Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 341

After sending off Li Rongyu, Qian Yilong came to remind him that there were still people waiting outside to visit. He had waited for more than an hour and had no intention of leaving.

Jiang Sheng was puzzled and asked who it was. Qian Yilong whispered to his ear and said the identity of the other party.

Jiang Sheng frowned slightly. Before he went to the other party to settle the account, the other party came to him first, so Qian Yilong asked him to come to the conference hall.

After a while, Qian Yilong led a spirited Old Master and a docile middle age person to the chamber.

The visitor is from the club.

It is the force that followed Li Family on the day Jiang Sheng took office.

As a result, the combination of Mo Li and Gengar was too strong, and the people who had invited were not able to make a move. Later, there was a lot of trouble due to wage disputes.

It is said that there was a lawsuit, and the scandal was made public, causing an uproar in a small area.

But in the end, the news was suppressed by the official media. After all, the existence of the black market should not be exposed under the eyes of the public.

The Old Master who brought the boss of the club tonight is the father of the boss of the club, the first batch of professional trainers of the Alliance to compete in the world Pokemon professional league.

Jiang Sheng still respects this Old Master very much. Regardless of how he ranks on the field, they are winning glory for the Alliance.

Their intention is very simple, just a simple apology.

In the past few days, the power struggles within the “Berry King” were rising winds, scudding clouds, and the people who eat melons were frightened.

Li Wentao disappeared inexplicably, and the first wife’s eldest son Li Ronghua died in a car accident. Everything is strange.

No one has evidence that Giovanni did it. After all, there are also “Berry King” competing opponents who are also suspected.

But the strongest among them is Giovanni. The recent arrangement of “Berry King” has also targeted a lot of the black market.

There is no shortage of smart people who can infer the most correct answer from many tricks.

This Old Master is a smart man. He has long heard of the contradiction between the club and the black market Stadium.

After the “Berry King” accident, he called his ineffective son to fiercely and scolded him.

He also warned him not to go out and make trouble when the Bencheng situation was the most chaotic, so as not to bring disaster to the family.

Adhering to the principle of “I would rather make a mistake than do it”, Old Master took his son to the door to apologize.

The Old Master has no intention of relying on the old and selling the old. They put their posture very low. They kindly expressed that they were confused because of the unhappiness that occurred in Stadium some time ago.

For this, I also specially prepared gifts, hoping to turn hostility into friendship, and hope that I can cooperate more if I have the opportunity in the future.

The old man “teaches his son a good way”, the middle-aged man is only on the sidelines and dare not have any objections. At the words of the Old Master, he opened the gift box in his hand.

Ten Buzz Gem, ten Poison Gem!

People have already done this, Jiang Sheng naturally can’t get in the way.

He said he didn’t know anything like this, but he turned around and signaled Qian Yilong to take the Present.

Seeing Jiang Sheng accepted the Present, Old Master was relieved, and after a little chat, he said goodbye.

Jiang Sheng sent the pair of father and son to the door, and ordered Qian Yilong to send them out of town.

Back to the chamber, Jiang Sheng touched the angular gems in the box and put the box in the [backpack].

A little thing is better than nothing.

Buzz Gem is reserved for Beedrill and Poison Gem is reserved for Nidorino. The rich energy contained in gems helps them grow.

Originally, he wanted to go to the Lecheng Club to challenge the Old Master, but after this visit, Jiang Sheng faded away from making trouble.

During the day, after a short break, I continued to watch the members pecking each other with the “babies” and spent a boring day in the Stadium.

Yan Lin, a lazy guy, can’t stand this kind of boring battle.

I fell asleep directly on the field he was in charge of, and all the necessary matters were handled by the reserve officers who were next to him.

The three of Li Lan, Zong Yunze and Jiang Sheng will not work anymore. They will be the direct high-level staff of the sub-rudder in Bincheng. They have to consider the feelings of the members below, and they can only sit in the auditorium every day.

As for Mo Li…

She is a blind boy and wears glasses. No one knows whether she pays attention to the battle on the court.

When the battle was over in the afternoon, Jiang Sheng returned to the spacious courtyard in front of the chamber. Zheng Zhi and Qian Yilong were still waiting here.

Zheng Zhi opened the three boxes in front of him one by one, and what Jiang Sheng had asked him to collect was what Jiang Sheng had previously asked him to collect.

Every time he sees the contents in the box, Zheng Zhi feels nervous, for fear that they may make mistakes in his hands.

It is too expensive!

If the boss’s hobby continues and keeps collecting such things, he is afraid that one day the Bincheng sub-rudder will suddenly collapse.

Jiang Sheng looked down towards the contents of the box.

A pair of blue and white porcelain vases like sheep-fat white jade, a solid wood stool made of unknown wood, and a box of ancient coins.

He fell into silence.

Things are good things, and they do contain a lot of ancient energy, but according to Zheng Zhi’s acceptance, Bincheng Sub-rudder is not far from bankruptcy.

He wants antiquities, no matter how shabby they are.

As long as it is slightly complete, it has indeed undergone historical precipitation, even if it is a pig trough, he can draw ancient energy from it!

But what Zheng Zhi bought for him were artworks with ornamental value, so the cost would be too high.

