Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 337

Gengar emerged from the shadow and stood beside Jiang Sheng with a grave expression.

The opponent is not too strong, but just now, it has a Mega Stone inlaid on its tail. Who knows if it will suddenly explode like Beedrill.

Kadabra also noticed the anomaly at the same time, and caught a powerful Psychic Type Pokemon breath appearing behind him.

It immediately raised its hand and pressed it on Jiang Sheng’s shoulder. Once the situation was not good, it immediately launched Teleport.

Kadabra is not clear about the other party’s coming, but it knows that with its own strength, it absolutely cannot get rid of the opponent’s tracking by Teleport alone.

Wait, if you lose, turn around and flee into the downtown area to alert the investigation team.

Under Jiang Sheng’s gaze, a young man in a navy blue military uniform walked out of the corner of the alley. Behind the young man, he followed a dull-eyed pink hippo Pokemon.

This Slowbro is prying Space Node to track them!

But when it broke away from the space, it didn’t cover up its own breath. It was caught by Jiang Sheng’s Mental Force and it was tracked.

The bracelet was swept away, Jiang Sheng immediately got the information of this Slowbro.

Slowbro, Level 53, Characteristic Trait [Regeneration]!

The information in my mind flashed by, Jiang Sheng sighed in relief.

He saw an evolution stone embedded in the shell of Slowbro’s tail, and speculated that the opponent also possessed the power of Mega Evolution.

If Slowbro’s Level is at the professional high level, after Mega Evolution, you will not be able to compete with it at all.

The youth in military uniforms have a smile on their faces, which is completely different from the arrogance and coldness they used to face Feng Quan before.

“Really didn’t expect, Giovanni, the boss of the villain group Bincheng, is also a powerful Psychic.”

Things gather together, and people gather together!

This person obviously regards Jiang Sheng as the same kind, so his attitude is so relaxed.

Just like in some magician worlds, noble wizards like to call mortals “Muggles”. In Pokemon’s parallel world, some Psychic people discriminate against ordinary people in this way.

According to the level of Psychic, Jiang Sheng’s strength is already above “two beads”, and he is not far from the “three beads” cultivation base that can bless Pokemon, of course he can be called a ” Powerful” Psychic.

“The spirit of God? The commander of [Siyuan Sea], what do you intend to follow me? My Bencheng sub-rudder and you have no intersection.”

Jiang Sheng leaned against Fat Gengar.

Under the cover of Fat Gengar’s huge size, Jiang Sheng reached into his trouser pocket and put the jade box that he had left in his hand to play in the [backpack].

The young man called “Lingshen” did not notice Jiang Sheng’s small actions, only when Jiang Sheng’s such behavior was due to vigilance.

He not at all responded positively to Jiang Sheng’s words, but instead looked towards Jiang Sheng side Gengar with great interest.

“You Gengar is really extraordinary, with such a superb concealment ability, even my Slowbro is not even aware of it.

It is very likely to be a flash in the pan many years ago. Like Onix, it is a different species in Pokemon, extremely rare!”

The spirit god did not hide the coveted color in his eyes.

Jiang Sheng moved in his heart, remembering the alien Pokemon mentioned by the other party.

It is a crystal Onix, not afraid of water but fire. It is very special, but it is a fight against my own fat Gengar.

Thoughts turned.

Jiang Sheng let out a cold voice, eccentric’s replied:

“Thank you for your praise!”

Lingshen moved his sight from Gengar Open, I didn’t care about Jiang Sheng’s tone, looked at Jiang Sheng, and said:

“But I’m not here for this Gengar. I want to see if you are qualified to hold that one. Legendary medicine pill!”

Jiang Sheng heart shivered with cold, he didn’t take Bronzong out today. The young man in front of him is the famous leader of [Siyuan Sea]. The rigid criteria for election is all Team members reach professional level.

The confrontation with Spiritual God really made him feel a lot of pressure.

At this moment, Kadabra suddenly contacted Jiang Sheng with telepathy:

“If you don’t want to fight, we can leave immediately and teleport to the downtown area, then he He must be restrained and dare not create too much momentum.

If you want to try his strength, we can delay as much as possible and then fight with him.

Fat Gengar It is said that the opponent is being chased by Rock Gym’s powerful Trainer and he dare not stay in a certain place for a long time.

The longer the moment of delay, the better he can avoid the unpredictable disasters that may be caused by losing too fast. “

Jiang Sheng slightly nodded, his eyes narrowed, and there was a plan in his heart.

He touched his chin, his eyes looked weird, and he laughed slightly:

“It’s really ironic, it’s not from start to finish that you didn’t plan to replace this medicine pill with Feng Quan, have been planning to cut the head halfway?”

The spirit god shook the head and reiterated what he had said with Feng Quan before.

“Don’t use the word’you’, today’s transaction I only represent myself, and has nothing to do with [Siyuan Sea].

In addition, medicine pill was cut by me I have reserved enough shares for my use, and most of the rest is just icing on the cake for me, I don’t care much about it.

It just happens that Feng Quan is willing to trade the evolution stone for it, and now it The fossil is already in hand, medicine pill is Feng Quan himself, and I have no plan to get it back.”

The front of the conversation suddenly turned, and Lingshen looked at Jiang Sheng teasingly.

“But now it’s different. Medicine pill is in your hands. As you said before, you and I have nothing to do with each other.

Since ancient times, there has been a saying that heavenly materials, earthly treasures are virtuous If you live in it, I will try your fineness and see if you have the capital to hold this legendary medicine pill.”

