Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 335

The young man who spoke was Jiang Sheng’s cheap second brother, Feng Quan. His words were full of dissatisfaction, but he did not say to Slowbro.

Behind Slowbro, stood a thin young man with long military boots, wearing a Tibetan blue windbreaker and a Tibetan blue military cap, with a cold temperament.

The dress is very similar to the costumes of the warlords of the Republic of China in the TV series. The person wearing this suit is still an abstinence-type pretty boy. If you take this scene as a photo and spread it out, it can cause a group of nympho Screaming in pursuit.

As for the saying of “being late”, the young man in uniform didn’t care, even slightly mocking on his face.

“Stop talking nonsense, did you get the stuff?”

Feng Quan is also not letting go, the giving tit for tat asked:

“I What do you want?”

The young man didn’t talk to Feng Quan either. He took out a small jade box from his jacket pocket and lifted the lid. On the saphire blue silk and satin, more than half of the Black pill was placed.

The moment they witnessed the pill, everyone’s hearts were tight, as if they saw a big Black bird churn in their minds.

Being stared at by the big bird full of death, everyone felt their own death in a trance, their complexion was pale and it was difficult to breathe.


With the moment of coercion, the youth noticed a trace of disharmony and glanced at Feng Quan’s shadow, with a suspicious look in his eyes.

I saw Feng Quan and the others in an unbearable state, with a more contemptuous look on his face, coldly snorted and said:

“Psyshock can’t bear this, no wonder it will be The legendary Pokemon is on the head.”

There is a big problem with the youth mentality. He seems to regard himself as a higher life form and regard Feng Quan and the others as pigs.

If Jiang Sheng were here, he would be surprised and remembered the past.

Li Yuan once looked at people in this way. Her purple eyes are even more indifferent, like the Spiritual God of aloof and remote.

This person seems to be a powerful Psychic!

A Psychic who is addicted to the powerful Mental Force and lost his heart is just like the Saffron Gym Leader Sabrina Normal in the anime.


Close the jade box and seal the coercion emitted by the pill in it. Feng Quan and the others came back to his senses.

Feng Quan looked at the young man with lingering fears. If he knew that the legendary medicine pill was so terrifying, he wouldn’t dare to take the risk to death and trade himself.

If this young man acted on them while they were just stunned, the consequences would be hard to imagine.

This is a matter of vision.

If Jiang Sheng knew that the goods would be this thing, he would definitely not inspect the goods so recklessly.

After all, he has suffered twice.

The first time I took out the Seed of the Sun and almost lit my house, the second time I faced Moltres Feather, I was scared and shivered.

legendary Pokemon is equivalent to Spiritual God, how can things related to them be simple?

Recalling the appearance of medicine pill, Feng Quan’s face appeared angry, said solemnly:

“I said it’s one, why is there only half of it left now? The heretic organization doesn’t talk about honesty?”

The young man gave a grin and corrected what Feng Quan had just said.

“First of all, you have to be clear that this is a personal transaction between me and you, and has nothing to do with [Siyuan Sea]!

In addition, I have not emphasized it from beginning to end I want to give you a whole one, just say that I will use a legendary medicine pill to exchange for you.

Moreover, your chips can only be worth so much!

Most of the chips you gave have been monopolized, and now it’s hard to find one on the market. You don’t even have the qualifications to touch this medicine pill!”

Feng spring is angry and stares at him. Looking at Slowbro, said solemnly:

“But you need it!”

Slowbro shot a Yawn, turned his head and glanced at Feng Quan, then kept staring blankly. There is no such prestige that professional Pokemon should have.

Being pinched, the young man didn’t care, he still looked like he was holding the winning ticket, lightly saying:

“This is true, but you don’t need what I have. Is it?

I can tell you in advance that the legendary Dark Type resources are very few in the world. If you miss my medicine pill, you can’t think of finding a suitable one again.”

Feng Quan fell silent and began to think about whether the deal was appropriate.

The Vice Captain and Small Captain behind him did not even dare to breathe. They were frightened by the imposing manner of the youth in uniform.

The youth did not want to give Feng Quan too much time to think, and urged:

“Change or not? Hurry up and make a decision.

Powerhouse of Rock Gym When chasing me, I didn’t have that many time wasted.

If he sees that you are in contact with me, wait to be called by Alliance officials to talk.”

Feng Quan The look of Struggle, in his opinion, it is a bit of a loss to replace only half of the medicine pill, and he wants more.

The youth is still bewitching.

If his attitude is a little better, and he does not show aloof and remote arrogance, then he will definitely be a qualified salesperson.

