Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 342

After more than ten days of fierce competition, eighteen lucky winners were finally determined to be eligible to pick Pokemon eggs.

Among them, the two brothers of Zhu Family are making a lot of money, and each can choose two Pokemon eggs.

Looking at the eighteen lucky people on the stage picking Pokemon in turn, the members underneath can’t be said to be envious.

But the regret and jealousy that came out of my heart was quickly dissipated by curiosity, and everyone’s eyes were fiery, ready to witness the birth of the “myth”.

At this time, the boss promised that their “Quasi-Legendary” Pokemon eggs should also confirm their ownership!

In their view, a Trainer who owns a “Quasi-Legendary” Pokemon, only exists in legendary characters.

When the eighteen people on the stage selected the Pokemon eggs in turn, the remaining Yusanjia and Eevee Pokemon eggs were carefully removed by the staff.

They will be sent to the previously temporarily established breeding base, and after hatching, they will wait for the destined Trainer.

Now, there is only a Pokemon egg with a yellow pattern on the high platform, and everyone staring at it has fiery eyes.

This should be the closest moment to “Quasi-Legendary” in their lifetime!

When they are old, they also have the capital to brag about their offspring. It can be said that they were young because they missed a Dragon Type Quasi-Legendary.

Some staff members came to the stage holding Items.

A lottery box, eighteen white table tennis balls, and eighteen markers.

Eighteen people took the pen and the ball with excitement. Some members even had their hands shaking, they couldn’t hold the pen firmly, and they wrote skewed handwriting.

These people have a look of anxiety on their faces, wanting to ask for another white ball and write their names again.

I’m afraid that what Yan Lin draws out is a white ball with his name written on it, but the boss can’t recognize the writing on it, causing the lottery result to be invalid.

Under Jiang Sheng’s consolation, 18 people put the white balls into the lottery box in turn.

Jiang Sheng picked up the box and shook it, disrupting the order of the white balls inside, and then sent the box to Yan Lin.

After being stayed by Jiang Sheng for so long, Yan Lin finally saw the hope of returning to Fengtian.

At the last juncture, he was noticed by the members of the villain group. He was also unhurried for a while. He did not perfuse like watching the game a few days ago. He reached into the box and stirred a few times before taking out a white ball. .

Yan Lin didn’t even look at it. He handed the ball directly to Jiang Sheng, and Jiang Sheng announced the winner of the final prize.

Jiang Sheng glanced at the handwriting on the ping-pong ball, showing a strange look on his face.

But he did not hesitate and announced the final result loudly:

“The final winner of the Gible Pokemon egg is Qian Yilong, let us congratulate him!”

The members off the court cheered and congratulated Qian Yilong.

The seventeen people on the stage have a trace of regret passing over their faces, and they missed a Dragon Type Quasi-Legendary, which can make them sleepless for a few nights of distress.

But soon after they adjusted their emotions and congratulated Qian Yilong with a sincere smile.

When he first heard the result, Qian Yilong was completely confused.

He is the one who most hopes to get this Dragon Type Pokemon egg among all the people. He didn’t expect happiness to come so suddenly, this egg really hit his head.

Qian Yilong reacted quickly, not at all immediately to fetch the Pokemon eggs, but bent over to thank Jiang Sheng and Yan Lin, and then one after another responded to the congratulations of his colleagues.

Yan Lin walked to Jiang Sheng’s side, whispered:

“This person is very loyal. He is a direct line of our villain group. I will try to give him more resources in the future.”


Yan Lin also made a joke.

“This person may be the illegal child of the lucky Goddess. Whether you believe or not, I believe it anyway.”

Jiang Sheng is nodded, he also agrees with Yan very much. Lin’s statement.

This guy is really problematic, and his team composition is a bit weird.

Seadra, Swablu, Lalazao, Applin, plus the Gible just obtained, this is clearly an orthodox dragon team.

When Jiang Sheng talked to him, he asked him intentionally or unintentionally how this team was built.

The various coincidences in his account made Jiang Sheng dumbfounded.

Qian Yilong is a native of Bincheng. He is 27 years old and has no family. He lives in a dormitory in Bincheng with other brothers.

He came from a fisherman’s family, and his family was poor. When he was young, his father went to sea and was taken away by Sharpedo.

A few years later, when his mother ran away from home, he and his grandma have been living together.

When he was in junior high school, his grandma died of illness, so he dropped out of school to work on the black market.

At that time, the sub-rudder had just been established, and Yan Lin took charge of this place. He was pitiful when inspecting the black market, and he was recruited to give him a bite of food.

Seadra is his original Pokemon. He encountered it at the seaside when he was a child. He kept it hidden and dared to register with the Trainer Association after he joined the sub-rudder of Bencheng.

I met La Lazao while on a mission at sea, and he also saw La Lazao’s mother, an old poisonous algae dragon, very powerful.

I don’t know what ecstasy soup he poured into that Poison Dragon, Lalazao was entrusted to him by the old dragon.

Swablu is a resident in the Greater Black Mountain. It took him more than three years to successfully conquer it.

Applin is the Pokemon of the European Alliance, so it shouldn’t appear in Qian Yilong’s hands.

But a few years ago, someone smuggled Pokemon across Alliance. After receiving the news from the official, Yan Lin was very moved, and personally shot them a pot.

