Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 369

Zhu Yue anxiously asked:

“Ali Young Lady, can you really take us back?

After we were trapped here before, we have already carefully investigated Through the topography, I found that the landform here does not match any area in Bincheng.

Uncle Zong is an old river and lake. He used to tell us what he saw when he was young.

According to The absurd knowledge and speculation that Uncle Zong talked about, I think we should have entered the same area as the paradise recorded in “Taohuayuanji”.

Although speaking of which is a little frustrated, we are afraid that we will always be out Not going anymore.”

The eyes of the other three were dim, and the joy of the previous harvest was completely gone.

For a time, the atmosphere suddenly turned down.

Mo Li followed Jiang Sheng to the Soul Tower in the mountainside of Mojia Village. Some time ago, he also boarded Dragon Island and entered the Venusaur Garden. He had no awe for this weird space.

She said in a cold voice:

“It’s just a different space, not surprising at all. As long as we break it, we can return to the outside world.”

Different space?

This is the first time the four of them heard this statement. It seems that this mysterious girl Ali knows this well?

There was hope in the eyes of the four, and they saw the chance to survive.

They didn’t bring much food, and they ate it a long time ago. Now everyone is stomach rumbling with hunger.

There are only green trees and grasses in the different space, and in a day and a half, they might go to chew the bark.

“Call people to gather in the open space in front of the tent, I will take you out and take action!”

Zhu Xing, Zheng Zhi, and Qian Yilong ran out of the tent and moved The good news was told to all members, and there was a burst of cheers outside.

Zhu Yue stayed in the tent, still looking worried, cautiously reminded:

“Ali Young Lady, are you really sure?

If it fails, this will be a major blow to the brothers below. I am afraid that someone will question your ability.”

In adversity, if the leader makes a decision mistake, The hearts of the people gathered with great difficulty dispersed.

Mo Li is still confident: “Don’t worry, I’m sure.”

Zhu Yue didn’t say anything, and left the tent to gather with everyone.

Only Mo Li, Arbo Monster and Gengar are left in the tent. Mo Li takes the Arbo Monster back into the Poké Ball first, then turns his head and looks towards Gengar.

“Gengar, wait to see you.”

Mo Li still remembers what he saw in the Tower of Soul at that time. It was the Gengar of Jiang Sheng Master who had torn apart. Space sent them out.

Although the fat Gengar’s strength is not as good as the Gym-level Gengar, it is special enough. If you help yourself, it should be easy to break through different spaces.

Gengar’s legs were still sitting on the ground like a dustpan, and when he heard Mo Li talking to it, he was stunned, not knowing what Mo Li meant.

Seeing Gengar like this, Mo Li slapped his head, remembering an important thing, and muttered to himself annoyedly:

“It’s over, I forgot I haven’t taught you how to learn Phantom. Force, you lack the means to break open the space.”

Fat Gengar was nodded, and the appearance of it made Mo Liqi feel a little angry.

I don’t know if this guy really understands or is pretending to be.

There was a loud noise from outside the tent, and Mo Li put his hands in his hood and rubbed the temples on both sides.

Management is really not done by humans!

For a while, there was an inquiring voice outside:

“Ali Young Lady, we have already lined up, do you need to prepare for a while?”

” Here comes it.”

Mo Li answered complied and took out a keystone from his pocket.

Key Stone was given to her by Jiang Sheng after Mo Li was eliminated from the freshman competition and before going to the black market.

The main reason is to be afraid of accidents. You can use the keystone to resonate with Beedrill and let Beedrill perform Mega Evolution.

Of course, this Mega Evolution is different from the normal Mega Evolution.

It does not belong to form fetters and evolve, it belongs to the use of keystones as a means of stimulus, allowing Beedrill to complete Mega Evolution independently.

In this world, apart from Diancie, it is estimated that only Jiang Sheng’s Beedrill can do it.

No, if you make a bold assumption, expand this range.

Maybe some Pokemon favored by Xerneas and Yveltal can do it.

After all, the birth of all Pokemon Evolution Stones and Key Stones are related to both of them.

Mo Li gripped the key stone tightly and made a decision in his heart.

“It should be successful. It’s just a few days of sleep. It’s not a big problem, so let’s go.”

“Gengar, follow me!”

Mo Li’s tone made Gengar shudder, and he seemed to be going through something bad again.

On the open space by the river, including Zhu Yue and the four executives, there are a total of 16 Trainers, neatly lined up and waiting for Mo Li.

Although Jiang Sheng has always joked that the villain group is a miscellaneous army, but only criticizes their low strength, rather than ridicule them for being unorganized and undisciplined.

The villain group under the administration of Uncle Yan is very strict in disciplinary management and tends to be militarized. Whether it is going out to perform tasks or patrolling the black market, it is well-founded.

Because of this, when Jiang Sheng took over the villain group, he did not appear to lead the provocation.

After seeing Mo Li walked out of the tent, the members of the Bencheng Sub-rudder were full of hope.

