Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 357

Simply saying that “a knife is better than a knife” may be a bit abstract, making it impossible to estimate four Fury Cutter injuries.

Although the reality is different from the game, there are also many common grounds.

Take Fury Cutter as an example, you can use data to show the difference between each slash.

If the damage of the first slash is set as 40, the damage of the second slash is 80, and the damage of the third slash is 120.

The last slash hit the theoretical limit and the damage amount was 160!

Nowadays, there are still two last swords that have not been cut, which is really a bit difficult for people.

Kartana, relying on her small size, deceived herself in front of Metang, raised her right arm, and the sword energy stretched, Assisting the imposing manner accumulated by the first two swords, cutting out the third sword.

Metang just repaired the Psycho Cut in his hand, and the two swords crossed and blocked it.


The sound of metal collision is elongated.

Kartana’s right arm rubbed against the two crossed Psycho Cuts, drew a sword, and all the power poured out on Metang, without a trace of wasted.

This sword cuts out from top to bottom. Momentum is big, power is deep !

In the end, Metang was cut directly from in midair and landed on Ground. Aroused a puff of smoke.

Kartana will not give Metang a chance to breathe. The first three swords fall, and all the imposing manners accumulated are integrated into one, thus cutting out the most terrifying fourth sword of formidable power!

Bug Type energy surges, sword energy converges, forming a seven-eight-meter long sapphire-colored illusory big sword, the blade is upright, and the tip of the sword points directly at the sky.

Kartana’s arms are closed and held high, overlapping with the imaginary sapphire sword, and as the arms dance, the sapphire sword also dances.

The sword body is raised horizontally, parallel to Heaven and Earth, I want to cut the last sword from the top to the Metang on Ground!

“Jiang Sheng, the last sword, do you admit defeat?”

On the battlefield, Metang simply didn’t lift off, it just hovered one meter above the ground. .

It holds the newly repaired Psycho Cut in both hands, and stares at the imposing manner majestic sapphire sword in the sky.

In his eyes, there is no fear, no excitement, no fighting intent, and some just endless indifference.

Jiang Sheng is the same, facing the oppression of the imposing manner, there is no panic on his face.

The corners of his mouth were cocked, his fighting intent was high, and he shouted at Zhao Hao who was directly opposite:

“Come on, let me see the strength of Kartana!”


Seeking benevolence and benevolence, Zhao Hao is also full of confidence in Jiang Sheng, nodded agreed.

“Kartana, Fury Cutter!”

The fourth sword dropping from the sky, sword edge pointed directly at Metang’s oblate head.

Metang’s heart is firm, and the power of the heart is released.

Mental Force surged, gathering Psychic volume.

With the strength of the heart as strong as steel as the bone, and the massive Psychic energy as the flesh, rebuild this pair of Psycho Cuts!

The Psycho Cut, which was originally only more than one meter long, has skyrocketed to more than three meters long.

The blade surface is wider, and Metang’s claws can no longer be grasped, and can only be controlled by Confusion, which is absorbed in the palm of the hand.

Faced with the sapphire sword that was smashed in the head, Metang swung its double swords, as Normal crossed and blocked it.

Clash of swords and swords!

The collision of Psychic energy and Bug Type energy!

The surging air waves rolled, Jiang Sheng and Zhao Hao, who were standing on the lifting platform directing the battle, grasped the railings on the platform to prevent being swept away by the strong wind.

Even though the strong wind blows their faces and it is difficult to open their eyes, they still squinted at the battlefield, looking forward to the result of this collision.

Bug Type restrains Psychic, and Fury Cutter collides with Psycho Cut. It stands to reason that Psycho Cut should be defeated.

Even if Psycho Cut is usually as firm as steel, it should be as crisp as glass when it encounters Fury Cutter.

But in the three collisions, although Psycho Cut is weak, it definitely has the strength to strive for high and low with Fury Cutter.

I can only say Metang extraordinary natural talent.

According to the previous analogy, Metang’s Psycho Cut is also glass, but it is bulletproof glass!



This time it is no longer a sonorous metal collision sound, but a sound like glass breaking!

The voice came into his ears, Jiang Sheng was shocked.

Psycho Cut is broken?

Facing the harsh wind, he forcibly opened his eyes and looked towards the battlefield below him.

Under the pressure of the sapphire sword, the two Psycho Cuts, which are more than three meters long, finally couldn’t bear the pressure.

The fine Spider Web cracks spread all over the blade surface. With two crisp sounds, Psycho Cut broke into small pieces along the cracks and fell to the ground.

The big sword was gone, but he still slashed at Metang.

Metang raised his right arm, wrapped in the frost, and smashed the sapphire sword with Ice Punch strikes.

It was another burst of energy, and the air wave was stronger than before.

The strong wind raged up and rolled up the dust on the site, forming a small sandstorm, blocking the sight of the two Trainers and the audience.

But there is a bunch of sword energy, cut out from the smoke and dust, cutting out the sword marks on the ground of the battlefield, and spreading to the walls on the edge of the field.

The students in the audience have put their hands on the Poké Ball on their waists.

If sword energy falls on the auditorium, the next moment the auditorium will definitely be a jump, maybe there will be a Stomp event.

Students from other directions looked up curiously at this long sword mark on the field, feeling lingering.

Above the sky, Kartana’s breath is languid, and two sword-like arms hang down. With good eyesight, you can see that its two arms are trembling slightly.

Obviously, in order to slash this sword, not only did it consume a lot of energy, but it also placed a heavy burden on Kartana’s body.

All the students looked at the dust rising from the field with pitying eyes.

