Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 362

Turtonator, level 30, Characteristic Trait [hard shell armor].

This is a ugly Pokemon. Although it has a Dragon Type, it looks more like a turtle.

Maybe thousands of years ago, it and Torkoal belonged to the same family.

As soon as this thought appeared in his mind, Jiang Sheng shook his head in denial.

Suddenly he remembered that Torkoal is a land team, and Turtonator is a rare beast team. These two guys can’t fight with eight poles, so they are climbing relatives.

enmmmmm…it’s also not right. If you find an Arbor monster (a land-based dragon group) to pave the way, the two Pokemon can indeed climb relatives.

At this moment, Jiang Sheng seems to be incarnation as the master of biology and genetics, messing up the match.

Things flashed by, Jiang Sheng looked at Turtonator with appreciation.

If it was earlier, he does not have so many Pokemon in his hands, he must find a Turtonator to train.

This is a very interesting Pokemon. In reality, relying on the rich ability to match, it can be played out.

Jiang Sheng also watched Li Zhi’s battle method of Turtonator.

In his opinion, it is not too amazing.

This Turtonator relies too much on Will-O-Wisp and Toxic. If Kadabra is still on the court, it will definitely make it feel the sinister society.

Of course, it’s not that Li Zhi doesn’t want to learn other moves for Pokemon.

Many outstanding Trainers know that some moves can be combined with wonders, but not everyone like Jiang Sheng has cheat pointing to help Pokemon enlightenment.

Every move of their Pokemon spends a lot of time from entry to proficiency to proficiency, and then develops the move to produce different ways of using it.

Jiang Sheng is a satiated fellow unaware of the hungriness of a hungry fellow, standing here and talking coldly, thinking too much of Versailles.

Turtonator feeds on sulfur and can spit up flames and Poison Gas from its nose. This is why it is very good at Will-O-Wisp and Toxic.

Even without Kadabra now, Jiang Sheng has a good way to target Turtonator.

Take off the last Poké Ball hanging from his waist and throw it on the court. Metang appeared in everyone’s sight.

Many viewers looked at the close-ups given on the big screen with awe-inspiring expressions on their faces.

This is a flawless Metang. The hideous scars on the right arm and cheek in the last battle have healed, and the golden nose that was cut off in half has grown.

But Jiang Sheng’s family knows about his family affairs. This is not the Metang last time, but another uninjured Metang.

The scars cut by this abnormality of the Ultimate Monster are not so easy to heal. Besides, his Metang is also different from the ordinary Metang.

Metang, which transforms itself into [sound-absorbing steel] material, is difficult to get injured, but it is also difficult to heal after being injured.

Even if there is natural [sound-absorbing steel] to fill the wound, it is only now that the scar is barely healed, and the nose is still a short distance to fully recover.

I can only blame it for really hitting high that day. Kartana made three Fury Cutter gatherings with confidence, and cut out the last sword of the damage exploding table, and was almost crippled on the spot.

So, not only to make Zhao Hao not feel guilty, but also to save face, he switched to another Metang to play.

As soon as he saw Metang, Li Zhi’s face showed a little joy, and he began to calculate in his heart.

[Sound-absorbing steel] is very good at absorbing energy, and kinetic energy, heat energy, etc. are all within its absorption range.

For Metang, some of the Will-O-Wisp tricks that Pokemon fears may not be so high for it.

Toxic is not worth mentioning bauble for Metang. Venom that cannot cause corrosion ([Corrosion]) is impossible to have an effect on Steel Type Pokemon.

The battle begins.

Turtonator is not polite, and his long nose spit out a blazing red flame like lava Normal towards Metang.

Metang has a certain mind, and the power of the heart combines with Confusion to form a Psycho Cut.

It grabbed Psycho Cut and smashed down the raging fire. The thick bucket of fire was split in half from the middle, and Ember splashed down on both sides, like fireworks exploding in the air.

Looking at the Ember falling in the sky and Metang bathing in flames, Jiang Sheng frowned slightly.

The color of Ember is wrong!

The blazing beam exploded to form a golden yellow Ember, which was actually mixed with a few strange purple and black flames.

It’s Will-O-Wisp!

Turtonator actually mixed Will-O-Wisp in Flamethrower!

In previous battles, it has never revealed this method.

Seeing the success of Mingxiu’s plan to darken the warehouse, the soft-tempered Li Zhi couldn’t help feeling a little excited, and his right hand clenched his fist in the palm of his left hand to celebrate.

Inflict burns on Metang and weaken the Strength/Machamp it is proud of. The next battle will be much easier. Turtonator might really be able to defeat Metang.

A few purple Black flames fell on Metang silver light’s glittering body, and Metang glanced sideways.

Several red spots were burned out of silver’s body, just like the red ass of a monkey, which is very funny.

Jiang Sheng suddenly wanted to laugh. When the crab is cooked, it becomes red. It turns out that the iron crab is also red when it is cooked.

Affected by the [Sound-absorbing steel] Characteristic Trait, the heat is quickly absorbed, the red parts disappeared, and Metang has returned to its silver light shiny appearance.

Except for the feeling of warmth on the body, there is no discomfort.

Will-O-Wisp fell but did not burn Metang!

For a while, everyone at the scene except Jiang Sheng was a little confused.

Does this Metang have a Fire Type and is immune to burns?

