Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 351

When Lapras appeared on the field, Raichu stopped to agitate Confusion, watched Lapras, and prepared to fight.

After the cool breeze caused by Confusion disappeared, the pain caused by the burn on Raichu’s body became clear again, but it was forcibly held back by it, and the pain in his body stimulated a high fighting intent.

Jiang Sheng thinks that Raichu is enough to do this step, there is no need to fight with injuries, so he discussed:

“Come back, Raichu, let’s hand it over to other Pokemon. “

Raichu was unwilling, and had a very firm attitude towards Jiang Sheng shook the head.

Don’t leave, I can still fight!

Jiang Sheng is helpless, shrugged.

Poor Ah Da, meeting such a grumpy little girl, I am afraid my future life will not be too happy.

For this, Jiang Sheng has no choice but to keep Raichu on the court.

It is good to be able to win, and it is better to lose, so this grumpy girl will suffer a bit too.

At this time, Jiang Sheng secretly said in one’s heart, it seems that the first Raichu was a mistake.

In addition to the high level of Raichu, its attack surface has been shaped too wide by itself, and almost all special attacks that can be learned are proficient.

No matter what Pokemon meets with any Attribute, you can do two tricks. If you continue to do this, other Pokemon may not have the chance to play until the finals.

At first, seeing that Jiang Sheng intends to take Raichu away, the girl is happy. It can be seen that Raichu stays on the court, and the girl feels very wronged again.

is it possible that she is really going to be pushed three times by a yellow mouse today?

How to say she is also a Seeded Contestant of Shuiyuan, which is too shameless!

The corners of the girl’s mouth twitched, she resisted the bitter tears, quickly entered the state, and directed Lapras to fight.

If you do not rely on Acquired teaching, Level 24 Lapras can understand very few moves, and most of them are change moves with auxiliary effects.

Although the auxiliary effect is very good, it is really difficult to use it as the main attacker.

Of course, this Lapras of girl is naturally different.

From her previous words, you can tell that this girl is a rich little lady, and the quality of Lapras in her hands is naturally not too bad.

“Lapras, indulge in singing!”

The melodious voice came out of Lapras’ mouth, and the strange melody enveloped the audience.

Under the singing, the auditorium fell silent, and even the electric current on the Electric Terrain subsided a bit, no longer irritable, as if sleeping.

Raichu felt his pain abate, as if he had been immersed in an ice pool, and as if he had returned to the unbroken egg, and his body was refreshed.

It has drooping eyelids and is drowsy.

After fighting for so long, Raichu was already tired physically and mentally. Although he knew that the situation was wrong, he couldn’t think of resistance. His head kept kowtow, as if he was about to fall from his tail and fell to the ground.

The singing sounded, and the audience dozed off.

This group of elite Trainers have long been guarded.

Someone took out the earplugs from their pockets and put them on. The singing voice weakened and the sleepiness naturally faded.

Some viewers are Psychic members from the Psychic Academy. These guys are not human, and it is not reasonable to assume that Mental Force surges in the brain to get rid of sleepiness.

Jiang Sheng was also among this group of people. Just when the thought of lethargy emerged, Mental Force surged in his brain, and he suppressed it. A pair of eyes became fierce again, staring at the battlefield.

“Raichu, it’s not the time of Rest!”

Jiang Sheng’s voice is mixed with Mental Force, just like Yellow Bell Great Sound, it’s ear-sounding.

Raichu, a shivered, regained consciousness and regained his footing on his tail. The Mental Force in his brain was fully operational, resisting drowsiness, and staring at Lapras fiercely.

The tricks that can cause hypnosis have little effect when used on Psychic Type Pokemon. People rely on Confusion for food. The spirit willpower is extremely strong and the resistance to hypnosis is extremely high.

The girl stomped Stomping Tantrum bitterly, her tone was rather uncomfortable:

“Abominable Psychic!”

You can’t play tricks, you can only choose Power attack:

“Lapras, use that trick, spare no effort!”

Lapras once again sings, Water Type energy surges around his body, forming one after another basketball-sized colorful blisters , Swarming towards Raichu.

Jiang Sheng’s eyes widened, slightly surprised.

He recognized this move. He was surprised at the quality of Lapras and at the fact that the girl would choose this move.

Raichu’s Spark was surging around him, and he wanted to smash the floating blisters one after another, but Jiang Sheng suddenly stopped it.

“Don’t resist, try to withstand one or two blister attacks.”

Raichu is naturally unconditionally convinced by Jiang Sheng’s order, and immediately disperses Spark from his body, stepping on his tail Hit the flying blisters.

A blister was smashed by Raichu, and the explosion sounded like a normal drum, like a grenade exploding in a sudden.

Pain appeared on Raichu’s face, and he trembled, curled up a bit, and his previously fierce breath also wilted.

Obviously, this seemingly harmless beautiful blister has good damage ability, which caused Raichu to be injured.

However, the water foam after the explosion of the blisters fell on Raichu’s body, but Raichu’s spirits were refreshed.

The water foam touches the skin, it is cool and refreshing, like silk across the skin, so that the pain caused by burns on its body is relieved.

