Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 339

At this time, even if you give Jiang Sheng a piece of Gengarite, it will not help the current situation.

The famous Sect in the Pokémon battle, the “Space Team”, is not out of the air. They have proved the power of this Sect with their actual record.

In the face of Mega Slowbro, Gengar has no time to destroy the Trick Room. The only thing he can do is face it up.

Jiang Sheng hurriedly reminded:

“Gengar, back against the wall!”

Back against the wall, you can force Mega Slowbro and Gengar to collide head-on. Prevent it from sneak attack behind it with incredible speed and reduce Gengar’s battle pressure.

As a Psychic, the divine ability Assist Mental Force can easily perceive the difference between Slowbro and the previous ones.

The Psychic surging around it is like a vast ocean, and the armor on its body is not weaker than some of the Steel Type Pokemon that are good at defending.

“Is this the power of Mega Evolution? It does have its own uniqueness.

I am looking forward to other evolution stones. I should have grabbed Feng Quan’s Sharpedonite just now!”

The spirit god muttered to himself, but soon came back to his senses and looked towards Mega Slowbro in the Trick Room.

Next, he will look at the specific strength of Mega Slowbro!

“Mega Slowbro, frozen beam!”

At an order, Mega Slowbro opened his mouth, and the energy of ice gathered in it.

In the blink of an eye, he spit out an icy blue beam of white mist rising, hitting Gengar who could not react in the future.

In fact, Gengar was already taking precautions as early as the spirits gave instructions.

But its shooting speed was suppressed by Trick Room, and its movements were very slow, unable to keep up with Mega Slowbro’s battle rhythm.

After being concentrated frontally, ice on Gengar’s body began to spread.

Only then did it react, turning its body into a cloud of black energy and fleeing in all directions, avoiding the remaining damage caused by the frozen beam.

After the blow, the scattered black energy gathered again.

However, the re-condensed Gengar’s body is still mixed with white mist, exuding a biting chill, causing it a lot of trouble.

During this time, Gengar has been blocked by Breakthrough Disable and unblocked Shadow Ball.

It is not the one who is willing to suffer. He raises his right paw to gather Ghost energy, trying to pinch a Shadow Ball and Mega Slowbro to face each other.

Jiang Sheng is not optimistic about this approach, let alone the existence of Trick Room, the time to condense Shadow Ball has been greatly lengthened.

Even if the Shadow Ball is successfully played in the end, there will be enough Mega Slowbro to attack Gengar as a fixed target during this period.

Even more how, with the speed at which Mega Slowbro is tampered with by Trick Room, Shadow Ball is probably hard to hit.

Jiang Sheng thoughts move, a flash of light flashed in his mind.

Offensive moves need to “read the bar”. Trick Room greatly suppresses the shooting speed, so give up the attack and choose a more weird battle method!

“Gengar, Curse yourself!”

Gengar’s expression shook, and the scarlet eyes flashed over the meaning of very ruthless.

It immediately dissipated the Shadow Ball that had just been formed in its hands, and the purple black ghost energy on its body rose upward, condensing into a thick purple black nail on the top of its head.

Such a scene made the spirits recognize the moves Gengar is performing. He face changed and hurriedly reminded Mega Slowbro:

“Quickly stop it, use Disable!”

The red light in Mega Slowbro’s eyes skyrocketed, and a strange force was volleyed on Gengar. Gengar was to be anchored again and Curse’s power was eliminated.

But Gengar has been prepared for a long time, and has been guarding against the disgusting Disable.

With a movement of his mind, Gengar let the nail hung above his head fiercely pierce and drive it into his head.

When Curse fell, Gengar was hit hard in an instant, and his breath quickly languished, as if he was dying.

The pain is unbearable when the nail penetrates into the brain, as if the head is about to split Normal.

Suffering from such a stimulus, Gengar’s face is savage, his eyes are glaring, and the Mental Force in his mind is irritable and disordered, such as Hurricane in the rain and the sea, and the waves are churning.

It released the violent Mental Force, and directly smashed the restraints that Disable imposed on it.

Disable was broken, Mega Slowbro groaned, the light in his eyes quickly dimmed and returned to normal, but there was a slight tired color in his eyes.

Obviously, Gengar broke free from Disable strongly and brought backlash damage to it.

Gengar’s sudden eruption made the spirit god exclaim again and again.

“Why does this guy have such a strong Mental Force? is it possible that you Gengar eats Durin Berry every day?”

Jiang Sheng smiled and said nothing, But the smug look on his face made no secret of it.

Sure enough, the genetic potions that were seized were not in vain, they just changed their form to accompany them.

When I go back this time, must urge Fat Gengar to ask Raichu how to use the Psychic this move, so that Gengar can’t waste this Aptitude.

In the Trick Room, Mega Slowbro failed to block, and Gengar succeeded in deploying Curse at the cost of his own severe damage.

When the horrible long nails were completely nailed into Gengar’s body, on the top of Mega Slowbro’s head, the same purple and black long nails appeared.

Mega Slowbro hurriedly moved his figure to avoid the nails.

But the nail is as if bound to it, always hanging high above its head.

The thick and long nails, like the previous Gengar, must be nailed into the brain of Mega Slowbro.

At this moment, the sturdy armor on Mega Slowbro’s body became a decoration, completely unable to block the nihility spikes, and could only watch the spikes from his head into the body.

