Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 364

Most of the students in Psychic College have facial paralyzed faces. They are obsessed with Calm Mind cultivation and neglect the construction of interpersonal relationships.

In ancient times, it can be said that the Psychic Academy is an overseas fairy mountain cultivation gym, and the people in it are all monks without desires.

Although there is very little communication between teachers and students, and between students, the number one person who is generally recognized as a freshman in Psychic School has never been Jiang Sheng who is good at disturbing the wind, but this sitting The indifferent big sister at the top of the class.

When the list of matches was released, many people were not optimistic about Jiang Sheng because of their blind pursuit of Psychic Aristocratic Family.

Some people were even very happy. After a short delay, they celebrated again.

In the semi-finals, the civil war has the benefits of civil war. This means that the Psychic House can send to the finals. Congratulations!

As Jiang Sheng’s only friend in the courtyard, Liu Daoyuan sent a message to Jiang Sheng after the results of the match were released, encouraging Jiang Sheng to spare no effort and leave no regrets.

Zhao Hao and Li Lan also sent messages to ask Jiang Sheng to cheer.

Out of respect for Psychic Elite, Jiang Sheng did not dare to be big, watched the opponent’s battle video carefully, and figured out her strength.

According to the total Level list ranked by at first, the opponent’s total Level is higher than him, ranking second, second only to the genius of Dragon Academy.

But until the semifinals, one of her Pokemon hasn’t shown up.

According to her strength revealed in the previous rounds of the video, Jiang Sheng inferred that her remaining Pokemon should be the strongest one under her.

In Jiang Sheng’s view, this Pokemon is likely to be her initial Pokemon.

So Jiang Sheng went to look for the live video of the enrollment game, looking for information about her initial Pokemon.

But unfortunately, for this kind of game, the school does not at all keep the live replay.

In addition, this girl has always been very low-key, like a taciturn, unassuming cultivator of painstaking cultivation.

So Jiang Sheng rummaged through the forum area and live broadcast area of ​​the campus APP, and found no information about her initial Pokemon.

Jiang Sheng had to give up and wait for tomorrow afternoon’s game with peace of mind.

Just as Jiang Sheng was about to take a rest, to conserve strength and store up energy for tomorrow’s battle, he suddenly received a message from Li Yuan.

“Mu Yao’s Mental Force cultivation base already has’Three Pearls’. Whether he will use Mental Force to bless Pokemon is unknown, so you can do it yourself.”

Mu Yao, Jiang Sheng, tomorrow’s opponent !

After reading the news, Jiang Sheng showed a smile on his face.

The last Elite Spirit Crystal was not given away in vain. Judging from the last few times, Li Yuan misses herself very much and has a lot of Help for herself.

In the morning, it was the semi-final battle between Dragon Academy and Fighting Academy. Jiang Sheng came to the Stadium early to occupy a good position and wait for the good show to begin.

This “big dragon” player is very strong and full of offensiveness.

He didn’t conceal his lineup. He treats the freshman game as a training troop. It depends on his mood to dispatch troops. If he wants to send Pokemon, he will send which Pokemon to play.

So far, all three Pokemon have been exposed.

Jiang Sheng gave a rough assessment of his strength.

The opponent is indeed a genius. If he does not have himself, he should be the leader of this year’s freshman competition.

Of course, Jiang Sheng now has to draw a question mark in the heart about whether he can beat him.

Jiang Sheng is afraid of being overwhelmed by strength. The opponent has a Quasi-Legendary Pokemon with a very high strength rating.

Compared with Dragon Academy’s “Dragon” classmates, this player from Fighting Academy is weaker.

The strength of this robust man is almost on par with Wu Kun. He is just luckier than Wu Kun and he has reached the top four.

But his good luck ends here. In a fierce fleshy body collision, Dragon Beast defeated the Fighting family to win and advance to the final!

In the afternoon, the elevator platform slowly rose. Amidst the enthusiastic cheers of the audience, a man and a woman stood in confrontation on both sides of the battlefield.

Jiang Sheng of Psychic VS Psychic Mu Yao!

First hand ruled that Jiang Sheng sent Pokemon first!

This seems to be a very unfair game rule. First hand right will make people lose the opportunity.

When a Trainer first hand dispatches Pokemon, the opponent can easily make a target based on his choice and let the first hand lose the first battle.

Of course the school knows it, but this is a classic gameplay of Pokémon battle and a mainstream form of professional leagues.

The complete rules are as follows:

For professional leagues, at the beginning of each match, both sides must announce the lineup of the game.

Not only must the spectators know the brief information of the six Pokemons in the players’ hands, but the players must also know each other’s lineup.

A match is divided into the first half and the second half, with the three Pokemons on one side losing the combat capability as the limit.

The first hand right will be decided at the beginning of the game. If one side is the first hand in the first half, the other side will automatically get the first hand right in the next game.

This will test Trainer’s level of strategy even more. Just like the coach Normal in an e-sports game, he must plan in his mind beforehand, and then cooperate with the first hand right to lay the groundwork for victory in advance.

Of course, this is only the mainstream rules, in other competitions, there are also other competition rules.

For example, the same six-choice single battle, which also announced the lineup in advance, requires both parties to send Pokemon at the same time.

As for the Gym battle, there is no requirement to announce the lineup, so you can keep yourself mysterious and play against the Gym Leader.

In order to allow students to adapt to the professional league in advance, the school chose such a weird battle method in the freshman competition.

