Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 367

At this time, in the perception of the bracelet, Gardevoir’s strength rating is completely different from before.

Gardevoir, Level 37 (34+3), Characteristic Trait [Copy]!

Finally let him see the unique tricks of those with special ability!

Different from Mega Evolution’s improvement of physical fitness, Z power changes its moves.

The blessing of the Psychic is to supply Pokemon with his Mental Force, so that Pokemon can be improved in all aspects.

In the observation of Gardevoir and Mu Yao, Jiang Sheng found that the connection between the two had been broken, and Mu Yao looked pale, as if she was seriously ill.

And Gardevoir is majestic in an imposing manner, the injuries on his face and body are slightly recovered, and a pair of eyes shines.

Such changes, naturally, can’t hide from the audience.

The insider looks at the doorway, showing grave expressions one by one.

The laymen watch the excitement, all of them are excited.

The teachers and students on the field and in front of the screen are all watching the battle field nervously, paying attention to the battle direction.

Some people looked at Jiang Sheng with expectant eyes, as if they were also waiting for Jiang Sheng to “explode”.

Psychic people don’t play such exciting “explosive species”, what’s the point of being a Psychic person?

Jiang Sheng wants to let them down. Although he is also a Psychic person and has been in the “two beads” cultivation base for a long time, he is still far from the “three beads” cultivation base that can bless Psychic Type Pokemon The difference is far.

Jiang Sheng also saw Mu Yao’s situation, and he was guessing.

She is probably at a half-hearted level, and the blessing of Gardevoir can only be maintained for a short while.

Now that the connection between the two is broken, Gardevoir will be exposed after squandering the Mental Force Mu Yao gave it.

But… Level 27 vs. Level 37, the battle across level 10 sounds like a fantasy story!

“Metang, defend it!”

If you change to another Metang, I’m afraid it will be instantly blown up by the Level 37 Gardevoir, and its Metang relies on the [sound-absorbing steel] Characteristic Trait should last a long time.

Metang’s dignified nodded, high concentration of energy, is the mark left by the Lock On miracle eye on Gardevoir.

Mixed the power of the heart with Confusion again, condensed into two Psycho Cuts, held them in the hands, and stood ready.

“Gardevoir, beat it!”

Gardevoir slightly nodded.

One after another’s face was beaten, it now feels that its cheeks are still slightly swollen, its eyes are full of sorrow, and it activates Teleport again and disappears in place.

Behind again!

Metang was very alert. Assist felt impressed by the Eye of Miracle. It quickly Lock On Gardevoir was about to appear, waving his hands with double knives, and slashing behind him.

See Shadow Ball again!

This time it was a large Shadow Ball about half a meter in diameter, but before Psycho Cut could not cut the Shadow Ball, the Shadow Ball exploded in advance.

The explosion sounded deafening, and the purple black halo enveloped the Stadium Sky.

Gardevoir escaped ahead of time, and Metang once again hit the front of the explosion and was blown away far!

Metang silver light’s gleaming body is covered with purple and black arc-shaped energy bodies. It is the Ghost energy in Shadow Ball that is eroding its body.

The pair of Psycho Cuts it grasped is also full of gaps. If it is not repaired, it will be unable to withstand the second wave attack.

Jiang Sheng is not worried about Metang’s situation.

Metang itself is extremely hard, and the explosion does not cause much damage to it.

The Ghost Type energy attached to the body is also being processed by the energy-absorbing Characteristic Trait of [Sound-absorbing Steel].

Energy is being sucked into the body one after another, the so-called pain of erosion is like normal itching of a boot, which will not cause much trouble to Metang.

Ignoring Metang’s status, Jiang Sheng is very interested in Gardevoir’s attack methods.

Gardevoir and Alakazam are both highly similar Pokemon. Kadabra can also learn from this kind of “dribbling and hitting” battle method.

Compared with the conventional battle method which confronts each other and then spells torrential bombardment, this “dribbling and hitting” battle method is more capable of hitting others completely unprepared!

The off-court battle was much more than that, when Metang just stood firm in the aftermath of the Shadow Ball explosion.

White light flashed, Gardevoir appears again!

However, this time it did not sneak attack from behind, but just and honourable appeared in front of Metang.

Metang threw away the Psycho Cut, quickly blasted the Bullet Punch, and smashed it at Gardevoir.

Gardevoir’s cheeks bulged, and purple flames spit out from Xiu’s mouth.

Mystical Fire!

Compared with the last time, the Mystical Fire formidable power is much larger this time. Metang’s Strength/Machamp can’t get in under the torrent of flames.

Even after two breaths of stalemate, Metang was pressed from the air by the flame and fell onto the field.

Gardevoir’s figure followed, keeping a distance of about three meters from Metang, still breathing Mystical Fire from his mouth.

The flames firmly suppressed Metang on Ground. No matter how much Metang resists, he cannot escape the suppression of the flames.

“Give up, Steel Type Pokemon is very afraid of fire. For its safety, you shouldn’t stick to it like this.”

Mu Yao’s face is still pale, her hands supporting the elevator platform Persuaded the railing.

She is really thinking about Metang, not the idea of ​​fighting against others.

Since Gardevoir “exploded”, her sight has never left Metang, her eyes are full of amazing admiration.

