Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 355

“Kadabra, be careful behind!”

Jiang Sheng shouting loudly, Kadabra was unconditionally convinced, forcibly stopped the operation of Recover, and had to use Teleport to escape the place.

As soon as the thoughts were together, Kadabra felt a sharp pain in his back, fell forward and flew out into the smoke.

When the consciousness is fuzzy, it has only one thought in its mind:

Pretty and beautiful, this is the back of the heart, the heart hurts, as if it stopped beating Normal.

Is your Characteristic Trait [Snipe Shot Hand]?

How to focus on the key points?

Don’t talk about martial arts!


Jiang Sheng yelled again, but Kadabra, who was thrown into the smoke, had no response.

He turned his head and looked towards the other side. The guy who hit Kadabra’s back passed out and plunged into the audience.

It’s Aerial Ace!

At the last moment of the explosion, Kubfu used the Aerial Ace to rush out!

Although he still suffered most of the explosion damage, he still had some strength to counterattack.

Under the cover of smoke and dust, Kubfu rushed behind Kadabra against the ground.

Then leaning on the strange trajectory of Aerial Ace, the flying trajectory turned upwards, and the flying trajectory was in the shape of a lying “J”. He regarded himself as a hidden weapon and smashed it on Kadabra’s back. Revenge.

After the incident, Kubfu couldn’t hold on anymore and lost battle awareness first.

Red light flashed, Kubfu in the auditorium was taken back into Poké Ball by Wu Kun.

Behind him, the three Poké Balls on the big screen were all extinguished, and underneath the Poké Ball there were three gray Pokemon images.

On Jiang Sheng’s side, all three Poké Balls were on, and Kadabra fell in the smoke, so it was difficult to determine the situation.

But no matter what the result is, the outcome is already divided.

The smoke and dust gradually dissipated. On the battlefield paved with loess, Kadabra lay down on his back. There was no movement, as if he had lost his combat effectiveness.

both sides suffer!

Wu Kunlue was slightly sighed in relief, and everyone followed sighed in relief.

This is a good result, both for Wu Kun and other students.

Wu Kun saved face, and other freshmen at the same level did not want to see the birth of a “myth”.

If Kadabra can still stand upright on the battlefield after pushing three, it will become a late night nightmare for many people.

There is such a powerhouse among the freshmen in the same class, they can only be green leaves, it is difficult to have a bright future.

Someone sighed in relief, Jiang Sheng sighed and raised his hand to take Kadabra back into the Poké Ball.

When he hung Poké Ball back to his waist, Poké Ball shook slightly, and Jiang Sheng, with his head down, showed an imperceptible smile at the corner of his mouth.

The lifting platform fell, and after leaving the War Zone, Jiang Sheng saw Wu Kun who came to block him specially.

Exchanged contact information with the robust man of Iron Pagoda Normal, and agreed to have time to discuss again before leaving Dragon Island and returning to the dormitory.

Now it’s the third round, sixty-four into thirty-two.

No one who can go to this time is a mediocrity, the rest are one of the very best players in each court, and every battle is very difficult.

Li Lan was lucky. He met one of the sixty-four people who was at the bottom. With Deino, the oil bottle, he reluctantly defeated the opponent and got a chance to advance.

But after watching everyone’s battle videos, Jiang Sheng felt that her ranking eventually stopped in the top 32.

If she doesn’t play Deino this time and replaces with Torracat, she might be able to advance to the top 16 with a certain degree of confidence.

Mo Li was eliminated.

It’s no surprise, she just came up and walked through the scene.

Until the end, Mo Li failed to show his special ability and lost the game very plainly.

Jiang Sheng mentioned this to her before.

When Mo Li controlled the shadow of Pokemon with all his strength, the natural phenomenon was too obvious to allow people to think about it.

Therefore, Jiang Sheng asked her to remember to converge in public.

The last time Dae used his abilities in Stadium, he couldn’t see much, but the time he fainted Gengar in a different space was too obvious.

In this world, there are many illegal research institutions engaged in experiments that violate ethics. When they discover that Moli is special, they cannot guarantee that they will not have any crooked minds.

When the leaders of the two departments saw Mo Li’s special ability before, he guessed some of them sporadically.

After receiving Mo Li from the two hospitals, she has been keeping her low-key, and she has not shown much difference from other students.

After all, it is strange for a blind boy to be a Trainer, and it is very eye-catching.

Now with Lucario, everything can be pushed to Aura, so that the students of the two institutes pay less attention to Mo Li.

Zhao Hao, this guy used his best in the third round assessment, and the last Pokemon has also been revealed.

So, now the campus forum is full of posts about him and Wu Kun, and they are really regarded as “Wolong” and “Phoenix” among the freshmen of high school.

This kind of title does not mean how powerful and respectable the two are, but rather a ridicule.

The enthusiasm of the two came up, suppressing the enthusiasm of his beating the crying girl.

