Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 366

Jiang Sheng narrowed his eyes slightly, and this fall back was very level, perfectly avoiding the Thunder Punch that hit the vital part of his throat.

Is this the power of Lucky Chant? It’s too metaphysical!

After the fall, Braixen seemed to be used to it, without any accident.

“Raichu, don’t hit the key, attack other places!”

Raichu stopped his fist, turned around, swooped from the air, and smashed the ground with Thunder Punch. Braixen.

This time it aimed at the abdomen!

Braixen wants to turn over to dodge, but the paralyzing effect of the electric current is really annoying, making it unable to lift a bit of strength.

Thunder Punch is coming in a blink of an eye, it has no time to think, cheeks up, Flamethrower!

The high-temperature flame assaults the senses, Raichu’s heart is cruel, and he doesn’t avoid it, Thunder Punch still moved towards Braixen and hit his abdomen.

Holding the flames, Raichu made a big punch!

Braixen received a heavy blow in his abdomen, his eyes rounded, and the Flamethrower spitting out in his mouth was immediately broken off.

The heat flow on his face disappeared, Raichu’s complexion was happy, he mobilized the amount of Mental Force, and strikes Braixen’s brain.

Although Braixen has been cultivated as a Psychic Type Pokemon, it is now only a Fire Element Pokemon, and Mental Force is not superb.

A Psychic, Braixen’s head is dizzy, and he lost the ability to think in a short time.

Raichu has gained power and is not forgiving. When Braixen’s body is paralyzed and his mind is not awake, he presses his neck with one hand and waves Thunder Punch, a little fox-spirit with the other.

On the elevator platform, Mu Yao couldn’t stand it anymore and shouted to the referee:

“Stop, I gave up in the second round!”

” Raichu, stop!”

Jiang Sheng said, Raichu stopped then, stepped on his tail again, and flew high in the air.

Braixen lay aggrieved on the battlefield, his hair was fluffy due to static electricity, and there was a golden lightning arc crackling in his hair from time to time.

As the arc pulsed, Braixen’s limbs twitched twice from time to time.

It hasn’t lost consciousness yet, but it has lost consciousness if it would rather be beaten.

Recalling that he had just been beaten on the ground, Braixen’s eyes were suffocated with tears.

The second round is over. Raichu’s combination of punches not only stunned Braixen, but also stunned the teachers and students of Psychic Academy.

The situation is a bit bad, and Mu Yao, whom they fancy, has fallen into a disadvantage.

The last one is left, does Mu Yao have a chance?

No matter what outsiders think, Mu Yao’s face is still composed, without any panic.

This time she took a pink Poké Ball from her pocket and threw it out.

Jiang Sheng is the type who recognized this ball at first glance.

Heal Ball can restore Pokemon status and heal the Status Condition on Pokemon.

Jiang Sheng couldn’t help but secretly sighed loudly.

Her family is probably related to some casting masters. It is Friend Ball and Heal Ball. This Poké Ball Normal is difficult to buy in the market.

red light shoots out, and a slender human-shaped Pokemon appears on the battlefield.

It has a graceful figure and looks like a human female. It has short green curly hair. It seems to be wearing a white evening dress Normal. It has fins on its chest and back.

Gardevoir, 3Level 4, [Copy] (copy any Pokemon Characteristic Trait on the field)!

This is Pokemon, who is regarded as a wife by countless otakus. It is beautiful and able to fight.

In this freshman competition, many people’s strongest Pokemon was just recently won, but when it came to Mu Yao, Jiang Sheng didn’t think so.

This Gardevoir should be her initial Pokemon!

It is not surprising to have such a high level. Many large families like to prepare Pokemon for children in advance.

Gardevoir has very good resistance to Attribute damage. If Raichu continues to fight, it may be a bit difficult.

“Raichu, come back!”

Jiang Sheng presses the Poké Ball switch to take Raichu back and replace it with Metang.

The substitution time is over and the battle officially begins!

Mu Yao took the lead: “Shadow Ball!”

Gardevoir raised her slender arm, and the Ghost energy in her palm gathered into a purple Black Shadow Ball the size of a basketball.

Just when Jiang Sheng thought it was about to throw the Shadow Ball, the white light flashed, and Gardevoir suddenly disappeared from the spot.


No good, it’s going to hit people with the ball!

“Metang, be careful!”

Metang reacted immediately, Mental Force paid close attention to all around changes, and his right paw pulled out a Psycho Cut to guard against sneak attacks.

All actions are completed in the blink of an eye.

Abruptly, Metang noticed an abnormal movement in the back space, and made a decisive decision, grabbing Psycho Cut and turning around and slashing.

White light flashed, Gardevoir really appeared behind Metang.

Chi…chi chi!

Psycho Cut hits the Shadow Ball, and the crystal-like glass knife cuts into the Purple Shadow Ball, emitting a unique sound of energy erosion.

But it’s much more than that!

