Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 348

This hammer?

At the beginning, the audience didn’t care much about Raichu’s strange attack methods, but when the three hammers fell, everyone realized the vigor of the development of this move.

Obviously, it was developed for the special attack Thunderbolt, but it was changed so hard and concisely, just like a physical attack, like a real hammer hitting the head.

It is really hard to understand.

Jiang Sheng is not clear about the profound mystery in this, but he wants to have something to do with the Thunder Stone, the Electric Gem, and the “Meowth Hammer”.

The Elite Raichu has turned his Light Ball into a hammer and kept it with him. Impossible is simply because of nostalgia.

There are also some students who are knowledgeable about goods. They have been in and out of the inner warehouse many times, and they have recognized this hammer shape, with suspicious eyes in their eyes.

Is this the hammer in the center of Neku?

A little toy of Elite Raichu?

Recently, it seems that someone has indeed heard that the hammer in Neiku was picked up by a freshman.

At that time, they ridiculed for quite a while, laughing that the freshman was a fool, and regarded the things that everyone disliked as treasure.

Aware of this, everyone can’t help but blushed with shame for a while.

Especially the students of the School of Electronics, beating their chests and feet, it is more uncomfortable than missing the 5 million prize in the lottery draw.

This is the development of Elite moves for nothing, and it is also the conventional Top Rank moves like Thunderbolt, and it fits very well with Electric Type’s signature Pokemon Raichu. No one can smile peacefully.

On the battlefield, Liang Hao helped his glasses again, with a not at all superfluous expression on his face, but as it should be by rights.

In fact, before this, he and Dianlong had played with this Raichu many times.

In the past, Raichu was just honing his strength in the competition, they still lose more than they lose.

This time Raichu broke out in full force, and the Denon defeat was also expected.

Behind Liang Hao, the first of the three Poké Balls on the screen went out, and the gray image of the electric dragon appeared directly below the Poké Ball.

Jiang Sheng is the next city first!

“I abstain and withdraw from this match!”

The referee ignored it and said stiffly: “There is only defeat in the freshman game, no abstention!”

Liang Hao browses frowned, suspecting that the referee is targeting him, but thinking that this is a live broadcast, impossible such a thing, can only continue the unfinished match obediently and honestly.

Poké Ball was thrown, and the second Pokemon appeared in the field.

Elekid, Level 11, Characteristic Trait [Static]!

Jiang Sheng can’t help shook the head.

He had expected this a long time ago. Had it not been for a fight with a level 30 electric dragon before, he would almost have thought it was an entrance exam.

This young man named Liang Hao is going to have a snack. Although the training of Pokemon should be done in a stepped manner, getting rich first leads to getting rich, but the gap does not need to be so big, right?

The future Electivire is very strong, but the current Elekid and Raichu are 1Level 8, just like a little baby.

Raichu’s motherhood is overwhelming, and I am afraid that it will be injured by the electric hammer, so I use Psychic to attack its brain and knock it out.

Jiang Sheng was very speechless after seeing it, and couldn’t help but complain in the heart.

People are also resistant to Electric Type. If you directly use Mental Force to measure its brain area, I am afraid that it will do more damage.

Later, Liang Hao’s third Pokemon was released, which was a lovely pink Pichu.

This lineup made Jiang Sheng and the audience shook their heads.

One god brings two pits, and among them there is a little fellow who is not full of intimacy. Even if the first round is not a strong man like Jiang Sheng, this kid can’t go far.

Pichu Level is not high. Raichu was so frightened that tears flowed from his eyes immediately, so pitiful.

The first battle ended soon. The referee announced that Jiang Sheng had won the game and advanced to the top 128.

The lifting platform fell, Jiang Sheng gave up his position to other players waiting aside, and then ignored the sight of the other students in War Zone, left the auditorium and returned to the dormitory, without staying in the auditorium to watch the game meaning.

A total of 18 sub-fields are at the same time. He is impossible to stay on the grass island to watch the game.

Isn’t it better to go back to the dorm and sit on the sofa?

The match situation of the 18 sub-fields is live broadcast in the campus APP. I want to see which point.

In the afternoon, the game is all over. Jiang Sheng has been watching the live broadcast on the sofa, a seemingly leisurely activity, but not at all as easy as imagined.

He has been constantly cutting the screen, looking up the “Seeded Contestant” information of each hospital, making appointments for their match reminders, summarizing their team composition, and he is very busy.

The rest of the time is to observe the details of their battles, analyze the merits of them and draw lessons from them, and finally compare whether they have the capital to fight against themselves.

There are evenly matched opponents that are called competitions. Pushing all the way to the past is too boring and will make him disappointed in various campus events in the future.

Jiang Sheng also found the game replays of the four great immortals above him. After watching it, there was not much gain.

Their fighting process is the same as their own. They are all pushing three, crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood to end the battle, and not much has been exposed.

In addition to paying attention to these potential opponents, Jiang Sheng also watched Li Lan and their games.

Li Lan’s luck is not too good. She faced the opponent who was evenly matched with her strength.

