Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 352

This time the battle field was randomly assigned to the auditorium on the Dragon Island.

This result made Jiang Sheng gear up and excited.

Some Attribute islands have guard posts at the island docks because of their special characteristics. In addition to boarding the island for business trips, classes, and visiting friends, Normal does not allow other people to land on the island.

Just like the Psychic island where Jiang Sheng is located, every time Zhao Hao comes over, he submits a visit application on the campus APP.

East Asia Alliance is famous for its dragons. Jiang Sheng has long been curious about the Dragon Island of Trainer High School, but has never been able to land on the island.

This time, taking advantage of the freshman competition, Jiang Sheng got up an hour earlier and went around the island early.

Different from other islands so modern.

The Dragon Island is like a sacred mountain rising from the sea, towering tall, with verdant forests and cliffs and waterfalls interspersed in it.

Although the altitude is not too high, fog rises in the mountains and forests for no apparent reason. Clouds cover the fog, blocking the upper part of the peaks, making the mountain top scenery faintly discernible, just like Immortal Realm.

The architectural style on the island is quite unique. It is either a tree house or a stone house, which is very close to nature without destroying the natural beauty.

Walking in the forest, the Pokemon that Jiang Sheng sees most are Swablu and Axew.

They all come and go in groups and are not afraid of strangers at all.

Some people even came up to watch Jiang Sheng, or landed on Jiang Sheng’s shoulders, or pulled Jiang Sheng’s trousers, and opened their mouths to ask for food.

These little fellows are greedy for his food, Jiang Sheng is still greedy for their bodies.

If you bring these lovely little fellows to the Erlangs in the sub-rudder of Bencheng, as long as the resources keep up, in a few years, he will have a strong army.

Daydreaming is still to be done. What if God does not have eyesight someday and realizes it for him?

While wandering around on the Dragon Island, Jiang Sheng also saw a few Dratini, Gible, and Bagon.

The ownership of these precious Dragon Type Quasi-Legendary should be in Dragon Island instead of the school.

Except for the students of Dragon Academy, other outsiders should not want to get them, otherwise they should be placed in the Valley of the main island to accompany the Jangmo-o.

I have to say that the Dragon Island is really rich and imposing.

Looking at my own Psychic Academy again, I can’t even find an Indeedee of [Spirit Maker], let alone Psychic Type Quasi-Legendary, it is really shabby.

After a lap in the mountains and greatly satisfying his curiosity, Jiang Sheng came to the destination of this trip.

The auditorium of Dragon Academy is very simple. It is a hemispherical stone fort covering a large area. Seen from high above, it looks like a black pearl falling in a mountain stream.

The overall level ranking is fifth against sixth. This is the top match in recent days, attracting a lot of spectators, not only the seats are full, but the aisles are full. people.

The elevator platform rises slowly, Jiang Sheng sees his opponent in this battle.

This is a great Tibetan man, nearly two meters tall, with dark skin, muscular knots, and a bulky figure, just like an Iron Pagoda.

If it weren’t for this person’s face to be able to tell that he was Asian, Jiang Sheng would doubt if he was an overseas student from the African Alliance.

“Fighting Yard, Wu Kun!”

The big man’s voice was dull, with a special tremor in his speech, giving Jiang Sheng the feeling of thunder.

When the other party introduced himself, Jiang Sheng’s Mental Force had a change in his mind, capturing the special energy fluctuations.

But it doesn’t seem to be triggered by itself, it seems to be touched unintentionally.

Jiang Sheng is astonished in his heart. This robust man is probably not simple. He may have to find out his own Aura, and then control Aura.

Maybe in two or three years, there will be a new Aura in the Fighting Yard of Trainer High School.

Such people are rarer and more promising than Psychic people.

“Psychic Academy, Jiang Sheng!”

The big man finally has an expression on his unsmiling face, as if he was quite surprised at the origin of Jiang Sheng.

He asked with hope in his eyes: “Psychic?”

Jiang Sheng suspects that this guy may not only have facial paralysis, but should not be sociable. He normally speaks cherish words like gold.

“Yes, Psychic.”

The Chinese language has changed, and it is a bit eager:

“Can you bless Pokemon?”

Jiang Sheng raised his eyebrows and guessed what Dahan was thinking.

He may want to use the Psychic player to experience different special abilities, confirm his own understanding, and let himself control Aura faster.

Jiang Sheng recalled his own situation.

There is Help for the unknown Pokemon egg. Normally, there is the fuel of Calm Mind crystallized from the spirit. He is not far from the “Three Beads”.

So, with the mentality of making friends, Jiang Sheng replied:

“It’s about the same as your current state, and it’s just a step away.”

The big man’s eyes are dim and a little disappointed. He even hopes to meet a Psychic from Small Accomplishment who can influence Pokemon.

This person is a straight-headed man. He thinks about what to say, regardless of whether it is abrupt or not. He asks directly:

“No matter what the result is today, will you be interested in communicating more in the future?”

Jiang Sheng is very happy, and he also wants to know what the profound mystery of the blown up Aura is.

Especially this lineage has a unique Imprison technique.

He knew that Aura could hold a Lucario Imprison for a thousand years, and he had seen the soul tower of Imprison Spiritomb.

