Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 347

The freshman competition is not at all arranged on the open-air battle field on the main island of Normal Type, but occupies the auditorium of each Attribute island.

In this way, it is not only convenient for students to watch, but also convenient for live broadcast on campus APP.

The first round of the Jiang Sheng freshman competition was queued to the auditorium on the grass island.

Because his overall ranking is too high, this battle was directly arranged as the opener.

In the morning, Jiang Sheng finished Calm Mind and got up very early. After having breakfast with the Pokemon, he hurried to the Caozhi Island to cooperate with the school for pre-war preparations.

In fact, it is not considered as preparation work, it is to wait in the War Zone in advance, so as not to let the school find no contestants before the opening.

When Jiang Sheng found the staff, he was led to the War Zone to wait for the freshman competition to start.

At eight o’clock in the morning, the game started on time, and the elevator slowly started, sending Jiang Sheng onto the field.

Standing on the elevator platform opposite him is a small boy with a pair of glasses with a thick bowl.

Behind him, a large LCD screen hangs with his makeup photo, name, and three lighted Poké Balls.

Dianyuan, Liang Hao!

Based on this speculation, Jiang Sheng feels that behind him should be the same.

The makeup photo was sent to the school by myself, and the name section should read: “Psychic Academy, Jiang Sheng”.

Three Poké Balls represent the three participating Pokemon. Once a player exits, one will be symbolically destroyed, until all three of the Poké Balls are destroyed, and the game is over.

Liang Hao’s face is a bit heavy. Anyone who encounters such a strong opponent as Jiang Sheng in the first game will not feel too good.

This freshman game, for him, is probably just a cutscene, and he won’t get any rewards.

After all, in the reward rules, only if you defeat the opponent can you get 100 credits, not at all additional guaranteed rewards.

The referee has set aside preparation time for the players. The game has not yet started and the right to the first hand has not yet been determined, so the two did not throw Poké Ball as soon as they met.

Liang Hao helped the heavy glasses on the bridge of his nose and said:

“Jiang Sheng, how about a discussion?”

Jiang Sheng raised his brows , I don’t understand what the other party is playing, but nodded signaled that the other party can continue talking.

“I may not be able to win this battle, maybe only this time, I must seize it. I want to fight with your best Pokemon with all my strength and show myself well!”

Jiang Sheng raised his brows, and didn’t understand the relationship.

Showing yourself in battle, as the capital of joining the club, he understands what the other party means.

Isn’t the persimmon picking soft?

Fight against his weakest Pokemon, you can fight heartily and fully demonstrate his strength.

If you took out the strongest Pokemon, got it on, and then the seconds, what else can you say?

“It depends on the situation.”

Jiang Sheng said vaguely, not at all and gave a promise.

The referee ignored the conversation between the two of them. When the countdown of the preparation time ended, he announced the beginning.

A double-sided screen falls from the center of the auditorium, and the audience can see the content on the screen clearly.

On the screen is an animated image of a coin tossing up.

This tossed coin is very special. One side is a portrait of Jiang Sheng, and the other side is a portrait of Liang Hao.

This is to determine the first hand right of the battle.

Just like in 5VS5 e-sports, different venues will be selected to get the right to ban first.

The coin is flipped, flipped, and dropped.

On the screen, the side of the coin facing up is Liang Hao’s head, which means Liang Hao has obtained the first hand right.

It’s not that all “firsts” are good choices, at least not in Pokémon battles.

This means Liang Hao wants to send Pokemon first. Jiang Sheng can depend on the situation.

Jiang Sheng’s face is not at all happy. The first hand and the second hand are the same to him. He is confident to blow everything up.

It was Liang Hao’s reaction that made Jiang Sheng puzzled.

Liang Hao felt relieved after seeing this unfavorable result for him.

“My first hand, I will send out my strongest Pokemon, if you win it, I will abstain. I hope it can make you take it seriously and send the strongest Pokemon to fight with me!”

Red and white Poké Ball threw away, red light flashed, and a Pokemon in the shape of a Yellow kangaroo appeared in the lower court.

When I saw this Pokemon, the atmosphere on the court heated up, and the spectators looked towards Jiang Sheng with fiery eyes, waiting for Jiang Sheng’s response.

They seem to have foreseen the scene of Jiang Sheng overturning.

When he saw this Pokemon, Jiang Sheng’s face appeared astonished, and he couldn’t believe it.

Electric Dragon, Level 32, Characteristic Trait 【Static】. (The body is full of static electricity, which may cause the Pokemon who touched him to fall into a paralyzed state)

Jiang Sheng thought of his opponent’s ranking on the list, and tsk tsk was surprised.

How weak his remaining two Pokemon should be to make his ranking so low.

“Your initial Pokemon?” Jiang Sheng asked.

“Well, a partner who has been trained for a long time has a high level at the beginning of school, but the first two forms are not conducive to fighting, so you are not as famous as yours.”

“Jiang Sheng players, please send Pokemon as soon as possible, otherwise it will be regarded as abstention!”

This is a battle field, not a tea room. The referee started urging and interrupted the conversation between the two.

Jiang Sheng gestured to Liang Hao nodded, took a Poké Ball from his belt and threw it out.

A yellow-skinned mouse appeared on the battlefield.


As soon as Thunderbolt hits sky, the golden electric current explodes suddenly, like a bunch of golden yellow fireworks, and the Celebrate opener begins.

