Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 361

Dragon Academy Gemini, the ancestors are also experts in playing dragons, and they have a lot to do with Dragon Valley.

The two brothers have received different training concepts since they were young.

The big brother is called “Black Dragon”, he is good at attacking and he likes to collide head-on with opponent.

Li Zhi is good at changing styles, relying on Dragon Type Pokemon’s resistance and strong body, constantly threw away Stealth Rock, Toxic, Will-O-Wisp and other disgusting tricks, one Set and set.

The previous opponents were all dragged to death by his disgusting routine.

The wicked still need to be grinded by the wicked. This time, Yongji used Magic Coat and [Magic Defense] to directly abolish his 70% strength.

When Druddigon fell, Li Zhi’s face was very ugly.

He knew very well that if he didn’t change his tactics, he would be defeated by Magic Coat. If he changed his tactics, he was not good at attacking.

He is ready. I am afraid that he will be gone today, and he may stop at the top sixteen.

On the battlefield, after defeating Druddigon, Kadabra’s consumption was actually very high.

Because of carelessness, I was deep in the Stealth Rock stone formation, and I was scratched by the sharp corners of Stealth Rock in many places.

After that, Teleport kept kiteing Druddigon, which was very exhausting.

Teleport, which does not rely on the Psychic imprint at close range, is completely a move out of thin air to create something from nothing and consumes a lot of money.

When Druddigon fell, Kadabra immediately used Recover to treat his injuries.

Seeing that Kadabra began to regain his own state, Li Zhi knew that he couldn’t hold back. He threw away Poké Ball and released the second Pokemon.

As soon as this Pokemon came into play, Jiang Sheng secretly thought it.

He didn’t guess wrong, Li Zhi has been hiding the faceless Pokemon, it really is it.

In the auditorium, some people couldn’t see the Pokemon on the field clearly, so they could only look up towards the big screen used to broadcast the battle situation.

The photographer also deliberately zoomed in on the lens to prevent teachers and students from not being able to see this Pokemon.

This is a Pokemon that looks a lot like an apple and is only over a foot tall.

To be more specific, its body structure is more similar to that of a tortoise. The high raised back is covered with woven fruit lace, and the top of the back retains the eyelids from the previous form.

However, in fact, the parts of its head drooping like ears are its real eyes.

Appletun, Level 24, Characteristic Trait [Thick Fat] (has super Thick Fat, extremely heat-resistant and cold-resistant).

This is a very rare dragon type Pokemon, mainly distributed in the European Alliance. Because they cannot meet the evolutionary conditions, they are very rare in the East Asian Alliance.

This kind of Pokemon, like Slowpoke, has two different evolutionary forms.

Its initial stage was Applin. Qian Yilong, the sub-rudder of Bincheng, once obtained one by chance, and now he is thinking of a way for its evolution.

If Applin wants to evolve, it must eat a special food.

Applin will evolve into Flapple if he eats sour apples. Li Zhi’s big brother has one in his hand.

If you eat sweet apples, you will evolve into the Appletun in front of you.

Reminiscent of Appletun’s information, Jiang Sheng asked Kadabra to temporarily put away the mirror that Magic Coat had turned into.

According to Li Zhi’s fighting style, this Appletun may have trained Leech Seed to the point of being extremely skilled.

Although Magic Coat is effective for Leech Seed, it is very troublesome to hold a crystal mirror at all times.

Kadabra’s Characteristic Trait [Magic Defense] can also effectively target Leech Seed, so there is no need to guard against its changes at all times.

“Dazzling Gleam, give it a try!”

Kadabra raised his hand and snapped his fingers. With a crisp sound of “Pa”, a pink star flew from his fingertips Exit, quickly slam into Appletun.

Who knows that Appletun suddenly burst into Black energy like smoke.

Don’t have to guess too much. The only Attribute energy of this color is Dark Type, and there is no semicolon.

When Dazzling Gleam was played, the Dark Type energy wrapped Appletun and disappeared suddenly.

Jiang Sheng heart shivered with cold, suddenly felt bad, unexpectedly did not guess that it has such a method.

“dodge, or Protect!”

Kadabra hurriedly pushed forward with both hands, trying to give birth to a Protect shield to block him.

But it’s too late!

In the blink of an eye, Appletun suddenly appeared in front of Kadabra.

The one-foot-tall body is wrapped in the rich Dark Type energy, like a smoky Meteorite, which hits Kadabra’s face impartially.

Sucker Punch!

This Appletun actually has a Sucker Punch move in Genetic!

As everyone knows, Kadabra’s bones are extremely weak, and he can’t stand the blows of fists.

This attack on the face of Sucker Punch completely killed it!

Looking at Kadabra throwing away, Jiang Sheng couldn’t help but worry.

Kadabra slammed on the ground like a rag pocket Normal, his face rose in a circle at a speed visible to naked eye, and his chest undulated violently.

Because of the Dark Type energy on its head, its Mental Force is greatly restrained. Confusion cannot be mobilized. It can only stand on the ground with its hands.

The head was hit hard, and I didn’t immediately lose consciousness. Thanks to Macho Brace.

