Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 358

When he exited the field, Zhao Hao came over and asked Jiang Sheng to go out for a while, and by the way, I asked if there was anything wrong with Metang.

After all, the scar previously cut by Kartana is too scary. It is almost half a palm deep. The torn skin and gaping flesh are turned outwards, very hideous.

Jiang Sheng has confidence in [Sound-absorbing steel], besides, he has extra [Sound-absorbing steel] in his hand.

Even if you fail to heal yourself, you can fill it up again. For metal life, this is not a big deal.

Immediately let Zhao Hao not take seriously.

The two went to rest in the coffee shop of the insect hospital, and Zhao Hao told Jiang Sheng about Kartana’s status.

It is also a strange flower. When it is full of energy, it is arrogant and confident. It claims to have nothing to cut.

Once it falls into a disadvantage, it will shrink from Flinch and cannot act with fear.

Zhao Hao estimated that when Metang was on the court at that time, if Metang was more fierce, Kartana might be scared and passed out on the spot.

In this situation, Jiang Sheng frowned slightly. This is already a serious psychological problem.

To sum up, Kartana has a bad mentality. It can go downwind, but cannot go upwind. Once the situation goes upwind, it will definitely collapse.

There are such Pokemons, but very few.

Kartana’s situation should be related to its experience, Jiang Sheng did not ask deeply.

Just a few words of praise to Kartana, let Zhao Hao cultivate it.

With such strong support, maybe the position of world-class Steel Type Gym Leader will fall to him in the future.

The boasting of a friend is like a cure, Zhao Hao immediately smiled,

When the two separated, Zhao Hao also told Jiang Sheng that his family had excellent Steel Type resources. It is a metal mineral, very suitable for Metang food.

Then, I left Jiang Sheng with a contact information. Jiang Sheng can contact this phone if necessary. After he reports his name, he will sell him a batch of minerals every month.

Zhao Hao also carefully marked the price of minerals on the side.

The price is much lower than the price his big brother offered Giovanni. Jiang Sheng has to wonder if Zhao Hao is selling at a loss.

Jiang Sheng quietly accepted the contact information. In order not to waste the goodwill of his friends, he will buy a certain amount every month, but not too much.

After returning to the dormitory, Jiang Sheng immediately released Metang to check the status of Metang.

Although the hideous scars on the face and right arm are still there, they are much smaller than before.

When I was observed by Jiang Sheng, the scar was still healing slightly.

Jiang Sheng took out the remaining [sound-absorbing steel] and wanted to replenish the loss of Metang, but Metang waved his hand and refused.

A vague Psywave movement came, which roughly meant to tell Jiang Sheng “There is still no need”.

Jiang Sheng slightly nodded, the two Metangs previously took five [sound-absorbing steel] from him. They have not digested them yet, and there is still stock on them.

After that, Metang took a bite of silver “plasticine” (the origin of Metagross Steel Type), and after eating about 1/4 cubic of special metal minerals, he went to the corner to repair the scars on his body.

Jiang Sheng was not relieved, and checked Metang’s physical condition with a hand ring. After confirming that there was no problem, he was really sighed in relief.

Seeing Kartana cut off Metang’s body this morning, it really frightened him.

Although I know that Metang’s life will not be endangered, I am afraid that it will affect Metang’s future.

Thinking of this, Jiang Sheng patted his head again. He forgot to remind Zhao Hao before, and let his Kartana pay attention to it in the future.

My Metang was blocked by the Characteristic Trait of [Sound-absorbing Steel]. Other metal life, silicon-based life, and carbon-based life might not be so far away.

In case Kartana cuts her Pokemon in half during a formal match recognized by Alliance, Zhao Hao will be punished, which will have a great impact on his future trainer journey.

Enter the house and lie down on the bed, Jiang Sheng opens the live broadcast channel in the campus APP.

At this time, all the live broadcasts have ended, and only the live video is playing in a loop.

Thirty-two to sixteenth, only need to play 16 games, and there are two other battlefields free.

So, when Jiang Sheng and Zhao Hao decided the winner, the other fifteen battles on the battlefield were over.

Today, I faced Zhao Hao’s Al-Steel Dragon. If Raichu’s Psychic did not interfere with the brain so much that Al-Steel Dragon could not distract Snarl, I’m afraid it would be overturned.

This reminded Jiang Sheng, let him reduce his previous contempt, watch the remaining 15 games carefully, and carefully analyze the strength of each potential opponent.

The First Stage match I watched was Li Lan’s. Not surprisingly, Li Lan was eliminated.

Even if Deino Genetic has many powerful moves, it cannot conceal the fact that it is a baby.

After watching Li Lan’s battle, Jiang Sheng still insisted on his previous ideas.

Although Torracat Level is only close to Level 20, it can play a much larger role than Deino’s blind.

We can only scold the evil court seeking instant benefit, and must encourage Li Lan to send a full Dark Type team.

Just like Li Yuan looked for herself before, and wanted to send herself only Psychic Type Pokemon to play, she finally agreed with her.

For this reason, Raboot is still at odds with herself, and has ignored herself for several days.

But he did it because of his strength, but Li Lan did it by inserting Onion Stick into his nose to pretend Mamoswine.

Now it’s good, stop at the top 32.

However, Li Lan has a weak foundation. Even without Deino’s hindrance, it would be difficult to advance to the top 16.

