Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 349

Jiang Sheng was a little surprised by the choice of the girl on the opposite side. Instead of sending the Lapras that played yesterday, she sent another Pokemon instead.

This is a weasel-shaped Pokemon with an orange body. Only the lower half of the face, belly, eyebrows and tail tip are yellow.

Hanging a yellow swimming ring around its neck, it has blue fins on its arms and two black stripes under its eyes, just like a normal beard, which looks quite cute.

Buizel, Level 20, Characteristic Trait [Swift Swim].

Buizel’s message appeared in Jiang Sheng’s mind, which made Jiang Sheng look stunned. I don’t know what the girl opposite was thinking.

Will you give me one for nothing?

This is a surprise too!

At the beginning of the game, girl took the lead and gave orders first.

“Buizel, Water Sport!”

Buizel didn’t hesitate and didn’t care about the Electric Type Pokemon Raichu on the opposite side, and kept his mouth out of Water Spout.

The battle field is a very simple earth ground. After being sprinkled with water, the dry Ground wets at a speed visible to the naked eye, like a normal rainstorm.

Jiang Sheng’s eyes are more interested, he already understands the other party’s thoughts.

This Buizel was not given in vain, I am afraid it came out to shape the venue for the next Pokemon!

This makes Jiang Sheng feel a little curious.

It’s just a simple sprinkling of water, which is of no use to Lapras.

Lapras can first sprinkle water and then freeze to shape the ice field, and its strength should be quite good, can cause a lot of trouble to Raichu, as a starting player is absolutely fine.

Why do you want to make this extra effort and send a Buizel out for nothing?

You can’t just let it consume Raichu’s physical strength, right?

Just the Yellow weasel in front of him, Jiang Sheng said without exaggeration, Raichu can put it down with one hammer.

Although he doesn’t understand the other party’s thoughts, Jiang Sheng will not watch Buizel complete the site.

“Raichu, power it!”


This time Raichu not at all pinched the current into a hammer shape, but simply released it Thunderbolt, slash to Buizel.

Buizel is still there, each minding their own business’s Water Spout, and the amount of water is quite good, just like sprinklers spraying the road in the city.

That proficiency is not the first time I have done such a thing.

The tiny liquid droplets are scattered in the air like a mist.

If the auditorium is open-air and the sun shines down from the top of the auditorium, the audience should now be able to see a brilliant rainbow on the battlefield.

Golden thunder and lightning strikes over, almost without aiming, as long as it touches the water of Buizel Spit Up, it will be electric to it.

In the face of such an opponent, there is no need to use an electric hammer for fixed-point strikes.

“Stop, Agility, run away!”

The idea that girl not at all let Buizel give in vain, immediately asked Buizel to stop the Water Spout and run away.

Buizel is on all fours, sprinting fast, scurrying back and forth in the field, leaving one after another Yellow afterimage.

It runs quite fast, Raichu’s Thunderbolt is always a step slower.

Moreover, its “brake system” is also good. Raichu slashed the lightning and wanted to intercept it in front of it, but it dodges it dangerously and dangerously every time.

“Continue Water Sport!”

The crafty smile on the girl’s face, commanded.

Buizel is like an incarnation high-speed water truck, running back and forth on the battlefield, sprinkling water all over the battlefield.

Unable to hit the master many times, Raichu was a little angry, and the electric current gathered on the claws and condensed into a golden electric hammer.

You can be afraid of running, right?

It is good at spraying, right?

Then I will personally carry the electric hammer and hit it on your forehead!

Raichu doesn’t shy away from fighting for speed. It takes a skateboard to the court and claims to be the “Queen of Skateboarding”!

Staring at the afterimage of Buizel, Raichu stepped on his tail, carrying a sledgehammer in his hand, to start the cat and mouse game of “I chase you and run away”.

With such a sturdy appearance, Jiang Sheng saw sweat on his forehead, worrying about Ah Da’s happy life in the future.

The bloody nose and swollen face that Ah Da was beaten after he came back from the wave, he and those Pokemons who have discussed with Raichu, there are each one, none of them are innocent.

As soon as his thoughts turned, Jiang Sheng focused on the battle before him, reminding:

“Wait, Electric Terrain!”

Raichu suddenly realized that it almost forgot I still have this move.

It grabs the hammer and knocks it in the air, and the fine golden current splits from the hammer head, like a silk thread Normal and slender, like the ox hair drizzle in spring, and it is introduced into the Ground.

Taking the area where the current is introduced into the earth as the origin, the pale-gold mist rises and sweeps towards all around. The fine golden current shuttles in the Ground, crackling.

Thanks to the wet ground, Electric Terrain expands very fast, covering the entire battlefield in the blink of an eye.

The pale-gold mist has enveloped Buizel while he is running, and the surging golden electric current rushes into Buizel’s body.

Buizel inwardly shouted a bad cry, trying to stop his speed.

But it was too late, and a numb and crisp sensation struck. Its feet were soft, its front paws licked, and it rolled out.

girl complexion changed, didn’t expect Raichu will also this move.

Especially the Raichu in front of you is still a special form in Hawaii, with the wonderful Characteristic Trait [Surf’s Tail]. On the Electric Terrain, the speed of action is like a tiger that has grown wings.

