Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 374

Dracovish, level 30, Characteristic Trait [Strong Jaw]! (The teeth have a strong bite force, and the formidable power rises with biting moves)

This is a Pokemon recovered from a fossil excavated by the European Alliance.

Even in the European Alliance, it is very rare, let alone in the East Asian Alliance.

Jiang Sheng estimates that the entire East Asia Alliance has more than two lots of Pokemon’s Trainer It shouldn’t be.

From this, it can be seen that Li Elite’s family should be very well approached in the European Alliance.

The two brothers can not only get Applin and sweet apples, sour apples, but even this precious fossil Pokemon can be found.

The fossil Pokemon resurrected after the extinction of the European Alliance is the most bizarre of all Alliances, all of which are stitched monsters.

There are four types of fossils excavated from the ground. A single fossil cannot restore Pokemon, only a combination of two can restore Pokemon.

The resurrected Pokemon are Dracozolt, Arctozolt, Dracovish, Arctovish.

But these guys are stitching monsters, only suitable for curious people to subdue.

If talking about the future of cultivation, only Dracozolt and Dracovish can be used.

Li Elite’s this is the most famous Dracovish among the four suture monsters.

After stitching, it can perfectly display the strengths of the original Pokemon, with extraordinary foot and jaw power.

But… it’s useless, just a short-legged cock.

“It was for you before, and then I will get serious. Your Kadabra will fall under the strong jaw of my Dracovish!”

Jiang Sheng nasal Lightly snorted, the second middle school boy has a lot of farts, and the dead duck has a hard mouth.

No matter how strong the bite force of this Dracovish is, you have to wait until Kadabra to talk about the injury.

This is not a game. I will hit you and you will bite me.

In the real world, the one who can fly is father, and Faye is father!

“Dracovish, Liquidation!”

Dracovish is surrounded by water, which completely envelops its body.

At that moment, Jiang Sheng’s Mental Force vaguely captured the sense of relaxation from Dracovish.

Jiang Sheng frowned, he suddenly thought of an important thing.

Although Dracovish’s foot strength is extraordinary, those feet do not belong to it in a strict sense.

It is a dragon body, not an amphibian Pokemon. It needs water to breathe.

The water flow covers his body, and Dracovish forcefully Stomping Tantrum, soars into the sky in a swift imposing manner, and crashes into Kadabra.

“Dracovish, Crunch it!”

Dracovish, who was in the air for a short time, suddenly opened his big mouth, and the Dark Type energy gathered and condensed into a huge “Snap Trap” like the normal upper and lower jaws. , Faintly enveloped Kadabra, and wanted to bite Kadabra’s neck.

Kadabra’s eyes were red light flashed, and a thin square glass wall appeared, which happened to be stuck at the opening and closing of Snap Trap.


Specially used to defend against Physical attacks, as opposed to Light Screen.

I was stuck by the Light Screen, Dracovish’s big mouth was still biting hard, and the Dark Type energy formed “Snap Trap” followed by biting hard, pressing the Light Screen into an arc.

ka-cha …ka-cha …

There was a crisp sound, Kadabra complexion slightly changed.

It was full of confidence, thinking that Dracovish could not break Reflect, so it would be stuck like this, but now it was beaten in the face.

Reflect was broken, and Dracovish’s impulse to entrap Liquidation continued to move towards Kadabra. The Snap Trap opened again and was still biting towards Kadabra under the control of Dracovish’s big mouth.

Be bitten = be second!

This is the conclusion estimated by Kadabra.

Don’t look down on others, it’s just a “crispy mage”. As long as Crunch is implemented, it can really kill it.

Thinking this in my mind, Kadabra counterattacked.

It snapped its right hand, and the dazzling pink rays of light lit up, urging Dazzling Gleam to the extreme.

This is not for attack, but to influence Dracovish’s sight.

Under the stimulation of strong light, Dracovish closed his eyes and continued to hit Kadabra with inertia.

Kadabra right hand pink rays of light is dazzling, the left hand is imaginary, Ghost energy is madly gathering, forming a basketball-sized purple black ball.

It was thrown at hand, and the Shadow Ball slammed Dracovish on him, and the explosion impacted it from the air.

At the time of the fall, Dracovish had controlled the “Snap Trap” and came to the top of Kadabra’s head, moved towards the head bite.

Kadabra didn’t rush, and with a flick of his finger upwards, a pink star rose and threw it into the “Snap Trap” mouth, then suddenly exploded, breaking the “Snap Trap” apart.

Everything is under control!

Dracovish fell to the ground. Only with its fins without arms, Dracovish stood up from the ground after bending over.

The water flow on the body has been broken up by the Shadow Ball, but it is not at all to gather the water flow again.

Li Elite brows tightly knit.

He is in a dilemma and must find a way to let Dracovish, the “short-handed monster” play his advantage.

If Dracovish is allowed to perform normally, even if he is facing Metang, he will have the confidence to fight evenly matched. Unfortunately, this is a Kadabra.

The most uncomfortable thing in the world is that the meat is right in front of you, but you can’t bite it.

Jiang Sheng does not intend to let the battle continue. He has found the fastest solution.

