Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 356

red light shoots out, and a Pokemon stranger than the ultimate ball appears on the battlefield.

The scene suddenly became noisy, and some people were still chanting its name, as if spontaneously formed its support group.

After learning about the list of matches last night, many students got up early and came to the island of Insects to take a seat, just to take a look.

Jiang Sheng is also the first time he has seen an ultra-extreme beast, and he looks at it curiously.

This is a strange one-foot-tall paper man. His body is mostly white, but there is a little red inside.

It seems that it is a Normal folded out of paper with one side red and one side white.

Its head is folded within the body, and a yellow four-pointed star is cut out in the center, with no obvious facial features.

There are two wide tentacles on the top of the head, and a yellow sheath-like limb on each side of the shoulder. The arms are knife-shaped, the legs are wrinkled, and the toes are sharp, giving a full sense of three-dimensionality.

Kartana, Level 32, Characteristic Trait [Beast Boost]. (After defeating opponent, one of his most powerful abilities will be improved)

This Characteristic Trait is very similar to [Overconfidence]. Putting it on Kartana, defeating opponent will improve your own strength. There is a taste of fighting for fighting.

Zhao Hao wants to see his Metang, Jiang Sheng also has the idea of ​​letting Metang meet Kartana for a while.

I don’t know if both Level and Species Strength are inferior to the opponent, whether Metang can defeat the opponent with its own special features.

Jiang Sheng took off the last Poké Ball on his right belt and threw it out.

All the audience’s attention is on this Poké Ball, holding their breath, with a look of expectation on their faces.

Today they have seen the ultimate beast as they wish, but they also want to see the long-famous Quasi-Legendary!

Poké Ball opens in the air, and a bunch of red light shoots out from the Poké Ball and falls into the battlefield.

Across from Kartana, a flying saucer-shaped Pokemon with silver light appeared.

Metang, Level 27, Characteristic Trait [Hengjing Body].

When he saw Metang, a smile appeared on Zhao Hao’s face.

Since losing to Jiang Sheng’s Scorbunny last time, Zhao Hao has been very depressed.

This time I was able to play against the Trump Card in Jiang Sheng’s hand, Zhao Hao’s spirit was lifted, and the sadness in his heart was reduced a lot.

The fighting spirit was aroused, and Zhao Hao issued a loud order to start the battle first:

“Kartana, Sword Dance!”

Jiang Sheng’s eyebrows jumped , I feel a headache.

Zhao Hao is really welcome. Kartana already possesses terrifying powers, but he has to do another Sword Dance to strengthen him. He wants to poke his Metang right through, right?

“Agility, Ice Punch, interrupt its action!”

Metang gathers the surrounding Psychic energy and incorporates it into the body.

At this moment, just as the power furnace has new fuel, Metang bursts out into Kartana very quickly.

The thick metal arms were wrapped in frost, and they smashed at this fist sized figure.

Metang is fast enough, but Kartana is faster than it.

Its Sword Dance is fast!

Almost in the blink of an eye, Kartana waved his arms, a clanging sound rang, and the Sword Dance was completed.

The aura on it has soared and become even more fierce.

Listen carefully, and you can hear the whistling sound of sword energy around it.

Kartana waved her arms and slashed her swords in the air.

Sword energy erupted, and two Qi Jin hit Metang at an incredible speed.

Preemptive attack, Fighting Type, Vacuum Wave!

Metang shook his fist continuously, the frost swept through, smashing the two Blade Qi, and approached Kartana.

It rolled up the frost and hit it with a fist, still Ice Punch!

It’s a pity that Metang didn’t have the chance to learn Fire Punch. Otherwise, to deal with the “grass + steel” Attribute combination, Fire Element is the eternal god!

Kartana is not in a hurry. The previous two Vacuum Waves are just trial runs, which are not its best skills.

Its sword technique is top-notch, and it is best at close combat. They all claim to be nothing but nothing.

Almost no brewing was carried out. When Metang bullied him, Kartana exploded with grandeur and grandeur.

Brown Fighting energy swirled around the raised arm, and he struck Metang with a press forward sword.

Jiang Sheng has ten thousand words of mmp hidden in his heart and can’t scream out. This guy is not only skilled at Sword Dance, but also Sacred Sword!

“Metang, try your best, or you will suffer!”

Metang has also noticed that opponent is not easy to deal with. Ten percent of the power is used, and it activates the Characteristic of [Acoustic Steel] Trait, ready to absorb the kinetic energy from the confrontation.


There is a sharp metal collision sound.

Everyone’s heads were dumbfounded, and their tinnitus continued.

Jiang Sheng and Zhao Haoqiang tolerated the nausea and stared at the battlefield closely.

On the battlefield, Metang had already punched Kartana’s arm, and the two sides were in a fight.

The two stood in a stalemate for less than three breaths. Metang’s arm began to tremble, seemingly unable to withstand the force of Kartana’s arm.

Jiang Sheng frowned, knowing that Metang is already at a disadvantage, it doesn’t feel incredible.

Don’t look down on Kartana because it is only one foot tall.

At the same level, Mega Metagross dare not compete with it. Except for the legendary Pokemon, only Mega Heracross can wrestle with it head-on.

