Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 353

After a palm fell, Kadabra took advantage of the victory and pursued it, adding another Psyshock.

Huge Confusion Knock Off from the sky, to completely defeat Pignite.

Wu Kun is not a layman, and he will not let Kadabra play a “stripe”. He has already figured out how to crack it.

“Sucker Punch!”

In the sunken ground, a black light suddenly lit up.

Pignite’s body is covered with strong evil energy, bumping away from the Confusion hiding the sky and covering the earth, and approaching Kadabra.

A horizontal fist hits the chest!

Under the restraint of Dark Type, the Psychic energy mobilized by Kadabra was dissipated by the ferocious evil energy, and without effective defense for a while, Pignite succeeded and fisted out.

Jiang Sheng frowned slightly. This Pignite actually had Sucker Punch in Genetics, which was a little troublesome.

The Kadabra that flew upside down was like a rag pocket, hitting the fence on the edge of the battlefield to stop his body.

The front-row audience quickly got up and leaned back a bit, for fear that Kadabra would fall out of the field of play and fly into the audience.

“cough cough, cough!”

Kadabra got up from the ground, crouched, and coughed twice with his hands on his chest.

This heavy punch just now caused a lot of damage to it.

It glows with a soft white light, especially the rays of light on the chest that was hit hard before.

White light flicked from head to toe, Kadabra became refreshed again, like Refresh.


A very skinny move that allows the cells of the whole body to regenerate and treat their own injuries.

Unless you have an overwhelming power, defeat the Pokemon who will be able to do this with lightning speed.

Or block this move so that it cannot use Recover.

Or apply the effect of recovery blockade to the opponent, prohibiting the treatment of injuries.

Otherwise, it is difficult to defeat a Pokemon that can recover.

The last round of Gastrodon used this move. It could have become the highlight of this freshman competition with this move.

But when I met Raichu, Raichu has been using Psychic to attack his brain, distracting his mind, and has no time to perform Recover, and he failed to bring out the disgustingness of Recover.

Now, after a cell regeneration, Kadabra returns to health, and the serious injury caused by Sucker Punch becomes irrelevant.

Wu Kun frowned, Pignite can’t handle the Recover this move style, he is in trouble.

Jiang Sheng’s mouth is cocked, and what he has to do is much more than that.

“Kadabra, Psychic Terrain!”

Wu Kun’s face was sullen, and Psychic Terrain must not be laid down!

He hurriedly said:

“Hurry up and stop him, Fire Punch!”

Pignite lit up flames on both hands, clenched his fists and rushed towards Kadabra.

Kadabra is not in a hurry, the Psychic energy gathers in the palm of the palm to form a pale red ball of light. With a gentle tap, it will hit the ball of light into the Ground.

At this time, Pignite also leaned forward and slammed it with a fist of flames

Kadabra’s eyes condensed, his heart as firm as iron.

The right hand is a virtual grip, and the materialized heart power forms an invisible Confusion long knife, which is slashed at Pignite.

Psycho Cut VSFire Punch!

Pignite punches continuously, Kadabra draws a knife to block, and the tip of the knife points directly at Pignite’s vitals when attacking.

After six consecutive matches, ka-cha was heard from the venue with a crisp sound.

The Psycho Cut this move style looks at the scenery, but it is not suitable for Kadabra. Now it is reasonable to be crushed by Pignite with Fire Punch.

Kadabra holds the Confusion blade full of Spider Web cracks in both hands, and the tip of the blade faces Pignite’s heart, wanting to make the final cut.

Pignite’s body once again shines black light, and the evil energy surges, setting off it like a burly Demon King.

Sucker Punch again!

As long as Kadabra dared to slash, Pignite would use Sucker Punch to strike first, inflicting heavy damage on Kadabra.

Confusion slashed with the blade, and Pignite was driven by the evil energy of the whole body to rush straight to Kadabra.

Who knows that Yongji’s left hand holding the handle of the knife shook slightly, and the Psycho Cut formed by Confusion was overwhelmed. It fell to the ground in pieces along the Spider Web-like cracks left before. .

Kadabra closed the knife in time, Sucker Punch lost its target, and Pignite’s evil energy suddenly disappeared, making its charge abruptly stopped in the middle of the road.

It seems that I haven’t finished going to the toilet, and I clipped it off halfway.

Seeing that the Psychic Terrain was about to be deployed, Wu Kun couldn’t hold back his breath, and ordered in a deep voice:

“Burn Up!”

hearing this, Pignite eyes Scarlet, turbulent flames emerged from all over the body, and the fire was so fierce that it rushed straight into the dome, and within two meters of its surroundings, it turned into a realm of flames.

Burn Up, use self as the charcoal, set up a big fire, and burn the opponent in the fire field!

Pignite will also pay a heavy price afterwards, and will lose the Fire Type for a long time.

As the burning gets more thorough, the fire domain is still expanding.

Pignite opened his arms to pounce on Kadabra, pulling it into the fire zone and restraining it with both hands.

Kadabra is slightly smiled, white light flashed, and disappears from the place, avoiding Pignite’s Body Press.

When Pignite was looking around for Kadabra’s silhouette, a snapping finger on sky snapped.

