Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 360

Forget it, no matter, this kid is kind of weird.

A few months ago, I was still arrogant, to see who was all mud-legged.

Now, after switching to Flying Type, he has become like this. Suddenly he is well-founded, and he matures.

The young man in the rebellious period really can’t use common sense!

This is an internal matter of their Rock Gym.

Usually try to stay away from Wang Xiao as much as possible, in case he really regards himself as Wang Lin’s backup subordinate, it would be no good to cause himself any trouble.

The lifting platform slowly rises, pushing Jiang Sheng from the underground waiting to the War Zone onto the battlefield.

Looking around the entire circular Stadium, there are as many spectators today as yesterday, the stadium is full of seats, and the aisles are full of people.

There are also students who are cheering, shouting loudly with the cheering banner.

The acting skills are too good and it looks a little fake…

The students of East Asia Alliance are actually very rational. Maybe in the large Stadium outside, they will become fans of professional players. My younger brother, my sister, screaming crazy for idols.

But they rarely take their fellow students as idols.

Lao Xiangqing is the reason, and it is the same on Trainer.

Since ancient times, “Wen has no first, Wu has no second.” After the defeat, everyone was just superficially obedient, but secretly wanted to win back a city.

So, not surprisingly, this group of people in the audience should be the students organized by the Psychic Academy or the navy bought to increase their popularity.

Just like those “slanderous” posts, when was he cold, ruthless, decisive, and ruthless?

Co-authors of Psychic have to unify their personalities, like Li Yuan, a face of abstinence?

tsk tsk, Psychic Academy is really devastating for the heat!

Li Yuan seems to have unlocked a lot of wonderful abilities since she realized her heart knot.

In the noisy Stadium, after looking all around, Jiang Sheng looked towards his opponent.

Li Zhi, the younger brother of the Dragon Academy twin stars, is called “Two Dragons” or “White Dragons”.

On the first day of the new year, I heard the titles of “White Dragon” and “Black Dragon”. In everyone’s mind, “White Dragon” Normal is a gentle and elegant image, while “Black Dragon” is indifferent. Ruthless, cruel and violent.

The young man in front of him really deserved his nickname. His body was thin, his skin was white and tender, and his temperament was soft, as if he was carved from soft tofu.

Jiang Sheng has carefully studied Li Zhi’s fighting style, and based on his fighting style and his brother’s team composition as known conditions, he vaguely guessed what the last Pokemon he had hidden was.

Overall, Jiang Sheng feels aggrieved by Pokemon who is following him.

They are very good at changing western styles, not good at offensive, and unable to show the domineering Dragon Type Pokemon. They are usually like a “receiver”.

The first hand right is decided by Jiang Sheng first hand!

Jiang Sheng had an early draft and threw the first Poké Ball hanging from his waist. Kadabra should be the pioneer in this battle.

The opposing team did not change the previous battle sequence, and sent the most commonly used Pioneer Pokemon.

This is a dinosaur-like Pokemon standing on two feet. Its head is red, with many diamond-shaped structures on its body, and many red sharp horns.

There is a pair of wings on its back, but it is just decoration and cannot be used for Flying. Its arms are long and strong, and it has a strong sense of strength.

Druddigon, Level 24, Characteristic Trait [rough skin].

This is a Dragon Type Pokemon known as the shame of Dragon Race. It has only one form, no evolution or degeneration.

Actually, Dragon Type Trainer is really difficult in Early-Stage.

If they want to have strong strength in Early-Stage, they must choose Dragon Type Pokemon such as Druddigon and Drama that do not require evolution.

For those Dragon Type Pokemon with multiple stages of evolution, the development cycle is too long.

Such as Flygon, Noivern, Altaria, Haxorus, Kingdra… etc.

It is better to raise these Pokemon than to raise a Gible, at least the development cycle of Garchomp is similar to them.

With the same time and effort, it is obviously more cost-effective to choose a Quasi-Legendary Pokemon.

So, the lineup of the Dragon Academy Gemini is easy to speculate. It is really not much to be able to play the strength that Dragon Type Pokemon should have in the First Rank segment of 20-30.

Although Druddigon is nicknamed “The Shame of Dragon Race”, it is still very strong at this stage.

Druddigon was not polite, and immediately attacked after coming up, and the three-toed Dragon Claw gave a virtual grip.

Rock Type is surging, and Ground is trembling, just like Earthquake Normal.

On the ground, Levitate is abruptly forming an invisible huge rock with sharp edges and corners, filling the half of Kadabra’s field.

Stealth Rock wraps Kadabra, which makes Kadabra’s every move require careful consideration, so as not to be scratched by Stealth Rock’s sharp corners.

