Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 354

Whether it is the live audience or the students watching the live broadcast in front of the screen, their faces are shocked.

The lens moved up, and I saw Kadabra falling from the air, with pink rays of light in the palm of his left hand slowly extinguishing.

Dazzling Gleam, quadruple strikes, Scraggy didn’t lose injustice!

If you are at the same level, you might be able to eat this Dazzling Gleam if you change it to the evolutionary Scrafty. Scraggy’s physical fitness is far from enough.

Kadabra landed slowly, standing on Ground to feel the blessing of Psychic Terrain’s strength.

Psychic Terrain can prevent pre-made moves such as Extrreme Speed ​​and Sucker Punch, and can also increase the Psychic Type moves, but it will only work if you need to stand on the Psychic Terrain.

Through childhood for such a long time, it is the first time that Psychic Terrain has been applied to actual combat, so it is natural to come down and experience it.

With two consecutive defeats, Wu Kun’s expression finally moved, and he began to think about his fault.

After a while, he was lightly sighed.

in the wider world there are people more talented than oneself!

Although he didn’t show up before, he was always complacent in his heart.

The first two freshman games made him think that these classmates are nothing but the best, and he will be the leader of the freshmen this year.

Today’s battle woke him up and completely eliminated the self-satisfaction in his heart.

Someone may attribute the failure to Attribute restraint, but he will not.

He will only find reasons in himself and try to make himself perfect.

“No matter what the outcome is today, I really want to make your friend, I hope I can learn more and make progress together in the future.”

This is a “wu idiot” , An extremely pure “Wu Chi”.

Not only obsessed with exercising and controlling Aura, but also obsessed with training Pokemon, he is a very pure person.

He bowed slightly, expressed respect to Jiang Sheng, and sincerely asked.

“Of course, if you have the opportunity, you must learn more, whether it is Pokémon battle or the use of special ability.”

Jiang Sheng said that there is an opportunity, but in his heart he believes that Wu I’m afraid Kun has no chance.

He has already figured out the opponent’s strength, so he can compete with himself at this stage.

After a period of time, I am afraid that the strength of his own Pokemon will drop him a lot, and it is no longer worthy of comparison.

Wu Kun couldn’t see what Jiang Sheng meant. After nodded, he released his last Pokemon.

Red light flashed, and a little bear over half a meter appeared on the battlefield.



“How could it be this kind of Pokemon!”



In the auditorium, Uproar stood up instantly, and there were shouts of exclamation everywhere. Some audience members even got up from their seats excitedly, waiting to jump up on the spot.

In a place that Jiang Sheng can’t see, when this Pokemon appeared, someone criticized out in surprise and almost threw the phone out. The heart beats fast, like the next moment the heart is going from the eyes of the throat Pop out.

On the lifting platform, Jiang Sheng stared at the Pokemon off the court, his mouth was as if he had eaten a lemon Normal, and his saliva overflowed.

He didn’t expect that he would see this kind of Pokemon in the freshman competition.

This is an ordinary bear standing on two feet, with firm eyes and high fighting spirit.

The body color is biased towards beige, with white patterns, mainly on the head and upper chest.

The back of the head also has white hair hanging down, making it look like a white silk scarf.

The four claws are black, and the claws of the footsteps protrude upward and are very sharp.

Kubfu, level 30, Characteristic Trait [Mental Force] (Long-term Calm Mind training, Mental Force is strong and will not fall into Flinch).

This is an extremely rare Pokemon, even rarer than Quasi-Legendary Pokemon.

They are far away from human habitats. Normal lives in the mountains and exercises themselves, and they are rarely found.

At the same time, they have a fatal flaw. They are addicted to Martial Dao and do not want to reproduce offspring. This is the most important reason for their scarcity.

Some experts have speculated that if this situation is not changed, it may not be long before Pokemon like Kubfu will disappear from Pokédex forever.

There are very few Trainers with Kubfu and even its evolutionary Martial Dao. Jiang Sheng didn’t expect that he would encounter one in the freshman competition.

This…maybe after this freshman competition, Wu Kun and Zhao Hao can be called “Wolong” and “Phoenix” respectively.

They both have rare Pokemon. Although they are not the strongest, they are rare enough.

If you use their banner when enrolling students, you will definitely be able to fool you from the entire Alliance to a large number of people.

The surrounding exclamations affected Wu Kun not at all, his expression remained unchanged, and he said:

“I have just run-in with Kubfu for about a month, please Hold Back , A lot of advice.”

After only one sound, he commanded Kubfu:

“Kubfu, Focus Energy!”


With a low growl, Kubfu is dantian, striding Stomping Tantrum and taking a step, his eyes are as sharp as a falcon.

“Confusion, try the water!”

Jiang Sheng also ordered.

Based on Psychic Terrain, Kadabra’s Confusion is even stronger, turning into a big hand, grabbing it to Kubfu, and wanting to pull it from the ground.

Kubfu is loudly shouts again. His muscles all over his body follow along with his strength, and he squats deeper.

Kadabra’s all-inclusive Confusion was frustrated and failed to lift Kubfu from the ground.

