Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 363

For that Walrein, Jiang Sheng was a little impressed, only knowing that it was valued by Uncle Yan and the innate talent was very good.

However, due to the lack of systematic training and relying solely on barbaric Growth, the strength at this stage is mediocre.

Of course, in the current campus competition, Walrein above level 40 will not show up. This girl uses the other three Pokemon.

Her family does not have much background. She is an old hunter from the Hei province. She is best at cultivating Weavile, a kind of Pokemon.

His grandfather had some friendship with Uncle Yan. When Uncle Yan received the discipline, he sent her to Liao Province to participate in the entrance examination in Fengtian and was admitted to Trainer High School.

Later, she was eliminated in the training organized by Uncle Yan and failed to inherit Uncle Yan’s Legacy.

Uncle Yan attaches great importance to the affection of the past, so he asked the girl to put a name in the villain group. Pokemon and training resources are all provided by the villain group.

Uncle Yan also pointed her to the Trainer road and advised her to give up Dark Type and switch to ice attribute.

The girl’s name is Han Qingyun.

Jiang Sheng took another look specifically to make sure he was right.

Uh…This is a very directional name, which contains the ardent expectation of the old Lin hunters for the girl.

Ice attribute Trainer is the same as Dragon Type Trainer.

It will integrate the few ice attribute Pokemons, remove those with long development cycles, remove those that rely on Ice Stone and Water Stone evolution, remove the resurrected Pokemon from the fossils, and remove the ice that can be used in the initial stage. Attribute Pokemon is very rare.

So the ice courtyard is also the most unpopular courtyard in Trainer High School. Even if someone likes ice attribute Pokemon, they will not choose to follow the path of pure ice attribute Trainer.

And Weavile, the famous “Dragon Sword” in ice attribute, was taken away by the evil courtyard.

There are few trainers of Cloyster.

Its previous evolution type Shellder is Water Type Pokemon. The best training plan is to wait for Shellder to understand the trick of breaking the shell before using Water Stone to evolve.

This will take a long time. Shellder basically has to reach the professional level before he can hope to understand the move of breaking the shell.

Due to the long development cycle and expensive evolution stones, many Trainers have given up on cultivating Shellders into Cloyster.

Most outstanding Shellders cultivated are not on the tail of Slowpoke, or on the head of Slowpoke.

Lapras is more famous in ice attribute Pokemon, and it is also mostly eaten by Water Type Trainer.

In short, ice attribute Trainer did not do well.

I chose to embark on the ice attribute Trainer road. Although this road is not a dead end, it is very narrow, just like a seam.

After seeing Han Qingyun’s team composition, Jiang Sheng couldn’t help but sigh that Uncle Yan is really willing to pay for it.

This girl is also a good seed. Now that she has been named in the villain group, she will find a way to turn her into a real member of the sub-rudder.

Li Lan has a good relationship with her and can let Li Lan do her ideological work.

After learning about the leadership structure of [Siyuan Zhihai], Jiang Sheng has been itching in his heart and wants to integrate with the “international”.

After Uncle Yan abdicates, he must take good care of the villain group.

“Three Executives”, “Three Beasts”, and “Four Generals” must be in place one after another, and now it is time to find a candidate.

When the battle started, Jiang Sheng not at all sent Raichu or Kadabra first hand as usual, but directly sent Metang.

The training has been long enough. It’s time to speed up and end the freshman competition.

In the first round, Metang played against Sneasel.

Sneasel was her initial Pokemon, but now she only has Level 23.

Sneasel’s evolutionary conditions are very simple, as long as you bring Sneasel with Razor Claw at night, you can evolve into Weavile.

It is not difficult to find a Razor Claw based on her family’s conditions or the help of Uncle Yan.

But Han Qingyun does not have the seeking instant benefit, so Sneasel still keeps the initial state and develops steadily.

There was no suspense in this battle. After a while of chasing, Metang pressed Sneasel to the ground, Bullet Punch slammed Sneasel out, and knocked Sneasel out with a few consecutive heavy punches.

In the second round, Han Qingyun sent Level 20 Snorunt.

Snorunt looks like a half-meter-high big rice dumpling. Metang has been eager to try it, and plans to taste its taste.

This Snorunt’s Characteristic Trait is [Mental Force], which is very sensitive.

The powerful Mental Force contained in Metang’s brain gives it a lot of oppression, coupled with Metang’s cold and severe ferocious eyes, just a simple charge with a knife scared Snorunt on the spot and fainted. A victory.

Seeing this, some people may be surprised.

How did such a weak person advance to the quarterfinals?

Aren’t Mo Li and Li Lan better than her?

Did she become a koi carp and entered the quarterfinals by luck?

The answer is on her last Pokemon.

In the third round, she sent a terrifying heavyweight Pokemon.

Mamoswine, Level 35, Characteristic Trait [Thick Fat]!

This is a terrifying guy who is close to a floor tall, covered with brown fur.

It has a pink, pig-like nose, covered with light brown fur.