Originally, the Pokemon smuggled on board had to be handed over to the authorities as spoils of war, but Qian Yilong fell in love with this Applin. After asking Yan Lin for help, he obtained the ownership of Applin as he wished. .

In the past few years, he has been looking for the sour apples or sweet apples evolved by Help Applin. Unfortunately, this kind of important items involved in the evolution of Pokemon rarely flows into the East Asian Alliance, which makes him very regretful.

In addition to the Gible Pokemon egg just obtained, this guy is like Heaven’s Chosen Son Normal. A team has already collected five rare Dragon Type Pokemon.

Even if Yan Lin didn’t say anything just now, Jiang Sheng had already planned to train Qian Yilong.

Qian Yilong’s team is very slow to form, but the potential is extremely large, which is obvious to all.

Once the team takes shape, with the strength of Dragon Type Pokemon, his overall strength will be greatly improved.

Jiang Sheng is very fortunate that this guy is nostalgic for this land, thinking of Yan Lin and Zong Yunze’s blessings, not being dug away by Feng Quan and Gan Wenzhong.

If you can produce a Dragon Type Trainer under your own hands in the future, you will be better off thinking about it.

The welfare activities that Giovanni started after taking office have come to an end, but some members who have been busy for more than ten days without gaining anything are slightly depressed.

Jiang Sheng knew this would not work.

So arranged for people to take a walk among the members, and draw everyone’s attention to the more powerful Pokemon in the breeding base.

They are in the youth stage, they have potential and strength, and they are better than those Pokemon that have not hatched in the egg.

The only shortcoming is that due to the influence of the Growth environment, everyone lacks care and has a rebellious personality, making it difficult to identify with Trainer.

But it is their difficulty to conquer that can mobilize the enthusiasm of the members below.

As long as there is one Pokemon in the breeding base, they will have the dream of skyrocketing strength.

Sitting in the Captain position of the sub-rudder in Bencheng, Jiang Sheng is becoming more and more good at drawing cakes for his members and fully mobilizing their enthusiasm for work.

After finalizing the ownership of Gible in the morning, Yan Lin booked an afternoon ticket to leave Bencheng.

I have stayed here for so many years, without a trace of nostalgia, and completely handed over the sub-rudder of Bincheng to Jiang Sheng.

When Jiang Sheng sent him, he always felt that Yan Lin was always excited, as if the next moment would laugh out loud.

This weird appearance is quite similar to that of when he threw the management right to Mo Li.

At this point, the Bincheng Sub-rudder can be considered to have completely restored the normal routine of the past.

At night, the black market opens and members form a squad to maintain the order of the black market.

During the day, or take a rest;

Or go out to perform dangerous tasks assigned by the official or the Trainer Association;

Or train your Pokemon to improve yourself strength.

During this period, Jiang Sheng happened to have a mission with a few reserve players.

The target of the mission is a group of habitual robbers. They set the target on the children who have just got the initial Pokemon. After the robbery is obtained, they have a complete way to sell the stolen goods.

After the offline was destroyed, they were forced into the wild and deep in the mountains by the police and launched a fierce resistance, which resulted in the disability of many law enforcement officers responsible for the arrest.

The situation is serious, and the investigation team intervened. After generating the task, it was sent to the Trainer Association, and then sent to the villain group, requesting the members of the Bencheng sub-rudder to follow into the mountain and round up.

Originally, a Small Captain led the team to solve the problem. Jiang Sheng followed along, quickly found the other hiding place, and crushed dry weeds and smashing rotten wood to subdue them and experience it. Feeling out of the task.

There is a saying that this kind of task is extremely dangerous.

You will definitely see blood during the mission, and even before the mission, it is stated that you don’t care about the life or death of the mission target, and you are allowed to maimed or die.

It is precisely this life of licking the blood with the tip of a knife that has allowed the wicked group to trade a illegal place in a large city in the province, open the black market and gather wealth.

What they do is white-glove work, which belongs to the nature of mercenaries and is a buffer between the large heretic organization and Alliance.

After a mission, Jiang Sheng no longer has any interest, and asks Zhu Yang to come to him if there is a mission that cannot be handled, otherwise Zhu Yang can handle it by himself.

Two days after Yan Lin left Bincheng Sub-rudder, Shen Qian took the files from Fengtian General Rudder to Bincheng Sub-rudder.

Her arrival aroused a warm welcome from all the members of Bencheng Sub-rudder. No one would dislike an outstanding Pokemon doctor and Pokemon breeder.

Jiang Sheng even gave her a Chikorita Pokemon egg from Genetic Heal Pulse.

It was the eighteen people who had picked up the rest, but unfortunately they were not lucky enough to miss an outstanding team doctor.

According to Shen Qian’s request, Jiang Sheng arranged her residence in the breeding base to take care of the stronger “problem children”.

After in-depth understanding, Jiang Sheng realized that she was here only by coincidence. Unlike the previous transmission, she came to Trainer High School to communicate and study more.

Shen Chengze found a special channel for her and wanted her to study in Trainer High School temporarily to prepare to stay in school and become a faculty member. Now she is only temporarily living at the sub-helm in Bencheng.

But in Jiang Sheng’s view, whether she was in Bincheng or at Trainer High School, she did not run out of Bincheng. People must make good use of this tool.

When Jiang Sheng was reluctant to take the lead in Bincheng, Li Yuan suddenly called.

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