“This is made from the feathers that were knocked down by God of Death, blood plus Elite, Gym level Dark Type Quasi-Legendary Pokemon bones, and many berries with a unique fire method. The furnace only has nine pills.

There are no more than four pills in the current world, and the recipe is lost, the refining method is lost, the ingredients are hard to find, and it is no longer possible to copy.

The value of the remaining medicine pill will increase sharply, so you have to consider it carefully.”

But Feng Quan still doesn’t let go.

“No, these are far from enough. Since it is not a whole one, you have to compensate me for some other things.”

“Forget it, the transaction is invalid, I don’t force it.

I can tell you clearly that the missing half was intercepted by myself. Since you don’t want it, I will leave it to my Sharpedo and Greninja.”

Young face The corner of his mouth showed a playful color.

“On the contrary, it is you. You seem to have Sharpedonite already. The remaining one cannot be replaced temporarily. Keep it as a family heirloom.”

After that, young man Putting his hand on Slowbro’s shoulder, he said:

“Let’s go, we will go home!”


Feng Quan can’t help himself. , Hurriedly stopped the young man, his voice has several points of dejected, apparently admit defeat.

“I agree to the exchange!”

The young man put down his hand on Slowbro’s shoulder and said with a happy expression:

“What about it? Show me “

Feng Quan’s face was sullen, and he took out a pearl from his pocket. The inside of the pearl had a mysterious spiral pattern of pink and yellow intertwined.


An evolution stone of Psychic Attribute, the rarest evolution stone of East Asia Alliance.

East Asia Alliance has a long history. Clansman loves all kinds of rare and exotic stones, so there are many collections of evolution stones and key stones.

Unfortunately, during the “Dragon Slaying War”, [Psychic Association] invaded the territory and scoured the Psychic Attribute evolution stone like a locust crossing, making it rarer than the Quasi-Legendary evolution stone .

God of Life and God of Death have not thrown out energy for nearly a hundred years, and there is no new evolutionary stone formed in the world.

This makes the Psychic Type Trainer after the establishment of Alliance unable to find the supporting evolution stone, lack of high-end reinforcement methods, and its position is very embarrassing.

Therefore, this evolutionary stone, which is not a mainstream, can rival the legendary resources.

The fervent expression appeared in the eyes of the youth calm and composed, and he threw the jade box in his hand at Feng Quan.

“Okay, the deal is done!”

Feng Quan took the jade box, cautiously opened a gap, and sensed a little coercive impact from it.

After confirming that the goods are correct, throw out the Slowbronite in your hand.

The young man used Confusion to hold the evolution stone, and then he inlaid it on the huge shell on Slowbro’s tail.

There has long been a place for the Evolution Stone. If Feng Quan does not agree to exchange, they might not leave so easily today.

Feng Quan puts the jade box into his pocket, glances at the follower next to him, and turns to leave.


The youth suddenly stopped them.

Feng Quan and the others heart shivered with cold, put his palm on his waist, he has prepared for the worst.

“Don’t be nervous, if I want to start with you, there’s no resistance. I think we have a deal to discuss.”

Feng Quan is not relaxed, right hand Pressing Sharpedo’s Poké Ball, I turned back and asked:

“What else can I talk about?”

“It’s the deal we discussed before. I will help you get rid of you How about your righteous brother? He is the greatest resistance to your superiors.”

The young man ignored Feng Quan’s face, as if thinking of something, and said coldly:

“No, Giovanni is so outstanding, the position of the boss of the villain group is something in his pocket. You and Gan Wenzhong have no chance!”

“Spirit, you can tell if you want to fight. , There’s no need to pick things around!”

You are not a calmer guy, and replied:

“Only with your Sharpedo? You can also use a Sharpedo. Look, without Yan old ghost, you and Gan Wenzhong are nothing!”

Feng Quan’s face flushed, his chest undulating violently.

Behind him, Vice Captain and Small Captain thought that a big battle was inevitable, but Feng Quan recovered his calm and his expression was calm.

No one can understand what Feng Quan thinks, is he persuaded? Or did the calm temperament suppress the anger?

Feng Quan solemnly asked:

“He has an Elite Pokemon, are you sure you can kill him?”

“An ancient one drilled out of the cemetery Elite only, I can find a general of [Siyuan Sea] to restrain it.

At that time, I will clamp down on Mega Beedrill, Gengar, and Aber Monster. It is easy to kill Giovanni! “

Feng Quan’s heart moved, and Giovanni’s threat to his power villain group is too great.

“What do I need to pay?”

“Your Sharpedo and Sharpedonite!”

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