Everyone was surprised to find that at some point, Gardevoir also had a Shadow Ball in his left hand.

When Metang cleaved a Shadow Ball, another Shadow Ball was dunked on Metang’s head by Gardevoir.

The Shadow Ball burst open, and Gardevoir used Teleport to escape in advance. Only Metang, a Pokemon, withstood the impact of the explosion.

Under the burst of purple Black Ghost energy, Metang fell from the air, smashing the battlefield into a big hole.

Maybe stimulated by a series of combo punches by Raichu before, Gardevoir wants to help Braixen find a place, and does not give Metang any breathing space.

Teleport again, Gardevoir appeared in Metang Sky, cheeks bulged, and spit out a strange purple red flame at Metang.

This is Mystical Fire, a pure Fire Type move. In addition to causing Fire Element damage, it can also weaken the burned person’s strength control of Attribute energy.

It is Shadow Ball again, and Mystical Fire again. Two restrained damage shots have been made. Battle Master students can’t help shaking their heads, thinking that Metang bode ill rather than well.

Jiang Sheng also experienced Braixen’s aggrieved situation just now, but the difference is that his Metang has the ability to resist.

“Stand up and give it a heavy punch!”

Heeding Jiang Sheng’s call, Metang, who was suppressed by the flames in the pit, rose up to resist.

In everyone’s incredible eyes, Metang carried Mystical Fire hard and swung a Bullet Punch, hitting Gardevoir’s side cheek.

The face was attacked and Gardevoir was forced to cut off Mystical Fire.

It is not good at Close Combat, and just wanted to escape with Teleport, but was horrified to find that the hand was firmly grasped by Metang and couldn’t break free.

In the air behind Metang, a mysterious eye slowly opened, staring at Gardevoir.

Gardevoir suddenly felt that he had one’s hair stand on end, as if he had been seen out of Normal.

Of course, the eye of miracle is not so nasty.

Metang uses Miracle Eyes on Gardevoir, mainly to locate Gardevoir.

When Gardevoir uses the Teleport sneak attack again, Metang can assist the mark left by the miracle eye and learn the location of Gardevoir in advance.

Without provocation or Mean Look, you must think of some effective ways to counter Teleport.

So as not to be passively beaten and led by the nose.

Of course, in this situation, it takes Sanaido to escape for Metang’s design to work.

Metang’s right claws are like iron tongs Normal, firmly grasping Gardevoir’s left hand, not allowing it to break free.

The left paw swung out the Bullet Punch and moved towards Gardevoir again and hit it in the face.

Close hand-to-hand combat, this is Metang’s strengths, and now it is about to maximize its strengths!

Gardevoir had no choice but to pinch out a Shadow Ball again in the palm of his right hand, clutching the ball against Metang’s left fist.

The basketball-sized Shadow Ball was bombed by Metang on the spot. Both Pokemon were of Psychic Type, and the aftermath of the explosion made them both uncomfortable.

But that’s the case, Metang didn’t let go of Gardevoir either. It meant that he would never let go until he died.

In fact, as a genderless metal being, Metang is not thinking about these nasty things.

It relies on [Sound-absorbing steel] to absorb energy, and is very willing to exchange injuries with Gardevoir.

After punched the Shadow Ball into pieces, it resisted the explosive impact, Bullet Punch was cast unabated, and it still moved towards Gardevoir and hit his face.

With another punch, Gardevoir’s pretty face quickly swelled up.

Being beaten up again, Mu Yao complexion ashen, Jiang Sheng glared at the opposite side, cursing reckless husband in his heart.

Trainer, Pokemon, your whole family!

While scolding Jiang Sheng in her heart, Mu Yao was also thinking of a way to break the game.

We must break free of Metang’s grip, with flexible Teleport, remote kite Metang!

“Gardevoir, Disarming Voice!”

Gardevoir endures the pain on his face, sings loudly, and Fairy energy responds to the call to form a pink melody surrounding the two.

Disarming Voice is not a trick that only works on opposite-sex Pokemon, such as Attract and temptation. It directly hits the spirit, even the genderless Metang will be affected by singing.

Affected by the singing, Metang’s head is dizzy, and his body is a little weak.

But this situation was only for a moment, and Metang immediately activated Mental Force to forcefully erase the adverse effects of singing on him.

A moment of effort is enough, and Gardevoir has pulled his left hand from Metang’s iron claw.

Metang reacted quickly and Iron Head moved forward to Take Down in an attempt to inflict some injuries on Sanaador.

White light flashed, Gardevoir has used Teleport to escape.

Metang just stopped his figure, followed the guidance of the miracle eye mark, turned his head and looked around, and saw Gardevoir floating not far in front of Mu Yao.

In Metang’s perception, there seems to be a bridge between the two, with Mental Force transferred from Mu Yao to Gardevoir.

The imposing manner on Gardevoir is climbing straight up!

This is the increase that Psychic can bring to Pokemon?

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