Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 345

The admission quota of Dragon Valley is that all Pokémon Trainers of East Asia Alliance are yearn for something even in dreams.

Dragon Valley is the agglomeration of East Asian Alliance’s Dragon Type culture for thousands of years. Even in the “Dragon Slaying Battle”, many Alliances failed to enter the Dragon Valley and took away the plants and trees inside. .

In Dragon Valley, there is Pokemon, the most complete dragon genus in the world, as long as it is a Pokemon of the wyvern group, you can see it in Dragon Valley.

I heard that there are many old fart living fossils. They do not rely on any external means like ancient energy, but rely on their own strong strength to live for more than a thousand years.

This option that will make outsiders ecstatic, in Jiang Sheng’s view, is nothing.

I haven’t seen his talents now, don’t you know which three Pokemon to send?

Dragon Type Quasi-Legendary is good, but the growth period is too long. He went to Dragon Valley to bring out one that is also a pearl cast, and there is no platform for it to flex its muscles.

In this way, it is better to leave it to others. This is not only responsible for yourself, but also for Pokemon.

Jiang Sheng has already thought about it, this freshman contest must try hard to get the first place, there are many things he wants in Neku.

Raichu’s Gym-level move development secret “Spirit Hammer”, Beedrill’s Elite-level move development secret “X-Scissor”, and that one after another lovely spiritual crystallization.

Aren’t these more fragrant than a place in Dragon Valley?

Furthermore, there are not a few people who have returned empty-handed after being granted access to Dragon Valley.

About the freshman competition flashed in his mind, Jiang Sheng continued to retrieve reports in the bracelet to check the status of Houndour and Skiddo.

Suddenly, a text message came on the mobile phone. Jiang Sheng glanced at the screen and found that Li Yuan had sent it.

He clicked in and took a look. There was only one sentence in the conversation about Heaven Realm, but Jiang Sheng was lost in thought.

“Get the first place, go to Dragon Valley!”

Jiang Sheng said nothing, this is definitely not made by Li Yuan.

Little Sponge must have sent her mother’s mobile phone. This is not the first time she has done this. She is already familiar with it.

Jiang Sheng dare not regard the words of the small sponge as in one ear and out the other.

Combined with the situation in the Metagross tomb, this may be another major turning point in his life.

Why go to Dragon Valley?

This is the puzzle of Jiang Sheng. He can’t think of any intersection between himself and Dragon Valley, is it possible that he will meet a Metagross in Dragon Valley. Special Pokemon?

Jiang Sheng asked Xiao Sponge the reason for the first time:

“Can you tell me why?”

The other party gave a reply quickly, and the words were very clear. With a taste of fatalism:

“Always go once. Going early has the advantage of going early. Don’t ask any more.”

Jiang Sheng raised his brows and smacked Smack your lips.

At a young age, it’s terrible, and there is an old-fashioned taste in speaking.

Although he was teasing in his heart and didn’t care about his face, Jiang Sheng had already made a secret decision.

If this is the case, then try to win the first place and see what tricks exist in Dragon Nest.

He did not ask any more, turned off the phone, and continued to check the medical report in the bracelet.

Before leaving, at the request of Houndour, I helped it turn off the switch on the collar. Without the energy supplied by the Sun Seed, Houndour’s ascent speed slowed down.

During this time, only Level 1 has been improved, and the power rating has reached 2Level 6, which is about to be equalized by the initial Pokemon of other freshmen.

The report shows that Houndour within the body has a backlog of turbulent energy. It is not an exaggeration to call it a time bomb.

It is still seeking a perfect opportunity to evolve, so it does not hesitate to risk its mortal danger to drastically suppress its own strength.

“Houndour, come here!”

Moved towards the courtyard After a cry, Houndour opened his eyes and looked towards the room through the window.

Until Jiang Sheng beckoned to it, he languidly climbed up from under the sheep tree.

The two claws leaned forward, the waist bent down, and stretched a lazy waist. After standing up, he hit another Yawn before squinting his eyes and stepping into the room at a leisurely pace.

Kadabra eyes opened in Calm Mind took a look at the calm Houndour, which was quite surprised.

I haven’t seen you for a few days, Brother Gou is so good!

In the room, seeing Houndour in such a gesture, Jiang Sheng sneered.

Raise the right hand, turn the palm up, a jade box appear out of thin air in the palm of the hand.

The sneer on Jiang Sheng’s face is thicker, and he stretches out his hand to open the jade box a small slit.

A peculiar charm drifts out of the jade box along the gap.

Outside the house, Houndour’s nose lightly sniffed, his eyes rounded, and the dog’s face was full of incredible colors.

The tongue is drooping outside, and salivary is secreted in a thousandth of a second, dripping to the ground.

Four claws burst out like the wind.

The head is as strong as iron, and he slams open the door of the house.

It pounced on the hungry tiger for Normal, and pounced directly on Jiang Sheng sitting on the sofa.

At this moment, the dog’s head is getting bigger and bigger in the field of vision, Jiang Sheng’s eyes are round, his face is astonished, and the look in his eyes is even more mixed feelings.