Moreover, Stealth Rock not only affects Kadabra’s actions, but also damages other Pokemon that will appear on the stage.

Kadabra can’t help but feel annoyed, the reaction is slow, a bit tricky, this place can’t stay!

Jiang Sheng also knew this truth, and commanded:

“Kadabra, Teleport!”


A cowardly, slightly lacklustre voice sounded, and it was Li Zhi’s voice.

The past few days Jiang Sheng has been studying opponent, and Li Zhi is the top priority.

Through the battle data and the information sent by Li Yuan, Jiang Sheng believes that Li Zhi is really the same from the outside to the inside, which somewhat ruined the image of Jiang Sheng in mind Dragon Type Trainer.

The Dragon Type Trainer considered by Jiang Sheng is such a strong man as Lance, Claire, Claire Silk, and Chibana.

Li Zhi is good, just like Lin Daiyu.

People Lin Daiyu “is as sick as Xizi wins three points”, he is “weak than Daiyu wins three points.”

After all, no matter how weak Daiyu is, there will be some chances due to coincidence, which can pull willows upside down.

Cough…It’s not that Jiang Sheng looks down on Li Zhi, she is still acceptable to be pure and weak, as long as she is not a mother or a gun.

Under the command of a lack of breath, Druddigon raised a finger, pulled his eyelid, and made a Scary Face to Kadabra.

Kadabra, who was just about to be removed from Stealth Rock, was immediately attracted by Druddigon, and his heart burst into flames.

At the same time, as the heart raged, there was a strange force that blocked most of Kadabra’s moves.

Restrain Teleport and change moves, provocation is absolutely professional!

Twice in a row, Kadabra was sealed in Stealth Rock. It seems that the situation is already very unfavorable for Jiang Sheng.

At this time, Kadabra has only one choice with Druddigon.

Jiang Sheng didn’t care, and even made a joke in the heart.

If Druddigon is trapped by a Cinderace capable of Court Change, it will definitely give it a taste of the sinister society and return all these Stealth Rocks to it.

The profound mystery of Stealth Rock this move is much more than that. Jiang Sheng has faced this move many times, and each time it can bring Jiang Sheng a different experience.

Druddigon’s Stealth Rock is not a trapped normal Stealth Rock, they are high-speed rotating shredders!

Druddigon raised his arms and stirred in the air, and the Stealth Rock surrounding Kadabra reacted immediately. They were like Bubble Normal, crashing into Kadabra at an extremely fast speed.

The outer circle area in the sky, underground, front, back, left, and right, and the Stealth Rock rotate and agitate to form a spherical stone formation that firmly wraps the Kadabra.

During rotation and Tackle, the gap between Stealth Rocks is constantly shrinking, and they are constantly adjusting their positions, like a labyrinth that changes all the time.

After Teleport was banned, Kadabra could not get out of the narrow gap with her simple speed.

In the Stealth Rock stone formation, Kadabra is stretched and has been scratched by the sharp corners of many rocks.

And the Stealth Rock that Tackle came over was piece by piece, making Kadabra exhausted.

Affected by the provocation, Recover is also banned, and it cannot heal its own injuries.

“Kadabra, Psyshock, push the Rock away!”

Mental Force exploded, gathering Psychic energy to form a Confusion frenzy.

Confusion interferes with reality, and the tide rushes in.

Kadabra is based on the Confusion wave, constantly adjusting the position of the wave, and shooting the Stealth Rock from the Tackle.

Although Stealth Rock still smashed into the Confusion wave from a tricky position to cause trouble for Kadabra, it is much better than the passive beating before.

Being trapped in this weird Stealth Rock stone formation, you will lose for a long time!

Li Zhi’s fighting style is not fierce and bold, saying that he is a “receiver” is not scolding him, he is better at defense, likes to lengthen the fighting rhythm, and cut meat with a dull knife.

Although Psyshock is brave and brave, it is far from enough to break through the Stealth Rock. He and Kadabra also need to delay time and wait for an opportunity.

Looking at the Confusion wave beating, and shooting the Stealth Rock coming from Tackle, Jiang Sheng looking thoughtful.

Unfortunately, Kadabra can’t learn Surf. Its Psyshock moves are similar to Surf.

It’s just that Surf rides the sea wave, and Psyshock rides the Confusion wave.

Jiang Sheng feels that there is a chance to find a Surf Master for Kadabra to improve the development of Psyshock this move.

The invisible big wave flapped a piece of Stealth Rock, and some Stealth Rock fell into the wave and scratched Kadabra’s body.

At this time, Kadabra has been wounded all over.

Being trapped in the Stealth Rock for about 3 minutes, Kadabra suddenly glanced at Jiang Sheng.

