Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 359

Calm Mind overnight, nothing happened.

During the day, let other Pokemon stay at home, Jiang Sheng took two Metangs to the Normal Type island.

Since the last weird incident, Jiang Sheng has developed a habit of not letting the two Metangs leave his sight when going out.

If you can’t afford to offend the other party, and you can’t find the other party, then you can’t give him or them another chance to grab the order.

Jiang Sheng thought he had gotten up very early, but after entering the outdoor Stadium, he still found himself young.

Trainer High School has about 4,000 students from Grade One to Grade Three, and 80% of them are in Stadium.

This place is even more uproar than the vegetable market, and the crowded water can’t escape, Jiang Sheng has a plan to go home and watch the live broadcast in his heart.

Just as he struggled through the aisle and wanted to find a seat, a hand suddenly caught him.

Jiang Sheng turned his head and took a look, quite surprised:

“Senior? Are you watching the game too?”

It is precisely who caught Jiang Sheng Liu Wenxin, a young man with a pony tail who fought him last time.

“Such a great event, once a year, how can I miss it? Qilin of my Dragon Academy played today. Of course, I have to come and cheer. I remember your game is tomorrow. This is to come and learn about opponent in advance. Is it?”

While talking, Liu Wenxin grabbed Jiang Sheng’s arm, pulled him to his side, and pressed him on the seat.

Jiang Sheng glanced around, this Senior took up seven or eight seats, and sat down in peace.

“Well, come and have a look. The rewards are very rich. Since you have entered the top sixteen, let yourself go further.”

Jiang Sheng is very conservative and didn’t say anything. Come out your true thoughts.

The ponytail youth raised his brows and teased:

“Have confidence to defeat our’two dragons’?”

Two dragons?

Jiang Sheng looks strange, what kind of strange title is this?

He laughed without saying a word, and did not respond.

Liu Wenxin patted Jiang Sheng on the shoulder, each minding their own business said:

“haha, you have to take a closer look at his brother’s big dragon’s game, maybe it’s for you Can be enlightening.”

“What are you talking about? I’m going to start later, stop talking!”

A young man beside me heard Liu Wenxin and Jiang Sheng talk” Black and white Opelucid”, a little unhappy, and interrupted Liu Wenxin with a roar.

The other party is sitting in the seat Liu Wenxin previously occupied, and he just came here.

Jiang Sheng speculated that he should be the Senior of Dragon Academy, and he did not want to see Liu Wenxin’s rivals.

Liu Wenxin smiled apologetically to Jiang Sheng, turned around and pressed his elbows on the shoulders of his classmates, said with a smile:

“No and so on, I know it in my heart, you won’t be afraid right?? Don’t you really think that Gemini is inferior to others, do you?”

Although there is nothing on the lips, Liu Wenxin gave Jiang Sheng an apologetic smile in order to avoid suspicion and not to cause trouble to Jiang Sheng. .

After that, the two of them stopped talking and watched the game quietly.

Today’s First Stage game is a Dragon Academy player from Dragon Academy against a player from Huoyuan.

Through the close-up on the screen, Jiang Sheng was surprised to find that the players of the Huoyuan had actually seen him.

The player’s signature Pokemon is an Arcanine [Intimidation].

Looking at the battle state, it should have evolved recently.

Growlithe is around level 30. If you develop well and the quality of the Fire Stone you use is better, you can indeed evolve in advance without the embarrassing situation of Raichu.

After 3Level 4 or so (7th generation), it is possible to realize Extrreme Speed, a very useful pre-emptive move.

As for other moves, they can also be learned through teaching and will not cause too much negative impact.

This boy with glasses is the cowardly little brother Jiang Sheng met during the entrance exam.

Jiang Sheng was very impressed with his mother. He was fat and very mean.

At that time, Jiang Sheng was very surprised that an upright and cheerful Growlithe would choose a cowardly and introverted Trainer.

But in this match, Jiang Sheng found that the boy’s personality has changed drastically. He has the unique recklessness and cheerful personality of Fire Element Trainer, and he is slightly irritable when commanding the battle.

This is understandable, after all, his partner is a “crazy dog”, Pokemon like Arcanine is not a good dog if it is not reckless.

However, it is a pity that Dragon Type does not hurt the Fire Element. The crazy dog ​​with glasses has not learned Play Rough, and it is difficult to cause effective damage to Dragon Academy players.

Moreover, only one Arcanine can be used by the glasses teenager.

Torkoal, who changed the weather at the beginning, and Charmeleon, who played the relay, were not very strong, and unfortunately lost the game in the end.

The words Liu Wenxin accidentally reminded before have been kept in mind by Jiang Sheng. During the match, he carefully observed the team composition and fighting style of the Dragon Academy player.

From a wonderful Dragon Type Pokemon, Jiang Sheng vaguely guessed what the last Pokemon hidden by the “two dragons” would be.

After that, he watched the battle of his brothers and sisters in the Psychic House.

Jiang Sheng was a little disappointed during the battle. The opponent of the two brothers and sisters were not strong enough. They only defeated their opponents by playing with normal means.

If there is no error in that game tomorrow, Psychic Academy will occupy three places in the quarterfinals, and Li Yuan can laugh out loud in her sleep.

It was not until the afternoon, when all four battles were over, Jiang Sheng returned to the dormitory, sorted out today’s income, and prepared for tomorrow’s battle.

This night, Jiang Sheng didn’t have Calm Mind, so he had a good night’s sleep and healed his mind.