It wants to encourage Mental Force to eliminate the strange forces that invade the brain. Who knows that the spikes can’t get in and won’t be shaken.

The pain spread from the top of the head to the whole body, making it bloodshot in his eyes and roaring with pain.

Curse power penetrates Mega Slowbro’s body all over, destroying its will and eroding its body at all times.

Jiang Sheng smiled and reminded: “Lord of the spirits, there is not much time left for you.”

In the Trick Room, Mega Slowbro does have a super Normal speed, but now Curse falls on it, and the situation is immediately reversed.

The more Mega Slowbro moves, the faster it will die!

The Curse effect is even more aggressive than the poisoned state!

In the battle, there are always bug-like moves that people don’t want to face.

Trick Room is one.

Curse, cast by Ghost Type Pokemon, is also one.

In addition, there are many wonderful and miraculous moves such as Will-O-Wisp, Toxic, etc., which make Trainers extremely bored.

Lingshen’s face no longer has the complacency that he was holding the winning ticket before, coldly snorted and said:

“So what, no matter how short time is enough for Mega Slowbro I defeated your Gengar.”

Jiang Sheng’s face is full of laughter and teasing.

“Really? Then I will wait and see, and see if the spirit leader can break through Gengar’s defense in a limited round.”

In the Trick Room, cast After Curse, Gengar’s own strength declined severely.

It knows that staying alive is the last word of victory.

When Mega Slowbro was affected by Curse and was overwhelmed, Gengar mobilized Ghost energy to activate his shadow.

Night Shade!

Different from the Night Shade that was displayed when it was under the control of Mo Li, the image that Night Shade showed this time was just its own appearance.

The black shadow is nearly five meters tall, with short and sturdy limbs. His chubby body has no facial features. The baring fangs and brandishing claws stand behind Fat Gengar and protect him underneath.

But this is not over yet, Gengar has put out a transparent shield to block him in front of him, and the protection is tight.

In this posture, Mega Slowbro’s first wave of offensive will definitely be able to take over. If Night Shade gives some strength, maybe the second wave can be taken.

At that time, Curse will have two consecutive attacks. See if this Mega Slowbro will not fall down!

If it dares to use Heal Pulse to heal itself, Jiang Sheng will let Fat Gengar hit the wall.

After opening the Trick Room, for Fat Gengar, Sea is broad enough for fish to leap about sky is high enough for a bird to fly through!

“Lord of the spirit gods, depends on my methods? However, although the defense is good, I prefer to beat you head-on!”

“Don’t talk big kung fu, in that case, you let Gengar removes the Protect shield!”

Jiang Sheng didn’t take this radical approach, he just smiled, waiting for the response of the spirit god.

“Heal Pulse!”

“Hehe, Gengar is attacking Trick Room with all his strength!”

Compared to defeating Gengar with lightning speed, the spirit god I chose to let Mega Slowbro heal his injuries.

But this is tantamount to drinking poison to quench your thirst. The moment Curse falls, the situation has already reversed.

Mega Slowbro carried the continuous damage caused by Curse on his body, communicated with Psychic energy, and rippled around his body to heal his own injuries.

And Gengar is also in action, the Night Shade moved towards the Trick Room wall behind him smashed his fist.

For such a long time, Trick Room has already suffered from low energy and is in danger of overturning at any time.

The heavy punch of Night Shade is the last straw that overwhelms the camel. Spider Web-like cracks spread from the intersection of the fist and the wall.

With a scream, it was like a glass greenhouse shattered, and the entire Trick Room crashed. The weird rule area disappeared, and Topsy-Turvy’s speed returned to normal.

Gengar stretches his arms, feels his own state, and laughs strangely.

Don’t look at it being very weak now, but as long as the speed is not suppressed, that Mega Slowbro can’t even touch its shadow!

In its hand, a giant Shadow Ball was formed in an instant, raised its hand and tossed it to Slowbro who was still receiving Heal Pulse treatment.

The spirit god complexion changed, he took two Poké Balls from his waist, and threw one of the Poké Balls away after pressing the switch.

With a “bang”, red light shoots out.

A blue Pokemon stood in front of Slowbro, with turbulent water gathering on its tail and a twisted waist. Aqua Tail slashed on the Shadow Ball, knocking the Shadow Ball away.

Golduck, 5Level 4, Characteristic Trait [You travel freely]!

At the same time, Lingshen presses the switch on the other Poké Ball, shoots a red light, hits Slowbro, and retracts Slowbro into the ball.

Jiang Sheng also throws a Poké Ball and releases the Arbor monster to block the Scary Face.

“Gengar, come back!”

Gengar turned back to protest, saying that he could fight again.

But under Jiang Sheng’s stern gaze, he could only give up, walk along the shadow, and dive into Jiang Sheng’s shadow.

“Fly into a rage out of humiliation after being defeated? Do you still want to continue to learn from the spirit gods?”

The battle just now has not ended, but Jiang Sheng has a more face Hou, directly acquiesced that he had won the victory, and even reluctant to be humble and say a draw.

The spirit is very reversible, but as Jiang Sheng said, he does want to continue entanglement.

“Hehe, then learn about Giovanni’s boss Abel!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the spirit god suddenly turned his head and looked towards the north sky with a solemn expression.

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