While the two struggled, Wu Kun suddenly shouted:

“Kubfu, Scary Face!”

A hideous Black face from Kubfu Rising from behind, Kadabra see power is far from good, disperse Confusion, and immediately run away.

After a Teleport, Kadabra left Kubfu’s line of sight and hid behind Kubfu.

Who knows the hideous Scary Face suddenly turned his head and stared at Kadabra fiercely.

Kadabra presses forward with both hands and supports a transparent shield to block the negative effects of Scary Face with Protect.

But it is too late, Scary Face has worked, and the same grimace rises behind Kadabra.

The grimace suddenly dispersed and turned into a cloud of black energy wrapped around Kadabra, making Kadabra as if carrying the mountain Normal on his back, and his proud agility and speed were greatly affected.

Simply, Kadabra was not ready to dodge, and stood in place to challenge.

Kubfu strode and ran wildly, blazing red flames on his fist, hitting Kadabra.

The red light in Kadabra’s eyes skyrocketed, and the spoon in his hand was bent again.


The surging Confusion is condensed into one, very targeted, strikes Kubfu’s brain.

The Kubfu frowned, who raised his fist, moved a little slower. It was obviously affected. His head was suffering from the pain of overwhelming the river.

But an astonishing scene appeared, Kubfu It just frowned, and there was no other sign.

The influence of Psychic on Kubfu came and went quickly. After Kubfu resisted the powerful Confusion’s attack on the brain, his eyes became more determined.

Fire Punch, with the imposing manner of press forward, jumped up and hit Kadabra’s heart.

Jiang Sheng brows frowned, I immediately wanted to understand why.

Kubfu’s Characteristic Trait is [Mental Force], spirit willpower is extremely powerful, and Psychic, which interferes with the brain, has little effect on it.

Thinking of this, Jiang Sheng quickly reminded:

“Its Characteristic Trait is [Mental Force], stop using Psychic, use Psyshock!”


Kadabra nodded knows, facing Fire Punch close at hand, mobilize Confusion again.

Confusion surges, forming a thick wave, scouring the Kubfu of Splash.

To be more mysterious, Psychic is to hit the soul, while Psyshock is to interfere with reality and hit the body with a solid Confusion.

According to Inspur, Kadabra is very confident and will surely be able to take Kubfu away.

The fact is just as Kadabra thought, the Confusion wave was strong. As soon as they met, Kubfu was defeated and wanted to be photographed.

Who knows, something happened suddenly, and Kubfu’s lower abdomen suddenly lit up with rays of light.

At this moment, Kubfu’s eyes are soaring, and new power is growing within the body.

The flame on the right fist it raised high, turned into a palm, with Fighting Type energy wrapped around its palm, and it slammed downward.

This palm seems to have the power to open the sea, and the Confusion wave is separated from the middle.

Kubfu entered, the rest of the palm of his hand was unabated, and he smashed into the heart of Kadabra who had not reacted, and smashed Kadabra out.

This blow directly hit Kadabra’s vitals!

If Kadabra hadn’t been resistant to Fighting Type energy, this blow might have fainted it directly.

Jiang Sheng’s heart trembled, recalling the previous scene.

Just now Kubfu’s lower abdomen suddenly glowed, causing Kubfu to explode. I’m afraid it is the legendary “dantian” there.

This is not a joke. There is indeed a special organ in the lower abdomen of Kubfu, but it is not an illusory True Qi stored in it, but an organ that can generate fighting energy.

This race will activate organs through special means, combined with the unique breathing method concentrates one’s mind to enhance its own strength.

Because of this mysterious innate talent, they are curious and sought after by human trainers.

Shooting Kadabra out with a palm, after finally gaining the upper hand, Kubfu will not let it go. The flames on both fists are raging, and Kadabra is pursued in large strides.

Kadabra resisted the pain in his chest and immediately adjusted his body shape.

With the help of Confusion, Kadabra connected his hands on the ground. After many times, he resolved the impulse and stabilized his figure.

Fire Punch’s head zoomed in front of his eyes, and the skin on Kadabra’s body already felt a burning sensation.

The critical moment, white light flashed, Teleport!

Kadabra disappeared from the place, and Kubfu’s Fire Punch was naturally emptied.

It turned around to look for Kadabra, but it heard the sound of snapping its fingers.

“Be careful, it’s Future Sight!”

In fact, Kadabra could move away in an instant. Just now, both hands kept moving on Ground, just to leave a mark on the ground. , Cast Future Sight Yin Kubfu.

Wu Kun reminded at this time that it was already too late, and two explosions came from the ground, like a mine being set off.

With the strength of Kadabra, of course, it won’t just bury a few marks with a few clicks, and it only succeeded twice in a rush.

Furthermore, the mark was dropped and detonated, which also cost Kadabra a lot of consumption.

But these all are worth it, Kubfu definitely cannot withstand the two Future Sight attacks.

Kadabra hovered in the low air, activated Recover, healed his own injuries, while also staring at the smoke and dust rising below.

“Kadabra, be careful behind!”

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