Pignite turned around abruptly, looked up, and saw Kadabra looking at it with a faint smile.

A strange feeling came from under her feet. Pignite looked down and found that a layer of pale red mist had already risen under her feet.

On Ground, there is an ancient Strength/Machamp field, which wraps it up and gives it an irresistible effect.

The seeds planted in advance have sprouted, and Psychic Terrain has grown!

Standing on the field, in addition to enhancing the Psychic Type moves, it is also specifically used to restrain the Sucker Punch and other pre-made moves.

Once Sucker Punch is abolished, Kadabra can take it without burden, and a Pignite will not be a concern.

“Burn up the flames, burn it!”

At this time, Burn Up is still showing its power, the flames have touched the roof, and the horizontal occupies a small half of the battlefield.

Pignite ran on the ground, and the flames around it followed the baring fangs and brandishing claws.

It is like a Flame Giant pounces on Kadabra and wants to integrate Kadabra into his body.

Kadabra did not move, raising his hand and snapping two more fingers.

Pignite froze suddenly, looking down at its body with unbelievable head down, and it sensed the extremely terrifying Psychic energy fluctuations in its body.



Two bursts of sound, the waves of air tumbling, and the flames scattered, the momentum is very shocking.

The audience on the field looked stunned. They looked left and looked. The expressions on each other’s faces seemed to be carved out of a mold. They were all dumbfounded. They didn’t know the battlefield. What happened on the ground.

Could it be said that this Pignite can self-destruct or Explosion moves?

But these two moves are not played like this, right?

The explosions so far away can’t hurt Kadabra at all, it hurts oneself and not others at all, let’s listen to everyone.

When the aftermath of the explosion dissipated, all the scattered flames were extinguished, and a half-meter deep pit appeared on the battlefield. Pignite was lying in the pit and had lost consciousness.

Some Psychic people have divine light flashed in their minds, infer what happened just now, cry out in surprise:

“Future Sight, this is Future Sight!”

hearing this, the audience on the scene showed a stunned look and understood the entire process of development.

When Psycho Cut and Pignite were used to fight each other, Kadabra planted the mark of Future Sight on it.

The two snapped fingers just hit detonated the mark and hit Pignite severely.

The students of the Psychic College have more acid in their mouths, burning with Burning Jealousy in their eyes, staring at Jiang Sheng on the elevator platform aggrievedly.

This should have been their Kadabra, but it was cut off in the end. They are wronged!

Wu Kun frowned slightly, his face faintly blamed.

If it noticed earlier, Pignite would not lose the game so stubbornly.

He didn’t say much, and silently took Pignite back and released the second Pokemon.

Red light flashed, a Pokemon similar to a lizard appeared on the battlefield.

Its color is mainly Yellow and Rice Yellow, the head is Yellow, and the neck to the abdomen are all Yellow.

It has a very small nose, a red protrusion on the head, and Yellow wrinkled skin in the abdomen, similar to “trousers”, which can be pulled up by hand.

Scraggy, Level 24, Characteristic Trait [Intimidation]!

This is a Pokemon of the “evil + Fighting” series. With Attribute restraint, it directly abolished Kadabra’s proud Confusion and other Psychic Type moves.

The audience booed suddenly, and every audience had a strange smile on their faces.

This battle is interesting. They are going to see how the “high disciples” of the Psychic Academy battle Dark Type Pokemon.

Jiang Sheng squinted and stared at Scraggy off the court, mainly staring at the wrinkled skin under his abdomen, looking thoughtful.

I heard that that layer of skin can be pulled to the neck to defend against enemy attacks?

Thinking of this, Jiang Sheng’s mouth curled up, with a deep smile on his face, but he was holding back his own smile.

Fortunately for this vulgar man, this Pokemon is a bit like…a bit like…

It’s hard to say!

Wu Kun browses tightly knit, doesn’t understand Jiang Sheng’s thoughts, and asks:

“What are you laughing at?”

Jiang Sheng hurriedly waved.

He couldn’t say the vulgar words, he found an excuse.

“I’m a little happy, I’m afraid your Scraggy will be given away for nothing.”

Wu Kun frowned deeper, thinking of the Psychic critics, thinking Jiang Sheng is also an arrogant The arrogant master.

“The universe is uncertain, please speak with strength!”

“Scraggy, high-five!”

On the field, Scraggy suddenly disappeared.

A yellow shadow passed by, and when it reappeared, it had jumped in front of in midair Kadabra, and reached out to slap Kadabra on the face.

It put on a fierce color again, triggering [Intimidation] Characteristic Trait to shock Kadabra.

But the tenacious degree of Kadabra’s will is definitely one of the very best in Jiang Sheng’s team.

So intimidating, the expression on Kadabra’s face has not changed, and his eyes are ancient well without ripples, without even blinking.

He lifted his left palm, and the pink starlight of Attract bloomed in the palm, and patted Scraggy’s head with an inverted gesture.

Pink rays of light surged, very dazzling, like a small sun rising in a dim auditorium, and the audience closed their eyes subconsciously.

Suddenly, there was a muffled noise, and everyone covered with their palms and looked towards the battlefield.

Scraggy tilted his head to the ground and lost consciousness. The muffled sound just now was caused by it falling from the air.

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