Raichu, Level 29, Characteristic Trait [Surf end].

This is a duel between Electric Type Pokemon!

Seeing that it is not Metang, Liang Hao’s eyes darkened.

But after a few more glances at Raichu, his face showed a strange look.

This yellow-skinned mouse seems to be familiar…

“The game begins!”

The referee gave an order, Liang Hao had no time to think, immediately Throw into the battle.

“Electric Dragon, Thunderbolt!”

The Electric Type attack is not a good choice for Electric Type Pokemon. Jiang Sheng suspects that he has no better moves. .

Not everyone is like him. If you want Pokemon to learn any tricks, you can use cheat to refer to enlightenment.

“Raichu, we also come to Thunderbolt!”

Take electricity to electricity!

Jiang Sheng wants to see if his Raichu’s knowledge on Electric Type is stronger than the well-known figure in Pokemon, after spending a lot of resources to complete the foundation.


Golden Spark blooms on the dragon body, like a golden python moved towards Raichu.

Compared with this extensive Thunderbolt, Raichu’s use of Thunderbolt is more refined.

The golden electric current converges in the palm, forming an electric current hammer about half a meter long.

Raichu flipped his wrist, and the electric hammer was thrown out and hit the “golden boa constrictor”.

The broad hammer head slammed down and stopped the Thunderbolt from the lasing shot, just like Thor appeared in this world, swinging the hammer to subdue the snake monster.

The hammer and the “golden python” are deadlocked. As the controllers behind the scenes, Raichu and Dianlong are working hard to output current, and they must defeat each other in the power battle.

Seeing this scene, Liang Hao smiled wryly.

This kind of scene is not the first time.

He often sees this Raichu on Electric Type islands, and has commanded the electric dragon to learn from it many times.

The other party’s knowledge on Electric Type is indeed strong, but the electric dragon is not as good as it.

After a few breaths of stalemate, Raichu was not satisfied with the situation, his body curled up slightly, and he exerted another force.

“Thunder and Thunder!”

Angry roar, the electric current condensed into a hammer fell into violent violent, crackling on the hammer head, emitting a strong light.

The soaring electric hammer slammed into force and slammed it down. The “Golden Python” disintegrated on the spot, and the fragmented electric current blasted all around, not one stream.

The electric hammer is only the rays of light dimmed a bit, and continues to hover towards the electric dragon, hitting the electric dragon’s chest hard.

But Raichu’s methods are much more than that.

It controlled the electric hammer to explode suddenly, and the powerful impact of the explosion lifted the electric dragon away, causing secondary damage to the electric dragon.

Jiang Sheng is the first time to see the Thunderbolt moves left by Elite Raichu developed for actual combat. He is quite satisfied with the destructive power of “Thunderbolt · Current Hammer”.

Compared with the Primal version of Thunderbolt deployed by Dianlong, this developed Thunderbolt is more destructive and violent.

On the other side, the electric dragon clutched his chest and staggered up from the ground.

Even though it is resistant to Electric Type moves, this blow caused it serious damage.

At this moment, Liang Hao is extremely embarrassed.

He really doesn’t know how to fight?

How to show your strength?

Electric Dragon’s telephony is a housekeeping skill, but now it can’t even fight Thunderbolt, what else does it use to fight?

“Dragon’s Wave!”

The electric dragon moved, purple energy gathered in the mouth, and in a blink of an eye, a purple energy beam was spit out at Raichu.

Raichu repeated the old technique, grabbing with his right paw, and another golden electric hammer.

The electric hammer was thrown and hit the dragon’s wave, the sound of “chi chi chi” sounded, and the Electric Type energy was contending with the Dragon Type energy.

According to Attribute restraint, Dragon Type energy has extraordinary resistance and has a strong suppression power against fire, water, grass, and electricity.

But in Raichu, he wins by quantity, forcibly suppressing the dragon’s wave, dispersing the energy beam, and the electric hammer continues to hit the electric dragon.

The electric dragon reacted this time and hurriedly propped up a Protect shield to block Raichu’s electric hammer.

Liang Hao took a deep breath and his face became more bitter.

It’s so difficult!

In the fight of special attacks, it has no advantage at all, and even the split is an illusion.

In this case, then I will not be a “mage”!

“Electric Dragon, Close Combat, Body Slam!”

Electric Dragon moved short legs and started running. After a few steps, the knee bends and wants to take off from the top of Raichu’s head. Cast Body Slam on.

Raichu’s hands suddenly burst into green light and made a knotted motion.

Liang Hao was heart shivered with cold, his pupils shrunk, and hurriedly shouted:

“Electric dragon, get down soon.”

It’s too late, There are sturdy vines burrowing out of the ground and entangled at the ankles of the electric dragon.

The vine slammed downwards, and the electric dragon that had just taken off more than one meter high fell quickly and hit the Ground.

This round of impact is definitely enough to drink a pot of electric dragon.

It’s much more than that, Raichu has a third electric hammer in his hand.

The electric hammer fell from the sky!

The electric dragon was falling into a confused state, and it was too late to dodge. He was hit by a hammer on his forehead and passed out on the spot.

The scene was silent, staring at Raichu dumbfounded.

In less than 3 minutes, three electric hammers fell, so a battle ended so neatly?

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