“Kadabra, Sunny Day!”

Kadabra snapped his fingers in the air, Dracovish subconsciously raised his head and looked up.

It hates Sunny Day!

The line of sight moved, Dracovish and Kadabra looked at each other, just in time to see the weird smile on the corner of Kadabra’s mouth.

Silly fish, curiosity will kill you!

Kadabra’s eyes lit up with red rays of light, and Dracovish’s eyes also lit up with red rays of light.

At this moment, Dracovish felt like a blazing fire. He was already short of breath and now he was almost suffocated. The burning pain kept coming from his body, making it feel like he was about to become familiar.

In the eyes of outsiders, the scene is very, very strange.

Dracovish was just stared at by Kadabra, his imposing manner suddenly declined sharply, and then white steam kept coming out of his body.

Some students believed it to be true, looked up at the sky, rolled up their sleeves and sensed the surrounding temperature, but not at all noticed the change in temperature that Sunny Day should have.

The experienced and knowledgeable teaching and research group leaders in the first row are full of suspicion.

They guessed that this was a combination of Sunny Day and Psychic. They didn’t know the specific situation.

A leader looked towards Li Yuan, who was drinking tea with a smile at the corner of her mouth, waiting for her to give an explanation.

Seeing the actions of the teachers below, all the students also looked towards Li Yuan Teacher of the Psychic Academy.

Li Yuan feels uncomfortable when her eyes gather.

She face turned cold, picked up the megaphone on the side and briefly explained:

“Illusion Technique, deceive your senses, as long as your brain believes it, the cells in your body The organization will also believe it.”

Everyone suddenly realized that Dracovish’s consciousness thought that he was in Sunny Day, and his body responded accordingly. The body temperature rose and it became dehydrated.

This is what Kadabra gained from the comprehend on the Torkoal turtle shell, which belongs to its tasteless trick-Spiritual Illusion Technique, Sunny Day!

This kind of trick is usually not very useful, but it is great to assist Fire Element Pokemon or suppress Water Type Pokemon.

Li Elite heard the explanation and was sighed in relief, thinking that he had found a way to break the game.

The students of the Psychic College also reacted, looking upset and wondering what their teacher means.

This is completely collaborating with the enemy!

The younger brother is fighting to death, why did the boss drop first?

“Dracovish, wake up, all you see are fake.”

Jiang Sheng and Kadabra did not move, they just watched quietly, without a trace of worry on their faces The color.

If you say it is fake, will it be considered fake?

After everyone saw Jiang Sheng’s reaction, they turned their heads and looked towards Dracovish on the field.

No matter how Li Elite called, Dracovish looked breathless, lying on the ground like an exposed salted fish.

Li Elite quickly changed his mind.

The senses can be deceived, but it is only the Illusion Technique, and it is bound to be unable to affect the external environment.

“Dracovish, even if you think you are in Sunny Day, you should be able to mobilize Water Type energy. Try Liquidation again.”

Dracovish’s gills swayed violently, struggling to absorb When there was some air, Struggle stood up.

Step forward, sprint forward with water.

Just taking a step, there is no water flow to respond to its call, it just fell to the ground.

Li Yuan is frowned, afraid of a murder in the freshman game, coldly shouted:

“Hurry up and give up. If you don’t give up, your Dracovish will be gone. It cannot be separated from the water, you don’t Is it clear?”

Li Elite gritted his teeth and wanted Dracovish to try again.

Li Yuan see power is far from good, and said to Jiang Sheng:

“Jiang Sheng, enough is enough!”

Jiang Sheng is always watching Dracovish’s Under the circumstances, he didn’t want to make a murder case, so he immediately agreed.

“Kadabra, remove Sunny Day!”

The red light in Kadabra’s eyes went out, and Dracovish stopped Struggle and fainted.

The head of the teaching and research team of the Water Academy threw a Poké Ball, and a Blastoise fell into the field. Using the gun at the shoulder, water flowed out and poured on Dracovish to relieve its dehydration symptoms.

Dracovish’s tight body was relieved.

The beautiful woman in the water courtyard said:

“It can only be out of the water for a short time. It is really not far from death just now. You are not worthy of being a Trainer. One push three, you deserve it!”

She was a little angry, so regardless of the occasion, her tone was heavy.

Stadium fell into silence, and no one dared to speak.

Even the leader of the teaching and research group of Dragon Academy did not stand up to refute.

They are all decent people, competition is for entertainment, not life and death.

Of course, there are many people who criticize Jiang Sheng and think that he shouldn’t make such a heavy hand.

If Jiang Sheng knew what these people were thinking, he would definitely laugh and ignore it.

He commanded Beedrill for a long time in the ring battle, and he has long developed a means of focusing on the key points in the battle. How can he have the leisure to engage in performance battles.

On the field, Kadabra used Confusion to help Blastoise to move Dracovish away from the battle field and take it for treatment.

A director stood up to break the deadlock while also expressing the school’s attitude.

“Dracovish was defeated and retired. The game continues. Li Elite will dispatch the last Pokemon as soon as possible!”

I don’t care much, the game continues.

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