Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 344

I didn’t wait for Jiang Sheng to take a good look at his Pokemon, the person who called Jiang Sheng back came to the door.

Jiang Sheng opened the door and led him in.

Jiang Sheng was a little unbelievable the moment he saw him.

It’s only been more than half a month since the other party has changed too much.

He used to be very lazy, with the laid-back temperament of a pampered young master, just like a dude waiting to die.

Now he has a little vicissitudes in his expression, and his temperament is a little fierce.

This change gave Jiang Sheng a bad conjecture. He might have seen blood and separated life and death with others.

The visitor was Jiang Sheng’s tablemate, Zhao Hao who followed his brother out to sea to find Pokemon.

When he left, he was full of ambition, but when he came back, he became like this. Jiang Sheng came back after hearing his voice on the phone.

After bringing in Zhao Hao, he put the space backpack on the ground.

“Everything is to be eaten, everything is ready, and drink with me.”

Open it and see, there are various kinds of skewers, and many boxes of wine .

Jiang Sheng looked up at the sky, his eyes fluttered.

Eating these things early in the morning, Divine Immortal can’t stand it either!

He kept quiet, and handed it to Raboot and Raichu to let them prepare.

Kadabra brought two chairs, let Jiang Sheng and Zhao Hao sit down and talk, and ran to set up grills, burn charcoal, and process skewers with Raboot and Raichu.

As a Pokemon in the battlefield and in the kitchen, some furry guys have to learn the ability to warm the bed. They are too difficult.

Jiang Sheng glanced at Zhao Hao, who was gloomy, and asked:

“What’s wrong? A trip to the sea for such a big change?”

Zhao Hao He was heavily sighed and did not speak for a long time.

After waiting for a long time, he had the idea to open his mouth, and lowered his head to explain the reason.

After talking for more than half an hour, Jiang Sheng heard the mixed feelings, and Zhao Hao stopped until the fleshy Fragrance floated.

Until the sun rose high, Zhao Hao was drunk and Lingding was drunk, and he was carried back to the island of steel by Jiang Sheng and Kadabra.

After returning to the dormitory via Teleport, Jiang Sheng looked at the messy yard sighed and started Raichu and they cleaned the yard together.

The matter is very simple, which can be summed up in two sentences.

If you don’t die, you won’t die, and if you don’t move that greed, you won’t have the end now.

During this time, Zhao Hao and his brother entire group went to Hawaii Alliance.

They got the news that there was an illegal research institute under the Sea Territory, which imprisoned an extremely rare Steel Type Pokemon, so they moved their minds.

However, the opponent’s strength is too strong, Zhao Family entire group was almost planted in it, and finally withdrew from that research institution at a painful price.

As a drag oil bottle, Zhao Hao has unfortunately paid a more painful price.

In order to protect it, his Mawile was beaten into a pool of minced meat on the spot, and there was no way to save it.

Jiang Sheng thought that it would take a long time for their this generation Trainer to be separated from Pokemon.

Didn’t expect Zhao Hao to meet him like this. One can imagine how much it hit him.

This incident also sounded the alarm for Jiang Sheng.

There is no need to be too harsh, argue about right and wrong, and say that Zhao Family is insatiable.

Isn’t he also considered “insatiable”?

He went to Dragon Island to take a huge risk, but in the end he was better at killing the Gym-class ancient arbor monster and had the last laugh.

If there is a slight error in the middle, Gengar or Ah Dazhong may be in trouble.

A few days ago, I also played against the leader of [Siyuan Sea].

If it weren’t for Wang Lin’s Uncle who had arrived at the critical moment and scared away the spirit god, he would have been smashed with the spirit god, and the end would have been tragic.

Taking Zhao Hao as a lesson, Jiang Sheng is vigilant and will do less if he is uncertain.

The fate of all the Pokemon under his hand is in his own hands, and the slightest difference will make him regret it.

But Jiang Sheng is also very looking forward to the Pokemon that Zhao Hao said. If Zhao Hao can take it to the freshman competition, I am afraid that he will become the most watched cub in the audience, no one!

He is very hopeful that Zhao Hao can tame that Pokemon and expect Metagross to fight against it.

Even, Jiang Sheng now suspects that if the two are at the same level of strength, it might be stronger than the mutated Metang.

After finishing tidying up the yard, Jiang Sheng was drunk and exhausted. He had no time to check the training of Houndour. After washing, he fell on the bed and fell asleep.

Calm Mind is still not a substitute for sleep. Every once in a while, it is best to let your mind go to sleep, which will help your physical and mental health.

After I woke up in the afternoon, I went to Li Yuan’s dormitory and asked questions about the freshman competition.

After that, Li Yuan went to class. He played with Little Sponge at Li Yuan’s house for a long time, and did not return to the dormitory until dark.

On the way back to the house, Jiang Sheng was in a very good mood and even hummed a song.

In the afternoon, I learned from Li Yuan that according to the current situation, the competition for this freshman competition should be very fierce.

