Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 365

Kadabra’s eyes became brighter and brighter, like the stars in the sky, and the volume of Mental Force that had fallen into silence around it boiled again.

Jiang Sheng noticed the abnormality of Kadabra, raised his brows and showed a little joy on his face.

Kadabra This is another breakthrough!

Aware of his own changes, Kadabra hurried to contact Jiang Sheng telepathically:

“This feeling of emptying is too comfortable, let me use your spiritual crystallization, I To go back to Calm Mind cultivated, leave the rest of the battle to them.”

Jiang Sheng pretended to put his hand in his pocket, but actually took out the spiritual crystallization requested by Kadabra from the [backpack].

He tossed it casually. After Kadabra caught the spiritual crystal, he was light flashed and used Teleport to leave the scene.

The students in the outer courtyard looked blank and looked down at the empty battlefield.

Is this no longer playing?


And Pokemon is so self-willed?

The students of the Psychic Academy rubbed their eyes and looked incredible.

What was just thrown out?

They are absolutely right, so much spiritual crystallization?

I’m afraid it’s not a legacy of Gym-level Psychic Type Pokemon, right?

Before, because of Beldum, everyone knew that Jiang Sheng was born in a poor family.

But who can tell them why there is such a rare treasure in the hands of poor people’s children?

This is something that you can’t buy with money, unless it is a family with a long inheritance, otherwise no one can take out this kind of treasure.

What dogshit luck did this man leave?

First, he abducted Abra from Prince Normal in the Psychic courtyard, then got Shiny Beldum, and finally he had a huge piece of spiritual crystal in his hand.

Why are all the good things in his hands?

At this moment, all the students in Psychic College feel very sour.

Mu Yao pays more attention to details. She found that Kadabra and Jiang Sheng had no communication in the series of changes just now!

She stared at beautiful eyes, and she had a guess in her heart.

“Kadabra is telepathic?”

Jiang Sheng did not deny it, and replied directly:

“Well, this is nothing strange, and Gardevoir does Is it?”

After replying, Jiang Sheng ignored Mu Yao, turned his head and motioned to the referee to explain Kadabra’s abnormal behavior to him.

The referee finally made a decision, and the big screen behind Mu Yao and Jiang Sheng turned off a Poké Ball.

In the first round, the two sides are perish together, and then proceed to the second round.

Sun Eevee was defeated, and Kadabra voluntarily abstained from the game, so Mu Yao sent Pokemon first.

On the field is a heroic beige fox with long red hair in the ears of the big fox. The yellow hair on the waist grows into a skirt-like shape, and there is a big beige tail behind him, with red hair dotted on the tip of the tail.

It also has a branch in its tail, because when he was young, he liked to eat branches. Even if he grows up now, he always keeps the branches with him, which seems to be a relief.

At the same time, the branches are also its weapons, like the magic wand of the wizard.

Braixen, Level 28, Characteristic Trait [Magic] (In battle, you can steal opponent’s Items).

Looking at Braixen, who was charming and cute, Jiang Sheng suddenly remembered something interesting.

When it comes to Braixen and Delphox, everyone’s first impression of her is a lovely magical girl.

But in fact, like Gardevoir, they are both women’s ladies.

Gardevoir is well-balanced at any rate, and the sex ratio is half open.

The Fennekin family is better. Their female-male ratio is much higher than 2:8 and close to 1:9.

Some Pokemon are magic girls on the surface, but they are actually magic boys.

As for the gender of the Braixen in front of me…

cough cough, Jiang Sheng has not been abnormal enough to distinguish between male and female within ten meters.

Mu Yao was a little embarrassed when she noticed Jiang Sheng’s gaze. She saw too many “dirty” weird gazes.

“What’s in your mind, my Braixen is a girl.”


In the crowd, you still have a loudspeaker on your body, don’t insult my innocence out of thin air!

Jiang Sheng feels anxious, but on the surface the face doesn’t change.

He thought about it, frowned slightly, and said in confusion:

“You Braixen is a bit strong, I’m thinking about how to deal with it, you are thinking What? I didn’t pay attention to some strange things. You are based on your own heart and your heart to save others.”

Mu Yao’s expression turned red when he was retorted by Jiang Sheng.

Braixen off the court, heard Jiang Sheng praise it for being strong and nodded with a satisfied look.

This big-faced Pokemon and its narrow-faced Trainer are completely two extremes.

It’s hard to see such a cute Small Fox. Do you want Metang to beat him up with the righteous Iron Fist?

Jiang Sheng is inexplicably excited when he thinks of the cute Small Fox being beaten to his face and crying.

A little bit of a mess oh!

Finally, driven by a pathological mentality, Jiang Sheng throws a Poké Ball.

“Lei Tweet!”

After many days, the violent girl appeared again.

Play a Thunderbolt on the field, let Spark explode in the air, form a gorgeous golden firework, Celebrate re-enter the field.

Small Fox is so cute, why do you want to cry it?

In line with the idea of ​​cherishing Pokemon, Jiang Sheng finally chose to send Raichu to play in a battle of fire and electricity.

