Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 340

The night is clear, the moon is high, and the sky is full of stars. You can see far away at a glance.

The movement of the spirit god caught Jiang Sheng’s attention, and then he looked towards the northern sky.

I saw a vague black shadow in the northern sky approaching here quickly, and there was a vague silhouette on the unknown Pokemon.

Jiang Sheng squinted his eyes, and saw a faint trace of purple from the Pokemon.

He immediately guessed the identity of this Pokemon.

This is probably an Aerodactyl!

You can have a Pokemon trainer like Aerodactyl in the province, and you don’t need to think about which power he belongs to.

Jiang Sheng has a playful color on his face, tuned said with a smile:

“It seems that today I can’t appreciate the strength of the spirit and god commander, and a cat smells it. , Is it time for you to run away?”

Combining what Wang Lin and Gengar said before, the person who came must be Wang Lin’s Uncle.

He has been looking for traces of the spirit gods on the sea, and finally found some clues, and came here.

The arrival of this person made Jiang Sheng sighed in relief.

Just now, he was still thinking about hitting the spirit god, and how to escape if he loses.

Now, this problem is solved.

The spirit of Divine Heart is urgent, but his face is calm.

“It’s cheaper for you, let you go today!”

Speaking, he took another Poké Ball from his waist and threw it.

red light shoots out, and a Pokemon that seems to be formed by overlapping two starfish appears in front of him.

Starmie, Level 58, Characteristic Trait [Natural Recovery] (It will release its Status Condition over time).

The information given by the bracelet made Jiang Sheng alert and released his last professional Pokemon Beedrill.

Put your hand in your pocket and hold the keystone tightly, beware of the meaning of Lingshen jumping over the wall.

He stepped on the shadow again and called out the fat Gengar who was drinking genetic potion hiding in it, threatening Lingshen Dao:

“Lingshen commander, you should never leave again But I can’t leave. My Gengar knows Mean Look.

As long as you can limit your Teleport and wait for the people from Rock Gym to come over, you will probably spend the rest of your life in Alliance prison. Now.”

Gengar is very cooperative, the energy behind is surging, a pair of dark eyes flashes in midair.

Jiang Sheng’s idea is very simple, as long as it can be scared away.

Although you can stay, it is not necessary.

He has no head-on conflict with [Siyuan Zhihai], so he can’t commit the foolish thing of hanging Old Xing.

Lingshen glanced at the northern sky, and the fuzzy outline of the opponent became clearer. After a while, the distance between the two parties was enough to launch an attack.

“It’s time to leave, but before I go, I want to get my things back.”

“Starmie, do it!”

Starmie Ruby on his chest lit up with red light, which aroused the vigilance of the Pokemon in front of Jiang Sheng.

Arbor’s monster snake body bowed slightly, his eyes sharp, and he was always ready for battle.

Who knows, Starmie didn’t seem to have done anything. The Psychic energy around him only fluctuated and returned to normal without any abnormalities.

Jiang Sheng was a little confused, looked at Lingshen with incomprehensibility in his eyes, and said:

“You are going to fool Profound Void again…”

Before he finished speaking, Jiang Sheng noticed something was wrong, and a strange energy fell on him.

This damn guy, Starmie actually shot him just now!

Jiang Sheng drew the amount of Mental Force in his mind loudly shouted:

“What do you want to do!”

This is a simple usage of Mental Force, It is widely circulated on the forum of Psychic Academy.

Some Psychic people like to use it in speeches to make their words more persuasive.

The unpleasant thing is to confuse.

And Jiang Sheng’s usage has the effect of boosting the spirit, and it is also called Noble Roar or intimidation!

Not only did he stop drinking, he also let the Mental Force in his mind explode with full force, manipulating the surrounding Psychic energy to form a Confusion that interferes with reality, flooding his body to protect himself.

This is the most correct way for a Psychic to react when facing an attack.

Unfortunately, it is too late. The other party’s plot against has already succeeded.

Jiang Sheng feels that the keystone he is holding in his hand is being pried, as if the next moment is about to fly away.

But in the struggle, in the end, Jiang Sheng was even better, holding down Keystone.

The weird power thief didn’t go empty, so he had to take a step back and swept away the phone in Jiang Sheng’s chest pocket.

At the same time, a Berry appeared in Jiang Sheng’s arms instead of the mobile phone.

The medicine pill was received in advance in the [backpack], and the key stone was also saved without risk. Jiang Sheng relaxed and looked towards Berry in his arms.

Is it a Leppa Berry?

Jiang Sheng took out a bite and said with a smile:

“Juggling? Spiritual God is a good way to command. Fortunately, I was prepared. But then again, this phone I bought it newly. It’s really a loss to just exchange for a Leppa Berry?”

Jiang Sheng who chewed Leppa Berry suddenly raised his brow and smacked his lips.

The fruit is quite delicious, so he said frivolously:

“Lord of the spirits, your Berry supplier from [Siyuan Sea] is great!

This Berry is of good quality. Tell me about it. Recently, I just need a batch of high-end Berry. Would you like to cooperate?”

Not very harmful, but very insulting!

On the other side, Lingshen looked at the phone replaced by Starmie, his lungs almost exploded.

The trick can be used to exchange the possessions of both parties. When he first met Jiang Sheng, he was not in a hurry to retrieve the medicine pill precisely because there are many Pokemon in his team who can trick this trick.

