Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 371

Jiang Sheng suddenly asked:

“What unit do you use to measure these Dragon Crystals?”

“Boss, we started to collect Dragon Crystals with space backpacks. , So it is measured in the unit of cubic.”

“How many people do you have in total?”

The meaning of this question is already obvious. He concealed his joy, breathing could not help but become a little short.

“Boss, we have a total of sixteen people, two Small Captains, two reservists, and twelve ordinary members remaining.”

Jiang Sheng nodded, look indifferently said:

“The space backpack will be used to divide two cubes of Dragon Crystal, and the remaining twelve will divide one cube equally, and the four of you will divide one cube equally. This is a reward for risking death.

I will put away the Dragon Crystal that I downloaded and will make Pokemon food in the future. Other members can exchange it for their contribution.”


Qian Yilong was awarded by Jiang Sheng The great generosity was so shocked that it was difficult to calm down, cheering and shouting like a madman.

“Big Yingming Shenwu…”

Jiang Sheng quickly interrupted Qian Yilong’s flattery, and said with a smile:

“Quickly shut up, go find Zhu Yue and the others came to receive the reward, and then what should they do!”

“Yes, boss!”

Qian Yilong frivolously saluted, turned and ran out of the room. We must tell everyone aloud the good news.

“Wait, this matter is strictly prohibited from spreading, only you sixteen will know it!”

Qian Yilong hurriedly replied his joy and solemnly replied:

“I see, boss!”

When Qian Yilong left the yard to call others, Jiang Sheng walked to the side of Aboguai, and flicked the hard snake scales on his back. .

Abo is not as clingy as other Pokemon, he came up to rub Jiang Sheng’s hand, just glanced faintly, then turned his head to continue to stare at the Dragon Crystal in front of him.

It is rather like a purple Poison Dragon guarding a crystal bead of water.

“Have you not tasted the taste of Dragon Crystal?”

The Aberguai was stunned for a moment, then stuck out his tongue and responded with a si si sound.

After getting the answer, Jiang Sheng was very satisfied.

The impression that the Arbor monster has always been ferocious, cruel, insidious, and greedy.

My own arbor monster is like the white lotus in the snake world, advocating strength and restraining nature.

It is also a wonderful flower.

Jiang Sheng picked up a Dragon Crystal and shook it in front of the monster.

“Is one piece enough to eat?”

Abo is nodded, opened the mouth of the blood basin and waited for Jiang Sheng to feed it.

Jiang Sheng smiled and put Dragon Crystal directly into Aboguai’s throat.

Abogua swallowed Dragon Crystal completely, with a contented expression on his face, shrank into the corner of the room, curled up and fell into a false sleep.

If the snake eats too much, it will rest and eliminate incarnation food.

From this point of view, for a professional-level arbor monster, a Dragon Crystal has already been reached.

Jiang Sheng’s eyes lit up and he picked up a dozen Dragon Crystals and included them in the [Backpack].

Go back and try to integrate Dragon Crystal into Pokéblock.

Whether it is a special attacker or a physical attacker, without Pokemon, you will feel too strong in your body.

Being healthy can be better beaten, and only then can you have the last laugh and win.

Especially Kadabra.

When it evolves into Alakazam, the stronger the body, the more the amount of Mental Force converted from fleshly body strength after Mega Evolution, and the stronger the strength.

But a guy with a physical illusory like Gengar, I don’t know if Dragon Crystal will work.

Jiang Sheng’s thoughts began to radiate outward.

The biggest function of Dragon Crystal is to shorten the growth of Dragon Type Pokemon, but unfortunately he has no idea of ​​conquering a Dragon Type Pokemon.

Even if he really got the place in Dragon Valley, he was just curious about what Little Sponge asked him to do, instead of fantasizing about bringing a dragon out of it.

Sixteen people who entered the different space gathered in the yard happily. Qian Yilong, under Jiang Sheng’s gaze, distributed the Dragon Crystal to everyone according to the previously determined amount.

The members were ecstatic and quickly thanked them.

Jiang Sheng waved them away, leaving only the two brothers Zhu Yue and Zhu Xing.

“Did you write down what Qian Yilong said to you?”

After the two brothers looked at each other, Zhu Yue stood up and asked:

“Boss, let’s block Mist. If someone dares to approach, can’t you just scold them away?

I believe no one dares to disobey our villain group!”

Jiang Sheng glanced at the two brothers faintly, feeling that they were a little overconfident, and explained:

“No need, the place where Mist spreads was originally in the deep mountains and old forest, deserted.

We sent a large number of people to rush over for several days, which will arouse the attention of the government or other forces.

Our violent group is already on the cusp of the storm.

There are more forces drawn away. Even if I take the Elite Bronzong, I don’t necessarily get much benefit.

If the Trainer Association asks us about the execution of the mission, we will tell them that they have found the crux. It’s being solved in an orderly manner.

They don’t care about the situation in the wild anyway.

If they come across a ranger, they also say that the ranger has other tasks. He doesn’t Dare to go in and take risks.”

