Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 373

Seeing that Jiang Sheng didn’t respond, Li Elite said loudly again:

“Boy, why don’t you reply? I remember you are not a facial paralysis.

You guys from the Psychic Hospital , Calm Mind seems to really think of himself as Divine Immortal all day long.

Everyone has a face with a paralyzed face. If there is no real ability, but when it comes to pretending to be handsome and cool, it is an old sow. Bras, one set after another.”

All the players came on the field with loudspeakers. Li Elite’s unscrupulous swear words rang out in the audience, causing the students of Psychic College to stare at him, Dragon The Academy students were ashamed. The boys in the outer courtyard sighed and the female voices blushed.

When the referee saw this, he hurriedly closed Li Elite’s microphone temporarily and opened it again when the match started.

Li Elite noticed that the wheat was closed, and immediately flew into a rage, baring fangs and brandishing claws on the elevator platform to protest to the referee.

Jiang Sheng watched all this quietly, feeling quite interesting.

It’s not that Li Elite is mocking, he is the first time he has seen such a straightforward person.

Since entering high school, most of the students he has met are mature and sophisticated, and some of them pretend to be deep.

This is the first time I have seen someone like Li Elite who is unpretentious and never hides his heart.

Jiang Sheng thought it was interesting, but the teachers of Dragon Academy couldn’t stand it anymore.

The leader of the dragon group lightly knocked the Poké Ball in his hand, red light shot out, and a fat dragon with apricot scales appeared behind him.

When he saw this Dragonite, Li Elite seemed to be put on a tranquilizer, and instantly calmed down.

He bowed slightly, holding on to the railing with both hands, and staring at Jiang Sheng, finally he looked like a normal person.

Jiang Sheng raised the corners of his mouth, raised his right hand, and poked his temple with an index finger.

The referee sees power is far from good, and hastily closed Jiang Sheng’s wheat, but Jiang Sheng is faster.

“The brain is a good thing,…”

Before finishing speaking, Jiang Sheng’s Mai was also shut down, but the role of ridicule was already played.

Li Elite’s eyes widened and Jiang Sheng glared.

But his peripheral light kept glancing at the Dragonite in the audience, and seeing Dragonite staring at him with a serious face, he was not easy to attack, so he could only roar and give up temporarily and silently confront Jiang Sheng. line.

Although he was banned, but was able to anger the opponent, Jiang Sheng felt refreshed, more comfortable than winning the game.

Jiang Sheng is even happier thinking that he can beat Li Elite immediately and win the final victory in the freshman competition, with a smile on his mouth.

Although the two are far apart, Li Elite can see the curvature of Jiang Sheng’s mouth, and immediately thinks Jiang Sheng is laughing at him, and his heart is even more angry.

Such a farce, naturally attracted the attention of the campus seniors on the stage.

“Li Family is a boy with a big temperament and a bad personality.”

“Indeed, it is estimated that the first match will be affected in the battle and will be affected by the student named Jiang Sheng Playing around, this kind of temperament is too bad to be a Trainer.”

“Don’t talk about this Li Family boy, his future has nothing to do with us. He will definitely not worry about graduation. It has nothing to do with us.

I am really interested in Jiang Sheng. Do you think he has the potential to become a Psychic Gym Leader or Psychic Elite?”

, Aroused the interest of a crowd of interlocutors, and these high-level officials began to chat.

“This kind of thing is hard to say, it is too difficult to cultivate Elite Trainers who are pure Attribute.

The team composition will undergo many changes in the middle. When it is finally formed, the team may have already It’s not like the four.

However, I think he has the potential to become an Elite Trainer, and his Pokemon is strong enough.”

“I think it’s possible, I have studied that Only Houndour, that Houndour has a problem, the innate talent is very strong!”

“Metang and Kadabra are also very strong innate talent, this is obvious.”

“I studied him Scorbunny, but not much information has been received. On the whole, I can only give an outstanding score.”

“I know the origin of that Raichu. It’s just a general generation, and it can grow to the present. To the point, a huge amount of resources must have been wasted, and future achievements are hard to say.”

“Have any of you paid attention to his Skiddo?”

Everyone looked at each other and shook their heads.

“That’s a pity, maybe I just accepted it as a mount.”

“That egg…”

Someone mentioned the egg, everyone Stop talking immediately, turn his head to look over, and stare at the colleague who spoke earlier.

Someone reprimanded in a low voice:

“You guy with strong features, you know other news, but you didn’t tell us, just talk about the identity of the egg.”

The Pokemon egg was kept in the school for a long time, but they couldn’t research anything, so they could only let the old dragon hand it over to see if there would be a turnaround.

“Don’t look at me like this, I don’t know much, I just guess it should be related to Dragon Valley, and there may be gains to go to Dragon Valley with the egg.”

“It’s so simple, why didn’t you say it earlier, this egg must be extremely cherished Pokemon, how well we keep it, how can we give it to outsiders!”

The person who spoke earlier was not happy, Sneered:

“If you want to take the Pokemon egg to Dragon Nest, you have to see if you are qualified.

The old dragon keeps a close eye on the egg. Can you let it run a long way in the middle of the night to meet you, and then politely back to Cave?”

Everyone stopped talking and bowed their heads in thought.

Don’t look at them as people with a face and face in the province, but the higher you stand, the more you know, the more you know the gap between yourself and some geniuses.

Some people have a certain line of affinity and physique, and are very popular with that line of Pokemon.

