Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 372

At night, in the mountains and forests, Mist is shrouded, like a fairy forest.

Five Pidgeots fell from the sky and landed in the flat valley in front of Mist.

From Pidgeot’s back, five people descended.

The leader is a chubby sleek middle age person, followed by four youngsters, two men and two women.

A piece of unique brass Badge is pinned on the left chest of the five people. The Badge is engraved with images of the setting sun and ancient towers.

Looking at the thick fog that covers the entire mountainous area in front of me, the middle age person who is like a ball laughs loudly:

“haha, that’s it, didn’t expect it You come out to investigate once, and you can actually come across the trail of the ancient tomb.”

“This Mist covers the mountains and forests. It is strange and lasts for a long time. Naturally, it is not an ordinary reason.

You have also heard me and you talked about the magic of ancient energy. The formation of this Mist must be related to ancient energy, that is, ancient tombs.

There must be something wrong with the tomb below, which caused the power to be out of power. Leak, forming this piece of Mist.”

The middle-aged fatty looked happy, solemnly vowed and said:

“Go, the disciplines, I will take you to the next tomb personally. I will give you a long experience!”

The two girls in the team looked excited and couldn’t wait to follow the Master into the Mist to find out.

The two boys stayed with the middle-aged fatty for a longer time. They were more rational. They looked at each other and looked helpless.

After making eye contact with each other, a young cowboy hurried forward and grabbed the hand of the middle-aged fatty, earnest and well-meant advised:

“Master, you are so honorable How can you go to the tomb yourself?

With your skills, this kind of small tomb must be nothing difficult, and it will be able to take us directly to the main tomb, but this is no help for us.

We send the news back and let other people in the bureau come over. It is the best choice for us to follow them.

They are stupid and move slowly under the tomb. We watch more Clearly, you can learn more.

After you come out, everyone writes an archaeological report of 30,000 words to explain what you have learned this time. How good you think it is.”


The two girls were stunned, thirty thousand characters?

Senior Brother, do you want us to die?

The other young man who didn’t speak was also taken aback, and hurriedly winked at the cowboy young man, telling him not to do this suicidal rescue.

The cowboy youths who speak up are also winking at the three Junior Brothers and Junior Sisters.

Only by being cruel to themselves can the Master be moved!

The middle-aged fatty turned his eyes and was moved by the 30,000-word archaeological report.

Perhaps his academic level is limited in some respects, but his academic attitude is extremely rigorous. The 30,000-word report handed over to him cannot be filled with water.

He knew that with his own skills, facing such a small tomb, he would soon be able to break through the main tomb, and it was almost too late for the disciplines to respond.

For the learning of the disciplines, he should agree to this matter.

“If this is the case, then be a teacher…”

The two young people looked at each other vaguely, their expressions in ecstasy.

Thirty thousand characters is thirty thousand characters, as long as you don’t follow the Master to the grave!

Because the two girls are newcomers recently, they don’t understand the profound mystery. The only ones who are confused can only be controlled by two Senior Brothers.

But when the two young men thought they were successful, the middle-aged fatty suddenly changed his mind:

“No, I will take you to the tomb personally today and give you the new couple A Junior Sister to show off the Master’s ability.

Don’t mention this matter again, no one should contact the bureau, they still have their own business to do, I will be enough!”

“Go, let’s enter Mist now. I need to observe the direction of the mountain range to determine where the tomb is located!”

Speaking, the middle-aged fatty took two young men and gestured to the other two with his eyes Female discipline, go to Mist together.

On the other side, the young man who has not spoken even tried to Struggle and persuaded:

“Master, Master, wait a minute, it’s night, let’s take action during the day.”

The middle-aged fatty shook the head very resolutely:

“No, there is still work during the day.

It’s just a small and medium tomb that is not recorded. At night, no, it can be done in less than half a night!”

The two young men gave up completely, looked at each other, and agreed to wait for the Master to let go, and then they would find opportunities to ask for help from the bureau. .

“Let me tell you that my archaeological methods are first-rate. If you can see me personally today, please go with it.

I will be slower later. I’ll explain to you how the tomb was broken. Go back and remember to write an archaeological report of 30,000 words!”

The middle-aged fatty took the two young people’s disciples and walked towards Mist, and talked loudly while walking.

In fact, it is more about boasting to two newly joined female disciplines.

“Do you know my Master, who is your Ancestor Master? He is so famous that he is afraid to scare you when he speaks it out.

His Senior has said, thief…cough, Archeology must be determined and then moved. You must first observe the direction of the mountain, then look at the geological features, associate the eighteen attributes, memorize the resistance and restrain each other, Lock On the identity of the tomb owner, clarify the attributes of the auxiliary tomb, and break open the auxiliary tomb in an orderly manner. Go straight to the main tomb.”