Because only the first half is played, some people will suffer.

However, after a few rounds, the students are used to it.

After the ruling of the first hand right, there was no communication between the two parties, and Jiang Sheng directly threw the Poké Ball.

Kadabra, who was coveted by many Psychic students, appeared on the battlefield.

Mu Yao didn’t think too much, took out a green and white Poké Ball from her pocket and threw it out.

Even if it is far away and can’t see the exact appearance of this Poké Ball, Jiang Sheng can guess its type.

This is a Friend Ball, which has a miraculous effect on Pokemon that needs to rely on intimacy to evolve.

The Poké Ball opens, and the red light shoots on the battlefield.

A big purple cat with Ruby embedded on its head appeared in the eyes of everyone.

Sun Eevee, Level 28, Characteristic Trait [Magic Mirror]. (The effect is equivalent to Magic Coat)

In the venue, two Pokemon looked at each other, and both felt the powerful Mental Force in each other’s body. The cat’s face and the fox’s face had a grave expression.

Without letting Trainer speak, the two confronted each other first.

The red light in Kadabra’s eyes lit up, and the head of the spoon held by the right hand was bent at a right angle. The Mental Force in the brain was stimulated and plunged into a runaway, causing the Psychic energy to form a solid Confusion, like Photographed by Tidewater Normal Towards the Sun Eevee.

The sun Eevee is not weak, Ruby in the middle of his eyebrows releases rays of light, and Confusion is condensed into masonry and piled into a high wall.

It’s like a dam that blocks the tide and counters Kadabra’s Confusion attack.

The battle was fierce on the field, but the audience off the field looked confused and confused.

Only some Mental Force extraordinary Psychic players can see the doorways on the court.

In the eyes of Psychic, Confusion on the field is turbulent and extremely dangerous.

Kadabra is constantly agitating Confusion, the turbulent wave is wave after wave, constantly slaps the dam, exerting pressure on Espeon.

Sun Eevee is constantly raising and thickening the dam to resist Kadabra’s attack, and is also waiting for an opportunity to make a defensive counterattack plan.

But in the eyes of outsiders, it is much more boring.

Two Pokemon stood on the field blankly, one Pokemon had red light in its eyes, and the other Pokemon had brows and gems flashing, and the surrounding wind was blowing.

This scene is like the two Martial Dao Great Grandmasters in the wuxia novel meeting in a deep mountain and old forest. Both sides stand in place and confront each other in an imposing manner, and the surrounding fallen leaves are brought and rolled by the strong wind induced by the imposing manner.

After ten minutes, the situation on the court remained unchanged. Although Kadabra and Sun Eevee looked tired, they did not move.

The audience couldn’t help being impatient, and some couldn’t sit still.

I thought that the battle in the Psychic House should be a flood of spells, and the scene was extremely gorgeous.

But now it has become an invisible and colorless Confusion, which makes people unable to see what sect is.

The audience close to the venue below was shiver coldly blown by the strong wind, asking for thick clothes everywhere.

This is far worse than the physical collision of fist to flesh in the morning, it is extremely boring.

Jiang Sheng and Mu Yao could see the mysterious on the field. After the two looked at each other, no one disturbed them.

They can no longer be regarded as a battle, but are competing for the Mental Force cultivation base of both sides.

Just like True Qi in the wuxia novel against Normal.

Whoever wins means that his Confusion is more solid, Mental Force is more abundant, and Psychic innate talent is stronger!

About twenty minutes later, the red light in Kadabra’s eyes was already quite dim, and the arm holding the spoon was trembling slightly.

However, the opposite sun Eevee is worse than it.

The Ruby on the forehead is dimmed to the extreme, the pretty purple pupil light is not there, the upper and lower eyelids are fighting, and the head keeps kowtow, looking like a person who is extremely sleepy.

Sun Eevee can’t hold on anymore!

Kadabra, after seeing the clues, raised the remaining Mental Force to speed up the slap frequency of the Confusion wave.

After half a minute, the Confusion Dam constructed by Eevee of the Sun was finally washed down after four powerful slaps of Confusion waves.

Even though the Confusion wave has drastically reduced its momentum, it still slapped the sun Eevee and slapped it away.

In midair, Sun Eevee let go of his resistance and closed his eyes contentedly.

If it is a head-to-head battle, even if you lose, Espeon will not recognize it.

But the battle method of fighting the cultivation base and innate talent just now, Espeon was convinced that he lost.

Before the sun Eevee hit the ground, a bunch of red light caught it and took it back into the Poké Ball.

Holding the Friend Ball away, Mu Yao finally spoke and said the first words to Jiang Sheng.

“I lost. This Kadabra is as extraordinary natural talent as the rumors are.

It is the Kadabra with the strongest Psychic innate talent I have ever seen. There is no one! It’s a pity that my time was bad and I was a step late and failed to get its approval.”

Jiang Sheng smiled and said nothing.

Of course he knows the Kadabra extraordinary natural talent. In the courtyard of his dormitory, the unfathomable mystery has an extra “Psychic Aptitude detector”.

After testing, Kadabra’s innate talent in the Psychic field has lost a lot of the Elite Bronzong, and it is not much different from Metang, who accidentally ate the God Rare Item quality.

However, this girl is too arrogant and missed Alakazite. Even if you are outstanding, Kadabra will not recognize you.

On the battlefield, after defeating Sun Eevee, Kadabra sat on the ground, looking tired, but its eyes were bright as stars.

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