This kind of secret technique is really greedy.

Although Mo Li’s special ability is very similar to Aura, she is not serious.

It should be classified into Ghost Type. There is restraint on Psychic, and the level is too high. Jiang Sheng can’t see any profound mystery.

Now there is a brave preparing for Aura in front of him, and he invites Jiang Sheng to confirm his comprehension together. Jiang Sheng’s naturally happy nodded agrees.

During the conversation between the two, the referees each minding their own business completed the hand-to-hand judgment, and Jiang Sheng first hand sent Pokemon.

Poké Ball throws, this time not Raichu, but Kadabra.

Raichu has played six games now, it’s time for another Pokemon.

Wu Kun not at all thought too much. When Jiang Sheng threw the Poké Ball, he also released his Pokemon.

This is a very cute and round pig. It has been Wu Kun’s first Pokemon for two consecutive rounds. His strength is quite impressive.

Pignite, 2Level 6, Characteristic Trait [Blaze].

A very orthodox Yusanjia who was trained by Wu Kun very well.

The huge body is not puffy but strong, and the muscles are very solid.

The look in the eyes is different from the docile eyes of other Pignites, but very aggressive, oppression, and fighting spirit.

When it first appeared, it used its nostrils to spit up a flame more than three meters high, like Kadabra provoked.

“Flame Charge!”

Fire Element Energy gathered around Pignite, a few fire stars appeared, and suddenly the fire star evolved into a raging fire to wrap Pignite.

Pignite’s nostrils are like the chimney of a steam locomotive, and the white steam of Spit Up erupts at a very fast speed moving towards Kadabra and colliding over it.

Kadabra figure trembled, use Teleport to flash away.

Thanks to Jiang Sheng’s frequent use of Teleport to chase or run, it has a very high level of accomplishments in Teleport.

Within such a small area, it can move arbitrarily without any markings in advance.

But Jiang Sheng didn’t want it to avoid fighting.

He and Kadabra have been together for more than four months, counting this time, Kadabra has only played for him twice.

If this goes on, it will wipe out Kadabra’s temperament and make it less and less good at fighting.

A good genius Kadabra, so he was cultivated and abandoned.

“Kadabra, face the enemy head-on, Confusion stop it!”

Jiang Sheng said, Kadabra is not leaving.

The spirit in the brain is surging, and the Psychic volume is condensed to form a tide-like dense Confusion wave. The moved towards the charged Pignite surges, and you have to wrestle with it head-on.

From the time of Abra, Kadabra’s Confusion strength was extraordinary.

After even more how evolved, its Confusion has made a huge leap in both quantity and quality.

Confusion interferes with reality, like a wall of air, arbitrarily lying in front of Pignite, blocking its way.

As soon as the two collided, there was a dull noise, as if they really hit the real object.

The audience present were all shocked, and they were shocked by Kadabra’s solid Confusion.

In the audience, there is Senior from the Psychic Academy specially for Jiang Sheng. Their Pokemon is also a good player of Confusion. Naturally, they know how difficult it is to achieve a solid Confusion like Kadabra.

The mixed feelings in each heart, the mouth is like eating lemon, very sour.

Originally, they all had the opportunity to adopt this Kadabra. Who knew that just being taken out by the teachers to participate in an entrance examination, it was so easy to be kidnapped.

Every Psychic Senior and Senior Sister present here, no one has never fed this Kadabra.

In this scene, it’s like the cabbage that is carefully taken care of at home is hogged by a foreign pig, and my heart is bleeding.

On the site, the high-temperature heat waves tumbling, distorted the airflow.

It is also affected by the twisted airflow that everyone can capture the trail of illusory Confusion.

Everyone can vaguely see that there are countless layers of Confusion waves blocking Pignite, layer after layer, layered on top of each other, thick like water, giving people a feeling of suffocation.

Seeing that the invisible and inquality Confusion can block Pignite, Wu Kun facial expression grave.

“Arm Thrust, overthrow this wave!”

Pignite let out a low growl, the fire on his body became more intense, and the flames rose more than three meters high.

It tentatively reached out to press against the Confusion wave in front of it, and felt resistance after sinking a little bit.

There is strength!

Pignite’s eyes skyrocketed, his center of gravity sank, and he pushed his palm forward with great difficulty.

Although the journey was difficult, Arm Thrust still shook Confusion and opened a way in the wave of Confusion, approaching Kadabra.

Kadabra didn’t care, red light appeared in his eyes, and the spoon in his hand was slowly bent under the influence of Confusion.

At this moment, the Confusion wave moved.

Under the twisting air current, the wave formed a huge palm, grasping Pignite and grabbing it from the ground.

Wu Kun reacted immediately.

“Zen Headbutt, hit up and break free!”

With both arms tied, Pignite focused his thoughts on his forehead and slammed upwards, intending to break free from Confusion’s palm.

The red light in Kadabra’s eyes lights up again, and a strange Strength/Machamp volume is lowered, forcibly interrupting Pignite’s movements and holding its body.


Psyshock then connected, Confusion turned over the palm, such as Five Fingers Mountain that overwhelmed Monkey Sun, and remake Pignite on the field.

Kadabra, Psychic’s darling, has already made its debut!

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