This played a very good role in deterring the spread of his murderous name, which made Jiang Sheng very comfortable.

Can be a little transparent, who wants to be famous?

The more people who pay attention to him, the greater the probability that his whereabouts will be exposed, how can he play black and white?

After spending half an afternoon in the forum, Jiang Sheng almost smashed his phone with anger.

Somehow, the heat about him is up again!

Many non-nutritive posts flooded into the forum. The articles were extremely exaggerated and described how he slammed the three-wheeled opponent, portraying him like a powerful Demon King .

There are also many photos with excellent angles, which show his “indifferent”, “violent” and “very ruthless” to the extreme.

Although there is no negative portrayal, it depicts an indifferent and handsome ascetic trainer image.

After reading out the image he wanted to express in the article, Jiang Sheng’s mouth twitched. Isn’t this a portrayal of all Psychic people?

The case is solved!

Li Yuan, did you secretly poke in the back?


In the office of the Psychic Institute, Li Yuan is sitting at the desk drinking tea with her legs upright.

In the past, she had a cold expression on her face, which scared the teachers to stay in front of her for a long time.

Today, Li Yuan’s face looked like the spring breeze was turning into snow, and her brows were smiling, which made the teachers underneath even more afraid.

An assistant cautiously handed over the folder and said softly:

“Vice Group Leader, this is the manuscript just rushed out. Please check it out.”

Li Yuan didn’t answer at all, but asked: “Is it the same as the previous ones?”

“Hmm, yes.”

“Then send it out Right.”

After getting permission, the assistant turned around and handed the folder to the colleague beside him. He didn’t leave Li Yuan’s side, but he stopped talking.

Li Yuan coldly shouted:

“Say what you want to ask, and go to work if you don’t say it!”

With a scolding, the assistant finally found the past Feeling inside.

She feels at ease, secretly said in one’s heart, it feels better to be scolded by the boss.

She paused for a while, organized a few words to ask:

“Vice Group Leader, are we doing this well? Don’t you need to consider the feelings of the parties?”

Li Yuanxiu raised her eyebrows, and the corners of her mouth curled up:

“Don’t worry about him, we are helping him make a name, we are doing good deeds, do not need to leave a name for good deeds, do not tell him.”


(Jiang Sheng: I thank you…)

The assistant didn’t speak any more, and then retired with a loud voice, leaving Li Yuan briskly.

Since the team has been in the snowy area for a long time, the reputation of Psychic Academy has gradually declined. This time the freshman competition Psychic Academy has achieved very good results. It happened to be used by this opportunity to speculate. This student sacrificed for the team. Died well.

(Jiang Sheng: Revitalizing the glory of Psychic Academy, I am obliged to be (generation)!)


In the evening, the competition list was released again, this time It was 32 to 16 and it was a round of competition with Normal.

Trainer High School has 18 Attribute Academy, as well as scattered students who have not joined the Academy’s own cultivation. There are 19 forces in total.

And there are only 16 seats in the top 16, which means that some Academy will be out in this round of competition!

After clicking on the match list, Jiang Sheng quickly found his name, and then looked towards his opponent, Jiang Sheng raised his brow.

Is it so predestined?

In this case, I will meet you well.

Don’t blame the brothers for not being affectionate, it is that this “Dragon Valley” quota is so fragrant, there may be a big baby waiting for me.

2nd day, Jiang Sheng went to the worm island and found the worm courtyard auditorium, which was like a honeycomb in a jungle.

The audience is still full of seats. In the War Zone, Jiang Sheng found through the live broadcast screen that someone was still holding his cheer banner.

Jiang Sheng has a suspicious look on his face. Are these guys hired by Psychic to act?

When reminded by the staff, Jiang Sheng converged on what he thought and boarded the elevator platform.

The lifting platform rose slowly, Jiang Sheng and his opponent in the fourth round appeared on the battlefield together.

“Jiang Sheng!”

“Zhao Hao!”

The two looked at each other and smiled, didn’t expect them to be so predestined, in the fourth round Met together.

After several days of fierce battles, Zhao Hao’s mood improved a lot. He suggested:

“A Trump Card battle directly?”

” How long have you been working with it, can it work?”

“Don’t underestimate me, please tell me if I can come!”

“Oh, what you said, lose Don’t cry anymore.”

When the two were talking, the referee had already determined the first hand right, and Zhao Hao would take the initiative.

A strange-looking Poké Ball was thrown by Zhao Hao.

This is a deep blue Poké Ball. There are four golden arc-shaped bulges on the ball, which are arranged in a cross shape.

There is a shallow blue ring pattern on the spherical surface, just like the Earth instrument Normal, with distinct latitude and longitude.

This is an ultimate ball!

It is said that the cost of each ultimate ball must be more than one million yuan. They are not used to capture normal Pokemon, they are specifically used to capture a powerful creature-the ultimate monster!

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