Although the visibility in the dust is low and it looks blurry, I can vaguely see Metang falling to the ground. It is probably bode ill rather than well.

After a short while, the raised dust gradually dissipated. Seeing that Jiang Sheng did not take back Metang’s plan to admit defeat, the referee stepped on Magnezon and entered the top of the battle field.

“Five seconds to the end, Metang cannot get up and continue fighting and will be judged to lose the game.”




The audience began to noisy, talking in low voices.

In the freshman game, referee Normal rarely enters the field.

They were all classmates who bowed their heads and raised their heads. They had to admit if they lost. No one would wait for the referee to come up and count the seconds.


When the referee counted to “two”, Metang, who fell on the ground, suddenly opened his eyes, his body surged with magnetism, and his mobility was restored again.

It levitated from the ground, its figure was very stable, there was no sign of staggering, and it didn’t look like it was severely injured.

When everyone looked at its appearance, they were surprised by its appearance.

It left a long scar on its right arm and cheek, and the golden sharp bulge on its nose was cut short by half, very tragic.

It is clear that these injuries were caused by the last Fury Cutter.

Many high school sophomores and seniors are lowering their heads and thinking, if it is their own Pokemon, they will be cut in half, and they will not be saved.

Ultimate beast, terrifying!

This new year’s freshman is also a stream of critics. The family is too dare to pay for the capital, and the trainer’s accomplishments are not low.

When they noticed that the scar on Metang’s right arm and face was slowly healing, everyone couldn’t help but feel Jiang Sheng sighed in relief.

Such a good-looking Quasi-Legendary with a different color, it would be bad if it left scars due to this battle.

Jiang Sheng fell into thinking, and he complied with that sentence, there is always someone stronger!

[Sound-absorbing steel] can be cut open, Jiang Sheng is more awe-inspiring for Pokemon in nature.

Don’t look at Metang’s extraordinary background, and then mutated. It seems that it has overpowered the same generation, but it is far from unrivalled throughout the world.

However, Jiang Sheng has no undervalue oneself either.

Kartana is already in its final form, and his Metang has two stages: Metagross and Mega Metagross.

They are future fighters, and the future can be expected.

With a turn of his thoughts, his attention returns to the battlefield. Metang is glare like a tiger watching his prey staring at Kartana in Sky.

It is waiting for Jiang Sheng’s order, looking forward to the arrival of the revenge order.

Kartana is a bit shiver coldly, it seems to be scared.

It can no longer cut off an attack like the one just now, and the cost is huge at this stage, I am afraid it can’t fight for long.

It was scared, and its shaking body could no longer hold a knife.

Jiang Sheng read Kartana’s expression with a strange look, and asked Zhao Hao:


Zhao Hao gave a wry smile and said:

“Don’t fight, even if Kartana is okay, you should not be able to fight. You really found a treasure. This Metang is too strong.

As for Kartana, it’s repercussions. Not much to say, you should be clear.”

Jiang Sheng nodded.

This guy was used as an experiment by crazy researchers in the Laboratory. It would be nice to be rescued alive.

Laboratory’s life may have caused serious psychological problems to it, but Jiang Sheng is not clear about it.

Metang is not in a good state. If Kartana is okay, and can continue to fight, Jiang Sheng will probably let Metang use his “anti-metal” ability to quickly resolve the battle.

Speaking of the Steel Type civil war, Metang, with its “anti-metal” ability, is definitely the most professional.

I didn’t use it before, just because it was unnecessary, I wanted to compete head-on with this powerful enemy.

Zhao Hao pressed the switch of the ultimate ball, and took back Kartana who was shiver coldly in the air.

After that, on the grounds that Kartana could no longer fight, he surrendered the first round.

Jiang Sheng also took back Metang, which was nearly exhausted, and let it heal the scars on his face and arms in Poké Ball.

Failing to get revenge, Metang feels a little regretful. After a cold glance at Zhao Hao, he returns to Poké Ball.

It doesn’t have too much thought like Raichu. Like the artificial intelligence Normal, it earnestly executes Jiang Sheng’s orders.

The first round ended and ended in a tie. Metang and Kartana both retired, and the audience felt somewhat regretful.

The battle is not over, everyone thinks that the Pokemon he supports is the ultimate winner.

For this reason, in the next month or so, the forum has been arguing about Metang or Kartana who is the ultimate winner.

At the beginning of the second round, Tsundere Prinplup faced off against Raichu.

Raichu is in charge of the Thunder, greatly showing divine might, and the electric hammer keeps smashing out and stuns Prinplup.

In the real world, Electric Type has a better set of Water Type than Grass Type.

In the third round, Raichu played against Zhao Hao’s initial Pokemon-Aluminum Steel Dragon!

It may be because of the very good things I usually eat. This aluminum-steel dragon develops very well.

It has now risen to Level 28, leaving Houndour behind.

This aluminum-steel dragon is a bit difficult, Jiang Sheng almost overturned.

Zhao Hao learned Snarl from this dog.

Fortunately, Jiang Sheng was very vigilant and only allowed it to roar once, and then he never gave it another chance.

Otherwise, Raichu’s control of Attribute energy (special attack) is weakened to the extreme, and the aluminum steel dragon relies on its outstanding resistance to resist damage. It really has a pick and two, and it will protect Zhao Hao from reaching the top 16. may.

After all, Jiang Sheng had two special attackers left, both of which were of Psychic Type, and were restrained by Snarl.

In the end, Raichu was still better, and after a fierce battle, he eliminated the aluminum steel dragon with Focus Blast and sent Jiang Sheng to the top sixteen.

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