Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 346

This guy, the lamb, obviously has a good innate talent, but he is lazy by nature, full of curiosity about everything, and his own strength is not enough for the capital to explore the secrets. It is true that one day “curiosity kills the sheep”. It is a headache.

Now Jiang Sheng doesn’t have high requirements for it. It looks stronger, more resistant to beatings, longer endurance during long-distance running, and Grassy Terrain has higher proficiency, so it is enough.

After it evolves, you can take it out to play more.

Jiang Sheng not at all the essence of the grass immediately took it out and gave it to Skiddo. Houndour had a bad head. Jiang Sheng was afraid that Skiddo would also drink up all the essence of the grass.

Although the essence of the grass is soothing, the lamb will not cause much problem after drinking it.

But it may be too late to digest, causing loss of medicine efficacy and wasting most of the essence of the grass.

After that, he will separate the essence of the grass with a small bottle and only give Skiddo one piece a day. Little bit.

For the next two days, Jiang Sheng had nothing to do, so he stayed in the dormitory, guarding the cocooned Houndour.

Apart from this, also remotely monitor the status of the villain group through the APP, and occasionally watch a few battles with higher real value.

During this time, Jiang Sheng also asked anonymously about the night on the forum.

But neither the students on the island of Psychic nor the students on the island of evil in the distance don’t know what happened that night mentioned in the post. It seems to them that everything is business as usual.

Jiang Sheng asked Li Lan and Mo Li again, and the two replied in the same way, not at all perceiving a strong wave of evil energy.

This made Jiang Sheng puzzled, and he didn’t understand why such a large energy fluctuation didn’t spread out.

On the eve of the freshman competition registration, Li Yuan suddenly sent a message, mainly to mention two things.

Jiang Sheng carefully distinguished the tone and confirmed that it was really sent by Li Yuan and not by Sponge using her mother’s mobile phone.

First thing, Li Yuan told Jiang Sheng not to ask about the situation that night.

At that time, she noticed abnormal aura fluctuations on the Psychic island, and rushed to the door of Jiang Sheng’s dormitory with Gym-level Gothitelle.

Gothitelle pinched out a different space, covering the entire area, isolating the leakage of energy fluctuations.

Therefore, apart from her, no one should have noticed the abnormality that night, and remind Jiang Sheng not to mention this kind of thing again.

Jiang Sheng originally asked questions anonymously on the forum, how could he go to the real-name question stupidly?

After getting the news again, I directly logged on to the account and deleted the post.

The second thing is about the selection of the three participating Pokemon.

Li Yuan hopes that Jiang Sheng can send three Psychic Type Pokemon to play, representing the Psychic and Psychic Type Trainer, and win the glory for Psychic Academy.

The freshman competition is another battle for the division of resources between major colleges and departments. It will be based on the proportions of the top 64, top 32, and top 8 schools in each round as an important resource allocation in the future. reference.

If Jiang Sheng can win a very high ranking with the Psychic Type team composition of the whole team, the reputation of the Psychic Academy can be boosted.

Of course, this is only Li Yuan’s request, not a request.

The last three Pokemon were on, Li Yuan not at all compulsory orders, everything depends on Jiang Sheng’s own plan.

Jiang Sheng looked back at the large cocoon in the middle of the living room.

According to the report given by the bracelet, Houndour has no signs of breaking out of the cocoon.

And I will sign up tomorrow. If nothing happens, Houndour should miss this freshman competition.

Excluding Houndour, the remaining candidates are Metang, Raichu, Kadabra, Raboot.

If you choose the team Psychic Type, you will be sorry for Raboot.

Poor little bunny, since it evolved, there has been no chance to flex its muscles.


In the morning of 2nd day, the registration for the freshman competition started, and the atmosphere of Trainer High School became visible as naked eye, and the faces of students walking on the street were filled with excited smiles.

Even many sophomores and seniors who earn credits by performing tasks outside, finish their tasks as soon as possible and rush back to school to watch the event.

Some competition clubs have collected information about Seeded Contestant from various colleges in advance, to see their performance in the freshman competition.

After the freshman competition is over, an invitation letter is immediately thrown out to some well-known figures, asking them to join their club.

The clubs here do not exist for the “campus hegemony”.

Most combat clubs are composed of combat madmen.

Their purpose is very simple, just to fight.

Play against every genius, win or lose, and keep going.

Just like raising Gu Normal, it stimulates your own growth and lays a solid foundation for dominating the professional arena or taking over as Gym Leader.

The functional community is composed of hobby people with uniform interests.