Even more how Sword Dance is now intensified. It will be sooner or later that Metang will lose in the fight.

But Metang won’t sit and wait for death, suddenly raised his left arm, Ice Punch again, suddenly moved towards Kartana and swept across the right body.

This is a bit of a sneak attack, but for Metang, fighting is for victory. For victory, it can be by fair means or foul.

It is to make a noise and force Kartana to make a choice.

Kartana responded, not at all, drawing back his sword to give Metang’s right arm a breather, but letting the sword arm against Metang’s right fist suddenly exert force and slash down heavily.

Peiran is strong and unstoppable!

Under tremendous pressure, the unique [sound-absorbing steel] material cannot absorb all the kinetic energy in a short time.

Metang was overwhelmed, and was smashed by Kartana three or four meters away.

Only fly so far?

Zhao Hao looked surprised, and took a closer look at Metang in the venue.

This Metang is not a vulgarity that can take the sword that Kartana has slashed out with all his strength.

After he came back, he watched the match between Metang and Gabite. At that time, it was only half of the game. Everyone thought that the two Second Rank Quasi-Legendary evenly matched.

But judging from the collision today, the Gabite at the time should not have forced the true ability of Metang.

Jiang Sheng’s eyes were sharp and he noticed that Metang’s right arm was trembling slightly. He hurriedly asked:

“Metang, are you okay?”

Metang is a mechanical brain, very Sincerely, never deceive Jiang Sheng, and report on his own status.

It raised its trembling right arm and showed the palm of his hand to Jiang Sheng. There was a dazzling white scratch on the silver skin in the palm.

Metang, got hurt!

Jiang Sheng eyes shrank, his eyes are full of astonished expressions.

A long time ago, Metang had already used that piece of “anti-metal” to transform his body into a [sound-absorbing steel] material, which can absorb kinetic energy and alleviate the impact, and its material is indestructible.

This has only played twice, and suffered a loss on the ultimate alien, and the metal skin is cut away by the sword.

Zhao Hao noticed Metang’s movements and saw the conspicuous scar in its palm. He couldn’t help but worry, and asked:

“Why don’t I let Kartana take a few Divide your strength?”

After saying this, Zhao Hao really wanted to slap himself.

This is in the freshman competition, not the two in private. How can you say such a thing and look down on who?

Jiang Sheng shook the head.

“It’s okay, continue playing, my Metang is not so delicate.”

After replying to Zhao Hao, Jiang Sheng ordered Metang on the court:

“Iron Defense, strengthen defense.”

Metang complied, hold a virtual palm, and Steel Type energy gathers, forming a thick tower shield with shiny silver light and sharp edges in front of him.

The silver light of the tower shield flashed and turned and plunged into Metang’s body.

After receiving the blessing, the silver light on the surface of Metang flickered, and the defensive power was greatly improved.

The marks on the palm of its right hand are also quietly healing.

With Iron Defense possessed, Zhao Hao also sighed in relief, otherwise he is really afraid of smashing Jiang Sheng’s Metang.

“Fury Cutter!”

The blue jade-like luster appears on Kartana’s arms, using both arms as swords, moved towards Metang one after another.

Sacred Sword once and Fury Cutter many times gave Jiang Sheng a headache. It was too difficult.

Especially Fury Cutter, it’s terribly connected.

A knife is heavier than a knife. For example, Normal, a wave is stronger than a wave.

Metang is not yet resistant to the Bug Type moves. Four Fury Cutter drops, one cut is better than one, and it is not handled well. Metang is likely to be cut out on the spot.

I really agreed with that sentence, brothers came to kill me.

Faced with the hacked Fury Cutter, Jiang Sheng’s truth is a bit unfounded, only secretly said in one’s heart:

Strangers, just look at the Psychic foundation you created for Metang Is it hard enough?

At the critical moment, he ordered:

“Psycho Cut, let’s fight it, and see who is stronger!”

In yesterday’s battle, Kadabra Psycho Cut has been shown, but as a Master, its Psycho Cut is far from home.

This kind of Psychic Type object attack moves, or Metang shows more flavor.

Metang’s heart is as strong as iron, and the two claws are held in a virtual grip. The power of the heart is combined with Confusion to be substantive and revealed, forming two irregular transparent “long knives” in its two claws.

It is not so much a “long knife” as it is two pieces of irregularly shaped long strips of broken glass.

Metang grabbed such an unsightly weapon, greeted Kartana, and slashed against it.



Two harsh metal collision sounds, which were clearly the product of Confusion’s substance, made the sound of gold and iron.

I don’t know if it is because Metang’s heart is as strong as iron, or it is affected by Iron Defense.

Metang waved Psycho Cut one after another. Although he took the Fury Cutter twice, he was the weaker side and was repelled by Kartana’s great power.

The Psycho Cut that I was holding on my hand was also cut through a big gap, and it was not far away.

Metang expression congeals, firm the mind, the power of the heart poured into the hands, and completely repaired the two Psycho Cuts.

This is just a prelude. If Kartana can completely split the four swords, the last one is the real killer move.

After the first three slashes, the last sword will have incredible terrifying power.

Zhao Hao suddenly reminded:

“Jiang Sheng, my Kartana can perfectly cleave Fury Cutter four times, you have to be careful!”

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