Or maybe Turtonator went too far with the little female turtle yesterday, which caused the Heavenly Fire to be weak?

Will-O-Wisp really fell on Metang, but failed to burn Metang. Everyone can only attribute the reason to Metang’s heat resistance.

A piece of metal bumps, but it does not conduct heat, which is a bit counterintuitive.

Turtonator and his Trainer were stunned, but Jiang Sheng did not.

Metang slashed the Slash fire beam and resisted Will-O-Wisp, Jiang Sheng issued an attack command:

“Avoid the back of Turtonator’s hand, its weakness is in the abdomen Hollow, focus on attacking there!”

Metang nodded, holding the Psycho Cut with the right hand, approaching the Turtonator, to give the Turtonator a fatal blow, poke the Psycho Cut into the opening in its abdomen.

Turtonator has a huge shell like a round table.

Due to the long-term consumption of sulfur near the mouth of Volcano, an explosive layer with sulfur as the main component was formed in the carapace. Ember, which was scattered from the spines of the carapace by Tackle, ignited the explosive layer and exploded violently.

Faced with Metang’s attack, it took full advantage of the carapace to resist Metang’s attack and made Metang refrain from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vases.

While facing Metang, it also likes to use Twin Strike and Metang’s Psycho Cut to compete. Assist Twin Strike’s Characteristic Trait makes Metang forced displacement.

In this way, the distance between Metang and it can be widened, and sufficient time can be provided to resist Metang’s next attack, which is extremely cheap.

Metang is to win by fair means or foul.

Its evolutionary Metagross, if it encounters an invincible enemy, it will use four claws to firmly grasp the enemy, and use self-destruct means to perish together.

This Metang is also an elm head, waving Psycho Cut, trying to cut it on Turtonator’s shell.

It has the confidence to survive the explosion and defeat Turtonator in the aftermath of the explosion.

Jiang Sheng hurriedly persuaded Metang to give Metang a move:

“Start Confusion, turn it over, and then it will be exposed. Isn’t it left to you?”


hearing this, the red light in Metang’s eyes lit up, and Confusion whizzed around it like a strong wind.

With a movement of thought, Confusion surged. If it was pinched on the back of the neck, Turtonator was picked up directly.

Jiang Sheng amazed.

The weight of 400 kilograms was so lightly picked up. It can only be said that the transformed Metang is too powerful in the Psychic domain.

Kadabra’s Confusion strength can only support three or four people flying when they don’t resist.

When school started, in order to support the four of Mo Li, Li Lan and Zhao Hao across the Sea Territory, Raichu was also asked to help.

In the audience, a pair of siblings stared at each other in amazement.

They come from the Psychic family, and they have a special Aptitude evaluation standard at home, which can judge the potential of a Pokemon through the intensity of Confusion.

In their opinion, this Metang not only exceeds the standard size, but also the strength of Confusion.

On the field, Metang used Confusion to mention, Turtonator desperately Struggle.

The dark purple dragon wave sweeps all around in a ring shape, to break the Confusion that is flooding around him.

But it really underestimates the strength of Metang. Metang’s Confusion is very solid, and the dragon wave cannot be shaken at all.

Li Zhi could only watch the Turtonator fell to the ground sideways, exposing the opening of his abdomen. Metang raised the narrow Psycho Cut in his hand to poke it into the opening, giving Turtonator a fatal blow.

“Stop it, I surrender!”


This Metang has the same temper as the previous Metang, stop at critical moments Make it very reluctant.

But it didn’t dare to get angry at Jiang Sheng, and could only stare at Li Zhi coldly, as if to cramp him and pull his bones Normal.

The cold and brutal imposing manner scared Li Zhi’s face white, and he hurriedly took away the Turtonator that Metang was holding under him, and quickly exited.

Jiang Sheng also took the reluctant Metang back. When the lifting platform slowly fell, his face was helpless and gently wiped Poké Ball.

Their personality is really bad, no wonder the Trainer of Metagross is so at least.

They are like the cold fighter aircraft Normal. This kind of Pokemon is not suitable for performance-based competitive battles. They should follow Giovanni for life and death battles.

There are two more games in the afternoon. Jiang Sheng did not stay in the Stadium to watch, but chose to go home to watch the live broadcast.

Until the evening, the eight-match two-day match ended, and the top eight have been decided.

The Psychic courtyard is on fire, and the quarterfinals actually occupy three seats!

It can only be said that the Psychic Academy is very lucky this year. It has harvested a pair of children from the Psychic Elite family. It takes almost no effort to cultivate, just follow them and pick up the honor.

Jiang Sheng was sent by Charge, originally from the Huoyuan, but by accident, he came to Psychic.

When the top 16 list came out, I heard that Zhang Yi, the head of the Fire Element teaching and research group, directly smashed the computer in the office.

Apart from this, Dragon Academy has a seat.

Gemini has a deep background, and the ancestors also had a powerful Dragon Type Trainer. However, the “two dragons” met Jiang Sheng and were abolished by a [Magic Defense] Kadabra.

The remaining four seats are the Fighting Yard, the Ice Yard, the Fire Yard, and the Flying Yard.

The duel list is released again, Jiang Sheng knows his opponent.

A girl in the ice school is very close to Jiang Sheng. The Walrein on Long Island last time was borrowed from her by Li Lan.

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