It is reasonable to say that this task should be sent to the Ancient Administration, but since it was sent to the Trainer Association, it means that he did not see the mysterious of Mist.

Zhu Xing couldn’t help asking again:

“Boss, what if someone we forced in, dig out our baby and come out again?”

Jiang Sheng also thought about this possibility.

But when I thought that it was the professional Peak’s Mega Gengar and Mo Li who joined forces to bring them out, maybe the different space in Mist is not as good as the soul tower, but it’s not much worse.

It is not his arrogance. The tomb robbers in the province can come and go freely in this different space. He should be the only Master.

Now Jiang Sheng is not sure that he can come out without any problems after entering the supernatural space in Mist.

He needs to investigate the situation carefully to make a judgment.

Thinking for a moment, Jiang Sheng replied:

“There will be no problems, just do as I say, as long as they enter, they should not be able to get out.”


The two brothers agreed, turned and left the yard, went back to prepare, and set off immediately to replace the two guards.

Jiang Sheng looked back towards the doomed Aber in the corner of the room, and said:

“I’m optimistic about the Dragon Crystal, and you need to take it directly.”

Aberguai opened the eyes of the snake, nodded.

After leaving the Office of Internal Affairs, Jiang Sheng went to the backyard of the Chamber to find Beedrill, and tried to use the cracked keystone and Beedrill for Mega Evolution.

Although it was successful, Jiang Sheng could feel that the keystone in his hand has become a “keystone experience card”.

Although it is not clear when it will crack, the more frequently it is used, the greater the loss to it.

Until one day, the cracks hurt the spiral lines inside, and the keystone was completely destroyed.

“Mo Li’s special ability is so strong that even the keystone can be destroyed.”

Jiang Sheng put the keystone away and sighed, without any blame.

Only 2000 points of ancient energy, he still lost.

Wait for a while when the ancient energy becomes rich, change one, and this one can be kept to reward your subordinates.

Mo Li, Li Lan and the others, if necessary, he can prepare the keystone intact.

As for the Pokemon Evolution Stone, he may not be able to help much.

The price of that thing is too expensive, and he doesn’t have everything he needs now.

He returned this time, Jiang Sheng did not intend to leave immediately. He had to wait for Mo Li to wake up or the finals to start before leaving.

The affairs of the sub-rudder were handled by Li Lan in an orderly manner. Jiang Sheng took a look, and there was not much need for his attention, so he was happy.

After Zheng Zhi collected the Dragon Crystal that he had divided up, he found someone to carry his harvest during this period and sent it to the courtyard of the Chamber.

After retiring everyone, Jiang Sheng checked them one by one and was satisfied nodded.

What Zheng Zhi found for him this time is not all kinds of artworks, but some broken objects recently unearthed.

Flick the palm of your left hand one by one, squeezing the ancient energy out of it.

Jiang Sheng glanced at his own harvest, the ancient energy balance has changed from “4595” to “6826”.

Small gains, but continue to work hard.

At noon on the 2nd day, Mo Li woke up. As Jiang Sheng expected, she was “blind” again.

Jiang Sheng carefully asked about Mo Li’s physical feelings.

After learning that Mo Li is not a major problem, and that his special ability can be restored after a day or two, Jiang Sheng sighed in relief and returned to the campus to prepare for the final of the freshman competition.


When Jiang Sheng returned to the dormitory, Kadabra was still sitting in the courtyard.

But when he opened the door and entered the courtyard, Kadabra opened his eyes and Levitate rose from the ground.

“I heard Raichu say that you left in a hurry last night. Did something happen to the sub-rudder?”

Jiang Sheng looked through the glass on the door to Taking a look in the living room, Da Yu was still silent, and then replied:

“Well, something has happened and it has been resolved.”

Kadabra did not ask any more. .

After sweeping the bracelet, Jiang Sheng got the brief information of Kadabra.

Kadabra, Level 28, Characteristic Trait [Magic Defense]!

Jiang Sheng was very surprised. Congratulations:

“You are too incredible, you have even been promoted to Level 3!”

Kadabra is not proud, in his tone Some even complained.

“It should have been this way, my innate talent is not bad, but I have been helping you with chores before, and I rarely have time to calm down and come to Calm Mind, and there is no actual combat opportunity, so my strength is slowly improving. It’s.”

Jiang Sheng smiled, a little blushed with shame, unable to refute Kadabra’s words.

Kadabra’s slow improvement in strength is indeed the reason for him.

Other Pokemon can rush to level 30 in a short time with sufficient resources. His Kadabra innate talent is stronger and the resources around him are richer. There is no reason to be left behind by other Pokemon.

It’s all his Trainer’s fault. He has always regarded people as life-type Pokemon, ignoring its battle innate talent.

“Sorry, it won’t be anymore. In the future, we will live more in school and will not ignore you and Raichu.”

Kadabra didn’t talk about it anymore. , Just replied:

“I saw the team composition of that person tomorrow, let me handle it all!”

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