Since the Second Rank Quasi-Legendary battle spread all over the campus, many freshmen were stimulated by Jiang Sheng’s Metang and began to train Pokemon frantically or look for a stronger Pokemon as a partner.

Some family property new students have almost all Pokemon above Level 25. The overall strength may not be as good as Metang, but it is enough to compete with Raichu.

For some freshmen who chose to double their training, the initial level of Pokemon has also climbed to around 23-Level 25 under the concentration of resources, tying Houndour’s strength.

In the freshman competition, he may not be as outstanding as in the school game.

This not only didn’t make Jiang Sheng depressed, but geared up, be eager to have a try.

Whether in the first half of his life or in this life, he is full of interest in confrontational competitions other than sports games.

When I was young, I fantasized about four-wheel drive races and spinning top tournaments. I grew up obsessed with various types of e-sports. This is the growth process of every boy.

After coming to this parallel world, he devoted himself to the Pokémon battle!

Back to the dormitory, Jiang Sheng can take a good rest.

I have been living with a mask since half a month, and I am really tired. The physical fatigue caused by the form of the case is not a big deal. The most uncomfortable thing is the exhaustion of the heart.

There is always a faint estrangement with other people. After a long time, I can’t stand my state.

Jiang Sheng can’t help but admire those undercover agents in Infernal Affairs. If there are such people in the real world, their psychological quality will definitely reach a very terrifying level.

I paralyzed on the sofa and thought, opened the bracelet to check the status of the “four left-behind children”.

Under the influence of Macho Brace, Raboot’s figure has become stronger, and his height is much higher than that of his family. A pair of rabbit legs are full of muscles and beautiful lines.

Jiang Sheng who is watching covets……cough cough …scared witless!

Even if he hasn’t seen Raboot fight yet, Jiang Sheng can imagine what kind of power he should have on his legs.

The rabbit kicking the eagle is not a joke, some rabbits can really kick the eagle that is flying on the sky to death.

Affected by [Unnerve] mental crystallization, Raboot has taken in a lot of energy in his body during this period, and his strength rating is still soaring like riding a rocket. It has now reached Level 22.

It learned from Jiang Sheng that after the freshman game, he gave Jiang Sheng a cold look that he understood, and then he went into intense training and continued to hone his kicking skills.

There are three places for the freshman competition, and it must occupy one!

Raichu didn’t change much, and only upgraded to Level 1 and reached Level 29, but his strength is unstable. Recently, he has been resting at Calm Mind to stabilize his strength.

When it comes to the freshman game, its little hand squeezes in the air, and the crackling golden current forms a golden hammer.

It swung its golden hammer fiercely, and every time it hit, the electric current splashed and the momentum was shocking.

During this period, it has become more proficient in “Thunderbolt · Current Hammer”.

Now that I have abandoned the Meowth hammer, I can constrain the lightning into a hammer shape and apply it in practice.

Raichu is also asking for a fight, waving his electric hammer and asking Jiang Sheng, is this not worth a place for the competition?

Jiang Sheng turned his head to look at the two Metangs holding metal cubes in the yard, and Houndour lying dormantly under the tree.

Suddenly, he realized one more thing, looking towards Kadabra, who was sitting in the special position of Calm Mind in the courtyard.

He almost forgot that Kadabra was also in the battle sequence. It is now Level 25, and he has also learned a very shabby move-Recover.

Although Kadabra did not make a statement, we should also find an opportunity to arrange Kadabra to show her strength.

How to allocate this entry quota?

is it possible that fight?

If there is a real fight, Metang is the uncrowned king.

Raichu, Houndour, and Kadabra are almost on par, and the remaining two places will be born between them.

Finally, Raboot will cry out for unfairness.

In Li Yuan’s explanation in the afternoon, Jiang Sheng already knew the format of the freshman competition.

First of all, there are restrictions on competition qualifications. Participants must have three Pokemons to be eligible to register.

This makes Jiang Sheng very upset, entangled in how to choose players.

The format of the game is a relay. It is not counted as the end of the game until one of the opponents has no Pokemon to play.

When registering, a screening work will be carried out, and the strength ratings of the applicants’ three Pokemon will be measured by the machine.

Sequence after adding up the strength ratings, take the top 256 on the ranking list to participate in the freshman competition.

Randomly draw, pair by pair, only after eight rounds of battle, you can decide the leader of the freshman game.

The rewards are also very generous.

Every time you win a game, 100 credits will be credited, enough for more than ten elective courses.

The top 16 can choose a professional-level move development secret in the inner library, the top eight will rise to the Gym-level move development secret, and the top three will be upgraded to the Elite move development secret.

In addition, the top three can also get a quota of internal library access, allowing credits to be exchanged for one thing.

In addition to the above rewards, the first place has extras and rewards.

You can choose one item of Neiku Middle School with a price of less than 10,000 credits, or choose an admission quota for “Dragon Valley”!

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