With such a strong and durable Psychic Type Quasi-Legendary, those who are no Psychic can not be moved.

Jiang Sheng shook the head and said:

“You don’t know Metang before you can tell the outcome. This little heat is far less than it can bear. The limit.”

Mu Yao face turned cold, when Jiang Sheng was a dead duck with a hard-mouthed, rather uncomfortable shouted:

“The entrusted person is not human, follow you, it’s this The worst decision I have ever made in my life!”

Jiang Sheng shrugged helplessly and didn’t care about Mu Yao’s scolding.

It may be that after hearing the annoyed tone of Trainer behind him, Gardevoir increased the breathing force of Mystical Fire, and the turbulent purple flame completely submerged Metang.

About two minutes later, the long-term energy output ran out of the power that Mu Yao had imparted to it. Gardevoir’s breath wilted and stopped breathing Mystical Fire.

As the flames dissipated, everyone’s eyes were focused on the scorched ground burned by the flames, to see the tragedy of Metang.

The situation on the court made everyone stunned and unbelievable.

Lack of the powerful suppression of the flame, Metang manipulated the magnetic force to levitate, and the previously shining silver body turned red, like an iron block forged in an iron blast furnace.

All Steel Type Pokemon who think this state are already seriously injured, but Metang is a lively dragon and animated tiger, and it doesn’t seem to be affected at all.

I don’t know where a cold wind blew, Metang’s hot body quickly cooled, and the fiery red body slowly turned back to silver, but the color was a little black, not as bright as before.

At this time, everyone has a question they don’t understand.

Why is there a Steel Type Pokemon that can withstand the burning of fire?

Is it a Bronzong in Metang skin? Characteristic Trait is [heat resistant]?


In the bright living room, a rough middle-aged robust man stood up suddenly, staring at Metang on the LCD screen with scorching eyes, and coveted it. color.

“It’s amazing, it’s amazing!

This must be the same as the crystal Onix, it is a rare alien.

must find a way to exchange it I’m willing to split off the offspring no matter what the cost. The future of our steel yard depends on it!”

This screaming and rough robust man is exactly the Steel Type Teaching and Research Group of Trainer High School Leader!

On the sofa opposite him, a middle age person with a flat-headed middle age person with sharp facial features was sneeered:

“A different kind of fart, I have long known his life experience. The investigation was perfectly clear.

It is very likely to be the heir of an Elite ancient Metagross. There is nothing special about it.

But looking at its current appearance, Combining with some of the news I got before, it should be an extremely rare Steel Type resource.”

Jiang Sheng still doesn’t know, his details have been exposed in the eyes of some people in Trainer High School. It’s clear.

The eyes of the rough guys are bright, if it is to rely on tonic Steel Type resources to achieve this level, it would be better.

Metang’s heirs are good for the development of the Steel Institute. If it is Steel Type resources, it will be of great benefit to him.

What he fancy from start to finish is not Metang, but Metang’s heat resistance.

Many outstanding Steel Type Pokemon are afraid of fire. They, Steel Type Trainers, have to spend a huge amount of money to buy Occa Berry every year.

There is now a Steel Type resource that can make up for this shortcoming. It is conceivable that this kind of Steel Type resource will cause a storm in the Trainer world.

“Old Zhang, what kind of Steel Type resource is it?

You know so clearly, there must be a way!

We have been brothers for so many years, you must Help me, I heard that you are his Head Examiner, and you gave him something, you help me to talk to him.

I also have a small savings and can bring out a lot of good things If the value of his Steel Type resource is large enough, I can give him a Metagrossite!”

A Quasi-Legendary evolution stone, robust man is really a bloody!

Sitting with the leader of the Steel Type teaching and research group, and surnamed Zhang, the identity of this person is not difficult to guess.

It is Zhang Yi, the head of the Fire Element teaching and research group who barely considered Jiang Sheng’s kindness.

Zhang Yi shook the head and said:

“This person is a bit troublesome, and the relationship behind it is tangled and complicated.

Listen to the Captain Wang Linna of the City Investigation Team Bian revealed that the big guys on the Alliance are watching him and put him on the shortlist, wanting him to become a dark Elite.

The more we meet with him, the more likely it is to destroy it. The plan, especially on some resources with obvious characteristics, is not allowed to appear on others. I say you should understand these.”

robust man frowns nodded.

But he didn’t understand, this Shiny Metang is already very dazzling, how could this kind of guy hide in the dark?

However, the rough and robust man didn’t delve into it. He naturally had the plan above, so it was not his turn to worry.

He sighed and said disappointedly:

“Forget it, then stay away from him. I don’t know what he looks at above, so weak and still a small Child, where is the potential to become a Dark Elite?”

Zhang Yi smiled without saying a word, but thought about it in his heart.

If you know the identity of his Master, don’t think so.

The semi-retired old man has two Ghost Type Pokemons with Gym-level Peak strength in his hands, and one Dragon Type Pokemon in his prime.

After a few years, the old man had the idea of ​​retiring. Alliance intervened and asked the old man to pass down the three Pokemon.

Cooperate with the Pokemon in his current hands, a powerful team will be formed!

Dark Elite does not need obvious features, and does not need the image of Wei Zhengguang.

All they need to do is to maintain the stability of the Dark Zone of the Alliance and use disgraceful means to deal with the enemies inside and outside the Alliance.

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