Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 338

A huge Shadow Ball smashed down, and Slowbro repeated the old trick, trying to block it with Protect.

But God did not stand on its side, and the Protect was not successful again.

Shadow Ball hit Slowbro’s chest, exploded with a blast, a burst of air and waves, and purple Black rays of light exploded, making it particularly conspicuous under the night.

After suffering a heavy blow, Slowbro staggered back a few steps, relying on the Help of the shell on his tail to stabilize his figure.

But it is far from over. After the Shadow Ball exploded, there was still purple black energy remaining.

They attached to Slowbro’s chest, and quickly rushed to Slowbro’s body, eroding its body, causing Slowbro to growl and growl.

On the other side, Gengar is also uncomfortable.

The Surf released by Slowbro is not a simple wave.

If it is in nature, a five-meter-high wave will not cause any damage to Gengar.

The waves formed by Surf are mixed with violent Water Type energy. To use an image metaphor, such waves wash on Pokemon, no less than splashing people with sulfuric acid.

Although Gengar’s eyes and hands quickly disappeared when he was photographed by the waves, the black energy that his body turned into was still caught in the waves and was washed by the violent Water Type energy.

The black air passes through the waves, rises to midair, and once again gathers into a Gengar.

At this time, the visibly fat Gengar was panting, and the color on his body was slightly darker than usual.

It lasted for about five breaths before the fat Gengar obliterated the Water Type energy that invaded within the body, and his physical signs returned to normal.

Jiang Sheng also felt in his heart and realized the power of [Siyuan Sea].

This person is not much better than the outstanding professional Trainer in the Pokemon League. The Pokemon under his hand is more difficult to deal with.

Unlike some folk trainers, the Pokemon they cultivated can hardly cause such effective damage to the fat Gengar in one blow.

See Gengar adapting, Jiang Sheng immediately gave the order.

“Don’t give it a chance, keep on attacking!”

Mega Evolution needs a buffer time, Jiang Sheng does not want Gengar to match Mega Slowbro.

Because of the fat Gengar extraordinary natural talent, the Ghost Type moves it uses have extraordinary formidable power. Ghost energy is like a tarsal maggot, which is very aggressive.

And Slowbro itself is restrained by Ghost Type due to Attribute, every ghost energy can cause double damage to it.

Until now, it has not got rid of the entanglement of the residual energy after the Shadow Ball exploded.

On Ground, Slowbro bends slightly, ripples in the air around him.

It is relying on Heal Pulse to wipe out the Ghost energy on its body and heal its own injuries.

Above mid-air, Fat Gengar has Ghost energy in his hands again, and a Shadow Ball is slowly growing.

Perceiving the change in the air mechanism above his head, Slowbro suddenly raised his head, seeing a Shadow Ball slowly increasing, and his eyes suddenly became serious.

“Slowbro, stop it!”

Even without Trainer’s reminder, Slowbro understands that it must never be hit by such moves!

Slowbro’s eyes were red and light flashed. An ancient Strength/Machamp was spawned, shrouded in the body of Fat Gengar, and fixed the body of Fat Gengar, as if it had been petrified into Normal.


But it is not a simple matter to anchor Gengar, who is stronger than it.

Gengar has been consuming the genetic potion exclusively for Psychic Type Pokemon cultivation for a long time, and Mental Force has long been strong enough, but with a movement of his mind, he forcibly shakes the restraint of Disable and escapes.

Gengar was about to ridicule Slowbro with a strange laugh, but suddenly found that the Shadow Ball in his hand was shrinking rapidly.

It reacted immediately, hurriedly outputting Ghost energy to rescue, but Shadow Ball did not respond at all, and finally disappeared directly.

Gengar does not believe in evil, and his claws are held in a virtual way, and he wants to reconsolidate the Ghost energy into a Shadow Ball.

The Ghost energy dissipated in the air is responding to the call, but it can’t be gathered into a Shadow Ball.

For Gengar, it’s like constipation, with red face and ears, very uncomfortable.

However, this time it found the source of the matter.

With the Disable just now, its within the body got into the uninvited guest. This ancient Strength/Machamp volume kept surging and blocked its ability to cast Shadow Ball.

Jiang Sheng was aware of Gengar’s abnormality and immediately guessed its situation, and hurriedly reminded:

“That is the power of Disable, it will block your moves, don’t worry, It takes time to break through the blockade of Disable.

But now there is no need to compete with it. Use Dark Pulse to defeat Slowbro with crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood!”

hearing This, Gengar gave up fighting with it, and only allowed the energy accumulated in the body to attack this external force, trying to wipe it out or get rid of it.

doing two things at the same time below.

It obeyed Jiang Sheng’s instructions again, and turned to mobilize the energy of evil. A Black magic ball slowly formed on the right hand again.

In this short period of time, Slowbro did not sit still.

Through the opportunity that Disable won, it used Heal Pulse to completely heal the injuries on its body, straighten its body, and face Gengar’s attack.