Different from the pre-evolution Piloswine, its eyes are exposed, with blue and white saddle-like patterns outside the eyes, with snow-white, long and curved fangs.

The overall appearance of Mamoswine is like an elephant, Normal and harmless, but no one dares to underestimate its strength. Just the pair of fangs can kill many guys with overestimate one’s capabilities.

This is the Pokemon with the highest strength rating that Jiang Sheng has seen since he competed in the freshman competition.

It is a three-stage evolution of Pokemon, Swinub will evolve into Piloswine at around 3Level 3, and then it will evolve into Mamoswine after comprehending Ancient Power moves.

It can be seen that Han Qingyun should have spent a lot of energy for this Mamoswine.

Metang vs. Mamoswine, Jiang Sheng had a headache in this battle.

Just like Jiang Sheng’s previous life, adult wild boars can resist bullets fired from guns.

In Pokemon world, Mamoswine, who is more than 2.5 meters tall, is even more terrifying, with thick skin and thick flesh, very resistant to beatings.

Metang’s Bullet Punch hammers on it like Tickle Tickle Normal.

Switched from Bullet Punch to Psycho Cut, then to Ice Punch, and finally Metang couldn’t bear it, and output directly with the head.

Iron Head Pokemon, take the head to output, who dares to take the Metang head!

It would be nice if Mamoswine was willing to be beaten honestly.

But in addition to its rough skin and thick flesh, it also has a Superpower with a pair of long spear Normal fangs, which is full of formidable power.

Mamoswine is best at Ice Fang.

Others’ Ice Fang is covered with frost between the lips and teeth, and they use the strength of Cold Ice to bite the opponent.

When it came to it, a tooth turned into a frost spear and ice sword. Relying on Superpower, it was a rampage.

That is, by virtue of the Characteristic Trait of [Sound-absorbing steel], Metang can grasp Mamoswine’s ivory and evenly share it with it when wrestling.

I changed to another Quasi-Legendary Pokemon, and I was overturned by the archer.

Metang’s battle method has become a hooligan style of play. It grabs Mamoswine’s two tusks, and then hits Mamoswine’s head with its forehead.

Steel’s body hits the flesh-and-blood body. No matter how rough and thick Mamoswine is, Metang will earn blood.

Mamoswine was hit and shook crazily, trying to throw Metang away from him.

Metang’s claws firmly grasped the ivory without letting go, and then accelerated the Iron Head collision.

After more than a dozen head-to-head collisions, Mamoswine dazed fell on the battlefield. Metang won the final victory and won the title of “Iron Head Baby”.

After letting go of the ivory held by his paws, Metang was also a little dizzy, floating in the air, and only after a few breaths did he spirit slowly recovers.

With the [sound-absorbing steel] absorbing kinetic energy, Metang made his head faint when hitting it, showing how hard it was.

Now Jiang Sheng is a little worried about Han Qingyun, this Mamoswine should not be hemorrhaged by Metang again.

At that time, Mamoswine will become a fool, and the two sides will have formed a bridge, and he will also lose a strong player.


Bencheng sub-rudder.

In the chamber, the main seat in the middle is vacant, and Mo Li and Li Lan are on both sides.

Li Lan turned off the phone, with joy on his tired face, and said:

“Brother Sheng has won, the top four!”

Mo Li said No, but I heard the referee’s voice in the live broadcast just now, nodded.

She got up suddenly, walked a few steps outwards, raised her head as if looking at the sky outside the yard.

After a moment of silence, Mo Li said:

“It has been one day and one night, the fog is covering the sky, there is no tendency to disperse, and the people who entered did not return any news, I am afraid bode ill rather than well.

Can’t wait, I’ll leave later and go in to find them.”

Li Lan face changed and quickly persuaded:

“Farewell, the situation is not clear, it is too dangerous, wait until Brother Sheng ends the freshman game, let him decide.”

Mo Li shook his hands, took the tactical glasses he took off before, and then The cute dark red hood is buttoned on his head.

“I said, I can’t wait!

Wait any longer, if everyone inside is dead, how can we explain to him?

That’s all. I’ll take Gengar and Aberdeen in. You’ll take my Lucario and wait for me outside. Let’s set off now!” After finishing speaking, Mo Li quickly left the chamber and entered Go to the backyard to find the Aber.

Li Lan sat on the chair, pupil light dim and sighed.

She is like a drag oil bottle, she can’t help at all.


It’s evening again, and all the top four are released.

Dragon Academy has one seat, and Fighting Academy has one seat.

The Psychic Academy occupies two seats, Jiang Sheng and the elder sister.

Her younger brother was eliminated by Dragon Academy, which is a times change.

As a result, Li Yuan always smiled, and the teachers of Psychic Hospital were also excited and cheered.

Since the old team went to the snowy area for a long time, it was the first time that Psychic Academy was so proud in the freshman competition.

But when the result of the semi-final draw came out, the smiles of the teachers and students of the Psychic Academy were frozen on their faces.

The civil war is about to start!

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