Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 370

The Black rift runs across the keystone, dividing the keystone in half.

But when viewed from the side, the cracks did not spread to the inside much, and did not damage the spiral stripes inside.

When Jiang Sheng looked at Keystone, Shen Qian and Li Lan looked nervous.

Keystones are rare. If the two legendary Pokemon do not move, the keystones are non-renewable resources.

The whole villain group may have a keystone for Jiang Sheng, but it may be ruined now. There will be no second one in a short time. One can imagine how Rage he will be.

However, Jiang Sheng’s performance was beyond the expectations of the two women. He looked indifferent and asked:

“Has Ali encountered any high-intensity battle? Key Why did the stone break?”

He has already judged that Mo Li’s situation is the same as when he first met her. It should be that the special ability overloaded her and caused her to faint, and she may still be fainted when she wakes up. “Blindness” for a period of time.

If this is the case, it is acceptable.

I hope that there will be no accidents and unknown changes.

Li Lan talked in detail on the phone before. After this meeting, Li Lan relayed what Zhu Yue had said before to Jiang Sheng in detail.

Jiang Sheng tsk tsk was amazed when he heard that Mo Li chose to let Gengar Mega Evolution break through the different space.

Forcibly activate the ancient genes of Gengar within the body to achieve Mega Evolution without relying on the gene fragments in the evolution stone. It is really like a heavenly steed, soaring across the skies idea.

I just don’t know how much Mo Li has paid for this, I hope she can wake up safely.

The thought of the people in Bincheng sub-rudder being in danger, Jiang Sheng was full of irritation, and asked:

“What is going on with this mission? Has anyone deliberately arranged it? “

Li Lan shook the head, replied:

“It shouldn’t be. In the past, there were also such tasks to detect dangerous places. They were all sent by forest rangers through the Trainer Association.”


“A ranger is responsible for a large area. They are impossible to solve all problems by one person. They are more of a warning job.

After discovering the weird area, they will not involve You can just mark it and leave it to others to deal with.

They also have to monitor the situation in other areas. If they are in danger, it’s not good.

When it comes to the sub-rudder, the sub-rudder will send someone to deal with it. It is not that someone wants to target us.”

Li Lan paused, her eyes flashed, and added:

“Boss Giovanni, What happened this time to us might be the same as if we lose a horse. Go and see what they brought back from a different space. It will definitely make you ecstatic!”

Jiang Sheng nodded, but not at all I am anxious to check.

Mo Li entered a strange space, a place similar to the Venusaur Garden. They should have brought out some strange resources from it.

Jiang Sheng touched Ali’s forehead again, the fever has gone down, which is a good sign.

He said to Li Lan and Shen Qian;

“You two have worked hard afterwards, take turns to watch Ali.

She may be able to wake up ‘Blindness’ for a short period of time, the exact duration is not clear, you should take good care of her.”

The two women nodded responded.

Jiang Sheng walked to the corner, patted sitting on the ground with the head of the dejected fat Gengar.

Fat Gengar looked up and saw Jiang Sheng, his short hands hugged Jiang Sheng’s waist, wu wu cried, aggrieved like a five hundred jin child.

Jiang Sheng was helpless, so he had no choice but to comfort him. This was the first time he saw Fat Gengar cry so sadly.

“What’s the matter? Speak slowly, what’s wronged?”

Fat Gengar wiped his tears and choked to Jiang Sheng to explain.

After watching it sign for a long time, Jiang Sheng understood its meaning.

It is blaming itself for failing to protect Mo Li.

Although it doesn’t like Moli, but Jiang Sheng allows it to follow Moli, it should protect Moli.

As a result, something happened now, it was unharmed, but Mo Li was lying on the bed and couldn’t get up.

Looking at Fat Gengar crying like a child for comfort, Shen Qian and Li Lan showed uncontrollable smiles, and the dignified atmosphere in the room faded a bit.

“Don’t cry, a ghost of hundreds of years old, how come you are still like a child.”

Jiang Sheng said that, Fat Gengar cried even harder.

It’s hundreds of years old, and it can’t protect a little girl. It really wants to hit her head to death.

Thinking of this, Fat Gengar let go of Jiang Sheng and really turned his head and hit the wall.

But thanks to its special body structure, its face is full of elasticity like jelly, and the deformed face immediately rebounds.

Jiang Sheng has a strange look on his face. He doesn’t understand whether the fat Gengar really blames himself, or whether he is acting like a master and performing it to himself.

For a long time, Gengar calmed down until Xu gave him two bottles of Gym-grade genetic potion.

Jiang Sheng patted the fat Gengar’s head like a ball, helplessly said:

“Good things are also available, you stay here and take good care of Moli.”

Fat Gengar is holding a bottle of genetic potion in one hand, smiling, nodded.

Jiang Sheng was very curious in his heart. Did he really blame himself just now, or did he use a bitter trick?

I really don’t understand this guy who is born to play well.

Jiang Sheng didn’t mean to blame Gengar, he could only blame him for this.

If he stayed in the sub-rudder and set off with them when performing tasks, he would not let Mo leave desperately.

After that, Jiang Sheng went to the internal affairs office, where the special resources brought back by Mo Li and the others were guarded.