“Braixen, Lucky Chant!”

Braixen took out the branch in his tail and sang in a low voice.

At the same time, its right claw grabbed the branch and gently drew an arc in the air. Finally, at the moment when the incantion was about to be completed, it held the branch and raised it into the air.

At this time, Raichu had already squeezed the violent golden current into a hammer and threw it at Braixen.

The current was raging and the wind screamed, and the hammer went straight to Braixen’s head.

Jiang Sheng made a completely wrong idea. Raichu is not a “lady”, it is a “shrew” of Ah Da!

Incantation is complete, and a thin white light is dropped from the air and falls into Braixen’s body.

Lucky Chant casts a spell successfully, Braixen will be favored by luck, and all attacks directed at the vital points will be dodged by it in a “coincidental” way.

Faced with the galloping electric hammer, Braixen stretched the branches across his mouth, and the flames spit out from his mouth ran across the tops of the branches.

Suddenly, the fire was enlarged, and the flames revolved, forming a Fire Spin with a diameter of more than two meters wide.

The side with the larger opening of the vortex is facing the flying electric hammer, and Raichu’s electric hammer is collected into the vortex.

Braixen’s cheeks bulged, and a little flame was spit out. The flame merged into the whirlpool, and the whirlpool carried the electric hammer, and it spun up at a very fast speed.

Between two breaths, with a “pu chi” sound, the Fire Spin swelled up and exploded suddenly.

crimson Ember splashed around, except that Raichu threw away the electric hammer, which was like a juggling in the rivers and lakes, becoming a normal person.

Raichu is floating in the air with his tail, and he has been stunned, and even involuntarily stretched out his small paw to encourage him.

Good job, deserve a reward!

Raichu touched his body, only to realize that he didn’t take Pokéblock out of the house. It was a pity.

This Braixen has a strong desire for expression. After eliminating the electric hammer, it proudly looked up all around, hoping to get everyone’s expression of consternation.

But it happened to see Raichu’s expression as if looking at Normal juggling, and his face immediately showed anger.

It uses a branch as a stick, and gently pointed at Raichu.

Jiang Sheng raised his brows. There should be a dubbing. There should be a little Loli of panting with rage and say “become a pig”.

Looking like a joke, this Braixen is actually very real. With this move it currently uses, many Pokemon are planted on it.

A branch pointed, and a colorful light directed towards Raichu.

All those who saw this light felt a nausea rushing to their throats, as if they had seen something indescribable.

Psybeam, the strange color it emits, may make the watcher fall into chaos.

The propagation speed of light is very fast, and it was too late when Raichu discovered it.

At that moment, Raichu had only one thought in his mind. He can guarantee that this is the most powerful Psybeam he has ever seen!

The moment he stared at the light, it seemed to be motion sickness Normal, dizzy, nauseous in his throat, and almost vomited out all the Pokéblock he had eaten at noon.

Confusion then lost control, Raichu’s figure was about to fall, as if to fall from the air.

At this time, Jiang Sheng hopes that Raichu can fall from the air in advance so that it can escape the blow.

But unfortunately, Raichu couldn’t cope with the impact of the light and was hit by Psybeam.

Fortunately, Raichu Mental Force is strong and resistant to Psychic energy.

After being knocked out four or five meter away, it first stabilizes its spirit and drives away the adverse effects, lest it really turns into chaos.

Then, it tries to adjust its body shape and resolve the impact.

Raichu fell from the air, and Braixen puffed his cheeks, chasing the direction where Raichu fell.

When Raichu was about to hit Ground, his body shook, and Confusion held his body again to fly back in midair again.

At this time, Braixen was still four or five meters away from Raichu, and it knew it was too late.

However, the distance now is enough!

Braixen blocked the branch in front of his mouth again, opened his mouth and spit out, the fire beam was blocked by the branch and turned into Ember and dispersed.

Ember spilled around Raichu’s body. Braixen grabbed the branch and stirred it lightly, and the flames had a tendency to gather again.

It’s Fire Spin again, but this time the things captured in Fire Spin are changed from electric hammer to Raichu!

“Raichu, Psyshock, disperse Ember!”


Raichu bowed and squinted his eyes and roared, using twelve percent strength, Mental The Force broke out and turned into a wave of thoughts, pushing Ember that had not yet aggregated into Fire Spin.

Ember disperses, Fire Spin naturally fails.

“Thunder Wave, paralyze it!”

Braixen ran to Raichu by himself, how could Jiang Sheng let it go.

After hearing the command, Raichu threw away a golden lightning arc.

The arc fell on Braixen, three meters away, and his beige hair immediately stood upright.

The golden lightning arc quickly circulated throughout the body, causing it to become paralyzed, and it was numb all over, and it was unable to lift much strength.

“Close, Thunder Punch!”

Raichu body moved, with a rolling current wrapped in his fist, and slammed into Braixen’s throat.

Braixen hurriedly responded. Suddenly his feet were numb, and he fell back to the ground, accidentally avoiding Raichu’s critical punch.

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