Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 350

“Gastrodon, Earth Power!”

Gastrodon is based in the mud and communicates with Ground Type energy, making the earth shimmer and faint Yellow rays of light.

A beam of light suddenly sputtered up from the Ground under Raichu, like a gushing geothermal fountain, crashing into Raichu.

Raichu reacted immediately, skateboarding with his tail position, as if Surf Normal in the air, raising his levitation height.

At the same time, dense Sparks constantly emerge from its body, spreading around itself, forming an electromagnetic domain with electric current.

Earth Power gushes up from below, is blocked by the domain full of electricity, cancels out the power contained in it, and dissolves the attack invisibly.

“Magnet Rise!”

The girl is so angry that Stomping Tantrum, she didn’t expect Raichu to do such a trick.

When Raichu turns on Magnet Rise and he is in the Geomagnetic Domain, Ground Type moves will not be able to attack it.

This has greatly weakened Gastrodon’s ability to threaten Raichu, and it is very likely to cause a situation in which neither side can do nothing.

Electromagnetic Levitate and 【Levitate】Characteristic Trait, the Ground Type Pokemon is deadly.

These flightless dirt bumps, still want to hit those free-flying Heaven’s Chosen Child?

Jiang Sheng was also very surprised to see Raichu using this extremely practical move.

Raichu didn’t know it before.

I don’t know if it was learned from the Electric Type perception of the “Meowth Hammer”, or from the Pokemon that is often discussed on Metang or Electric Type islands.

Raichu’s body is surrounded by the electromagnetic domain, and the underground is covered with Electric Terrain, which causes the electric type energy to gather on the entire site, which brings it up a level of the electric type energy.

With a squeeze, an electric hammer is condensed by a violent golden current.

Raichu raised his wrist, the electric hammer was thrown, and moved towards Gastrodon in the quagmire.

It is very confident of its own strength. There is water in the mud, which is the battlefield where electric current can run freely.

Jiang Sheng is not optimistic about this, even if Thunderbolt can work, I am afraid it will only bring insignificant small damage to Gastrodon.

The electric hammer smashed through the air with a violent electric current. Gastrodon showed no signs of dodge, so he slammed his head up.

The hammer was centered on Gastrodon’s forehead, making his head sunken in a large chunk.

It feels like the usual bragging words that some violent elements usually like to put on their lips: hit it’s head in the chest!

It looks serious, but it is not.

Gastrodon doesn’t have a bone on his body. This is normal after a heavy blow.

The violent current covers Gastrodon’s body and spreads downwards. Through the conduction of water, the mud under it is covered by golden currents.

The sound of electric current is crackling, and from time to time, small electric arcs are blown up more than half a meter high and dissipated in the air, giving people the feeling that the whole mud is boiling.

Raichu’s mouth was proud when he saw the electric hammer hit and made merit.

But it’s more than that. Raichu’s little paw squeezed in the air, and the hammer that hit Gastrodon’s head exploded with a “bang”.

The current is surging, and the golden light is dazzling.

Everyone squinted their eyes and forced themselves to look towards the brightest place in the venue, desperate to see the condition of Gastrodon.

Such momentum bluffed the girl, she couldn’t help clenching her fists and staring nervously at Gastrodon covered by golden light.

The golden light gradually dims.

What is surprising is that the turbulent current is gradually subsiding and is directed all around in the form of naked eye visible.

On the field, Gastrodon is still sitting steadily in the mud.

The deformed head that was smashed before has returned to normal, and the skin color on his body is still pink, without any traces of electric focus.

Girl’s face was overjoyed and she spit out her pink tongue playfully to Jiang Sheng:

“Gastrodon is Ground Type Pokemon, your Raichu is impossible to damage it with electricity .

Is this what you showed me?

Are you not even familiar with Attribute restraint, right?”

In the face of provocation, Jiang Sheng There is no anger, but Raichu’s face is unhappy.

It just made its own claim, it’s nothing to do with Jiang Sheng.

In its view, this girl who is gentle on the surface, but actually very annoying, mocks it.

It pinched its right claw, and another electric hammer appeared.

It was stubborn once today and insisted on defeating this guy with Thunderbolt.

Jiang Sheng suddenly said:

“Okay, don’t use Electric Type moves anymore, listen to my instructions carefully.”

Raichu just stopped, Looking down at the girl puffingly, her eyes were very bad.

It looks so scared that the girl takes a step back, for fear that Raichu can’t help Gastrodon, give it a hammer.

Jiang Sheng didn’t stop Raichu. As long as he didn’t really make a move, proper mental pressure would help win the game.