The small courtyard was completely sealed off. It passed the guards and entered the courtyard. A Riean chair was placed at the entrance of the main room to block it.

Qian Yilong was lying on the recliner playing with his mobile phone, very uncomfortable.

Seeing Jiang Sheng coming over, he was shivered with fright, turned sideways from the recliner, and ran to Jiang Sheng’s side rolling.

“Boss, how is Ali Young Lady? Nothing big happened, right?”

The other members in charge of guards also looked over, waiting for Jiang Sheng’s reply .

Jiang Sheng said with a smile: “You are still a little conscientious, nothing big, it should be fine in a few days.”

Heard this answer, Qian Yilong and others The members are sighed in relief.

These guards are all people who were brought out by Mo Li from Mist. After seeing Mo Li’s methods, they were quite convinced by Mo Li.

It can be said that Jiang Sheng is their most respected person in the current Bincheng sub-rudder, and Moli’s status is second only to Jiang Sheng, which Li Lan cannot compare.

Jiang Sheng pulled Qian Yilong aside, and asked in a low voice:

“Does Mist still exist? Has anyone left guarded?”

” Boss, Mist has not been dispersed, but it has not expanded. Entering Mist is like entering another world.

We are afraid that sending people to station with great fanfare will arouse some people’s curiosity, so we only stayed The two guarded there.

Signs were hung up on the outskirts of Mist to inform Mist that there is danger inside.”

Qian Yilong looked a little embarrassed, and said hesitantly:

“Boss, there are good things in Mist, but this matter is so serious, don’t we need to report it?

Also, do we need to send someone to garrison secretly? I’m afraid Someone will break into it.”

Qian Yilong’s mentality is very contradictory.

He is not only afraid of letting it go to cause catastrophe, but also afraid that the official will take over after the report, and the rudder will not get the good things inside, and he is even more afraid that some people will dig out the good things inside first.

Jiang Sheng sneered, patted Qian Yilong’s shoulder:

“Mist is a different space. It’s easy to get in or out of it. Let the Zhu Family brothers go over. Just stare in secret and tell them not to touch Mist anymore.

In addition, if someone approaches, don’t jump out to stop them and let them in.

This matter should not be too loud, I am afraid of making noise Going out will attract the Ancient Administration Bureau to take over.

Those stragglers and youyong who have been put in can just explore the way for us.”


Qian Yilong showed a look of dreading on his face and reminded him:

“Boss, you have to be prepared for this entry. It is best to wait for Ali Young Lady to wake up and take her in with her.”

Jiang Sheng said with a smile:

“Don’t worry, I am professional.”

Qian Yilong bows his head and says nothing, professional is the best Easy to roll over.

“Open the door, let me see what you brought out of that different space?”

When approaching the courtyard, Jiang Sheng not at all felt the existence of ancient energy , Slightly disappointed.

But thinking of the essence of poison and the essence of grass in the Venusaur garden, he has some expectations in his heart.

After pushing the door open, Jiang Sheng raised his brows, and the strange Abel was lying in the room.

It is huge, and although he likes to live in a dark cave, he will not get into a small house.

In this house, it struggles to stand up.

Seeing Jiang Sheng coming in, Abogua turned his head and stuck his tongue out. He said hello to Jiang Sheng.

Jiang Sheng looked towards Qian Yilong, Qian Yilong walked into the room, pointed his finger at the other side of the house, and explained:

“Boss, look over there.”

Following Qian Yilong’s finger, Jiang Sheng saw a bunch of crystal-like things.

The crystal is about palm-size and dark blue.

In each Attribute energy, this color represents Dragon Type!

Jiang Sheng raised his brows, and said in surprise:

“You have entered Dragon Tomb? There is a large Dragon Tomb in Bincheng?”

Qian Yilong wasn’t sure. He didn’t know the concept of different space until now. He didn’t ask much. He just picked up a dark blue crystal and explained:

“Boss, this thing is Growth The ground in a different space is very attractive to my Pokemon.

My Seadra perceives this kind of spar under the ground, but Ali Young Lady only asked us to collect the ground , We are forbidden to dig down.”

“Her is very right. If it is me, I will not let you touch the spar on the surface without knowing it.”

In a different space, you must be careful everywhere. When the different space collapses, the people inside will die.

Qian Yilong continues to be introduced:

“Seadra has always wanted to eat this kind of spar, but I don’t know its purpose, so I strictly forbid it.

When After we came back, we gave these things to Shen Qian Young Lady for research.

After a laboratory comparison, she said that this is a precious Dragon Type resource that will accelerate the growth of Dragon Type Pokemon.

Other Pokemon can also be eaten, which has the effect of increasing body strength.”

“By the way, your Boss, stay here without leaving because it is a Pokemon of the dragon group. , This kind of spar is good for it.”

As he talked, Qian Yilong’s eyes were full of fiery staring deep blue crystals on the ground.

“Does this thing have a name?”

“Shen Qian Young Lady said it might have, but she didn’t know that this kind of resource should not be the only one, maybe it is monopolized by Alliance. It is difficult for ordinary people to see it.”

Jiang Sheng nodded, put the crystal in his hand back into the pile:

“Well, it will be called Dragon Crystal in the future, and there is nothing left in Mist I am sure to get the Dragon Crystal, and the brothers will have a share!”

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