Three points are wrong, three points regret, two points are angry, one point is regretful, one point is thinking.

I was surprised that I didn’t expect Houndour to have such a big reaction;

I regretted that I shouldn’t tease it like this;

I was angry I am about to be hit by a dog;

I regret why I didn’t learn Teleport;

I wondered how many delicious ways dog meat can be.

next moment, the sofa falls down, and people turn upside down.

Jiang Sheng was hit by a powerful impact and flew out, and the jade box in his hand came out. Medicine pill threw away from the jade box and flew into the air.

Kadabra used Teleport to appear behind Jiang Sheng and catch Jiang Sheng to prevent Jiang Sheng from falling out.

Houndour uses the overturned sofa as a springboard to jump up and catch the medicine pill with its dog’s mouth.

Jiang Sheng hurriedly shouted:

“Don’t eat, it will hold you to death!”

The falling Houndour made Jiang Sheng a relief His eyes, and then ignored Jiang Sheng’s advice, put most of the medicine pill Swallow in his belly.

The look in Jiang Sheng’s eyes is very familiar. He did the same when he asked for a poison sac a few days ago and made Jiang Sheng believe it.

In a blink of an eye, the Arbor monster almost played off, almost exploding by the strong energy.

Houndour is now swallowing legendary resources. What skills and abilities can it have completely digested?

“Kadabra, rescue, take the medicine pill back!”

While shouting, Jiang Sheng rushed towards Houndour, trying to pick out the medicine from his throat pill.

Kadabra is also aware of the seriousness of the situation. Confusion moved and formed an invisible hand, grabbing Houndour’s back and tail, and wanted to turn it upside down to prevent the medicine pill from sliding to the stomach.

As soon as Confusion touches Houndour, Houndour rises up with weird energies of black and red, dispersing Confusion.

Kadabra face changed, it is an evil force, and Psychic energy cannot advance in front of it.

Black red can surging, forming a weird big bird with open wings.

The bitter pressure radiated from the big bird, deterring Jiang Sheng and Pokemon inside and outside the house, making them impossible to move even a little bit.

As the source of mutation, Houndour is closing his eyes, and more and more energy is gushing out of his body.

Finally, it is more substantial, like the flowing water of black red, covering Houndour’s figure.

Jiang Sheng is really afraid that if this continues, Houndour will be squeezed alive into a corpse.

Thanks to the materialization of energy, the appearance of the big bird is becoming clearer and more lifelike, just like a real Yveltal.

But fortunately, Big Bird’s eyes are still godless, otherwise Jiang Sheng really has to consider the consequences of Yveltal’s consciousness coming.

When the pooled energy reaches a critical value, the big bird takes action, and the Dual Wingbeat hangs down and slowly closes, wrapping the Houndour inside.

After that, with the passage of time, the black red bird’s figure began to blur, became more rounded, and finally turned into a large cocoon more than two meters high, standing in the house.

When everything calmed down, Jiang Sheng quickly scanned the cocoon with his hand ring to check the status of Houndour.

The bracelet generates a report, showing that Houndour is not at all mortal danger in its metamorphosis and evolution.

Jiang Sheng’s tense spirit eased, only then did he remember to look at the time, and found that a series of changes lasted more than half an hour!

Jiang Sheng heart shivered with cold, with such a large energy fluctuation, will the outside of your dormitory be full of people, right?

When he looked out, he found Raichu and Raboot crowded at the door, looking towards the house with a worried look, his eyes wandering between Jiang Sheng and Da Yu, his eyes full of care,

Jiang Sheng’s heart warmed, and quickly comforted:

“Don’t worry, it’s okay, this stupid dog has a great good fortune. When he comes out of the cocoon, he must beat him up. A meal!”

Raichu waved the Meowth hammer in his hand, thinking that Jiang Sheng was absolutely right.

Looking out again, there is no one outside the gate, and no one is lying on the wall to eavesdrop. The sky is a silver moon and a starry sky, and even a bird Pokemon has never flown.

This made Jiang Sheng very puzzled. Could it be that the previous energy fluctuations spread throughout the dormitory without leaking to the outside?

Opened the door and looked at the two ends of the road. He went around the courtyard wall and made sure that no one was there before returning to the dormitory.

Houndour has turned its cocoon, when will it emerge, and the bracelet has not given a specific time.

Jiang Sheng had to prop up the sofa and sit in the living room to guard against unexpected accidents.

He called out the report of the last “left-behind child” from the bracelet and carefully checked its condition.

Skiddo has made a little progress. Compared with his departure, Skiddo has improved to Level 1. Now it is Level 21.

This guy has become the tail of the crane in Jiang Sheng’s team. Apart from the Pokemon egg held by Jiang Sheng, no one is weaker than it.

Jiang Sheng squinted his eyes. It’s not a problem to always eat and wait for death. He thinks that it should be locked in a different space and live with Furrret for a period of time, maybe there will be some improvement in strength.

The Skiddo at the Rest under the tree shuddered for no apparent reason. It only treated it as a cold breeze. It moved a little closer to the trunk of the sheep tree and continued to sleep soundly.

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