He also said aggressively to the girl at the same time:

“Keep moving, you are ready to shrink and be beaten. The shell on Gastrodon’s back is gone. You still want it When a tortoise?”

Gastrodon is a “receptor”, a shield that is difficult to break.

If Raichu takes the initiative, it will become more passive over time.

Compared with the two forms of shields, “Baneful Bunker” and “tank” each have their own strengths, but for Raichu, it is most suitable to deal with “tank”.

So, the shrinking Gastrodon must be moved.

Only when Gastrodon moves, a weak spot will appear. Raichu’s big killer can play an important role.

“Then let you taste the taste of being cooked!”

“Gastrodon, Scald!”

Gastrodon’s complexion becomes more matte, White steam came out of his body, and its mouth was like a high-pressure spray gun, facing the boiling Scald of Raichu Spit Up.

But under the Electric Terrain, Raichu’s speed skyrocketed, and he walked gracefully in the air with his tail. Gastrodon’s beam-shaped high-temperature Scald could hardly hit the nimble Raichu.

The girl immediately changed her mind and commanded:

“Transform the form, cover a large area!”

Gastrodon’s mouth moved. When Spit Up Scald again, It is no longer bundled, but flakes.

In this way, Spit Up’s Scald covers a wider area. You don’t need to capture the exact position of Raichu. Just determine the approximate position of Raichu. Sprinkle the Scald like a pot of water. Block Raichu’s moving position left and right to let it. Inevitable.

Of course, compared to the high-pressure water jet just now, the destructive power is much worse.

But Raichu didn’t react for a while, and Scald was soaked in the shower, his teeth were hot.

Jiang Sheng frowned, a reminder:

“Focused, don’t overturn your car!”

Raichu lifted himself up while putting it away The color of laughter on his face.

The skin on the place where Scald was drenched by Scald, the skin is already red, and the fire is so painful that I dare not reach out to touch it.

But fortunately, it did not cause burns, and it can be tolerated.

This also made it put away its playful heart, and began to face the opponent on Ground.

Because it is considered that there will be Flying Type Pokemon fighting in the auditorium, at the beginning of construction, the top of the auditorium was designed to be very high, more than ten meters away from Ground.

The Scald after changing its form does not have that high pressure, and it cannot spray Raichu on the top of the auditorium.

The girl was not in a panic, she said triumphantly:

“This can’t be avoided, Gastrodon, change form again!”

Gastrodon’s mouth again After moving, Jiang Sheng suspects that it should be changing the structure of the oral cavity and shaping different “sprinklers” to Spit Up Scald in different forms.

This time, the Gastrodon Spit Up is high-temperature steam, and the steam rises toward the top of the auditorium.

Raichu body flashed as soon as the steam pounced on the dodge, Gastrodon did not change the direction to chase Raichu, but continued to release high-temperature steam.

The high-temperature steam spread, and the top of the auditorium was foggy.

As the steam filled the roof of the auditorium, Raichu lowered his height to avoid the hot steam on the roof.

Jiang Sheng’s eyebrows twitched, and suddenly he felt a bit familiar with this scene.

The enclosed space is filled with high-temperature steam. Isn’t this he’s taking a sauna for Raichu?

The longer the time is, the higher the steam temperature will be.

The increase in steam will gradually fill the entire space from top to bottom, lowering Raichu’s activity height until Raichu appears within the attackable range of Gastrodon.

If the girl’s plan is completely unsuccessful in an open-air battle field.

But this is a closed auditorium, forming a special environment of a sauna room, which is a great convenience for Gastrodon.

No way!

Can’t wait for Gastrodon to reveal a weak spot anymore, you must take the initiative!

“Raichu, rush over and hit Gastrodon with an electric hammer fiercely!”

Raichu’s eyes flashed with doubt.

Close to Gastrodon?

This is not a good choice!

After a little hesitation, Raichu squeezed out an electric hammer in his hand, stepped on his tail to explode with extreme speed, and quickly approached Gastrodon.

Jiang Sheng frowned slightly and stared at Gastrodon.

There are two countermeasures in his mind, it depends on how Gastrodon handles Raichu who rushes.

Although the violent current will not cause damage to Gastrodon, the electric hammer can cause Physical damage, and it can also explode to cause secondary damage.

Although Gastrodon looked nothing on the surface before, Jiang Sheng concluded that Gastrodon must have suffered internal injuries.

Girl does not doubt that he has him, but Jiang Sheng is forced to have no choice.

As Raichu got closer and closer, her face showed joy, and she commanded:

“Gastrodon, spray Scald again!”

A bunch of pressure The high-temperature water jet Spit Up, Raichu was hit by the opponent with an electric hammer.