Abruptly being targeted, Jiang Sheng is not upset, and takes over. Said:

“Listening to the commander’s meaning, today this matter is destined to be unfriendly. It just so happens that I also want to see the strength of the commander [Siyuan Sea].”

“Lord Lingshen, how do you want to test my strength? 1VS1 friendly match? Group battle life and death? Or, long-lasting relay race, see who can have the last laugh?”

“Giovanni, you are here to be stubborn.

What is the strength of your Pokemon? We [Siyuan Sea] investigated clearly.

Fight with me Life and death fight, where do you get your confidence?”

Jiang Sheng slightly smiled and did not respond.

Lingshen took out a ring inlaid with pigeon egg gemstones from the inner pocket of the windbreaker and put it on the middle finger of his right hand, then raised his fist flatly, facing the mysterious gemstone on the ring to Jiang Sheng.

“I heard that Boss Giovanni did some research on Mega Evolution. Today coincided with my acquisition of the Slowbro Mega Evolution stone. Will Boss Giovanni be willing to give me some advice?”

Slowbro, who has been in a daze, has After the reaction, the dull eyes suddenly sharpened.

It stepped forward, blocking the spirits, staring at Gengar and other Poké Balls around Jiang Sheng’s waist, fighting intent high.

Slowbro’s attitude changes before and after are like the difference between Tianyuan, completely subverting Jiang Sheng’s impression of Slowbro in his heart, and he secretly praised the spirit god’s superb breeding methods.

“This is for 1VS1? The leader of the spirit god must remember, I did not agree to bet against you.”

The spirit god has a strong attitude and domineering replied:

“You don’t need to agree, when you lose, I will naturally have a way to get my medicine pill back!”

“haha, then maybe there is no chance to see the means of the spirit gods, command Don’t think it’s really taking me down.

Gengar, try the other’s strength!”

jié jié!

Gengar gave a weird laugh and flew forward, facing each other at a distance of seven or eight meters away from Slowbro.

Seeing that Gengar was on the court, Lingshen frowned slightly, disappointed.

What he wants to see is Mega Beedrill vs. Mega Slowbro.

Jiang Sheng puts the spirit of spirit in his eyes, lightly snorted.

Don’t think of him as a fool, unless he gets into the brain, he will have a Mega Evolution duel with the spirit god.

Mega Slowbro Physical defensive exploding table, with [hard shell armor] on the body (will not be hit), there should be some healing moves, definitely better than the ones I encountered on Stadium a few days ago Blastoise is difficult.

Mega Beedrill is just asking for trouble.

Seeing that Lingshen did not move, Jiang Sheng would not speak morality with him, and took the lead.

“Gengar, Dark Pulse!”

Gengar moved after hearing the sound, holding a virtual grip with one hand, gathering the evil energy around the body to form a basketball-sized Black Energy Ball, Raising his arm and throwing it, he smashed the Energy Ball of evil at Slowbro.

This is Gengar’s use of Dark Pulse, and it is also a more orthodox way of displaying Dark Pulse.

After a short special training by Mo Li, it not at all chose to develop Dark Pulse as a mainstream wave-type move. Instead, it followed the form of a ball-type attack and went hand-in-hand with the practice and development of Shadow Ball.

The Energy Ball of evil dragged the dark tail flames towards Slowbro’s face, and the spirit god finally reacted.

“Split tiles!”

Slowbro took a step forward, raised his right paw full of Fighting energy, slashed down, and slashed on the galloping Energy Ball.

The pouring energy of the two systems collided with each other, and the sound of “chi chi chi …” energy erosion was endless.

After the two breaths, Slowbro took the upper hand, and his right paw sent a fierce force to directly explode the Energy Ball of evil.

After a muffled noise, the surging air wave rolled, bringing strong wind.

At this moment, dull light flashed, Gengar has disappeared in place.

“Behind, Protect!”

The spirit god cried out in surprise, and quickly reminded Slowbro.

jié jié!

Weird laughter came, and black energy rose up on the Ground behind Slowbro, forming the appearance of Fat Gengar.

At this moment, it holds a purple Black Shadow Ball about half a meter in diameter on its hands, and presses it down on Slowbro’s back.

Perceive the mutation behind, the big shell on Slowbro’s tail looks terrified, subconsciously turning his body looked towards the back.

But its main body reacts faster, with a twist of the waist and propping up hands.

At the crucial moment, a transparent shield was formed to block the huge Shadow Ball of Fat Gengar, preventing it from getting in.

Gengar was still smiling strangely, and the ghost energy fluctuations that he sent from him made the souls who were close to him frightened.

Ghost’s energy output is full, and the Shadow Ball is still growing, but the Protect shield is in danger.


The energy fluctuations on the Shadow Ball have exceeded the limit that the Protect shield can withstand. After a crisp sound, Spider Web-like cracks appeared on the shield.

“Surf, get rid of it!”

Slowbro opened his mouth and made a roar with a special rhythm, as if calling for some unknown existence.

Water Type energy gathered, and a two-story big wave was formed in an instant. When the Protect shield was damaged, the big wave faced the Shadow Ball and slapped Gengar.

Under the photo of the big wave, Gengar sharpened his eyes, made a decisive action, and threw the Shadow Ball in his hand with a sudden force.

Shadow Ball smashed into the big wave with unabated momentum and hit Slowbro.

At the same time, Gengar was also washed away by the waves, turning into strands of black air and rising up.

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