They are mostly keen on a certain aspect, such as business management, Pokemon feeding, Pokemon research, trick teaching… and many other aspects. The members like to be quiet and bored, and the academic atmosphere is very strong.

Due to the young age of high school students, the school also intervenes in this type of association organization, dispatching Coaching Teachers to be stationed in clubs to prevent students from being misled to form factions, harming the campus and endangering social security.

The registration point for the freshman competition is not unique. There is a registration point on Psychic Island.

In the morning, Jiang Sheng rushed to the Psychic Academy’s teaching building to sign up. Many people have lined up at the entrance of the teaching building.

The team is not long. There are fewer than 90 freshmen in the first year of Psychic College. Some freshmen do not even have a third Pokemon, so they are naturally not eligible to participate.

According to Jiang Sheng’s observation, only about 60 to 70 people came to sign up.

When many freshmen’s eyes swept to Jiang Sheng, they would pause subconsciously and then turn to other places.

Some people even whisper to their partners immediately, discussing something.

After showing the limelight many times, Jiang Sheng has a small reputation in Psychic Academy and even the entire high school.

Sometimes you don’t need to be too strong, as long as you are special enough, everyone will remember your name.

If you are strong enough and special enough, they will not only brand your appearance in their minds, but also shout your name.

Jiang Sheng is not strong or not, others are not clear.

But the super-large Shiny Metang is special enough. Many people first know Shiny Metang before they know Jiang Sheng.

In the past, Jiang Sheng will feel at a loss for what to do with the attention of the public.

But during this period of time in Bincheng Sub-rudder training for so long, Jiang Sheng can be considered a person who has seen the big scene, and he calmly queued up for registration.

Soon, I registered to Jiang Sheng here.

The registration process is very simple, first hand in the credit card registration information, and then receive the three Pokemon participating in the Poké Ball, and put them in a large machine on the right side of the registration point.

This machine is very similar to the one Jiang Sheng encountered when he participated in the selection at the headquarters of the villain group.

But the workmanship needs to be more refined, and the measurement accuracy of Pokemon Level should also be higher.

About two minutes, three Poké Balls were spit out from the notches on the side of the machine. Jiang Sheng took them out and hung them back to his waist and left the registration point.

Involving student privacy, Pokemon Level has not been announced, and even the Pokemon types in the three Poké Balls did not appear on the screen of the machine.

This makes the freshmen lining up behind Jiang Sheng a little regretful.

They really want to know which three Pokemon Jiang Sheng will send to fight, and to what extent.

Because there are registration points on each Attribute island, eighteen registration points are scattered, and on average, each registration point receives not many new students.

At noon, the registration work is over. The next step is to sort by the total level and screen out the 256 contestants.

Jiang Sheng also thought about it, what if many freshmen have the same total Level number after they reach the “256” ranking?

The school has also thought of this possibility a long time ago, and a solution has been listed on the campus APP forum.

Jiang Sheng glanced at it roughly, not at all too much care. With the strength of his Pokemon, he naturally wouldn’t rank as low as 256.

In the evening, the ranking list made by Early-Stage screening was announced on the forum.

Jiang Sheng clicked in to take a look, and found that he was actually in the fifth place, surprise appeared in his eyes.

I’m as high as “81” in the overall level, and I actually ranked fifth?

Those guys are driving something higher than the total level of their most luxurious lineup. Are they afraid that they can’t control the overpowering Pokemon?

Unfortunately, there are only rankings on the list, not at all detailed total Level annotations, otherwise he can see how many levels the first four guys are higher than himself.

It is also possible that everyone has the same level, but their strongest Pokemon Level is higher than their strongest Pokemon, so they rank ahead of them.

Jiang Sheng rubbed his eyebrows, didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

These four rich and imposing guys, shouldn’t they get a Pokemon above level 30?

Li Lan and Mo Li are also on the list, they also have extraordinary Pokemon, so the overall level ranking is higher.

Jiang Sheng doesn’t care about Li Lan’s lineup, but is very interested in Mo Li’s lineup.

Before he came back, Mo Li had only Lucario and Mienfoo in his hands.

In such a short period of time, the teacher of Ghost House or Fighting House should have found her the third Pokemon.

And this third Pokemon is very strong, because she ranks higher than Li Lan on the list.

Jiang Sheng speculates that the Pokemon’s Level should be at least Level 20 or above.

In addition to the list of candidates coming out, the school has even completed the drawing of lots, and will also post the match list tomorrow day to the forum.

Jiang Sheng found his opponent from it.

A middle-ranking student of the School of Electronics, whose name sounds unfamiliar, and no posts related to him were found on the forum. He seemed to be an ordinary fellow, and Jiang Sheng didn’t care too much.

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