“Buizel, Mud Slap!”

“Raichu, solve it!”

The electric hammer flew away, taking advantage of Buizel’s foot, to dodge, Hit its forehead!

Buizel forcibly endured the discomfort of his body, surrounded by Ground Type energy on his four claws, and plunged into the ground.

Turn soil into mud!

Buizel’s body sank down a bit, and the Ground under it has turned into a mud pool.

But this is not enough!

The electric hammer magnified in front of him, Buizel’s eyes were fierce, and he ignored the electric hammer, mobilizing more Ground Type energy to penetrate the ground, trying to expand the mud pool under him.

When the electric hammer hits it solid, it is obvious that Buizel’s eyes straightened and he passed out on the spot.


There was another muffled noise, the electric hammer exploded, and the explosion of air lifted Buizel away.

After landing, Buizel rolled a few times on the ground like a rag pocket Normal. Except for the burnt black color, the rest of his body was mostly covered in mud, looking very miserable.

A red light shot out, taking away the unconscious Buizel.

On the screen behind girl, the first Poké Ball has gone out.

The girl looked solemn and felt a little pressure. She gave Jiang Sheng a puffed look, but thought of her next Pokemon, sighed in relief.

Jiang Sheng’s attention is not on the girl, he is observing the venue below which has been transformed by Buizel.

The dry field has been soaked by Buizel’s Water Sport, and there is still water mist in the air. Ground seems to have just been drenched by heavy rain and is very humid.

Buizel’s last efforts were not in vain. On the site near the girl, a mud swamp of about six or seven square meters appeared.

She originally had this idea. The muddy can easily remind people of a type of Pokemon. Jiang Sheng instantly guessed the third Pokemon message that the girl had not released.

“Water+Ground” is indeed an important support for Water Type Trainer to counter Electric Type Pokemon.

Jiang Sheng touched his chin, looked towards girl, waiting for her to send Pokemon.

He has already guessed in his heart, this Pokemon that the girl has been hiding and tucked is a Marshtomp or Quagsire, right?

The girl takes out the second Poké Ball, presses the switch, and the red light shoots into the mud. A Pokemon that made everyone on the scene exclaimed appears in the mud.

It looks a lot like a snail with a degraded shell.

Of course, it is much larger than a snail, and it looks like a small calf.

It has organs similar to horns on its head, with three eyes and a brown leather case on its back. The skin under the leather case is very cute pink, very smooth and tender, like a pinch. Can pinch out the water.

Gastrodon, Level 31, Characteristic Trait [Storm Drain]. (Equivalent to Flash Fire)

The information about this Pokemon flashed in his mind, Jiang Sheng’s eyes still had an undiminished surprise.

He didn’t expect that the other party would have such a Pokemon.

At the same time, he also understands why the opponent wants to renovate the venue.

And why let Buizel risk giving away to transform the field instead of letting the more powerful Lapras play and turning the ordinary field into an ice field.

Gastrodon’s Attribute collocation is “water+Ground”, which is as outstanding as “grass+steel” and has very good resistance.

Its specialty is durability, and there are ridiculous moves like Recover. If you can’t beat it for a long time, you will be consumed by it.

It seems to be a more perfect creature, but it has a fatal flaw. It is afraid of dry environments!

It can’t stay on land for long, so Buizel needs to moisten the air and shape the mud on the ground.

This allows Gastrodon to stand on the battlefield longer without being affected by the environment.

As for why not use Lapras?

Lapras’s playing style is biased towards ice attribute. The field modified with Water Type moves will freeze due to the aftermath of the battle, and World of Ice and Snow is also an alternative dryness, which is very unfriendly to Gastrodon.

Jiang Sheng eyes slightly narrowed, with a weird look on her face, this girl probably hasn’t studied my video of the game?

Standing in front of it is his own Raichu, the special Raichu of “Psychic + Electricity”, what if its Electric Type method is abolished?

When Jiang Sheng was thinking silently, the girl suddenly complained:

“This is my initial Pokemon. I am very restrained from your Raichu. Today I will let you taste the taste of failure. .

Do you know how much pressure you have caused us to accept high Level Pokemon?

My family has spent a lot of resources to improve Gastrodon’s strength without side effects , Otherwise I’m going to make a fool of myself in this freshman competition.”

Jiang Sheng corner of mouth twitching, what kind of shit is this.

I relied on my ability to subdue Raichu, I can also subdue the pro-level high-end Abergua, and the Elite Bronzong must obey my orders.

As long as I can command and find six Elite Pokemons, I will be an Elite Trainer immediately, and the Alliance cannot control me.

Just talk about your own food, don’t make excuses on others.

Press the complaint in the heart, Jiang Sheng asked:

“Have you watched my Raichu battle video?”

“Um ……Why do you watch the video of the game?”

The girl’s face was blank, showing a natural look.

Jiang Sheng suddenly realized that her previous gentle temperament may only be the appearance, and under the gentleness, it should be a silly girl with big nerves.

“Nothing, let’s start the battle, you will understand later.”

Gastrodon’s appearance has changed the girl’s temperament. It is no longer the previous gentle appearance, but a little bit sweet silly.

She gave Jiang Sheng a blank look and said:

“Gastrodon, Earth Power!”

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