If it hadn’t been for Macho Brace to develop the brain at Help Kadabra, but also to exercise its physical fitness to prepare for the extraction of physical strength during Mega Evolution, it would really be a Sucker Punch. Drop.

“Leech Seed!”

Li Zhi’s complexion was happy, and he was unreasonable. He wanted to expand his success while Kadabra was unable to use Magic Coat.

Hearing Li Zhi’s voice, Kadabra and Jiang Sheng’s heart suddenly tense, Kadabra braced himself to escape.

But when they knew it was Leech Seed, they were stunned for a moment, and then sighed in relief rather vaguely.

Choosing Leech Seed does not mean that Li Zhi is confused, he has his own thinking.

Now Kadabra can still move, and may miss with other moves.

But Leech Seed is different. Appletun’s unique skill is Leech Seed.

Unless Kadabra runs out of the battlefield, or stands up from a serious injury, raises the crystal mirror again, and comes with Magic Coat, otherwise there is no possibility of dodge.

After that, Jiang Sheng, the audience, the teachers and students in front of the screen saw an incredible scene.

Appletun roared to the sky, and spit out a basketball-sized green ball of light towards the sky. The ball of light quickly lifted into the air and exploded after reaching a certain height.

Countless green light spots fell from the sky, covering every corner of the battlefield accurately.

As soon as Kadabra staggered up from the ground, countless light spots fell on it.

Li Zhi has a shy smile on his face.

Successful, this battle is tenable!

green light spots are very small, they are one after another tiny seeds, maybe one millimeter in diameter.

When the seeds fall on the ground, they immediately absorb the energy from the earth to take root and sprout, turning the bare yellow ground into a lawn in the blink of an eye.

At this time, if there is a Pokemon standing on the lawn, the vines growing on the grass will entangle the bare feet and squeeze physical strength.

Everyone was surprised at both the coverage of Leech Seed and its over-standard strength. Secretly sighed is worthy of being an expert of Dragon Academy, and it can play grass better than the lawn.

Their eyes fell on Kadabra, waiting for Kadabra’s response.

In theory, if Leech Seed hits Pokemon, Normal will stick to them like cocklebur, and then squeeze Pokemon through the skin to grow vines.

The vine will then bind the Pokemon, squeeze their physical strength again, and feed back to the operator.

You can go to Kadabra here, everything is not established.

Kadabra is activating the cells. Using Recover, I saw light spots falling on my body. After two swipes, all light spots fell to the ground.

Leech Seed sprouts on the ground, and vines grow to climb Kadabra’s ankles, wanting to squeeze Kadabra’s physical strength,

Kadabra lifted his foot and broke free from the vines, Assist Confusion floated up , Has not been affected in any way.

All the audience were dumbfounded, and there was a bold guess in their hearts.

Li Zhi was also stunned, he felt as if he had encountered something that restrained himself.

“Is it unexpected? My Kadabra is more than Genetic and Magic Coat, its Characteristic Trait or Implicit Characteristic [Magic Defense]!”

Jiang Sheng shrugged, slightly said with a smile.

The painstaking plan failed again, and Li Zhi no longer dared to play tricks, so he chose to fight obediently and honestly.

The cells continue to regenerate and the Kadabra state is restored.

It first threw a Psychic Energy Ball on the ground, forming a Psychic Terrain under its feet.

Sucker Punch is too tricky for Kadabra.

But as long as the Psychic Terrain is deployed and based on the Psychic Terrain, it will no longer be troubled by Sucker Punch.

This battle was not easy.

Appletun has thick skin and thick flesh. Even with Dazzling Gleam, Kadabra is hard to beat Appletun.

It wasn’t until the end of the battle for many days that Jiang Sheng realized the abnormality of Appletun, and suspected that it might often eat Luo Berry, which has improved its resistance to Fairy energy.

Kadabra is not easy, as is Appletun.

Appletun’s Sucker Punch is blocked by the Psychic Terrain effect, Leech Seed is useless, it can only attack Kadabra by spitting Apple Acid.

Although it has also learned the dragon wave, it should have been learned recently. It is half-hearted, and it is used in the battle to add chaos.

An embarrassing scene appeared. Under the premise that there was no reply to the blockade and no provocation, two Pokemons that would recover met…

Once there was a little bad sign, The two will shrink up to give birth to cells and restore their own state.

Until half an hour later, the two retired. It can be said that the match has been won or lost.

These two guys were unable to withstand the continuous growth of cells, and both of them were exhausted and fell on the battlefield.

But overall, Kadabra is superior. If it is in its heyday against Appletun, the final result is hard to say.

After this battle, Jiang Sheng is already considering learning provocative moves for Kadabra.

He usually uses Recover to disgust others. This time change, I encountered opponent who is also good at Recover.

After a fierce battle, I almost vomit for it.

After Appletun and Kadabra both sides suffered, Li Zhi sent the last Pokemon.

It exhales smoke from its mouth and nose. It is tall and strong and looks hideous. It is one of the Dragon Type Pokemon that is least like a dragon.

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