Raichu’s tough Confusion seems to have materialized, covering the body, like a sharp knife, hitting the high-pressure water jet head-on.

In the collision, Raichu was still better and used Confusion to disperse the water jet. Although his face was uncomfortable, he still held the electric hammer high and hit Gastrodon’s head.

The girl is not panicked, she is still commanding it in an orderly manner:

“Gastrodon, Body Slam!”

Gastrodon burst out suddenly and suddenly Splash, to be higher After passing Raichu, suppress Raichu under his body.

Jiang Sheng’s eyes lit up.

Let Raichu use himself as bait, and he is waiting for this moment.

“Raichu, Grass Knot!”

At this moment, Raichu also understood Jiang Sheng’s plan. He dissipated the electric hammer, and a pair of claws were filled with green rays of light. A knot was cleverly tied.

In the mud, a pair of sturdy vines rose up from the ground, like two emerald snakes wrapped around Gastrodon who had just jumped up, bound its lower body firmly, and then slammed down!

Gastrodon hasn’t jumped to the top yet, the upward lift and downward pull start a tug of war with its body, making it feel as if its body is about to be torn apart.

Jiang Sheng shook the head, if she carefully studied her own battle video, how dare she let Gastrodon jump in front of Raichu?

Grass Knot’s very ruthless move made girl eyes shrank, and she seemed to see Gastrodon being divided in half in her mind.

This is not an exaggeration. There have been countless heavy Pokemons in history when they stumbled on Grass Knot while charging, causing their bodies to be torn on the spot.

This move was developed specifically for the Pokemon in the charge, especially the heavy Pokemon in the charge.

“Use Recover!”

Gastrodon endured the pain of being torn, white light appeared on his body, repairing the broken muscle tissue on his body.

But how did Jiang Sheng make it happen? Recover is only the first time and countless times.

Once it is successfully deployed and the crisis is resolved, Raichu will fall into passive again.

Girl will no longer let Gastrodon move, and the role of Grass Knot will be greatly reduced.

At that time, Gastrodon will continue to use Recover to repair his body, the battle will enter a tug of war, and the final result must be Raichu’s physical strength.


The Mental Force in Raichu’s brain exploded with all its strength, forming a massive Confusion frenzy that hit Gastrodon’s brain.

Gastrodon suffered a pain in his head and was unable to concentrate one’s mind. As a result, the Recover that was repairing his body was broken.

The sense of tearing is coming again!

The two clashes only happened in the blink of an eye. Grass Knot was so skilled that he dragged Gastrodon from mid-air and smashed it heavily towards Ground.

Gastrodon, who fell to the ground, is dying and still wants to use Recover to restore his own state.

Raichu added another Psychic, which caused heavy damage to Gastrodon’s brain and interrupted its recovery.

But this guy deserves to be known for durability, but he still has consciousness.

It has learnt well, and doesn’t want to experience the feeling of being stabbed by a needle anymore. It dare not try Recover, but Struggle wants to get up.

Raichu naturally doesn’t allow it. Confusion is solid, so I need to add another Psyshock.

A red light shoots out, Raichu takes one step first, hits Gastrodon, and takes Gastrodon back into the Poké Ball.

“The second game, I give up!”

Behind the girl, the second Poké Ball was extinguished, and underneath was the grayed out Gastrodon.

Raichu is sighed in relief.

When the spirit relaxed, it began to contorts one’s face in agony again.

Scald is really annoying!

At first I was scalded a bit, then it was smoked and roasted by high-temperature steam, and finally Confusion was wrapped in the body, smashed into the water jet, and Scald was scalded through Confusion again.

Now it has redness in many places and scorching pain. It only dares to stir Confusion to bring out the cool breeze and relieve the pain. It is completely afraid to touch it.

Seeing Raichu like this, the girl is not only unhappy, but her face is even more ugly.

Too difficult, Lapras is unlikely to have a chance to comeback.

Now I send Lapras, whether I use my good ice attribute moves or Water Type moves, they are healing Raichu and alleviating the pain of burns.

Especially her Lapras, Genetic used a powerful Water Type Pokemon exclusive move.

She wanted to surprise everyone with this move.

But using Raichu in such a state will only instantly erase the burns on Raichu’s body.

I really don’t know why there are such weird attack moves. Obviously the formidable power is good, but after hitting the opponent, I still need to help the opponent to clear the Status Condition.

In a dilemma, girl still sent the last Lapras.

She has made a decision in the heart, let it go, even if she loses, she must perfectly show her strength.

When Lapras appeared, Jiang Sheng immediately got the other party’s information.

Rapp As, Level 24, Characteristic Trait [Hydration] (When it rains, it will release all Status Condition).

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