2nd day, he came to the Stadium to wait in the War Zone early. Today, the first stage players have already boarded the battlefield.

He is the second game today, and the remaining two games are scheduled to the afternoon, so he is the only one in the War Zone now.

First Stage is Wang Xiao from the Flying Academy vs. a fatty from the Rock Academy.

After Wang Xiao’s transformation, he played against Trainer who specializes in Rock Type again, which is also good enough.

When the War Zone has a big screen, the game will be broadcast live.

Jiang Sheng was also very curious about the strength of Wang Lin’s younger brother. He sat on the sofa in the War Zone and watched the game seriously.

Although he has seen Wang Xiao’s match before, he is quite strong, and only sent two Pokemon to advance to the top 16.

An initial Pokemon Aerodactyl, a weaker Gyarados, Jiang Sheng still doesn’t know what the third Pokemon he never showed up.

But it’s certainly not bad.

Backed by the world-class Rock Gym, even the tyrannical Gyarados can be subdued by Wang Xiao, and the remaining one is definitely not unusual.

Gyarados was sent by Wang Xiao in the first battle.

Across the screen, Jiang Sheng cannot get accurate data through the bracelet. He can only guess that its level of strength should be between Level 21 and Level 24, which is not too high.

This level of strength is enough. After all, Gyarados is the final evolution, Species Strength is as high as 540, and the physical fitness is strong. It is not difficult to play some Pokemon just out of the baby stage.

Jiang Sheng has watched this Gyarados battle video and was very impressed with its Ability pool.

It is known that it has Dragon Dance, Waterfall Climbing, Crunch, Ice Fang, Power Whip and other moves, and it is very offensive.

It was a Graveler who fought against it, uh… an Alola Graveler with eyebrows and a beard.

Of course, it should be called Hawaiian Graveler here.

It is the “Rock + Electricity” Attribute. Jiang Sheng estimated that the Level may be higher than Gyarados. The information provided by Li Yuan specifically reminded its Characteristic Trait, which is [Electrical Skin], which can change the Normal Type The moves are transformed into Electric Type moves, and the formidable power is increased by 20%.

“Water+Flying” and “Rock+Electricity” are really unreasonable and restrained.

There is no miracle.

Graveler went on a rampage, and Electric Type’s Tackle made Gyarados miserable. He simply lost the combat capability and retired.

I don’t know how Wang Lin educates Wang Xiao. He has changed a lot, and he is no longer the immature second-year junior.

Even if he lost quickly, he didn’t fly into a rage out of humiliation, and he sent out the next Pokemon to continue the battle with a calm expression, which was quite inconspicuous.

Jiang Sheng thought he would send Aerodactyl, who knows he sent Pokemon, who has always been hidden, the second in command of the team-Skarmory.

In the top sixteen, some of the lineups were not revealed. They only used the weakest and the strongest to match up until now.

This is the case with the “two dragons” he is waiting to play against. One Pokemon is unknown.

Three Pokemon, the one ranked in the middle is the easiest to hide.

If Pokemon is dispatched in order according to the third, second, and first strength ranking, it is very likely that all the lineup will be exposed.

Therefore, most players are ranked third and first. They hide the Ranked second Pokemon and will not play.

The battle has begun, and the topic turns to Skarmory.

Skarmory sprinkled nails on the field after he came on the field, and also sprinkled three layers of Spikes all at once, which was extremely damaged.

When confronted head-on, Skarmory didn’t let go of the wind, dare to fight and fight.

It brought to the point of perfection practiced by Body Press moves, and relied on the terrifying Physical defense brought by a suit of armor. Fighting Type energy envelops the wings and claws, and flies down from the sky. , There is a trend of opening stele and splitting stone.

In addition to Body Press, Skarmory also specializes in the two moves Metal Claw and Steel Wing, and beat the three fatty Rock Type Pokemon to become terror-stricken at the news.

Jiang Sheng feels wrong the more I look at it. Why is this Skarmory so rich in experience in dealing with Rock Type Pokemon?

This little bastard will not use Wang Lin as an imaginary enemy all day long, and use Rock Gym trainees as a sparring opponent. He has plans to kill his brothers and force his father and master the power of Rock Gym, right?

tsk tsk… I’m going to talk to Wang Lin, Wang Xiao, the anti-skeletal boy, trained Skarmory too scary.

One wear three, the best interpretation of know yourself and know your enemy, and you will never be defeated!

Jiang Sheng has already formed a team for Wang Xiao, Aerodactyl, Skarmory, Steel Armored Crow, Togekiss, Hawlucha, Dragonite…

These will be Body Press or Steel Wing’s Flying Type Pokemon, Togekiss can learn Aura Sphere and magic flash to fight Tyranitars.

Under the same strength, this kind of weird team composition can definitely cause a lot of trouble to Wang Lin.

(Wang Lin: I thank you!)


When Wang Xiao exited, he just got off the elevator platform from Jiang Sheng, Jiang Sheng Waiting aside, to board the elevator platform.

The two looked at each other, and no one said hello, they just passed by.

When Jiang Sheng boarded the elevator platform, Wang Xiao suddenly shouted:

“Don’t shame my brother!”

Wait for Jiang Sheng In reply, Wang Xiao turned around and walked away quickly, as if he hadn’t said Normal to Jiang Sheng before.

Jiang Sheng stroked his chin, and somehow understood Wang Xiao’s thoughts.

Because of the [Psychic association], I had a relationship with Wang Lin. Wouldn’t Wang Xiao really think that he was Wang Lin’s subordinate?

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