They have already remembered the breath of the jade box before, and they can quickly replace the jade box when the opponent is caught off guard.

“You didn’t find the jade box?”

Such a big mistake made the spirits angry, and his eyes seemed to be Spit Up flames.

Starmie shuddered in fear, and repeatedly nodded in response to the spirit god, saying that he did not sense the breath of the jade box.

Jiang Sheng was very happy to see Lingshen eating deflated, and he said cool words on the side:

“Lingshen ruled the anger, child is still young and naive, just fight twice more. “

Lingshen complexion ashen, asked: “Have you hidden the jade box?”

Jiang Sheng spread his hands, saying that he didn’t understand what he was talking about.

Lingshen turned his head to Lock On the suspect, staring at Gengar’s abdominal space.

Gengar hides things well, this is something everyone knows.

He recalled that Jiang Sheng did some small moves near Gengar when he met at first.

Fat Gengar is also a sword, and he spread his hands with Jiang Sheng, his eyes still very wronged.

Seriously, it is indeed innocent.

The trick is very restrictive, and it is only suitable for a sudden attack, a completely unprepared opponent.

Just like Jiang Sheng clinging to the keystone, he was not replaced by Starmie’s tricks.

In addition, the technique of tricks cannot be disturbed by energy. Like Jiang Sheng is now, with defense, his body is full of Confusion that can affect reality, and tricks will no longer have opportunities for trickery.

I missed the best time, and now I don’t know who the jade box is on. The spirit god is planted here today, and the legendary medicine pill can’t be taken back.

Nothing can be done, the chase is approaching, the spirit god clenched the teeth, so I had to give up.

“Giovanni, I remember you, we we’ll meet again some day!”

He pressed the Poké Ball switch in his hand and took Starmie back, facing Golduck on the side Said:

“Golduck, let’s go!”

Golduck grabbed Lingshen’s wrist with his left paw, raised his right paw, and raised a toe to press on Ruby on the center of his brow.

“Gengar, Mean Look!”

The body trembled of the spirit god, his heart tightened fiercely, and he was about to urge Golduck, but raised his head to meet Jiang Sheng’s playful gaze.

It was just a threat to him.

White light flashed, one person and one duck have disappeared in place.


Jiang Sheng corner of mouth twitching, looking at the place where Golduck stood just now, and looking towards Kadabra beside him.

Kadabra understood the meaning in Jiang Sheng’s eyes, and quickly replied:

“Don’t look at me, it is just a Water Type Pokemon, where’s the Psychic Type deputy.”


This Jiang Sheng knows, of course, but this Golduck is too strong.

Even in the Psychic Type Pokemon, very few people can learn Teleport.

It is incredible that this pure Water Type Golduck can be transferred to Teleport.

Aerodactyl is closer here, Jiang Sheng can already see that the person sitting on its back is a middle age person.

Although it was Wang Lin’s Uncle, Jiang Sheng still didn’t want to deal with the other party. He took back the Pokemon beside him, picked up the phone that was still on the ground by the spirit god, and asked Kadabra to take him away with Teleport. on site.

Above the sky, the middle age person on Aerodactyl’s back clearly saw two white lights lit up in the alley, and then the confronting two sides disappeared one after another.

He is not annoyed either, Patted Aerodactyl’s back, let it turn towards the sea and fly away.

If Jiang Sheng is here, he will definitely question Wang Lin’s work attitude.

This person is it possible that just came here and mixed, the purpose is to drive the spirits away from the land?

He seems not at all the idea of ​​catching the spirit god and reaping great achievements.

The three parties disperse, leaving only the ruins. The investigation team will get news tomorrow and send an engineering team to repair it.


In the woods on the coast, the roof of the commercial vehicle that was overturned on the ground was torn open with a big hole.

A human-shaped Pokemon crawled out of it, dragging out the four miserable people in the carriage one by one.

The Small Captain sitting in the back row next to Feng Quan has unfortunately died. The two in the front row looked miserable, but there was still a breath.

Feng Quan’s face was bloodstained, there were many fractures all over his body, and his consciousness was fuzzy. This Bisharp who rescued everyone was released when he was slightly conscious.

At this moment, his mouth is still muttering to himself: “Giovanni! Giovanni! Giovanni!”

The tone is gnashing teeth, and he can’t wait to eat his flesh and drink his blood. .

Giovanni has one Pokemon like Gengar.

Although I haven’t seen the attackers, I don’t know who attacked them, but Giovanni did it in all likelihood!


After returning to the black market, Jiang Sheng took out the medicine pill from the income [backpack] again and took a look.

Feeling the coercion of assaults the senses, Jiang Sheng’s mouth curled up, very contented.

Another legendary resource is here!

When the black market was about to close, Li Rongyu came over and asked Jiang Sheng to discuss important matters, mainly about the equity transfer letter and the secret technique for increasing production.

I heard that it was the old servant who owns the Gym-class Thunder Pokemon who had acted, and that allowed Li Rongyu to take over the company’s rights smoothly.

The two parties called a lawyer, confirmed that the contract was correct, and formally signed the agreement.

After signing the agreement, Jiang Sheng was tied to the war chariot of Li Family and became a shareholder of “Berry King”.

Afterwards, Li Rongyu took away the essence of the grass given by Jiang Sheng for testing. If the effect is true, Jiang Sheng will have a part of the equity.

However, regardless of the success or failure of the next transaction, Jiang Sheng will not lack high-end Berry in the future.

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