Pokemon’s Tomb Raider Chapter 376

For today’s plan, only by forcibly interrupting Gabite with Disable can Sand Tomb be resolved.

But the effects of Disable’s fixation and blocking moves are not so easy to trigger.

Especially in the face of a powerful enemy like Gabite, it is very likely that you will not be able to stop it.

Kadabra loudly shouts, a spoon suddenly appeared in his hand.

Finger hard, the tip of the spoon bends into a right angle, the Mental Force in Kadabra’s brain immediately falls into a runaway, and the red light in his eyes is booming.

The weird force successfully fell, firmly holding Gabite’s figure, and forcibly interrupting its movements.

The wind and sand of the riot lost control and no longer rolled over, and Sand Tomb was blown away before it formed.

And in the next period of time, Gabite’s Sand Tomb will also be banned.

Of course, this time is uncertain. The stronger Gabite is, the faster it will get rid of the influence of the Disable ban.

However, this is enough for Kadabra.

Originally, it can’t carry out Teleport infinitely. In the next period of time, it will be enough for it to do a lot of things and even directly win.

When Gabite’s figure was frozen, two pink stars smashed into the sand and hit Gabite’s chest, causing it to fall and fly out.

Li Elite not to be outdone, yelled:

“This little Disable also wants to freeze my Gabite, so I don’t have to break free quickly, and I still use color!”

Jiang Sheng shook his head and said nothing, can you stay still, isn’t the result already available?

A dead duck has a hard mouth!

No wonder…Although it can be fixed, it won’t last long.

When Gabite was thrown out by Dazzling Gleam, it had already recovered its mobility.

“Kadabra, follow, take that thing off.”

The command is fuzzy, but Kadabra can immediately understand the meaning of Jiang Sheng.

White light flashed, and Teleport again!

When Kadabra disappeared from the same place, Gabite flung out like a rag pocket, unable to stabilize his figure, and swiped his flippers forward.

At the location where Gabite was hacking, Kadabra appeared suddenly, as if sending himself to the knife edge of Gabite.

Actually, Foresight’s body shape is again!

This is faster than Metang’s capture of Gardevoir’s figure at the time.

But twice in a row, Kadabra had already noticed the abnormality. After this teleportation, it had prepared for it, holding a Psycho Cut in its hand.

Psycho Cut hit the flippers, the former is naturally far worse, being split into three parts by two flippers.

But Kadabra’s purpose has been achieved, using Psycho Cut to bounce off Gabite’s flippers, letting its chest open.

Kadabra reached out and grabbed the Smooth Rock that Gabite was wearing by the neck.

Gabite roared and wanted to resist, Kadabra moved faster than it.

Mental Force surges, confusion wave, downwards and retakes!

Gabite was smashed to Ground by the Confusion wave, a human-shaped depression appeared on the field, and Gabite was embedded in it.

Psyshock, horrible!

Gabite was suppressed by the Confusion wave, and it would be difficult to turn the Gust wave for a while, while Kadabra was hanging leisurely in the sky, playing with a small stone in his hand.

The key to such a powerful sandstorm, Smooth Rock, is now held by Kadabra.

Of course, this Items impossible belongs to Kadabra, and I have to return it when the battle is over.

Without Smooth Rock, Gabite’s strength control of sandstorms has dropped greatly. Kadabra can try to change this annoying weather.

It always thinks that it is the weather, so that Gabite can always Lock On where it appears after using Teleport.

One more snap of his fingers, the red ball rose high into the sky.

This time there is no obstacle, it gradually expands and transforms into a “little sun” in the sky.

The power of Sunny Day radiated down, and the raging sandstorm gradually stopped, and Stadium became like a summer afternoon, hot and dull.

Gabite broke free from the suppression of the Confusion wave and stood up from the ground, his eyes still sharp.

Even if it has suffered so many attacks, with its tyrannical physique, it is still not considered to be injurious, and it still has the power to fight.

“I don’t believe it, your Kadabra can be entangled with Teleport and Gabite forever, don’t let Gabite catch it!”

“Gabite, Shadow Claw!”

Gabite ran, a pair of flippers danced, and Splash slashed towards Kadabra.

It sounds funny, Gabite is not tall enough to jump up to fight Kadabra hanging in the sky.

But in fact it is not funny at all.

Competitive competitions, whether it is a black market arena, or a naive battle at Trainer High School, or formal professional competitions, have a customary rule.

Two fighting Pokemon, if one of them can’t fly, the Pokemon of the other can not fly five meters away from Ground.

Otherwise, Kadabra hangs himself at a height of more than ten meters, and few short-legged fighters can get it.

This is a competitive exhibition match, a sporting event, not a Life and Death Battle.

If the height of Flying Pokemon is not restricted, Flying Pokemon will be invincible, and there is nothing to watch in the competition.

Compared to the slow Dracovish, Gabite is an athlete.

When it evolves into Garchomp, it can fly at the speed of sound.