In addition to his own B, Jiang Sheng has a rough understanding of the information of the remaining 15 people, and each of them has a simple family background.

Poor culture and wealth, this is an old saying that has been handed down since ancient times.

In the world of Pokemon, the road of researcher represents Wen, and the road of Trainer represents Wu.

Even if Li Lan is behind the villain group, but Uncle Yan is declining Western Mountain, except for money, other good things on his body have been hollowed out, which is far from the other Aristocratic Family clan. .

In the afternoon, Li Yuan suddenly sent a message with only one sentence and one document.

“Seriously fight, keep winning!”

Click on the document again, which contains the details of the top 16 students.

Jiang Sheng was overjoyed and hurriedly read carefully from beginning to end.

At the end, Jiang Sheng frowned, counted again, and found that the number of personnel was wrong.

Only 13 people’s data?

There are three remaining…No, what about the information of the remaining two?

After the comparison, Jiang Sheng found that the two missing were also from the Psychic hospital, a pair of twin brothers and sisters, and he was in the same class.

These two people were born in the Psychic Aristocratic Family, and their grandfather is the Psychic Elite who emerged in the “Battle of Dragon Slaying”.

Although the old man has passed away, it is said that the entire team is well-preserved and is at the Elite level, which can give the younger generations tips.

Being a home and learning well, it can be called a profound background.

At the beginning of school, their seats were in the first row by the door, representing the two strongest Mental Forces among the freshmen of the Psychic College.

Thinking of this, Jiang Sheng frowned again, with a bad guess in his heart.

The Mental Force of these two people must not have broken through the “three beads”…

Fighting with the Trainer who can bless Pokemon’s strength, Jiang Sheng feels a little confused .

Li Yuan should have also sent a copy of this information to the siblings. The reason why there is no information about her is because Li Yuan wants to hold a bowl of water level.

In the Contest Category, if one of you unfortunately runs into it, the courtyard will not be biased by their own means.

Jiang Sheng realized that the top 16 Psychic Academy actually occupied three seats. Li Yuan was afraid that she would wake up when she dreamed of laughter?

He also looked at the proportions of other hospitals in the top sixteen.

The Psychic Academy occupies three seats, leading the way.

Dragon Academy has two seats and is a pair of twin brothers.

It is rumored that the two brothers are called “Black and White Opelucid” in the courtyard. They are named Zekrom and Reshiram in the Three Dragons of the Tao. They should not be simple stuff.

Then there is the Imperial Sanjiayuan, as in previous years, full of talents.

The fire courtyard occupies two seats, the grass courtyard occupies one seat, and the water courtyard occupies one seat.

The two courtyards of Caoshui have a bit of hips. The Caoyuan is difficult to advance because of too many nemesis.

The courtyard of the water was kicked out by Jiang Sheng and a Seeded Contestant was kicked out.

The remaining six seats belong to the Flying Academy, the Rock Academy, the Electric Academy, the Worm Academy, the Ghost Academy, and the Fighting Academy.

Fighting Type, as the signature of East Asia Alliance, could have occupied two seats like another signature—Dragon Academy.

However, Jiang Sheng suddenly slammed out again, and immediately smashed Wu Kun, the seed of Fighting Academy.

The promotion of Flying Academy and Insect Academy is an old acquaintance of Jiang Sheng. Wang Lin asked him to take care of his second brother Wang Xiao and the insect-catching girl Yunge.

Wang Lin once said to him that Wang Xiao switched to Flying Type. He didn’t expect that the second-year students in the middle school had a good appearance and became the signature of the Flying Academy.

In the evening, the school completed the draw again and released the 16-in-8 competition list.

The quarter-finals have changed places, and the games are all held in the open-air Stadium on the Normal Type island. Four games a day, two days to complete the quarter-finals.

Jiang Sheng in the sixth game, the game time was arranged in the Acquired morning. The opponent is the younger brother of Dragon Academy’s “Black and White Opelucid”.

The opponent only exposed two Pokemon, among which is his strongest Pokemon.

Pokemon’s Attribute collocation and exposed strength make Jiang Sheng feel a bit tricky.

After nightfall, Mo Li and Li Lan came over. They had already been eliminated, and they had no interest in the next freshman competition.

So they are going back to Fenruo tonight, come and ask Jiang Sheng if they want to go back with them.

Jiang Sheng wants to take care of Houndour and plans to go to watch the game tomorrow morning, so he turned down the two.

When Mo Li left, Jiang Sheng asked her to take Gengar away.

Now it’s in the free time, you have to practice well, Gengar still has a lot of room for growth.

When being dragged away, Gengar’s whole ghost was dumbfounded.

It stays in the shadow of Jiang Sheng every day, not at all obstructs Jiang Sheng’s eyes, somehow it is a disaster.

When the two left, Jiang Sheng got up from the sofa and patted the cocoon in the living room.

It’s been five days, and Houndour still hasn’t escaped.

If Jiang Sheng had been monitoring the condition of the cocoon with the bracelet, the report from the bracelet had always shown that Houndour’s physical signs were normal, and the strength rating was steadily improving. Jiang Sheng would doubt if it had an accident .

“Houndour, you are the best, I am waiting for you to surprise me!”

Jiang Sheng patted Da Yu, encouraging.

However, Da Yuu was so lifeless, sitting still, without giving any response.

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