Some people are born Psychic, good at fortune-telling good and bad, and can rely on Confusion to compete with Pokemon.

Some people control Aura, can easily detect the good and evil of human nature, and possess a special ability similar to Imprison.

An Ancient Family Genetic has the superpower to gain the trust of Legendary Pokemon and communicate with them freely.

But they are mediocre, they can only be a weak person.

The Jiang Sheng off the court is the person they admire. He is a not weak Psychic and has a unique affinity. It is easy to get Pokemon’s approval.

When the high-levels on the stage communicated, the referee on the field has already ruled the first hand right, and Li Elite has the first hand right.

The turned-off wheat was turned on, and Li Elite glanced at Dragonite behind the leader of the Dragon group again, resisting the urge to curse.

He glared at Jiang Sheng, took off the Poké Ball from his waist and threw it out.

Jiang Sheng did not want to take advantage of this “big spray”, gave up the right to play, and threw the Poké Ball with him.

Jiang Sheng’s player here is Kadabra. This was requested by Kadabra yesterday. Jiang Sheng did not break his promise.

The Pokemon sent by Elite Li is a test of people’s eyesight.

It was a little fellow who was only one foot tall. The students in the auditorium needed the big screen near Assist to see it clearly.

It looks like a newly hatched reptile, except that it is not an eggshell but a peel.

Its front paws merged with the peel to form wings, and the eyes are a yellow flake, and the green eyelids can be closed.

Flapple, Level 28, Characteristic Trait [Vitality] (The power is 1.5 times that of the normal type, but because the power is too large, it cannot be controlled, and it may miss when using Physical attacks).

“Flapple, blow up the Twister!”

The one-foot-tall little fellow slammed its wings, and the deep blue whirlwind of tulle Normal suddenly rolled up from the feet of Kadabra. Kadabra caught in the wind.

White light flashed, Kadabra has escaped early.

When the white light flashes again, Kadabra has appeared behind Flapple, and the right hand is wrapped in pink rays of light.

Snap your fingers, and a pink star flies out.

Inspired by Gardevoir, Jiang Sheng also began to let Kadabra develop the “dribbling ball” trick.

Kadabra appeared not far in front of Li Elite, blocking his sight towards Flapple.

Li Elite hurriedly reminded Flapple loudly: “Behind, be careful!”

In Jiang Sheng’s perspective, Flapple seemed to be covered with breeze and blue mist. After a dexterous backflip, he turned to face Kadabra.

Assist Mental Force, Jiang Sheng clearly felt after somersaults, Flapple’s imposing manner improved a little.

Is this…Acrobatics? Add Dragon Dance?

Assist Acrobatics makes the figure more flexible, completes the Dragon Dance and adjusts the position, dual moves linkage, something!

Flapple fanned the Dual Wingbeat, and a transparent shield appeared in front of him, blocking the flying pink stars.

When the shield shattered and the pink starlight disappeared, Flapple opened his mouth and spit, and four apple seeds shot at Kadabra.

The speed of the apple seeds is extremely fast, like a gun without a gun.

use point to break surface, it is extremely harmful!

No need to try at all, Kadabra vaguely guessed that his Confusion might not be able to control these four apple seeds.

It didn’t dare to be careless, the light and shadow gathered behind it, forming a strange opened eye, and its hands were gripped forward again, and the power of the heart turned into a Psycho Cut.

After the eye of miracle Lock On the trajectory of the four apple seeds, it waved Psycho Cut to block forward, cutting the four apple seeds one after another.

With the dual blessing of [Vitality] Characteristic Trait and Dragon Dance, the one-foot-tall Flapple’s body contains unimaginable strength.

See Kadabra is so solemn, it wants to use Bullet Seed again.

But Kadabra is faster than it, and the light flashed in his eyes, and a strange force appears out of thin air, which restrains Flapple.

Teleport drew closer, snapped his fingers, and the pink star was thrown out and fell into the tray-shaped lower body of Flapple.

The dazzling pink rays of light light up, and Kadabra has used Teleport to escape from the explosion center.

Li Elite looked furious, forbearing the discomfort of his eyes, staring at the center of the explosion.

No miracle occurred. With a single shot, Flapple fell from the air and lost the combat capability.

There was an uproar at the scene. Many students couldn’t believe the result. So was the first Pokemon that won the championship this year?

The leader of Team Dragon frowned slightly, and he had a bad feeling in his heart.

Li Yuan’s mouth curled up, as if she had seen the scene when the Psychic Academy became famous.

The director, Principal and other high-level officials are also whispering, but they are not surprised. They know a lot of information and have long expected the outcome of this battle.

Jiang Sheng ignored the reaction of outsiders and looked at Kadabra shook the head in the control space and fly in the field, feeling sorry for Kadabra in his heart.

Poor Kadabra, can only use moves like Dazzling Gleam and Shadow Ball.

If he can learn Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, and Frozen Beam, how strong should it be?

Unfortunately, Kadabra’s innate talent is not enough, so he can only learn the melee style of “Farmer’s Three Punch”. With its scrawny body, it cannot display the formidable power of “Farmer’s Three Punch”.

When Jiang Sheng’s thinking diverged, Li Elite had already taken Flapple back with a calm face.

His mood is much more stable than before. Knowing that Jiang Sheng is a strong enemy, he dare not care anymore.

The second Poké Ball was thrown, and a weird Pokemon appeared on the field.

Jiang Sheng had a few words for a while, and I don’t know how to describe this Pokemon.

It is an ugly deformed suture!

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