Although Li Zhi didn’t notice Kadabra’s small movements, he had already judged it, and it was estimated that the time was approaching.

“Do it again!”

Druddigon temporarily stopped stirring Stealth Rock, and reached out to make faces again to provoke.


Kadabra moves faster, white light flashed, and has separated from the Stealth Rock stone formation and appeared three meters away in front of Druddigon.

Its right hand finger is like a snapping finger, and the pink rays of light gradually brighten, enclosing its palm.

Dazzling Gleam!

Fairy’s energy assaults the senses. Faced with natural enemies, Druddigon is a little panicked.

“Prevent it, use Toxic!”

Although Li Zhi’s words are soft and weak, they are like feeding Druddigon a bodybuilding pill.

Seeing that Kadabra was about to pop up pink stars, Druddigon ignored Kadabra and spit out a large pool of purple black venom.

Kadabra has a weird face, Jiang Sheng has a smile on his mouth.

The player information protection of the Psychic Academy has done a good job. By now, these people are afraid that they still don’t know their Kadabra Characteristic Trait, right?

Fortunately, Kadabra has lived in Trainer High School for so long, so everyone doesn’t know it.

Kadabra’s Characteristic Trait is [Magic Defense], Pokédex has a very formal explanation, but it can be summed up in one sentence: immune to indirect damage!

In other words, in a state of burns, Kadabra can feel pain and can’t exert effort, but will not suffer continuous burns and the injury will not worsen.

While being in a poisoned state, it will not suffer continuous damage from toxins, equivalent to [Immunity] Characteristic Trait.

Apart from this, there are many more, so I won’t list them one after another.

Druddigon spit out Toxic head-on, which really made Jiang Sheng want to laugh.

In this case, the Characteristic Trait can be used as a hole card. Jiang Sheng does not intend to expose Kadabra’s Characteristic Trait in advance.

Toxic, he has more effective methods, more effective than [Magic Defense]!

“Magic Coat!”

Kadabra’s reaction speed was very fast, and the pink rays of light in the palm of the right hand went out instantly.

At the same time, it pushes the palms of both hands forward, pulls diagonally upward and diagonally below its chest respectively, and a crystal-like mirror appears in Kadabra’s hands.

The purple black venom pounced, Kadabra blocked it with a mirror.

Red rays of light lit up on the mirror surface, returning a huge pool of purple and black venom back.

Druddigon couldn’t dodge, and was soaked in the venom of his own Spit Up.

Toxic broke out soon, and Druddigon’s body became purple, especially its big red face, now it is about to become purple.

Toxic quickly wandered around the body, Druddigon was greatly affected, and his breath was lethargic.

Druddigon suffers from his own evil consequences, Jiang Sheng is in a happy mood.

If you let you use such a disgusting routine, is it hurting yourself?

“Spitting anywhere, harming others and self, you will be fined next time you see it.”

Jiang Sheng cracking a joke.

Compared with Jiang Sheng’s ease, Li Zhi browses tightly frowns.

In the audience, some Dragon Academy students shook the head, and Li Zhi is probably about to fall down on Kadabra’s hand.

It’s not just Vincent and Druddigon, but the entire team will probably be wiped out.

Magic Coat’s move is too disgusting. As long as the mirror is held in a timely manner, many changes in the moves will be invalidated and reflected by it.

Take the previous Stealth Rock and provocation as an example. If Kadabra reacts in time, Druddigon will be in trouble.

These two moves can also be neutralized by Magic Coat and returned to Druddigon.

And this Druddigon is not good at attacking. It is only good at using Toxic, Glare, Stealth Rock, provocation and other moves that are disgusting opponent and burst the opponent mentality.

This time I met Kadabra, who will be Magic Coat, and I met a nemesis.

A magical change of skill was restrained by Magic Coat, and Li Zhi had to let Druddigon choose to fight head-on.

Moreover, Kadabra must be defeated before Toxic completely breaks down Druddigon’s ability to move.

This is an impossible thing to accomplish, just like a joke Normal.

Druddigon’s legs are too short, and the speed is a flaw.

Kadabra, who knows Teleport, is too elegant, Druddigon can’t even touch it.

The combination of Stealth Rock and provocation made Kadabra a big loss.

So this time, it deliberately took precautions and kept carrying the mirror formed by Magic Coat, and did not give Druddigon the opportunity to use the change system.

Whether it is Metal Claw, Dragon Claw or Twin Strike, this kind of melee attack can’t touch Kadabra at all.

After being restricted to the use of change-based moves, Kadabra was flying a speed kite. Finally, Druddigon was knocked out by Kadabra’s successive Dazzling Gleam.

Until he lost consciousness, Druddigon’s mind was full of pink stars of various sizes shining, dazzled and exhausted.

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