Even if it hasn’t evolved now, its athletic ability is still strong, and it runs extremely fast, and every Splash slash can bring great pressure to Kadabra.

Sometimes, Kadabra is even forced to adjust its position with Teleport.

Agility’s Gabite makes Kadabra’s attacks difficult to hit. With each attempt to attack and Teleport, Kadabra consumes more and more.

Jiang Sheng frowned slightly, knowing that something was a bit troublesome.

The other party’s intention is obvious, to fight a war of attrition!

Gabite has a terrifying Performance, but Kadabra can’t.

Short-distance Teleport, does not need Assist Psychic mark, do as one pleases, it is convenient and quick, but it consumes a lot of energy on Kadabra.

It is more expensive than the long-distance Teleport of the Assist Psychic imprint.

What’s more evil is that every time Kadabra Teleport disappears, Gabite can instantly Lock On Kadabra’s position, so that Kadabra has no chance of a sneak attack.

If this problem is not solved, Kadabra has no chance to shoot.

In many previous trials, Gabite’s pair of flippers can split any special attacks Kadabra hits.

Above sky, even if Kadabra has tried to hide it, he still has a small amount of breath.

And Gabite still maintains a high-speed running state. When approaching Kadabra, it abruptly splashes and slashes the flippers wrapped in Ghost energy.

Li Elite laughed and asked:

“Is Kadabra approaching its limit? This is too weak? My Gabite just warmed up.”


Jiang Sheng ignored it and reviewed the knowledge about Gabite in his mind.

He only paid attention to Gabite’s shining gems and its scales to relieve fatigue, ignoring its other abilities.

Suddenly, Jiang Sheng’s mind was divine light flashed, and he remembered a Pokédex record with little description.

Gabite lives in the warm dark cave and can move in the dark, not because of their super night vision ability, but because the horns on their heads can emit Supersonic, Help them understand the situation in the dark cave!

So, it can immediately find the position after Kadabra Teleport appears, because it has been using Supersonic to monitor the audience?

takes part or not, give it a try first, it just so happens that this method can also stop the running Gabite.

Jiang Sheng’s complexion remained unchanged, and he ordered Kadabra:

“Continuously insert Reflect on the field. It is taller than Gabite’s body and can block it.”

Kadabra waved away, threw away pieces of transparent Reflect like glass Normal.

Reflect has uniform specifications, with a height of more than three meters and a width of about two meters.

Under the subtle control of Confusion, Reflect 13 was nailed into the ground, leaving only more than two meters high on Ground.

After finishing, Kadabra gasped, her eyes dimmed.

Li Elite said with a smile confidently:

“You are just a countermeasure, relying on these can not block the progress of the powerful Gabite.”

Li Elite is too confident, how could Reflect be useless?

Blocks of Reflect fell from the air and successfully stopped Gabite’s rushing pace.

And at this moment, many Reflect pieces fell, which tightly banned Gabite.

More than that, Reflect has also been randomly inserted in the periphery. The entire battlefield is occupied by Reflect, and the number must be at least 30 pieces.

If all of these transparent glasses become mirrors, I am afraid it will instantly drive people who fall into it crazy.

Because of the special specifications of Reflect, and reminiscent of Gabite’s claws, it cannot pull the Reflect from the ground and throw it aside, but can only crush the Reflect in front of it.

The purpose of Reflect is to resist Physical attacks. It is very strong. It takes Gabite to make two full shots to break a piece of Reflect.

Gabite will find it difficult to clear all around all Reflect for a while.

Even if you jump to Splash, you just jump from one area surrounded by Reflect to another area surrounded by Reflect.

In this way, Jiang Sheng’s goal has been achieved.

The corners of his mouth curled up, and he whispered:

“Kadabra, use Teleport to hide from the mirror and attack again.”

White light flashed, Kadabra Once again disappeared.

Gabite stopped and dismantled Reflect, went around in circles, and carefully looked all around.

“Be careful behind!”

Li Elite hurriedly reminded him, but it was too late.

The Supersonic who sought the enemy was blocked by the Reflect behind it, and Gabite could no longer Lock On Kadabra’s position.

The fingers snapped, and the pink star passed through Reflect and hit Gabite’s back. The explosion caused by Fairy energy made it painful.

Reflect only targets Physical attacks. If you want to resist special attacks, you should look for Light Screen.

So special attacks can pass through Reflect freely.

Gabite just got up from the ground, white light flashed, Kadabra disappeared from its world again.

It turned its head in horror and lifted its flippers to split, but it was empty in front of him, without Kadabra’s silhouette.

Finger snaps in the direction behind, another burst of pain, and Gabite becomes unconscious and passes out.

Kadabra made a joke with it, and it used a Teleport that stood still!

Gabite fell, and the audience stood up, cheering excitedly.

Some people chanted Psychic Academy, some chanted Jiang Sheng’s name, and some others chanted Kadabra…

The voice is full of voices!

“You are very good , I have about the strength of my one third. Even if you get lucky this time, we will fight again when we have the chance!”

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