The young cowboy suddenly interrupted:

“Cough cough, Master, you should call him Senior Teacher.

Although you and him have the real master and disciple, they don’t have the name of master and disciple. You have been arguing under the name of Senior…”

“Rebel, you are teaching me Do something?”

Amidst a roar, a group of five people stepped into the Mist.

The sound stopped abruptly.

Two people suddenly climbed out of the bushes beside them, looking at the surging Mist, with deep fear in his eyes.

“Where are the nasty critics?”

“I don’t know, what kind of bureau it is, why don’t I know that there is a bureau in the field? Do you know?”

“I don’t know either.”

“What should I do? Report it immediately?”

“Wait, don’t worry, isn’t the boss sending a message? Don’t think about it when you go in. The two Small Captains are also on the way here, wait until they come.”

“Well, listen to you.”

… …

In the early morning of 2nd day, Trainer High School woke up very early, and the islands were full of noise, especially the Psychic Island and Dragon Type Island.

Students get up early and come to the pier, take Lapras to the Normal Type island together, and strive to occupy a good position in Stadium in advance.

Jiang Sheng also wanted to take Lapras to the Stadium in a low-key manner, but there were too many students and the number of Lapras was not enough. There were long lines on the island docks of each department.

Jiang Sheng had no choice but to make a high profile once and released Metang, sitting on Metang’s head and flying to the Normal Type island.

Such a look naturally attracted the attention of a lot of students, jealous, envy, yearning, curiosity and many other emotions, and so on.

There was no one in the War Zone underground. Jiang Sheng stood on the lifting platform early, leaning against the handrail, and stroking the three Poké Balls on his belt with his right hand.

The last battle is over, I want a place in Dragon Valley!

The lifting platform slowly rises, again the same scene as the previous two Normal, but this time there are more people and more grand.

Big cheering banners were put on both sides of the audience. The two houses competed against each other, and no one wanted to be worse than each other.

Although it was not Mu Yao who entered the finals and made some teachers in the courtyard dissatisfied, under the command of Li Yuan, the face-saving work must be done well.

If you want to make trouble, you have to wait for Jiang Sheng to lose.

If Jiang Sheng wins, then everything will stop, and the whole Psychic Academy will cheer for him.

A civil war occurs in the semifinals, and the winning side will inevitably bear more pressure.

If Jiang Sheng misses the champion, even if he wins Mu Yao, everyone will subconsciously think that he is inferior to Mu Yao because he won by various small means.

When it came to the final, he showed his true shape and handed over the championship.

He will carry the titles of “Civil War Illusion God” and “Foreign War Soft-foot Shrimp” since then.

This is a law that has not changed since ancient times. Since there were competitive competitions, this absurd situation has been happening.

Jiang Sheng glanced around and found the difference in the audience today.

The first row of the auditorium was all vacated. On the side perpendicular to the two contestants, the Principal, Vice Principal, and directors of the school were seated.

Jiang Sheng glanced at him, only recognizing Gao Zeyuan, as for the other senior leaders, he didn’t bother to know him.

In the remaining area of ​​the first row, the head and deputy head of the teaching and research group of each hospital are sitting.

Of course, the people did not come together. Some hospitals have the Vice Group Leaders, and some hospitals, like Li Yuan of the Psychic Hospital, only came.

“Hey, boy, you still have the mind to look around when you face me today? Did you know that you couldn’t beat me, so you gave up?”

Jiang Sheng followed his reputation.

Oh, it turns out that my opponent today is a silly critic, so it’s fine.

Li Elite, cough… His original name is not Li Jing, but Li Ren.

When Li Ren was a little older and had the concept of Elite Trainer in his head, regardless of his parents’ objections, he cried and hanged himself, forcing his parents to change his name to Li Elite.

If he doesn’t change, he is willing to be an ordinary person and never take the road of Trainer for life.

Li Ren’s parents believe that secondary disease is a staged disease, and it will be fine when we grow up.

It can be seen that Li Ren still does not change his mind to find the initial age of Pokemon. His parents have no choice but to make concessions and agree to change the name.

Only then did the Junior Two boys bring the Dragon Type Pokemon prepared in advance by the family and enter the Trainer High School.

This person is known for his domineering arrogance in Dragon Academy, but his strength is indeed worthy of his character.

Different from his younger brother’s fighting style, which tends to be “successful”, he advocates full offense, and Pokemon’s style of play is mostly from injury to injury, such as Normal.

In Jiang Sheng’s view, if the level difference is not too big, this kind of opponent is much easier to deal with than his younger brother.

The final battle, It shouldn’t be too difficult.

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