Others use it to cultivate sentiment and wait for the opportunity to appreciate in the future.

He was a one-off deal. After squeezing the ancient energy, it disappeared. The gain was not worth the loss.

The ancient coins on the side made Jiang Sheng very satisfied.

Although the ancient energy content is far inferior to the large antiquities, only 1 point has been accumulated in a century, but it is worse than the amount.

Jiang Sheng again asked Zheng Zhi not to buy similar exquisite works of art next time, let him focus on ancient coins and some newly unearthed damaged objects.

It doesn’t need to be so exquisite, even an ugly earthen jar can be purchased as long as it is approved by the ancient association and confirmed to be a hundred or thousand years ago.

Zheng Zhiling moved, asking if he could go to the stalls on both sides of the street in the ancient association to buy it?

Jiang Sheng denied his proposal.

If you buy something from the stall, the money you bring is really used to make money.

Zheng Zhike does not have his special ability and would be fooled by the cunning stall owners.

Therefore, Jiang Sheng asked Zheng Zhi to strictly obey his instructions and only purchase the antiquities approved by the ancient association, with the association as a guarantee, such as false compensation.

In this way, he doesn’t have to go out, as long as he stays in the black market, he can continue to receive ancient energy.

Zheng Zhi’s work report was completed, Qian Yilong came up and handed over a batch of Berry in the yard to Jiang Sheng.

The efficiency of the reorganized “Berry King” is very high. Jiang Sheng just told Li Rongyu yesterday that a batch of high-end Berry will be delivered today.

Because of the high value of high-end Berry, Li Rongyu did not relax, but refused to promise Jiang Sheng to provide it for free.

Li Rongyu has a very good reason. If you provide Jiang Sheng with too much high-end Berry, it will seriously affect the company’s business.

After negotiation, Jiang Sheng was able to purchase all kinds of high-end cherished Berry at cost price. The payment for the goods was first recorded in the account, and his dividends were deducted at the end of the year.

After confirming that the quantity was correct, Jiang Sheng asked Qian Yilong to take his subordinates back and go to other work or take a break.

After waiting for the people in the yard to go out, Jiang Sheng took Kadabra and Gengar to work, and made all these berries into the special Pokéblock that Beedrill usually eats.

These are exclusively for Beedrill and Arbor Monster. Long-term consumption can make them grow steadily and develop more rapidly.

The Lum Berry ordered by Zhu Yang has also been delivered. Jiang Sheng made them into a batch of Pokéblocks, which are exclusively for Aboguai to eat, and help it to regulate the body.

After putting all the finished Pokéblock into the [backpack], Jiang Sheng started to cook those antiquities.

The left hand swept across the three boxes one by one, and a shocking scene appeared, with broken porcelain, decayed solid wood, and corrosion of coins. Jiang Sheng’s hands seemed to have the power of time.

He asked Kadabra to take away three boxes of rubbish and dispose of them, to check his current ancient energy balance.

Cheat means that on the interface, the ancient energy balance in the upper right corner has been changed from “3274” to “4595”.

Close to 5000 ancient energy points, finally let Jiang Sheng have it in his heart With confidence, the urgency in my heart is slightly relaxed.

“It’s not enough. I still have to find a way to get more ancient energy. Unfortunately, the ancient tomb is hard to find!”

Jiang Sheng muttered to himself.

A resurrection grass requires 2800 ancient energy, and a bottle of PP supplement requires 1000 ancient energy.

If sudden occurance appears, 5000 ancient energy is barely enough.

The special ore that Zhao Family promised to compensate some time ago has been sent over and placed in a valley temporarily dug behind the town.

However, Zhao Family did not have enough stock, so only 13 was delivered, and the rest will be delivered sequentially in the next two months.

Jiang Sheng deliberately took a look. Among the minerals cut into cubes, Magnemite, Nosepass and even Magneton’s mutilated bodies were faintly visible.

Jiang Sheng has to admire the magic of nature, just a magnetic field riot can affect the life and death of many Pokemon.

Although there are only 14 cubic meters of special minerals in front of me, it is enough for two Metangs for a long time.

Plus the pool of silver plasticine left by the Elite Ditto, and the [sound-absorbing steel] for two Metangs.

With these precious Steel Type resources, the innate talents of the two Metangs on Steel Type and Fleshy body strength will not be too bad.

Compared with the outstanding Psychic innate talent, Jiang Sheng still hopes that Metang’s fleshly body strength is stronger.

After reaching Mega Evolution in the future, it will be a physical attacker with terror defense. Letting it play with Psychic Confusion, a “magic method”, is really overkill.

Since the metal minerals arrived, the two Metangs have given up on Pokéblock. Their daily food has been changed to hard iron lump, and they have been chewing all day long.

Jiang Sheng didn’t care, because ordinary Pokéblock does not have much Help for them.

But after reaching the professional level, I still have to change to the special Pokéblock with targeted strengthening effects of Beedrill.

In the next few days, Jiang Sheng finally led a peaceful life.

Watching games or supervising Pokemon training during the day, sitting in the monitoring room at night, holding Pokemon Calm Mind in the compartment to enhance the Mental Force cultivation base, very leisurely.

Until five days later, the level of 1-9 level of competence came to an end.

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