What makes people happy is that although there are some twists and turns in the middle, in the end Persian pulling strongly against a crazy tide, to win hard, Help Li Lan advances to the next round.

In this battle, Deino also played.

Under the influence of Soothe Bell and Pokéblock intimacy, its attitude towards Li Lan finally changed, willing to follow Li Lan’s command.

But it is only in the First Rank segment, and it is not very helpful for combat.

In Jiang Sheng’s view, Li Lan didn’t want Deino to raise his overall level, it might be because of the teacher’s request that all Dark Type players play.

Looking at Li Lan’s struggle to win, Jiang Sheng closed the live broadcast room, shook his head and sighed, screaming at the results of Li Lan’s freshman competition.

Among the Quasi-Legendary, Metagross and Garchomp are more suitable for cultivation. The least recommended is Hydreigon, which is too slow to form.

When it evolves, the day lily will be cold.

Like Salamence, Garchomp, Metagross, Goodra, Kommo-o, they can soar into the sky with Help Trainer at the professional level, showing Quasi-Legendary majesty.

Zhao Hao also participated in this freshman competition, his face is still gloomy, but it does not affect the decision-making.

His aluminum steel dragon strength is quite good, and Prinplup also has a good performance.

It is a pity that his opponent strength is not strong, and he failed to force his third Pokemon, so Jiang Sheng did not get a glimpse of it.

While watching the battle of Mo Li, Jiang Sheng got his wish and saw Mo Li’s third Pokemon.

It is a Shuppet.

Looking back on the characteristics of this Pokemon, Jiang Sheng stroked his palm and admired it, secretly thought that the teachers of the Ghost Academy were bright vision like a torch!

Mo Li’s special ability is extremely good at controlling shadows, and Shuppet is equally good at playing with shadows.

When it is very weak, it can comprehend the two major moves of Shadow Sneak and Night Shade, and its compatibility with Moli is even higher than Gengar.

Seeing Shuppet making funny faces on the stage, Jiang Sheng touched his chin, his eyes were thinking.

This Pokemon should be the one he has seen.

After that entrance examination, it should have been brought by Mrs. Ji to cultivate it vigorously, and it has the current strength to accompany Mo Li to participate in the battle.

During his time in high school, Jiang Sheng learned many outstanding Pokemon stories on campus, including his own Abra.

This Shuppet is also among them.

It is said that this Shuppet was not born from a Pokemon egg, but was transformed from an old abandoned object.

It sounds absurd, but in Ghost Type Pokemon, which cannot be estimated by common sense, this is just a routine operation.

Jiang Sheng’s own Gengar was born from pure Ghost energy.

Shuppet is a Pokemon turned into an abandoned doll in the corner of the garbage dump on Ghost Island.

It should have become Banette directly, but Madame Ji found out and invited a Ghost Elite to come over.

Several Elite Ghost Type Pokemon shots, forcibly suppressing its growth, turning it back and forth into a Shuppet, weakening its strength, but greatly increasing its growth potential.

In Trainer High School, many students and teachers were playing the idea of ​​this Shuppet, but it fell into Mo Li’s hands without thinking.

In this regard, Jiang Sheng can only say that Moli is mighty, well done!

With Moli’s special ability Help, this Shuppet will never grow slowly.

Maybe soon, he will consider finding the evolution stone and the key stone for Mo Li.

Of course, if the school is willing to do it for you, as long as it’s not signing a contract, Jiang Sheng is happy to have someone help him bear the pressure.

In the evening, at the same time as yesterday, the forum again issued a 128-to-64 match list.

This time, Jiang Sheng is playing against a female student from the Water Academy. The venue is in his home court, the auditorium of the Psychic Academy.

The opponent ranked fifteenth in that initial list. Judging from the overall level, the strength is quite impressive.

Jiang Sheng found the opponent’s match video in the live broadcast of the campus APP. It was also one push three, and only one Lapras appeared.

In the video, the battle field is covered with thick ice, Lapras is surrounded by Mist, and there is quite an Immortal Qi.

In contrast, the audience in the auditorium is shiver coldly.

This Lapras used regular moves in the battle, which is not at all surprising, but Jiang Sheng had to guard against it.

In case Genetic has a critical strike such as Fissure and Horn Drill, and if your own Pokemon is stupidly added, the situation will not be good.

2nd day, Jiang Sheng got up early again and rushed to the auditorium.

Thanks to the fifth place, his competition has been arranged in the First Stage.

Jiang Sheng really wants to thank this staff member and his family, which makes his daily Calm Mind time much shorter than usual.

Cultivation is addictive, Calm Mind has less time and Jiang Sheng always feels uncomfortable.

In the auditorium, there are no empty seats. The later the round, the more spectators will choose to watch the game.

The lifting platform rises and Jiang Sheng sees his opponent.

A girl with a soft temperament and gentle appearance, she squinted and laughed at Jiang Sheng’s gaze, which was regarded as a greeting.

The coin falls on the screen, the first hand right is determined, this time by Jiang Sheng first hand.

Jiang Sheng took off the Poké Ball and threw it out, making the same choice as yesterday, sending Raichu into the battlefield.

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