Raichu’s eyes lit up, and before the bubble hit it, it slammed into another flying bubble beside him.

Another dull explosion sounded. Raichu’s breath was sluggish, but his eyes were bright.

Two of them are enough. Raichu’s burns on his body have been cured by blisters!

This move is called Sparkling Aria. It was originally an exclusive move of Primmarina. Later, after research by Geneticists, it was discovered that this move could be given to Lapras Genetically.

Now, for the time being, it is only found that only Lapras can genetically use this move, which greatly increases the value of Genetic Lapras that has this move style.

But this move has an embarrassing additional effect, which will relieve the burn on the opponent.

Several burns can be cured, even more how Raichu is an insignificant burn.

Jiang Sheng touched his chin. It was really weird to choose this move at this time, but he knew what the girl thought.

She knew she could not win, so she changed her mind to show her potential and attract some people’s attention, so she used this very embarrassing move in the current scene.

Jiang Sheng can’t help but sigh, she is a very promising little girl. He has three Pokemon under his command, all of whom are innate talents.

She should have been able to reach the third round and the fourth round, but she met herself in the second round, and has since stopped in the top 128.

On the battlefield, there are more bubbles flocking to Raichu


Stockpile hit, Thunderbolt!

Spark takes Raichu as its center, hits all around, and pulls all the bubbles into a golden thunder sea.

One after another bubble burst, the explosion sounded one after another, but because it was far away from Raichu and was bound by the sea of ​​thunder, it failed to cause damage to Raichu.

Since then, Raichu’s breath is sluggish, but his combat effectiveness cannot be underestimated.

Its right claw palms an electric hammer, and the left claw condenses Focus Blast. The two moves alternately blast out, causing great damage to Lapras.

In contrast, Lapras has turned the battlefield into an ice surface. It slides on the ice surface to avoid Raichu’s attacks flexibly.

There is Mist around it, maintaining its own state, making it difficult for Raichu to impose a debuff state on it.

I raised the Ice Shard again, just like the large Icirrus flying in the Land of Extreme North, trying to make them scratch Raichu’s body and affect Raichu.

At the same time, while dodging the Raichu electric hammer strikes, the singing in the throat continued, and the brilliant blisters were constantly squeezed out of the air around them, mixed in the Ice Shard and fluttered in the wind, hitting Raichu.

But Raichu has always been covered with an electromagnetic domain, the current flowing in it is very fast, every time there is a sharp current blast, piercing the flying blisters, leaving only the irrelevant Ice Shard Fluttering in the wind.

And Raichu’s Thunderbolt and Focus Blast hurt Lapras very seriously, and Lapras was beaten and complained.

It had no choice but to take precautions, hung the Condense Life Dew above its head in advance, and was always ready to let the water drop into the body to treat the injury.

Once or twice, it’s okay, Life Dew can save it in time.

There were too many times, and the repairs could not keep up with the damage. Finally, Lapras was wrapped in densely packed golden Spark and collapsed on the ice.

On the other side of Raichu, a light brown cute creature almost turned pure white, covered with frost, shivering all the time.

But even so, it held the electric hammer tightly in its claws, staring at the fallen Lapras on the ground, always ready to make up the knife.

Jiang Sheng lowered his head and made a prayer gesture.

To be such a fierce wife, Ah Da, you did not die injustice!

If one day you are killed by an electric hammer, please rest assured, as your Trainer, I will help you take care of your wife, children and brother.

The girl on the opposite side took Lapras back, her face was very ugly, she was about to cry with her slouched mouth.

She pretended to be strong and was about to say something cruel to Jiang Sheng.

I could see Jiang Sheng’s prayer posture, and immediately misunderstood, thinking Jiang Sheng was doing it for myself and laughing at myself.

At this moment, the grievance of being “shaved his head” by a Raichu could no longer be suppressed, and the teardrops pa ta pa ta in his eyes fell out.

“You bastard!”

After shouting at Jiang Sheng, she slammed the switch of the elevator platform, let the elevator platform fall quickly, and leave the battlefield.

Jiang Sheng lifts the head, it feels a bit unfathomable mystery, is it so after a loss?

The audience began to whisper and talk in a low voice.

“This man is so fierce!”

“Yes, too cruel, a cute girl was beaten and cry like this.”

“A little bit I don’t know that it’s a shame to have tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex!”


Jiang Sheng has a painful expression on his face, these gossip idlers, I’m afraid it will be unfathomable mystery crooked building.

No matter how fiercely I push down, maybe the freshmen will be able to spread rumors that I love to eat people for Pokemon after the game.

In the hustle and bustle, Jiang Sheng took away the shiver-cold Raichu and withdrew from the battlefield.

After returning to the dormitory, Jiang Sheng watched the live broadcast while treating Raichu’s injuries.

Until noon, the battle was over. Zhao Hao, Mo Li, and Li Lan all passed the second round and were promoted to the top 64, which made Jiang Sheng very happy.

In the evening, the signature slip was drawn and announced again. Jiang Sheng looked at the names on the list and frowned slightly.

Fighting Academy, Wu Kun, initial list Ranked 6th.

From the overall level, this is another rival!

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