Black’s evil magic orb struck, Slowbro opened his mouth and let out a low growl, once again gathering abundant water energy.

A monstrous huge wave that was better than before was suddenly formed on the land, like a giant’s broad palm, snapped from the sky, and collided head-on with Dark Pulse.

Gengar looked terrified, not wanting to be washed away by the violent Water Type energy again.

It detonates the Dark Pulse ahead of time, blasts through the wave, and destroys the horror potential energy that the huge wave is hitting down.

After a muffled noise, the waves splashed everywhere, and the sight was seriously disturbed.

Gengar hangs in the sky, and Slowbro stands on the ground, with scattered waves in the middle, forming a water curtain separating the two.

Lingshen seized the opportunity again:

“Slowbro, open the Trick Room!”

Jiang Sheng’s complexion sank and hurriedly urged Gengar:


“Come on, don’t be wrapped in space!”

Slowbro raised his fingers and shook lightly, and a large and strange square space suddenly formed, wrapping it and Gengar who was too late to retreat In it.

Gengar’s right hand squeezed out a Dark Type ball again, turned around and wanted to hit the wall, exploding the space.

But it was horrified to find that its shooting speed was suppressed to a very slow level, and every movement seemed to be Normal.

Is this the special effect of this weird space?

Since coming out of a different space, even if he has played against many Pokemon, Fat Gengar is the first time he has seen such a weird move.

Trick Room, this is a very special move. Under the envelope of space, the speed rules are completely subverted. The fast becomes slower and the slower becomes faster.

For Slowbro, who is inherently slow, in such a field, very few can beat it.

On the contrary, Gengar had bad luck. It had ghost-like speed, but it was suppressed very badly, and its speed was like a sloth.

“haha, it’s fine now, Gengar can’t interfere, finally let me see the style of Mega Slowbro!”

The spirit god raised the ring in his hand and shouted confidently Said:

“Slowbro, mega evolution!”

From the previous conversation, Jiang Sheng knew that the other party had just got the evolution stone and had not conducted Mega Evolution training with Slowbro yet. Can Malice Curse fail their first attempt.

At the same time, Jiang Sheng commanded Gengar in the Trick Room:

“Gengar, attack the Trick Room with all its strength, it may be crushed!”

If a field with such a terrifying effect can exist for a fixed time, wouldn’t it be too buggy?

If you put some naturally slow Pokemon in, wouldn’t it be possible to smash everything with the explosive speed?

God is fair, and the existence of Trick Room is reasonable.

Depending on the strength of the caster, the Trick Room has a damage tolerance threshold. Beyond this critical point, the Trick Room will be shattered.

Or, if you want to restrain the Trick Room, you can open the Trick Room again, and the negative becomes positive, so that the speed rules in the space become normal.

But Gengar’s identity is too awkward, Jiang Sheng can’t use cheat finger on it.

As a result, it has very few moves now, such as Trick Room, which is extremely rare, and I don’t know when it will be learned.

In the space, the evolution stone embedded in Slowbro’s tail lights up rays of light.

Outside the space, the jewel on the ring of the spirit god also lights up rays of light.

The two complement each other, and the white light is linked together.

Mega Evolution has started!

Gengar’s heart sank, listening to Jiang Sheng’s voice from outside the space, the speed of gathering energy in his hands accelerated, and the evil magic ball gradually grew.

This damn Trick Room suppresses not only the simple movement speed, but also the shooting speed, the thinking speed… everything that can be related to speed.

The white light on the evolution stone has completely encased Slowbro.

After a breath, the white light dissipated, and in midair lit up a mysterious colored spiral pattern.

This represents the success of Mega Evolution!

Slowbro appeared in front of the two in a new form, and it should be called Mega Slowbro now!

Mega Slowbro no longer needs to stand on both feet, only relying on the tail to support the whole body.

Jiang Sheng can perceive the surging Psychic volume around it. It is not so much that it uses a tail to support its body, it is better to say that it is using Confusion to support itself in suspension.

Except for the head, hands, and a small part of the tail, the whole body is still in the shell, and all other parts are covered by Shellder’s shell.

The mouth of the shell has spikes, and there are two holes on both sides, the arms can be extended from the inside, and the third link at the bottom has a protective spike.

Some researchers have conducted in-depth research on this Mega Evolution form.

Slowbro gives all the energy to Shellder during Mega Evolution, which makes Shellder hard enough to protect Slowpoke within the body from outside attacks.

Even if you don’t look at the researcher’s information, Jiang Sheng knows that it must have desperate defensive ability based on the appearance.

At least Beedrill definitely doesn’t want to face this opponent.

On the other side, Gengar smashed the ball of evil on the wall of the Trick Room, causing the entire space to tremble.

A frustrating scene appeared. After the blow, no trace was left on the transparent wall!

Things are in trouble!

Gengar’s blow is not enough to penetrate the Trick Room, and behind it, Slowbro has completed the Mega Evolution.

Fat Gengar is dangerous!

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