices?”

If this Vice Captain comes alone, the audio value in the recording device will be greatly reduced.

The information revealed by one person talking to oneself is far less than the information revealed by two people in conversation.

Fat Gengar is nodded again, telling his story with a unique weird laugh.

Kadabra followed the translation and retelling.

For a long while, Jiang Sheng touched his chin, his eyes showed the color of begin to stir.

“It is said that the son of a daughter can’t sit down, Feng Quan, your temperament cultivation base is not enough.

You brought this to the door yourself!

Last time I only used Wen Yuchu to indirectly humiliate you. This time we touched it head-on and made you pay the price for intervening in the sub-rudder of Bincheng.”

From Gengar’s story, Jiang Sheng learned of this Vice Captain, who was caught, had a young superior.

Who else can this person be if this person is not Feng Quan?

Feng Quan actually ran to his own boundary. What kind of temptation was it to attract him?

Jiang Sheng is more and more looking forward to the recording equipment on the table. He plugs in the headphones and presses the switch. He wants to hear what the other party is talking about.

Despite fast-forwarding several times in the middle, Jiang Sheng still listened to this audio material for more than an hour.

The conversation involved the purpose of Vice Captain’s entry into the black market tonight, Feng Quan’s attitude towards the sub-rudder of Bincheng, the reason why Feng Quan stepped into the boundary of Bincheng… and many other secrets.

At that time, no one would have thought that there was a ghost holding up the recording equipment in the shadow under the table.

At the end of the audio, Jiang Sheng’s complexion was serious, but his eyes were half lucky and half regretful.

This Feng Quan is really a wolf’s ambition. He has been in touch with outsiders a long time ago, and he plans to destroy Bincheng and divide the rudder in one fell swoop.

Fortunately, before taking office, he exposed the existence of Elite Bronzong, letting Feng Quan dispel this idea.

If Feng Quan is obsessed with this plan, it is both a danger and an opportunity for him.

Unfortunately, Feng Quan chose to give up in the end, and he lost the opportunity to oppose the general, so he was half lucky and half regret.

Jiang Sheng lowered his head, secretly planning something.


After daybreak, even if they stayed up all night, the members of the villain group who have only had a short rest are still full of energy.

This morning, the 10-Level 19 competition will be all over and five lucky winners will be decided.

The remaining more than forty games were divided equally among the major competition venues, until noon, the game ended.

Because some members scored the same, after more than ten playoffs, the five highest scorers were finally decided.

The two selection opportunities of the three Small Captains have been used, so they did not appear in the 10-19 level battle competition.

On the contrary, several of the eight major reserves participated.

However, in the face of the challenges of many bottom members, they failed to hold their feet and did not enter the top five. Only one reserve team prevailed and won the first place. The remaining four seats were occupied by bottom members.

As a result, the low-level members who used to eat a lot of food looked excited, as if they were the four who finally won the spot.

When Jiang Sheng’s eyes swept over several participating reserve players, each of them bowed their heads and looked ashamed, regretted in their hearts, and decided to train seriously in the future.

The new boss is in power at the beginning and puts all the benefits before them. If you can’t grasp it, you can’t blame others.

If you are surpassed by latecomers in the future and share the power in your hands, don’t blame the gods and accuse others.

On the rostrum, Yan Lin watched this scene and couldn’t help being nodded.

The morale that has been suppressed for a long time has revived, and the Bincheng sub-rudder is gradually on track.

But it is far from over.

After naming the five final winners, the rewards are still not issued.

Jiang Sheng stood on the rostrum of the Stadium and announced that tomorrow will start the competition of the strength level of 1-9, and there will be the last five places that can get high-quality Pokemon eggs. Please cherish it!

The atmosphere of the scene burst instantly, and the members of the villain group cheered loudly.

This is the group where all the bottom members of the villain group have reported their names, and it is also the only group without the participation of upper management personnel.

The last five places are even more meaningful to them.

A number of members from the bottom said that they couldn’t wait to start the game in the afternoon.

In the end, they were all pressed down by Jiang Sheng, letting everyone rest for half a day in the afternoon and continue the game tomorrow.

For a while, the members of the villain group were on duty at night and participated in the competition during the day. They only had four or five hours of rest.

One by one, they were happy and excited all day. Status, Jiang Sheng is really afraid of their sudden death.

Under the night, the silver moon hangs high above the sky.

The ebb and flow of the sea exposed the Beach. Many Wishiwashi, fluorescent fish, and rare Staryu and Pyukumuku stayed on the wet Beach.

If you cannot return to the sea, the only thing waiting for them is dead end.

On a reef, a few people watched coldly, and didn’t care about it. The headed youth stared at the distant Sea Territory, as if waiting for something.

Suddenly, white light flashed, and a pink hippopotamus with a huge shell embedded in its tail appeared beside everyone.

Everyone’s complexion sank as if they were facing an enemy.

The headed youth was very calm, glanced at the time on the watch, coldly said:

“You are late!”

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