Whether you can live or not depends on the next one!

Mo Li didn’t say anything, didn’t even glance at everyone, but urged the slow Gengar behind to come over.

The members of the line were facing the door of the tent, all of Gengar’s every move was captured in their eyes, and they all laughed laboriously.

Gengar didn’t know whether it was the essence of the drama, or was deliberately resisting and didn’t want to come out.

It got stuck in the door of the tent, and made an unbelievable gesture to show everyone how to squeeze it out of the door.

But after Mo Li urged, Gengar immediately changed his face, and the virtual incarnation body came out of the tent and stood beside Mo Li.

Mo Li’s shadow squirmed and connected with Gengar.

Gengar recalled the pain of being instilled in strength before, and couldn’t help feeling a little uneasy.

After waiting for three breaths, the feeling that I was going to be blown up in the past appeared not at all.

The power instilled by the other party flows through its body, converging on its chest to form a purple bead.

When Gengar poked the bead on his chest curiously, Mo Li suddenly reminded:

“You and I resonate with each other and feel the power of evolution!”

Gengar heart shivered with cold, tense, but more dazed on his face, I don’t understand the meaning of Mo Li.

Mo Li has already started to move. She firmly grasped the keystone in her hand, and dark green rays of light appeared in her hand.

the sword moves with side stroke!

She is using her special ability to stimulate the keystone!

“Gengar, mega evolution!”

The members of the sub-rudder who were watching all this were shocked, and never thought that this young little girl actually mastered Mega. A powerful Trainer with Evolution means.

It’s just…Why is the appearance of this Mega Evolution a bit different from what they have seen before?

The moment Mo Li held the key tightly, a powerful force came from Mo Li and poured into Gengar’s body.

The purple black beads that had previously condensed on Gengar’s chest also merged into the body.

The two energies merged in Gengar’s body, and a strange change took place, generating a new force that flooded everywhere in Gengar’s body.

Different from the past, this time under the massive energy infusion, it did not feel pain, but felt a warm feeling.

The body seems to break free of some kind of shackles, and it seems that something is going to grow out of the body.

The dark purple gloom completely envelops Gengar, forming a large cocoon.

Gengar in the cocoon is not at all restless, as if punching in the cocoon, punching the cocoon everywhere, trying to break free.

Everyone is waiting anxiously. Mega Evolution is just a moment of effort, but this time Mega Evolution takes much longer than the real Mega Evolution.

The dark light of Purple Black!

Struggle’s Gengar in the cocoon!

This seems to be an evil method that makes the audience fearful.

After the five breaths, the cocoon exploded suddenly, and a new creature appeared in front of everyone.

This is a weird guy who is smiling evilly. The whole body is covered with spikes. The body below the head is a strange purple red. The lower body is indistinct, hidden in a different space.

This is Mega Gengar!

A group of nervous sub-rudder members saw that it was indeed a normal Mega Gengar, sighed in relief.

The weird situation just now really frightened them.

“jié jié!”

Mega Gengar gave a weird smile, shook his head and looked at himself, very satisfied with his current state.

“Stop playing, I won’t hold on for long, take us away!”

Mo Li’s voice was a little weak.

Mega Gengar’s face was sullen, and he hurriedly nodded.

Mega Gengar raised his hand with a wave, and everyone’s shadows joined together to form a big black screen.

The curtain lifted up suddenly, covering them all.

In the valley covered by Mist, the Black curtain fell and then spread flat on the ground. The people inside had disappeared.

The curtain spread out and turned into black shadows of various sizes, blending into the nearby shadows.

In the darkness, a sense of weightlessness spread, and many members shouted in panic.

Outside the house, Kadabra is holding Calm Mind.

In the room, the cocoon that Houndour had turned into still did not respond.

Jiang Sheng is helplessly shrugged.

Since he came back, Kadabra hasn’t opened his eyes. Fortunately, the final was arranged at Acquired, which gave him a buffer time.

I hope Kadabra will not be able to sleep like Houndour.

The phone rang suddenly, Jiang Sheng picked it up and found that it was Li Lan’s, and pressed the answer button.

“Brother Sheng, it’s not good, something has happened to Mo Li!”


Jiang Sheng hurried back to Bencheng and entered Mo When leaving the room, Li Lan and Shen Qian were standing by the bed looking after them.

Gengar is leaning against the wall, like a kid who has done something wrong, frowning.

Jiang Sheng didn’t have time to pay attention to it, and hurried to the bedside to check Mo Li’s condition.

“It’s just a fever? Are there really no other problems?”

Jiang Sheng looked towards Ernv and asked hurriedly.

Shen Qian replied:

“Well, there is no other problem, it’s just a simple fever. Li Lan was worried, so I called you back.”

Li Lan shook her head abruptly, with a worried expression on her face, stretched out her hand and handed Jiang Sheng something.

“Impossible, brother Sheng, look at this.”

Jiang Sheng looked down. It was his keystone with a crack on it!

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